Monday, October 27, 2008

Dusty Wolfe "Journey of Journeyman"

Dusty Wolfe gives visitors a $4 discount!!

As some of you have read over at, the official date for the Dusty Wolfe "Journey of Journeyman" book is tomorrow. Dusty along with Brian Tramel and Brian Thompson are offering a special code to get a great discount off the book. You may order your book today thru 10.30.08 [$1 more of a discount and two days more to use it than!!] with the coupon code to get $4 off the cover price. This is probably going to be the cheapest place to get your book.
Go to:

When ask for a coupon enter: 2MDE9P3A

and you will receive your discount. Everything from that point is handled thru the publisher and they will ship your book. Order today to take advantage of the discount!!
Below is a description of the book. Order today!!
The word “journeyman” certainly fits Dusty Wolfe, a man whose journey is indeed a unique story of trials, tribulations and success along the way.

At a young age, Dusty was challenged by a disorder that made the everyday task of walking a near impossibility. With a determination second to none, Dusty overcame that challenge and set forth on his personal journey through life and the world of professional wrestling.

In his book, you will learn how Dusty worked his way through the territories of wrestling during a time when Vince McMahon was taking his World Wrestling Federation to unforeseen heights. Dusty shares ups and downs in both his personal and professional lives.

Dusty holds nothing back in sharing how marriages didn’t work and how he has been at odds throughout his life with members of his family, including his children at times.

His years of working regularly for the World Wrestling Federation are covered and you’ll learn how Dusty was given the task of helping Tiny Lister prepare for a main event run against Hulk Hogan in 1989.
While Dusty loves the wrestling business, he also shares his disgust with many of the attitudes and problems that plague today’s industry at all levels, including independent wrestling.

Join Dusty Wolfe on his journey from his childhood, his days working for the biggest promoters in wrestling and today as he continues to be involved in the business he loves while also completing an education he put on hold many years ago.

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