Monday, October 27, 2008

EPW Results from Saturday Night in Booneville, MS

Dustin Burcham introduced Tysin Starr the newest member of Revolution.

Chazz w/Dustin Burcham & Tysin Starr defeated Slammer.

The Executioners (Axe & Dagger) defeated "Dangerous" David Cox & "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris.

PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes, Chris Fontaine, & Chris Styles) defeated "The Rock Star" Kayden Cross, "The Teenager" Xander Cross, & Cassanova Kid. This was Kayden & Xander Cross' EPW debut, and they were very impressive. I am sure they will be back.

Kross came to the ring and grabbed a mic and started running his mouth about how he & JR Mauler did not really lose the cage match the week before. Brody Hawk came out of the back and confronted Kross, wanting to know why Kross had not returned his phone calls. Brody then said he was not happy with the fact that Kross had burned his brother, Cody, several months ago. Cody came out of the back with a chair and hit Kross from behind. He & Brody gave Kross a beating until EPW Promoter Edith Poole came out and ordered them to leave the building. They ignored her until she said she was calling the law, then they left, but not before vowing to be back the following week. Edith then accompanied Kross to the hospital.

EPW Tag Team Champions, The Ghost Riders (Buzz Harley & Blade) defeated Brian SoFine & "The Future" Chris Styles.

Pain, Inc. (Izzy Rotten & Brett Michaels) w/Nathan Lee vs. Jason "J-Rock" Giovanni & "Rock Star" Kayden Cross w/Syndl was thrown out by referee KC when The Ghost Riders interfered. Jason Giovanni's debut in EPW - very impressive.

Tysin Starr w/Dustin Burcham & Chazz defeated "Prime Time" Nick Grimes w/Nathan Lee to become the new EPW Champion.

This Saturday night's EPW card will include a biker's chain match between Pain, Inc. & The Ghost Riders "to settle the situation once & for all." Tag Team belts will be on the line.

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