Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TXW Results from 10-18-08 in Lake City, TN

In what many consider to be one of the best TXW shows to date, 100+ wrestling fans from near and far crammed into the Lake City Rec Center to see TXW's "Night of Terror". Fans Spun the Wheel to determine what each match stipulations were, and the crowd was thoroughly entertained by the antics and creativity of the TXW stars.

1) Menace vs. Shane "The Prodigy" Andrews
Throw in the Towel Match
This was of course a quick back and forth match that thrilled the fans from the get go. During of the middle of the match though, Andrews appeared to be losing his patience and started bending the rules a bit. After choking Menace with the towel, Shane ascended to the top rope and jumped off, only to be drop kicked by the Blackanese Assassin. Shane then dropped the towel and the ref determined that was enough to fulfill the match stipulations. After Menace was determined the victor, Andrews was a sore loser and pile drove him into the mat, to the disappointment of the fans.
Winner: Menace

2) J-Mac vs. Bobby Blassie
Taped Fist Match
This was a friendly match between two fan favorites trying to climb the ranks of the TXW. The match was fun, fast paced, and at times high flying, but the former Tag Champ was able to land a big punch on J-Mac and cover him up for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Bobby Blassie

3) Demetria vs. Violet Adams
Coward Waves the Flag
The little kids were once again confused at what the meaning of life is when they witnessed Demetria for the first time coming out to "The Best of Both Worlds" by Hanna Montana, but she/he once again demonstrated that he/she is very unladylike in the wrestling ring. Demetria poked the ref in the eye with the flag, and then proceeded to beat Violet with the flag pole. Violet regained the momentum, and then proceeded to pummel Demetria with the foreign object. The blind ref turned and saw what appeared to be Violet waving a flag and rang the bell.
Winner: Demetria

4) Ruff Cutt vs. The Black List (O'Day - Sheppard)
Kendo Stick Match
It's not every day when you see two bad guy tag teams take on each other, especially in a Kendo Stick match, but the crowd was thrilled to see both teams hurt each other. This match was back and forth, and the confused referee kept trying to restrict the use of the Kendo Stick for some reason. But when Ruff Cutt finally got their hands on it, they finished off Sheppard and scored the 1...2...3
Winner: Ruff Cutt

5) Bob O Mac vs. Juggalo Drake vs. Funkmaster V
Three Way Dance - 10 Minute Time Limit
TXW Youtube Television Title Match
I Quit Match
Hated rivals Bob O Mac and Funkmaster V started off with some chain wrestling, and Funkmaster V became frustrated when the ref would not count pin fall attempts. Several submission holds were applied in this match, with the match ending with Funkmaster V screaming I Quit into the mic at 10:01... one second after time had expired. Bob O Mac thought he won with his submission hold, the CNC, but Commissioner Billy Marshall stated the match had to restart and that there had to be a winner. Funkmaster immediately chop blocked Mac, and applied the figure four, but Juggalo Drake slipped in with a Half-Nelson Choke on Funkmaster V and the Funky One screamed "I Quit" once again.
Winner and new TXW Youtube Television Champion: Juggalo Drake

6) Bobby Rayne & Sgt AWOL © vs. The Reaper and BIG ORANGE
TXW Tag Team Championship
Loser Eats Dog Food Match
The feuding new tag champs had to defend their belts together against AWOL's former partner the Reaper and a strange new masked character named BIG ORANGE . The match was a great one, and AWOL did what he could to defend the belts, even against his friend. Rayne's hatred of AWOL finally overcame him, and he knocked out AWOL with a foreign object, allowing him to get pinned by the challenging tag team.
Winners and new TXW Tag Team Champions: The Reaper and Big Orange

Rayne forced the Dog Food down AWOL's throat and laughed hysterically. Rayne then grabbed the mic and demanded that Billy Marshall come out and grant the Forsaken Angels Guild a legit title shot that they never received. Billy said they could have it anytime, and Rayne decided now was the time. Big Orange unmasked himself to be Rayne's partner "Ravishing" Ryan Luther, and he and Rayne took out the Reaper with their double team move "The Dominatrix" and scored the pin fall!
Winners and new TXW Tag Team Champions: The Forsaken Angels Guild

7) Jerry Lee © vs. Matt Boyce w/ Chris Love
TXW Heavyweight Championship
Log Chain Match
Matt Boyce's manager Chris Love said that it was in his contract that Matt Boyce would not be brought in to do any type of dangerous match that would involve weapons of any sort. The fans hated this, and even Billy Marshall admitted that Love had him on a technicality. Billy picked another match off of the wheel.... a "Special Referee Match"... and the ref would be Billy Marshall himself! Throughout the bout, Boyce was overpowered in this one, and had to resort to cheating to keep up with Lee. Marshall , tired of the rule bending, warned that the fight would be thrown out if the antics continued. Boyce pushed Marshall, then Marshall pushed Boyce, right into the arms of a Lee School boy. After the quick count, Lee remained the undefeated champion!
Winner and still TXW Heavyweight Champion: Jerry Lee!!!!

Our next show will be BIG!!! NOV 15th 2008 at the South Knoxville Rec Center !
Stay tuned for what's on tap!

Sent in by: Jason Vineyard

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