Sunday, October 26, 2008

Southern States Wrestling Results

Southern States Wrestling
Sat. Oct 25
Kingsport TN National Guard Armory

* Iron Cross and Ray Idol beat The German Assassins

Mike Cooper, BoBo Brown and Kole Layton King come out saying that they are being held back and that they all have asked for Title matches but have been told no because G1 is in all the title matches. Cooper went on to say he was Beau James' first student and James has pushed him to the side for his pals G1. This brought out Members of G1 Robbie Cassidy, Nick Hammonds and Moe Jenkins

* G1 beat Cooper, Brown, and King in a solid 6 man with a lot of action. Cassidy got the pin fall on Brown with flying cross body

* Misty James beat Kassie Rains w/ Kole Layton King following a bulldog. Misty was in her wonder woman outfit for Halloween.

*Cody Ices beat Ryan Dookie w/ Kole Layton King after King's interference backfired

Clarence Clippenback host a ceremony honoring Beau James for 20 years in wrestling. Robbie Cassidy, Wayne Adkins, Moe Jenkins, Tony Givens, Misty James, Al Bass and Beau's dad all spoke about Beau. All the wrestlers put James over for helping them break into wrestling and had stories about traveling with Beau.

Beau came out and was given two awards one from Al Bass and the wrestlers and one from his family and friends present by two of his nephews.

Beau started off by thanking all the fans that had sent emails about his Grandmother passing. Said that very few people really know him because he only lets you see Beau James the wrestler and not Beau James the person and that meant a lot to him for all the well wishes.

Beau talked about all his friends that have passed on in the 20 years, how he has went from hey kid to sir in the dressing room, what the fans have meant to him, how he has never had another job. He has made a living at wrestling since he was 14 years old.

He had a special message for all his students in the ring and brought out ref Rob Knight and Ray Idol and had them join the others. He then sent a special message to Bryan Wayne, Chris Richards, and Wade Adams (his cousin) and talked about them not being there but were he "kids' also. He said his proudest days in wrestling are seeing his students do well. He had a message for each one. He talked about how Moe Jenkins and Misty had lit a fire under him in the past year and gave him the wrestling fever again. He talked about Tony Givens knee injury and how bad he felt for Tony being out for months.

He said it was a great night only thing he wished was that he was wrestling Brian Logan for AWA title Tonight. But the match makers would not sign because of Tony's shot next week.

*SSW champion Wayne Adkins beat KC Thunder on reverse decision. Beau James came out and told the ref that Thunder had used an object. The ref found the object. Thunder threw a fit and said he made James what he is and he should have gotten awards too. And that he was ashamed to be James cousin.

* Nick Hammonds beat Chase Owens with Ashlee to win the TV Title.

The Main Event Beau James and Tony Givens vs. Brian Logan and KC Thunder was stopped
Logan came out and said he was alone because Bobby Eaton had not shown up. KC Thunders music hit and he came out and said he wants to get even with his cuz.

Logan and Thunder stopped Givens about 6 minutes in and worked on his knee. They kept James out and double teamed Givens.

James came finally came in about 12 minutes in and the fight was on. Givens got rid of Thunder and James got Logan in his cobra hold. Givens unlaced Logan's notorious loaded boot while James had him in the hold.

James asked for the boot. Thunder came back in and Givens went after him. Givens was on top of Thunder when Beau James laid him out with the boot! The trio of James,Logan and Thunder did a number on Givens leg for almost 5 minutes. They also left the refs and ring announcer laying.

Givens was carried out after the heels left ringside.

Notes : a little over 100 in the building with about 90 paying.....they sold programs of Beau James with pictures and letters that Jimmy Valiant, Dr Tom Prichard, and others had wrote about knowing Beau. Many people had ripped theirs up and threw on the floor after the turn....This will be Beau's first time as a heel in Kingsport in years.... Several women and kids were crying for Tony. Givens took one of the worst beatings seen in this area in a while. ...there will be a youtube up very soon

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