Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ASWF Results from Saturday Night in Tuckerman, AR

Show opened with David Walls looking for Austin Lane - no one could find him. He had a paper to show him.

1st Match
Cody Murdock [pictured] Vs Silent Mark
Murdock was himself this night after a few arm drags by Mark, Murdock said no more and squashed this man. A stiff shot on Mark’s comeback from Cody and a flatBed.(Baldo Bomb) Murdock Wins Via Pin Fall 5:14

2nd Match
Tommy Wayne Vs Kailiaki
Just A Baby Vs Baby Match Kailiaki second try out. Match started out fun and games
with Tommy getting to hula for the crowd. Since Kailiaki Is from Hawaii it was fun for him
to teach Tommy. Match started and some chain wrestling went on until Cody Only come to the ring & BlackHole Slams Both Tommy & Kailiaki. Tommy begs for match later In the night.
No Contest In 4:45

3rd Match
Scott Fury Vs Regulator
Not much here Scott clearly out wrestled Regulator for this win via pin fall after chin crusher in 7:33.

Ricky Roland came to the ring and stated that he had gotten a letter from Terrance Ward and he needed Scott Fury and Cody Murdock to come to the ring. Ricky informed them that they would be competing next week at Fright Night. Scott and Cody were face to face arguing over who would win and then Ricky stated that it was not a one on one. It’s a triple threat Monsters Ball with 6'10 330lbs Oasis. Oasis came to the ring and grabbed Scott by the throat and stared Murdock down. Murdock tucked his tail between his legs and left the ring. Oasis did a twisting downward spiral and left Scott lying.

Ray Ray Vs Acid
Austin Lane come out and told Ray Ray if he wanted a tryout match with a Heavyweight then he got one. Big Acid came out. Classic Little Big Guy Match, Ray Did have a little help from MR Chain wrapped around his fist. To keep Acid off his feet. Acid did lots of big impact moves and some sick bumps including off the side of the ring onto steel steps back first and a front flip leg drop off the top rope to the mat lucky for Ray Ray he moved then hit Acid with the Suicidal DDT Ray Over Via Pin Fall In 15:54

5th Semi Main
Tommy Wayne Vs Cody Only
Tommy come in with vengeance right on Cody, Bumping The Big Man A lot. Soon enough Cody found the eyes of Tommy to take control. A sling shot Over the top rope took Tommy to the ground. Cody Only took advantage with the guard rails to Tommy's head & the steel poles helped too. Cody took it into the ring and punished Tommy. A few comebacks Including 3 dropkicks and a leg lariat but only two count with a dropkick off the top rope. Tommy thought he had it won, but this big man kicked out again. Tommy called for the Swinging TKO and actually got Cody up on his shoulders before Cody went to the eyes then a low blow and a Blackhole Slam!!
Cody Only Wins Via Pin Fall 15:12

6th Main Event
Austin Lane & Casino Kid Vs X-Kaliber & Morgan Williams
“The Night Of American Degenerates Reunion”, but Austin and Casino had other thoughts than games. The crowd was really hot for this match. The match was pretty solid with X and Morgan working as a team and Austin and Casino were also former tag team champions together. Austin had Morgan up for "The Ride of Your Life" when Ray Ray came out to distract Austin. As much as Austin wanted to hit Ray Ray he remembered that if he did he would get stripped of the title. He turned back to Morgan and Morgan raked his eyes and when Austin turned back to Ray Ray he super kicked Austin and Austin fell right into the "Muscle Cutter" from Morgan for the pin. Afterward Ray Ray and AD took the chairs to Austin and Casino. Ray Ray brought a fork to the ring and stabbed Austin in the head until he bled. Ray Ray then told Austin that paper David Walls had, was releasing the “No Touch Policy”.

149 In Building

Next Week’s “Fright Night”

Morgan Willaims Vs Nikki Lane- Desperate House Wife’s Match

Scott Fury Vs Oasis Vs Cody Murdock- Monster’s Ball Match

Casino Kid Vs X-Kailber - Casket Match

“Fraternity Row” (Tommy Wayne & Chuck Fears) Vs “LSD” (Idol Bane & Cody Only) “House Of Horror Match” For Tag Titles

Austin Lane (c) Vs RayRay In Ultimate X Free Fall Match For ASWF Title

Credit: Brian Tramel at www.rasslinriotonline.com

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