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Company prepares for third live event this Friday

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. – The brief wait for a first look at the Mid-South’s newest wrestling product is finally over as New Experience Wrestling Episode No. 001 is now available online.

The show can be seen at www. nightmarekenwayne. com. From the home page, click on the N.E.W. logo link and then find the show link on the N.E.W. home page.

“I am so glad that we are finally able to showcase what all the hype has been about,” said “Nightmare” Ken Wayne, owner of N.E.W. Wrestling. “I think the first show is a good initial introduction to what New Experience Wrestling is all about.

The first show features four exciting matches that will include the first two graduates of Wayne’s School – “3G” Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels - as well as two current students Greg King Jr. and Matt Justyce. Long time Memphis fixture Derrick King is also in action as is Tatt2, Matt Riviera and Jeff Jett.

After watching the show online, fans that just can’t get enough of the action won’t have to wait long as N.E.W. Wrestling will return to its home base in West Memphis on Friday night with the third in a series of TV tapings. Eric Wayne, Nikels, Derrick King, Greg King Jr., Matt Justyce and Tatt2 will all be in action again along with Stan Lee and “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony.
“I’ve really been impressed with what I’ve seen from Derrick King and Tatt2,” said Ken. “They have been able to adjust to our more athletic style and I think they’ll be solid contributors to N.E.W. As for ‘Golden Boy,’ and Stan Lee, the pressure is on to see if they have what it takes. I’m personally pulling for them!”

Friday night’s card begins at 8 p.m. at the “Nightmare Ken Wayne School of Wrestling,” located at 201 E. Jefferson St., Building No. 2, in West Memphis.

For more information on New Experience Wrestling and Ken’s wrestling school, visit www. nightmarekenwayne. com or call 901-831-4198.

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