Thursday, October 30, 2008

TIWF / XOW "FINAL RESOLUTION" Results from 10-25 in Trenton, TN


The show starts off as usual with Scotty C.coming to the ring. Scotty informs the crowd that he is acting legal counsel for the contract signing tonight. National Anthem is played. Scotty begins to go through the legals of the match and XOW’s music is cued. XOW owner Bill Russ comes to the ring taunting the fans. He says that when XOW wins they will turn the arena into a flea market. Scotty C. brings out Hotrod. Scotty C. then goes through the stipulations of the main event tonight. It will be a 5 on 5 tag team elimination match. You win by Pinfall, submission or DQ by interference. Scotty C. then asks them to introduce their teams.
XOW owner Bill Russ Brings out Manager Tony Watts with valet Little Bit. This is followed by Sarge, Syn, Stunner, AC Styles and Neil Taylor
TIWF Commissioner Hotrod Brings out Lawman, Chico, Dixie, Way Cool. He then announces Wildside but Wildside never comes out.
Sarge gets on the mic talking about how they got Wildside’s number off a porn site they own and they contacted him. Sarge said that Wildside was XOW all of the way. You could hear a pin drop in the arena, literally.
Then Wildside’s music is cued and he and Ravishing Randy come through the front door to a thunderous reception by the crowd. Scotty C. goes over the rules and regulations one more time with all participants in the ring. Bill Russ and Sarge sidebar, then Sarge makes an announcement that he is too good to have to wrestle in the 5 man. He wants Chico in a one on one match. Chico agrees.
Realignment of teams: Ravishing Randy says that he’s ready to fight and pulls out a pair of thongs and announces that he has his wrestling tights. Bill Russ then nominates a reluctant Tony Watts to fill Sarge’s place in the main event.
Teams are reset as follows: XOW: Neil Taylor, AC Styles, Syn, Stunner & Tony Watts w/ Lil’Bit and Bill Russ in corner
TIWF: Lawman Williams, Wildside, Way Cool, Dazzlin’ Dixie and Ravishing Randy with Mamacita & Big Boy Bob in the corner.
Scotty gets Hotrod and Bill Russ to sign the contracts. TIWF chants begin from the crowd.

1st match Suicide vs. Tyrant
Another rematch from the previous week, Tyrant came out to a good crowd reaction this week. Suicide still representing XOW. Although Suicide is in the XOW this feud hasn’t factored into the overall angles of the companies. Lots of high flying moves. Missed spot in the match but both covered it up nicely. Both need to focus on working the crowd, overall good match
Winner: Tyrant

TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match
2nd Match Sarge © vs. Chico Mendoza
Crowd really into this one. Sarge cheating a lot in the beginning. Chico with a huge comeback for the win. Kept this description brief because of the long main event. Chico wins the title.
Winner: Chico Mendoza

Grudge Match
3rd Match TIWF Hotrod vs. XOW Bill Russ
In ring debut of Hotrod. Locked up in the ring. Both actually looked good and worked the crowd. Bill constantly complaining that Hotrod was cheating. Bill actually cheating entire match. Basic moves in this one but very entertaining. The ending saw Bill try to get his briefcase to hit Hotrod. Hotrod picks up the briefcase and is on one side of the ring Bill is far away in the opposite corner. Hotrod bangs the case on the mat. Bill falls down and feigns that he has been hit. Referee turns around and looks and DQ’s Hotrod.
Winner: Bill Russ by DQ

4th Match: Outlaw vs. Royale Executioner
Outlaw seemed to have the crowd behind him in this one. They cheered him most of the way.
Kept this description brief due to the lengthy main.
Winner: Outlaw

5th Match Company vs. Company Elimination Match
Entertaining match that kept the fans chanting the entire time from start to finish.
Order of elimination.
Lawman Williams did a stunner on DJ Stunner. DJ Stunner eliminated.
Ravishing Randy eliminated by Tony Watts after outside interference.
Way Cool eliminated Tony Watts.
Dazzlin’ Dixie eliminated by interference when he got caught breaking a pinfall by AC Styles on Wildside.
Way Cool eliminated by Neil Taylor after a rollup pin in the corner.
Mamacita and Lil’ Bit sent to the back by the referee.
Wildside eliminated by Neil Taylor after missing a top rope flying body splash.
Lawman eliminates AC Styles by submission.
Syn tries to break the submission. Syn gets eliminated.
Lawman executes stunner on Neil Taylor.
The end of the match saw XOW Bill Russ and Neil Taylor rolled up in the XOW banners and stomped by the TIWF team. Crowd was chanting TIWF for quite a while after this one.
Hotrod did live interviews with the Team and it was a Superbowl type atmosphere.
Winners: Team TIWF

Credit; Steven Hunter

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