Thursday, October 30, 2008

Steve Austin Breaks MMA Fighters Nose

During filming of his latest movie "Damage," Steve Austin broke the nose of MMA fighter Paul Lazenby while filming a fight scene on October 22. The MMA fighter ended up with two black eyes after Austin gave him a left hook that clipped his nose on either the first or second take. It took approximately 20 minutes for Lazenby to stop bleeding. Lazenby wasn't upset, saying it was a complete accident. He also praised Austin as a good movie fighter. However, Austin was said to be upset with the incident even though the MMA fighter kept insisting it was okay. While medics tended to Lazenby, Austin came back with his arm in a sling as well as an ice pack on his hand, joking that he needed to go to the hospital for bruised knuckles. The two finished up the scene last Friday.


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