Friday, November 28, 2008

Remember This? Jerry "The Ring" Lawler

From JR's Blog

Thanksgiving reminds me of the time that the King and I rode on the WWE float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade years ago televised at that time by NBC. The King was so motivated to be a part of this American institution that he actually wore a warm coat, Lawler hates outer wear, and as we turned the corner to go in front of the NBC broadcast position "it" happened. Al Roker said there is the WWE represented by so and so including the Monday Night Raw broadcast duo of Good Ol J.R. Jim Ross and Jerry "The RING" Lawler. Not the "King" but the "RING" which throughly pissed off the King and he uttered a long list of profanities directed toward the NBC weatherman for several, freezing blocks. To this very day, if the subject is brought up we get a laugh out of it. Surely, no one will be brazen enough to bring any signs to Raw that would say, Jerry "The RING" Lawler, would they??

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