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Memphis Wrestling Results-October 25, 2008

Corey Maclin and Jerry "The King" Lawler opened the show in the studio. Jerry told Corey that he made it another week, but since The Jerry & Jimmy Show was such a big hit, last week, and has been in the past, the "Powers That Be" were thinking about having a new host to take Corey's place. Jerry notified Corey that the voting that's been going on at, all week long, is not looking good for him. Jerry went on to inform him, "It's almost a landslide." Maclin told Lawler, "Well, that's not what I've heard." Maclin went on to tell Lawler that he's also talked with the "Powers That Be" and they saw a tape with Corey and another host, so now, they are thinking about replacing "The King". They roll the tape of who could, possibly, replace Jerry "The King" Lawler.

The video featured Corey Maclin joined by Lance Russell at the announcer's table. This show, originally, aired on March 13, 2004.

"Superstar" Bill Dundee stormed out, asking where the tape was of Jerry Lawler costing him to lose the belt to King Mable. Dundee was in a bad mood and called out "Soulman" Rocky Johnson, who was the Commissioner, at the time. Rocky Johnson walked out and said he was going to tell Dundee something. Bill was quick to point out to Rocky that, "You are going to suggest a few things. You ain't going to tell me nothing!" I liked that comment by the "Superstar". Rocky said if Bill was able to show him any proof on that tape where Lawler interfered, he would make Dundee the champion. So, they rolled back the tape and it showed Referee Bill Rush taking a bump and King Mable trying to revive him. Instead of showing, the interference from Lawler on Dundee, it kept going to different shots of the crowd. This angered Dundee even more. He claimed that Rocky Johnson did something to that tape and challenged Kevin White to a match because he said he was mad and wanted to take it out on Kevin.

Back in the studio, Jerry said if they brought back Lance Russell and put him with Corey, it would be a snooze fest. "You could show this show to insomniacs as a cure. It would put people right to sleep!" Lawler added.

Corey said coming up, The Wrestling Professor would have a double whammy, this week, and mentioned that Brian Teigland would be a part of The Corey & Lance Show they're replaying this week.

They advertised a live event going on in Henderson, Tennessee, later on that night, at the Chester Co. High School with Jerry "The King" Lawler, Kevin White, "Grandmaster Sexay", The Moondog, T.V. Host Corey Maclin and Many More.

To advertise with Memphis Wrestling or find out more information about personal appearances, live events, and fund raisers, Call 901-794-7771

Corey told everyone to stay tuned because he would give us a toll-free telephone number to call and vote on the fate of Jerry Lawler, later in the show.

Corey & Lance footage continued with Brian Teigland conducting an interview with "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware. Koko talked about Derrick King, stating how Derrick came out of his wrestling camp and he kicked him out because he wouldn't do exactly what he told him to do. He said he was going to embarrass him.

"The Birdman" Koko B. Ware defeated Derrick King after popping him with a big chain that he wrapped around his fist.

Johnny Dotson interview. He told Corey he's been wrestling for seven years and he even wrestled in WCW, but never had the opportunity to wrestle for Memphis Wrestling but a couple of times. He added that he had a lot of problems, but now he's ready to show everybody what he can do, here, in Memphis.

Johnny Dotson picked up the win, by disqualification, when "Tiny Kamala" Koonta got himself DQed for not breaking a chokehold before the five count. Fun, fast-paced match before the DQ.

To contact "The King" visit his website,, where you can find old pictures, videos, shirts, and much more.

Back in the studio, Jerry had dozed off. Lawler said that watching Corey & Lance makes him feel like Rip Van Winkle on Sominex. Jerry called The Wrestling Professor, whom he said was at the library, studying wrestling history. He had two questions for Corey, this week. The first one was, who was Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett's partner against The Moondogs and The Big Black Dog, following their match, with The Junkyard Dog as their partner? Corey was right on the money, again. His answer was "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol. The Wrestling Professor said he had some more footage to share, this week, along with the six-man war. The second question for Corey was, "Someone that made a huge debut in 1998, who went on to become a huge star in the WWE and TNA, but they had their very first match on Memphis tv?" Corey's answer was The Rock. That was The Wrong answer. It was none other than The Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Kurt Angle. Jerry said that was actually Kurt Angle's first professional match. They went to the footage of these two historical moments in wrestling history.

The six-man tag, in which, Jerry Lawler, Jeff Jarrett, and Austin Idol battled The Moondogs and The Big Black Dog with Richard Lee in their corner was yet another wild and hellacious brawl that featured every weapon under the sun. The finish came as The Big Black Dog smashed Lawler with a trash can from the second rope to get the win for himself and The Moondogs. The chaos continued, after the bell, as The Moondogs laid out two referees.

Power Pro footage of Kurt Angle's debut. Before his match, Kurt cut a promo. He said in his very first interview, "In 1996, I won the Olympic gold medal, and I represented my country, The United States of America and I proved to the world that I was the best. The very best. Well, now it's 1999, and here I am in the pro ranks and once, again, I'm gonna prove that I am the best, here, in the pros. And, you know, I got down here on Friday. I came down here on Friday and many of the wrestlers have been speaking their minds, stating that I should stick with the amateur ranks and stay out of the big time. I don't think so. I have a little message for these wrestlers. Nobody tells Kurt Angle what to do. That's right. And nobody and I mean nobody gets over on Kurt Angle. So, when I get in this ring, I'm gonna prove to these guys, I'm gonna end this match, as quickly as possible, because one, I am the very best. That's right! That's right! I am the best! Let's hear it! And like I said before, I don't like to waste any time and these guys, they're not worth the time." AWESOME! That's my hero. He was destined for greatness, from the moment he was born.

Kurt Angle made quick work of The Yellow Jacket, by defeating him, in a flash, with a belly to belly suplex.

More footage from The Corey & Lance Show. Reggie B. Fine walked out, pimpin' and had a few words to say when Corey informed him that he would be facing Tracy Smothers. Reggie response was, "Tracy Smothers? Man, how come everytime I come in the tv station, y'all put me in the ring with a low budget!" Tracy Smothers ain't won a match since The Jackson 5 broke up!"

Reggie B. Fine defeated "The Wild-Eyed Southern Boy" Tracy Smothers when Reggie held on to the ropes for a litte extra leverage, following a Tracy Smothers sunset flip attempt. Following the match, a pissed off Tracy Smothers told Reggie that he had all the respect in the world for him for the fact that he managed one of the most successful tag teams, around here, Brickhouse Brown and Iceman Parsons, who had monumental battles with The Rock & Roll Express, but he wanted Reggie to find a partner for a special tag match, next week.

Lance Russell interviewed Jerry "The King" Lawler about his many battles with "Superstar" Bill Dundee, which was followed by a classic music video of a memorable Lawler/Dundee epic bout. Dundee won the match, at the end, when he was attempting to hit Lawler with a chain, but Lawler stopped him in his tracks, taking it from him. However, before Lawler could use it on Dundee, Referee Jerry Calhoun noticed the chain and confronted Lawler, wrestling with him to forfeit the object. As this was taking place, Dundee reloaded with another chain, he had stored in his tights, striking Lawler to get the win.

Following this classic footage, "Superstar" Bill Dundee was successful, in another match, as he defeated Kevin White in the same fashion, after hitting him with a chain. I thought this was a cool little coincidence because Dundee won the match in the exact manner that he had defeated Lawler back in the good ole' days. Dundee attempted to hit Kevin with a chain, but Referee Jerry Calhoun stopped him and was wrestling with Kevin for the chain, as Dundee grabbed another chain and leveled White to get the pin. Following the bell, Garry White, Kevin White's dad, came out to explain to Calhoun what had happened, but was decked by Dundee. Then, Koko B. Ware came out to help beat up on Kevin while Dundee whipped Garry White with a belt, until Rocky Johnson made the save and cleared the ring.

As Corey and Jerry wrapped up this week's show, Corey gave us the phone number to call and vote on whether to keep Jerry Lawler as the host of the show or replace him with Lance Russell. The toll-free number is (901)794-7771. Corey said all you have to do is when you get the voicemail, say Jerry or Lance. They are going to keep tally and bring the results to the show, next week. Jerry asked Corey, why does it not say on the screen, when they flashed the number. "We did that last week." Corey answered. Jerry added, that if you go to, you can not only vote, but you can also get all of "The King's" great merchandise, see all his artwork, and more. Jerry pleaded with everyone to vote for him.

Wood & Carlton, P.C. Slam of the Week was Kurt Angle suplexing The Yellow Jacket.

Jerry said that Corey will have all his kids and even his illegitimate ones that he had on the show, previously, voting. Corey remembered the Jerry's Kids moment while Jerry kept mentioning all of Corey's illegitimate kids and the time he hired a private investigator to follow Corey around. They both said they were going to bring this footage, next week.

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