Thursday, October 23, 2008

Will WWE Get Rid Of The Athletic Commission?

WWE informed all of their announcers this week to refer to talent as "entertainers" instead of wrestlers or even Superstars effective immediately. In addition to this new rule, Vince McMahon has also banned the use of the term "sports entertainment" and is now just being referred to as "entertainment."
According to numerous sources, the decision is part of a organized plan of attack towards getting WWE as a company re-classified as an entertainment touring event, as posed to a legitimate sporting event. The internal hope within WWE management is that by doing this, they will take power away from the Athletic Commissions in certain States and keep the company from having to pay taxes on their events.
Obviously, this would also have the company benefit of preventing WWE from being held to the letter of the law in States like Georgia, who’s Athletic Commission is looking at putting stricter restrictions on the professional wrestling industry following the Chris Benoit incident. We’ll have to see what comes of this and whether the strategy could even work, but that’s why the change was made.

Credit Ryan Clark

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