Wednesday, October 22, 2008

RWA Results from 10-18 in Jonesboro, AR

Show opened with Mike Anthony interrupting owner Frank Martin as he was greeting the crowd. Anthony went on to tell the fans that he had come into the RWA and beat Rodney Mack in several matches. He said that Mack was scared to fight him so he has been sending his "students" to do his dirty work. Students like J.D. Kerry. Anthony went on to say that he has beaten "that punk” Kerry and should be the number one contender for the RWA title. That's when Kerry came out to confront Anthony. Kerry told Anthony that he remembers beating him clean in the middle of the ring 1,2,3. But last week the Playa'z had to hold his legs down in order for Anthony to get the win. (to be honest at this point Anthony looked confused about the Playa'z roll in last week's match) That's when Kerry slapped Anthony and they exchanged extremely stiff slaps. Frank Martin and the ref's for the RWA broke the two up. Martin then told them he was not going to have this continue forever and made it a best of 5 series with the score already 1-1.

Match 1. Mike Anthony VS J.D. Kerry.
These two put on a great match, it was fast and stiff. The Playa'z came out for a second straight week to distract Kerry and Anthony rolled him up, but Kerry rolled through and got the 3 count to take a 2-1 lead.

Match 2. Lucha Libra Star Blazing Starr and Blazing Starr Jr. made their debut against Bitty Little. Great match with Bitty getting the 3 count.

Match 3. Rik Burton came out to the ring dressed to impress. Did a good mic spill that really got to the crowd. He said that he's better than everyone and wants his title back. After he left the ring Steel and Richards and Massy came out for their match against the Asylum. Rottn Randy came out and the Asylum has taken to trusting him. They let him hold the dolls. The finish of the match was when Steel took the golf club and went to hit Arnez and Arnez ducked and he hit Richards. Arnez got the 3 count. Massy and Richards then argued with Steel and seem to have some trouble starting there.

Match 4. Leprechauns VS Little Devil and Kid J.
Great midget match very entertaining for the fans with Little Devil and Kid J getting the win.

Match 5. Fabulous Luke Graham Jr. VS Pokerface.
Graham presented a note to the Ref who gave it to Martin. Martin read the note and it was from a Dr. It was a prescription for him to wear a thumb brace during his match's. Since Martin could not verify the note that evening he let Graham wrestle with it and yes it came into play and Graham got the 3 count.

Match 6. RWA Champ Rodney Mack and Soul train Jones VS Rik Burton and Classy Meltin Massy.

Good match Rik Burton has been demonstrating some new found wrestling moves. He is becoming a complete wrestler and not just a brawler. Rodney Mack and Burton hooked up in this match and it looks like they are heading for a clash once again. Soul Train saw the opportunity to use the golf club that Massy hit him with earlier and hit Massy with it and got the 3 count.

Match 7. POB [Ron Rage/Midnight Cowboy] VS “The Natural Born Playa'z” [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular]. The Playa'z brought out the surprise of the night. Ron Rages wife Raven. This match was brutal with both teams let it all out. There is no love lost between these four. Rage hit Southside with a chain and put it into Southside’s pocket then pulled Southside on top of him and let the Ref count 3. When the Ref raised Southside’s hand he saw the chain and reversed the decision.

After intermission POB came to the ring and cornered Martin and let the fans know that it was Martin’s cell phone that called the police the night POB was arrested. At this point Martin gave Rage some papers that a person gave him to give to Rage. They were in fact real Divorce papers filed by Raven. Cowboy grabbed Martin and Rage pulled a chain. Cowboy let Martin go and got out of the ring and Martin got out of the ring. When Rage turned around Rodney Mack speared him out of his shoes. As Cowboy jumped in the ring Mack and him fought for a minute before Mack hit him with a spear. As POB retreated to hit the ring again Soul train hit the ring to back up Mack. Crowd loved all of this.

Great show with new talent again. 150+ in the crowd.

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