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SWA Results from 10-18 in Batesville, AR

The show started at 7:15p.m. and it was a HOT crowd ready for wrestling!

First Match:
Kid Nikels vs. Dave Cox with Hot Rod John Ellison
This match was a good opening match as Kid Nikels was getting the crowd behind him and the crowd stuck with him till the end! The whole match Hot Rod tried to cheat for his tag partner (Dave Cox). Kid Nikels used his size, speed, and technique to dominate the match. Hot Rod was intense though at every turn he would try to cheat and distract the Ref with or without the Ref knowing about it! Hot Rod did not want his Tag Partner Dave Cox to go away with a loss! Kid Nikels took all he had learned in his experiences of wrestling and knew that once he got Dave Cox down he needed to work on a part of his body! After Kid Nickels gave a few hammerlocks he began to work on Dave’s Arm and Shoulder just trying to make Dave give up! After battling back and forth and not able to beat each other Hot Rod got a little irritated when Kid Nikels would not let Dave do anything and Hot Rod jumped in and began to kick and beat on Kid Nikels trying to prove that Kid Nikels and nobody else can mess with Danger Zone (Hot Rod and Dave Cox). The Ref awarded the match to Kid Nickels by DQ. Kid was applauded as he went to the back!
*Good match between Kid and Dave!
*Winner: Kid Nikels by DQ
*Time: 9:45

Second Match:
The Russian Assassin # 1vs. Greg King Jr
Greg King enters through the curtain and the place erupts! The crowd pops for him like no other! Greg in the ring flexing, posing, and trying to look like he is just having a good time! The women are eating him up! The match starts as Greg King pumps the crowd up! Greg King uses his youth and speed to try to humiliate The Russian, yet The Russian uses his experience as Greg King would try everything in his body to try to overcome The Russian but nothing would work! The Russian had Greg King about to give up and Greg fought out and got a little gain on the match until a hard irish whip into the corner and BOOM! The Russian Assassin hits his Russian Sickle! The crowd was furious with The Russian’s win and Greg as well as Kid Nikels was cheered upon leaving the ring.
*Crowd loved Greg King
*The Russian Assassin was hated again!
*Winner: The Russian Assassin # 1 by pinfall

Third Match:
Big Al vs. Hot Rod John Ellison with Dave Cox
Hot Rod and Dave Cox was not welcomed back to the ring. The crowd was excited to see Big Al wrestling tonight! The match started as Hot Rod would be still irritated from the first match and Hot Rod was just solid and would not give Big Al anything! Dave Cox cheated the whole match with stiff forearms and chokes everytime Big Al would hit the mat! Big Al did catch a break and sent Hot Rod to the ground after a few closelines and a massive big boot! Big Al and Hot Rod worked very well with each other and this was a match of quick wits. In the end Hot Rod gets the win with Dave Cox distracted Big Al and Big Al turned around into a Superkick!
*Winner: Hot Rod via pinfall
*Time: 10:50.

Commissioner Johnny Hawk came out and announces that a benefit show was in the making for Tony "The Bull" Ramirez. Tony was Tag Team Champions with Johnny Hawk known as the "Mexican Connection". Tony is Johnny Hawk's brother and more information will be posted about the event at a later date!

Fourth Match: (Semi-Main)
Eric Wayne and ? vs. MacDaddy/Johnny Harper (SWA Tag Team Champion)
MacDaddy and Harper head to the ring and talks to the crowd a bit! The crowd hates MacDaddy and Harper! MacDaddy and Harper began to tell the crowd that they do not have to wrestle tonight since Chris Stryker is not here and Eric Wayne has no partner, as they say "they are not going to wrestle tonight" and are exiting the ring Eric Wayne's music hits and Eric comes out to say he is going to wrestle tonight! Eric knows that he is not stupid enough to wrestle or try to wrestle two men but he is wrestling tonight! Eric explains that Chris Stryker could not make it due to injury but he has a tag partner and at that moment Kid Nickels music hits and the crowd goes crazy! The match starts and this is a classic match between OLD SCHOOL vs. NEW SCHOOL! Harper and MacDaddy kept Eric in the match almost the entire match everytime Kid would get tagged in the Ref would not see the tag and make Kid get back out! Eric received a hard and a cheating beating by Harper and MacDaddy! Crowd throughout whole match chanted "Let's go Eric", the crowd was Hot for Eric! Kid Nikels finally got tagged in and went back and forth with some powerful moves and goes for a pin only to be eye raked by MacDaddy. Kid tags in Eric and Eric comes in strong. In the end Eric goes for a springboard and Harper was hit with an amazing Springboard Eric Wayne then goes to the top rope for a Frog Splash and as Harper laying there in pain he uses his veteran instinct and pulls his knees up and Eric lands very hard onto Harpers knees! As both men lay there in pain MacDaddy and Kid meets halfway in the middle on the outside only for Kid to be thrown into the corner post and knocked to the ground! As the Ref is outside checking on Kid MacDaddy slides in the ring to pull Harper on top of Eric and MacDaddy calls for the Ref and the Ref slides in and pulls the 1,2, and 3.
*Crowd was with this match the whole match!
*This was the Match of the night!
*Winner:Harper and MacDaddy to retain the (SWA Tag Team Championship)
*Time: 28:04

Fifth Match: (Main Event)
Matt Justice (SWA Heavyweight Champion) with Princess Selina vs. Wild Bill
Crowd was very loud for this match as the crowd loves Wild Bill and Hates both Princess Selina and the Champ Matt Justice. The crowd hates Princess Selina and Matt Justice beyond belief! Princess Selina would chant to the crowd why "her man" (Matt Justice) was the champ! As Wild Bill tried to fight off Matt he only got Princess Selina to slap, choke, and low blow him from the outside! Wild Bill was cheated this match and Matt Justice and Princess Selina loved it! Wild Bill after being double teamed all night and the Ref not doing anything about it he still managed to get a few good moves in there! As Wild Bill had the crowd on their feet and Matt Justice begging for Wild Bill to stop, Wild Bill pulled his straps down and went to the top to deliver a huge fist off the second rope. Matt would roll out of the ring after that fist. Wild Bill would go and try to get Matt to put him back in the ring, but it is hard when Princess Selina jumped on Wild Bills back to choke him from behind! Wild Bill fought her off and Matt was already in the ring waiting for Wild Bill. Matt began to stiff Wild Bill with some kicks until Wild Bill found himself in the figure four leglock, and Wild Bill was destined not to give up, after 4 minutes in the Figure Four Wild Bill actually blacked out long enough to be pinned by his shoulders never leaving the ground!
*Winner: Matt Justice by pinfall to retain the (SWA Championship)
*Time: 14:48

about 130-145 people in attendance!

Every Saturday night at 7:00pm

Old Miller Gym in Batesville, AR

Admission is $5, children under 5 for free

*There is food and drinks sold at the Arena

THIS WEEK (October 22nd)
*Chris Stryker/Eric Wayne vs. MacDaddy/Johnny Harper (SWA Tag Team Champions).
*Wild Bill gets his rematch vs. Matt Justice for the (SWA Heavyweight Championship).
Come see Superstars such as Matt Justice, Eric Wayne, Chris Stryker, Kid Nickels, Greg King, Johnny Harper, MacDaddy, Hot Rod, Big Al, Wild Bill, The Russian Assassin # 1, Princess Selina, Melina, and Many more!

Starting Nov. 1st The Rodeo Clowns will be in Batesville, AR

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