Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kamala Goes Back To School...Coming Next Month To DVD

For over twenty-five years professional wrestler James Harris has entertained millions of people all over the world as Kamala, The Ugandan Giant. In 2008 Harris is taking the character of Kamala to new realms.KAMALA GOES TO SCHOOL (a Humid Productions film) is a proudly politically-incorrect comedic short filmed in the professional wrestler’s home state of Mississippi. Initial shooting of KAMALA GOES TO SCHOOL has wrapped and is now in the editing process.

Harris enlisted the aid of several wrestling personalities in the area to help bring his concept to fruition. Chad Martin (aka Big Daddy Storm) directed the movie. Martin also co-wrote the script with “Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock and David Burcham (aka Ollie “By Golly” Bradford) based on the vision of Harris.

There will be a special DVD version of KAMALA GOES TO SCHOOL that will include several hand-picked Kamala matches from the personal library of Mr. Harris. Several workers from this area starred in the Comedy Film. Billy Russ, Chuck Blaylock, Hollywood Jimmy , Ollie By Golly , and Big Daddy Storm.Details on the availability of the KAMALA GOES TO SCHOOL DVD will be coming out at the end of next month, Just in time for Christmas.
Photo Credit Billy Russ

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