Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MLW All Ladies Show in Tupelo THIS SATURDAY NIGHT!

MAPW Card for 10-4-08 in Kenansville, NC



Emmanuel Pickett Scholarship Fundraiser
Saturday Oct. 4th
Kenansville Auditorium
Kenansville, North Carolina

Belltime: 7:30 pm est.

Tickets: Ringside $15.00
General Admission: $10.00
Kids 12 and under: $7.00


Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
Stro "The Maestro of Wrestling"

"Prince of Punk" Shannon Moore
"Rock n Roll Express" Ricky Morton
"Midnight Express" Loverboy Dennis Condrey
MAPW champion J Steele
"The Diamond" KC McKnight
and much more

Credit: WrestleView.com

Full Effect Wrestling 10-25-08 in Tyler, TX

Full Effect Wrestling in association with Major League Wrestling TV Presents "FEW 1: Breaking New Ground"

Full Effect Wrestling is poised to become the leader in professional wrestling as it takes the sport to next level. Providing some of the most hard hitting, mat pounding, head jarring action that can only be described as electrifying, the world renowned superstars of FEW will enter the squared circle in the all new facility currently dubbed the FEW Arena, to take part in one of live pro wrestlings most talked about spectacles. The event will be filmed live for distribution as well thanks in part to FEW Home Video along with Major League Wrestling TV! Be there to witness the lights, the sounds, and the glorious women of Full Effect Wrestling, the VixXxens as we take Tyler, Texas by storm on October 25, 2008!

Featured on the card will be none other than FEW World Heavyweight Champion Angel Of Sinn, Lucha Libre Star Hysteria, Scott Murdoch, Andrew Dalton, Chance Wyndam, Khan, and many more! This six-match event will also feature the crowning of the FEW Southern Heritage as well as FEW World Tag Team titles!

The FEW Arena is located @
1 mile past the airport on Hwy 64 on the left going towards Canton at the intersection of FM 2661 and Hwy 64.
15905 Hwy 64 W.
Tyler, Texas



Chikara Update

CHIKARA vs. Big Japan "Best of 5 series" on October 18th!

Back in July, CHIKARA issued a challenge to a dozen promotions from around the world - and Big Japan Wrestling answered the call! On October 18th and 19th, both Easton and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will get a taste of BJW action as the company's stars clash with CHIKARA's finest in a 2-day event unlike anything we've ever staged before!

Together, CHIKARA and Big Japan Wrestling will present the Global Gauntlet, which starts in Easton with a "Best of 5" series of singles matches. This first competition will see 5 of the 7 members of Team Big Japan face off, one-on-one, with 5 members of the CHIKARA roster. To level the playing field between the two nights, we're making these provisions regarding the action on Night 1:
-The "Best of 5 series" will be officiated by a referee from CHIKARA.
-The BJW wrestlers will handpick their opponents for the 5 matches.

These matches will be part of the "Best of 5 Series:"
Ryuji Ito vs. Mike Quackenbush
Katsumasa Inoue vs. Hallowicked
Yuji Okabayashi vs. Ultimo Breakfast
Jaki Numazawa vs. UltraMantis Black
Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Brodie Lee

But that's not all! Also on the October 18 Easton card:

~Finals of La Loteria Letal: Winning Team Will Have 3 Points!~
Colin Delaney & Vin Gerard vs. Lince Dorado & Jimmy Olsen

~Special Interpromotional Tag Bout!~
The Osirian Portal vs. Shinya Ishikawa & Atsushi Ohashi

Keep your eyes peeled for new information about matches rolling out regularly on our website.

Right now, our first two September events, including "Style and Substance" are up for sale on the Smart Mark Video site! They are complete with all the matches from the events, as well as backstage interviews, and additional bonus materials! All that, and new, original covers! Support CHIKARA by buying our official releases, available only at Smart Mark Video!
Advance tickets for upcoming live events (including our Global Gauntlet shows) are on sale right now! Visit our online store and pick up your copy of the third issue of the CHIKARA comic book (Season 7, Volume 3)!

"Global Gauntlet - Night 1"
10.18.2008 - Saturday Evening
Live @ The Palmer Community Center!
4100 Green Pond Road
in Easton, PA!
The action begins at 7:00 pm!

"Global Gauntlet - Night 2"
10.19.2008 - Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The ECW Arena/New Alhambra!
7 W. Ritner Street
in South Philly, PA!
The action begins at 4:00 pm!

"Tag World Grand Prix 2008"
8 & 9 November, 2008 - Saturday & Sunday!
Live @ The Turbinenhalle (T-Club)!
Im Lepperfeld 23
in Oberhausen, GERMANY!
The action begins (both days) at 5:00 pm!

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KAPOW Card for 10-18 in Lenoir City, TN

PWA Results from 9-27 in Bremen, GA

A crowd of 121 was in attendance at the Bremen Rec Center in Bremen, GA, on September 27 for the Peachstate Wrestling Alliance show. In a match for the Southern Cruiserweight title, The Ultimate Dragon defeated Johnny Rage to retain. "Action" Mike Jackson defeated The Bounty Hunter by DQ after interference from Dany Only. Bob Armstrong defeats The Bounty Hunter. “Road Dogg” B.G. James defeated Dany Only. Ace Rockwell defeated J.T. Talent.

Credit: Southeastern Wrestling News

MAW "Memphis 10" Results from 9-28 in Memphis

First Round

Match 1 “Human Highlight Reel” Austin Lane vs Maw Southern Champion Chris Lexx
In a re-match from last years semi finals, it was Chris Lexx defeating last year’s winner Austin Lane with the lexecution after 9 minutes of back and forth action. After the match, commissioner KC Gold came out to congratulate Lexx but was shoved aside by Lane. Lane then offered Lexx a handshake of respect, to which Lexx reluctantly agreed.

Match 2 The Goldenboy Greg Anthony [pictured] vs Idol Bane.
A hard fought match for 2 first time Memphis 10 invitees. Ultimately The Goldenboy came out victorious by putting his feet on the ropes to secure the victory and advance to the second round.

Match 3 Magnificent Reno Diamond vs Stan Lee
In probably the best move for move, counter wrestling match of the first round, Reno Diamond hit the Diamond Bomb on Lee at the 11 minute mark to gain advancement to the second round.

Match 4 Danny B. Good vs Johnny Dotson
Another re-match from last years semi final round. Some interesting things in this match as these 2 turned it into an impromptu tag match of sorts, with Danny B even tagging in the security guard. Once all was settled it was Danny B coming out on top for the second straight year.

Match 5 Derrick King vs “The Future” Dell Tucker
This was scheduled to be King vs Tatt2 but for “Personal Reasons” Tatt2 declined to wrestle and was replaced at the last minute by Tucker. Tucker brought everything to the match with everything to win & nothing to lose, but the experience of King was too much. In the end King ducked a clothesline attempt & hit his patented super kick to gain entry to the second round. After the match Tucker was super kicked several more times by King & Johnny Dotson.

After the completion of the first round K.C. Gold return to the announce table with the names of the winners from the first round on separate slips of paper. He asked Poncho to draw a name as the person to get the BYE into the final round. Much to Gold’s dismay it was Derrick King getting the free pass to the finals. Once that was determined the rest of the names were drawn to set up the semi final matches.

Round 2

Match 6 Chris Lexx vs Goldenboy Greg Anthony.
These 2 guys went at it for 8 solid minutes before Derrick King interfered hitting Lexx with the Southern title allowing Goldenboy to be victorious and advance to the finals.

Match 7 Danny B. Good vs Reno Diamond
Another great wrestling match by these two. Ultimately Danny B. came out on top becoming the first man to go to the finals for 2 straight years.

Match 8 Main Event Goldenboy Greg Anthony vs Derrick King vs Danny B. Good
Much as one would expect TGB & King worked together to try to eliminate Danny B.
After a TGB went for a pin & King broke it up, King began asking what TGB was thinking. The argument then turned to who is actually the best between these two. It didn’t take long for them to come to blows with both gaining the upper hand on the other for a brief time. At one point Danny B. took a hard bump to the floor, but got back into the mix and continued to battle. After the ref for the night was squashed in the corner by Danny B accidentally, Dre Black interfered turning Danny’s attention to Black, and the 2 battled up the isle. With TGB on the floor trying to recuperate, Chris Lexx slipped in behind King and delivered the Lexecution as K.C. Gold tried to revive the ref.
Goldenboy seized the opportunity dragged the ref over & covered King. Danny B. couldn’t get there in time as the 3 count came down to declare The Goldenboy Greg Anthony the winner of the 2nd Memphis 10 tournament and the new M.A.W. Champion!

After the match TGB declared that he always says he is the Best of the Best & this just goes to prove it, and he did it all by himself! He told the crowd that he had said he was going to win and then finished by telling King he knew TGB’s word was “Good As Gold”!!!


A handful of workers were in the crowd all night, including Tatt2, Bishop, Baron Malkavain, Pokerface, Malik, and a few others…. Attendance was very slim, considering this was the first time they have run back to back weekends at the New Daisy, with only about 35 in the crowd, but all the guys worked immensely hard and by all reports everyone got paid. …Word is that M.A.W. will still be holding shows at The New Daisy but they may be venturing into other areas in hopes of drawing better crowds and running more frequent shows…As of now they are scheduled to be back at The New Daisy on Oct 19.

Credit: MAW Gizzold @ www.rasslinriotonline.com

TXW Results from 9-27 in Knoxville, TN

Ritta Elementary, Knoxville TN


Outdoor Event

After the rain separated the true believers from the weak-spirited, 120 TXW faithful remained after a quick shower to see a fast paced show that had it's fair share of amazing maneuvers, anger, laughter, grossness, and even a sad moment.

1) In the first match, Barry Allen and Dave "The Science" Pillman squared off in an amusing match that got the show started on the right foot. After the bout, Pillman addressed the crowd and thanked them for attending even though it rained, and then left his boots in the ring. He stated that he loved the business, but it was time for him to retire. We are honored that Dave Pillman chose to retire at a TXW show... but we wish the canvas didn't smell like gouda cheese now.

2) In another inter league promotional fight, the SAW Intercontinental Championship had the Champion Skeeter Godwin defeating the up and coming newcomer Drew Haskins with a reverse DDT (Slop Drop) to retain the IC belt.

3) Demetria bounced out to a Hanna Montana tune and got the young girls in the audience excited, but upon further inspection, Demetria supporters throughout the fight waned. Violet Adams once again had control of this match, but Demetria pulled something from her "Happy Stuff" area and clobbered Violet for the 1...2...3

At intermission, Commissioner Billy Marshall demanded that the Forsaken Angels Guild return the Tag Team Titles that they stole while appearing together on the "New Knoxville Wrestle Talk" show. At first, they refused, but after Billy reached the count of 2 and a half, the #1 Contenders forked over the belts and started sobbing uncontrollably.

4) Former KAPOW champion Shane Andrews pinned Shawn Schultz in an exciting match, but the victory was sweet for only moments. The Black List then hit the ring and gave Andrews a vicious beating. TXW called to the back for help, but no one came to the aid of "The Prodigy". Has the Black List already intimidated the TXW locker room??? After the match, Schultz towered over Andrews and yelled, "Thanks for the benefit show, Shane!"

5) Funkmaster V won by DQ over Bob O Mac for the second month in a row, providing documentation that claimed Bob did not take a mandated drug test. Referee James Malenko rang the bell before TXW owner Jerry Tipton could tell him that there was no such drug test, but the decision could not be overturned. Tipton then said Bob O Mac can wrestle in the Battle Royal and he hoped he would get revenge on Funkmaster V.

6) The Black List (Allen Sheppard & Justin O'Day) took on the smaller but faster Bobby Blassie and J-Mac. This exciting match went back and forth, but O'Day rolled up Bobby Blassie for the 3 count as the former tag champion was being distracted by Shawn Schultz. Oh, yeah, you better believe that O'Day had a handful of tights for the pin, as well.

7) In the Semi-Main Event, the Undefeated TXW Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lee took on newcomer Devon Drake and pinned him after a Choke slam. Drake did not like the fact that he was pinned in the middle of the ring and has demanded a rematch be signed for next month.

8) In the Main Event, 20+ TXW Superstars took to the ring in a Battle Royal for the vacant Tag Team Championships. The Black List showed up and clapped for the wrestlers from the first row, and they eventually had to be threatened with a suspension by Commissioner Billy Marshall before they decided to wrestle. After 10 minutes of thrills and spills, the final 5 were both members of the Forsaken Angels Guild, Sgt AWOL of the Urban Militia, Bob O Mac, and Juggalo Drake. After several minutes of brawling in the ring, "Ravishing" Ryan Luther was dumped over the top rope and the odd team of Bobby Rayne (Forsaken Angels Guild) and Sgt AWOL (Urban Militia)[pictured with the belts] were awarded the Tag Team Championships with a warning: You must defend the Tag Titles like a regular tag team, or you will be suspended.

Credit: Vinnie Vineyard @ www.rasslinriotonline.com

TIWF Results from 9-27 in Trenton, TN

The show started out with a celebration from the XOW. (DJ Stunner, Syn, Owner Bill Russ, Tony Watts, "The Real Deal" Neil Taylor, AC Styles) all came to the ring. The arena was still decorated with XOW banners! They announced the New TIWF REGIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: SARGE ORIELLY who came down to the ring. Mr. Russ presented Sarge with the Belt and A HUGE white cake. This cake was multi-layer and we mean HUGE!!! After celebrating, Sarge introduced John "Biscuit" Roberts as "XOW superheavyweight" all of XOW exited the ring to taunt the crowd except Owner Bill who had the cake in his hands.

Chico Mendoza ran out of the back and hit the ring without anyone noticing. Chico slammed the cake in his XOW Owner Bill Russ’s face, XOW hits the ring and proceeds to beat Chico down. Tank Turner who was in the concession stand grabbed the steel attaché' case and started slamming fleeing members of XOW. Neil Taylor got the mic and demanded a match between, him and AC Styles vs Chico and Tank.

First Match
Dirty Sanchez pinned Tommy Redneck in a great match, lots of high flying moves...back and forth with Dirty getting the win with a beautiful moonsault. I believe these two get better and better every week. Crowd really enjoyed the luchador moves.

Second Match
“Big and Nasty” [Big Boy Bob/Dazzlin Dixie] (w/ Ravishing Randy) vs Syn and DJ Stunner(w/ Tony Watts)
Match opened up with Syn and Stunner attacking Dixie and Bob from behind they shrugged it off and gorilla press slammed both guys at the same time. This match was pretty much all Big and Nasty. This was a match that saw power moves galore. The undersized Syn and Stunner who both weigh about as much as Bob alone, were outweighed and overpowered. Big Boy Bob executed a great looking Chokeslam that we usually don’t see from him. DJ stunner had some amazing kicks and a senton bomb but all to no avail.Syn has a shocking resemblance to EDGE from the WWE although he would be a smaller version. Stunner and Syn are both very quick and know how to do the high flying and how to execute their kicks. Even their manager Tony Watts gave Bob a sick chair shot to the head. This was a match the crowd was really into...Bob and Dixie hit the Big Nasty Slam on DJ Stunner and Dixie goes for the pin. XOW owner Bill Russ jumps into the ring and hits Dazzlin’ Dixie with a flapjack or foreign object from behind. Big and Nasty retains the titles by DQ

First intermission ended with "Missouri Bad Boy" Mark Southern w/ Cash McCoy coming to the ring stating they did not care about TIWF vs XOW they are from Missouri and that Tennessee and Mississippi stunk anyways. Hotrod told Southern and McCoy that he had a BIG surprise for them tonight and told him he ( Southern) had a match with the Royale Executioner.

Gaylon Ray vs “ The Punisher” Dre’ Black
This match was the first for Gaylon Ray with the TIWF since March. The match went back and forth but lacked in some areas. However, the crowd was into it. The ending saw Dre’ hitting Gaylon with the RKO for 1..2…3

Chico Mendoza/Tank Turner vs "The Real Deal" Neil Taylor and AC Styles
This match was an old school tag team match....Tank and Chico wrestled very well as a tag team and after the match the fans were saying how much they enjoyed this pairing. The crowd was really into this match the entire time. Tank getting usual beat down and hot tag. The ending of this match saw XOW crew hit the ring laying a beat down on Tank and Chico.

"Missouri Bad Boy" Mark Southern w/Cash McCoy vs. Royale Executioner
This was a quick match with a lot of crowd support. Mark Southern pinned the Royale Executioner with a swinging DDT, afterwards Mark and Cash get on the mic talking about how great they are and how Southern is the “MISSOURI BAD BOY" a masked wrestler then hit the ring with a TIWF shirt. The masked man revealed his identity to be The Missouri Renegade, Mark Southern’s longtime tag team partner. Renegade told McCoy and Southern that they had hell to pay for leaving him in jail as long as they did.( 4 Months!) And he guaranteed that they will pay the price.

Sarge OReilly vs Waycool
This was definitely a main event match. Way Cool was the crowd favorite in this one and battled back from lots of cheating and outside interference. The end of this match saw Way Cool hit his finishing move on Sarge… “ The Breeze” just as the XOW crew hits the ring and beats Waycool within an inch of his life. TIWF wrestlers hit the ring and cleared it of the XOW.

This battle is shaping up and should be a good one to watch to fruition.

--198 in attendence

----Wildside still missing in this XOW vs TIWF feud. Where is "The Franchise"?

---- Shawn Reed no showed.

---- Criss Braggs out with illness.

-----XOW Midgets Invade in October.

----- AIWF home office issues statement saying if TIWF needs reinforcements…they will send.

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation TV can be seen on E+TV6 each
Every Sat. at noon and Primetime at 6 p.m.

website at http://www.tiwf.org

Credit: Steven Hunter @ www.rasslinriotonline.com

The Hilton Garden Inn , Tupelo Ms.

The Hilton Garden Inn is walking distance to the Tupelo Fair. We would like to Thank our good friends at the Hilton Garden Inn for their help with Championship Wrestling.

363 East Main StreetTupelo, Mississippi, USA, 38801

The Hilton Garden Inn Tupelo, MS hotel is located in the heart of Historic Downtown Tupelo, Mississippi. Our hotel is adjacent to the Bancorp South Center and Bancorp South Conference Center. Within walking distance of our hotel is dining, museums, shops and businesses. We are a short drive to numerous restaurants, mall shopping and major industrial areas. Local industries include Lane Furniture, Cooper Tires, FMC and KI.
Our Hilton Garden Inn Tupelo hotel features 110 spacious guestrooms, each equipped with a large work desk, two phones with voicemail and complimentary high-speed internet access. A coffeemaker, iron, ironing board and hair dryer are standard in all rooms. Our hotel has a business center that is complimentary to all guests, accessible 24-hours a day and also equipped with wireless high-speed internet access. Our restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. While staying at the Hilton Garden Inn Tupelo, Mississippi for business or pleasure, enjoy our indoor pool, whirlpool and fitness center.
*****Everything. Right where you need it.®*****

Halloween Night Havoc Carthage Coliseum

All Pro Wrestling Saturday Oct.18th In Memphis Tn.

Mick Foley Talks

"Well, this is the big week- my first live appearance at the Impact Zone. It has been two months since I made up my mind to leave WWE and just about a month since I signed with TNA. I really thought I might experience doubts or reservations about making such a big move, but instead have felt nothing but relief over leaving a job I wasn't particulary enjoying, and excitement about having a chance to really make a difference.

I'll be leaving for the airport in just a little while, but will make sure to past again soon, as I will have much to write about- including a great trip I went on with the vice-chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, to visit victims of severe burn injuries at the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio.

I'll also offer an update on upcoming personal appearences and plans to auction off some cool memorabilia- things like the original Cactus Jack boots and tights from 1985, and the original Dude Love boots and tights from 1997. One of the newest appearences will be November 1st. I will be signing autographs from 11-2 @ Collectors Showcase of America Show (CSA) in Chantilly, Virginia...For more info or mail order call Dave @ Boogeyman Collectibles 828-277-7586 or theboogeyman@charter.net. Show website: http://www.csashows.com/index.htmI just hope I'm on last on Thursday, as I'm not sure that even something as historical as the Mick Foley TNA can compete, ratings wise, with a potential Sarah Palin train wreck at the vice-presidential debate.

I'll see you at the IMPACT ZONE!

XOW Invades TIWF Pictures From Saturday Night

Credit Pictures From Billy Russ

Ric Flair Training Again

Ric Flair
Bobby Eaton and his son Dylan.

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has been working out in the ring at Highspots’ wrestling school in Charlotte, North Carolina. Flair’s son Reid and Bobby Eaton’s son Dylan are currently training there under George South. Ricky Steamboat Jr. was also training there before moving to Missouri to train under Harley Race. Flair is working out in the ring as a part of his preparation for a planned reality TV series that’s in the works.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Focus on: Sin D

Sin D

Height: 5'5"

Weight: Noneya

Hometown: Binger, OK

Accomplishments: Inducted into Jimmy Valiant Hall of Fame

Titles Held: NWF Tag Team Championship with Peaches, BWF Women's Championship, LPWF Championship, LPWF National Championship, LPWF Internet Championship, LPWF Central States Championship, and LPWF Tag Team Championship with Syren

Not only is Sin D the sweetest and sexiest woman to ever step foot inside any wrestling ring, but she can quickly flip the switch to become the most ruthless. Being called the First Lady of the Northern Wrestling Federation comes with great pride. She has taken on women and men of all sizes and has always found some way to come out on top!

Sin D will be on the card this Saturday night at the MLW show in Tupelo, MS. The show will be at the TFW Arena, 1014 No. Eason Blvd. (Auburn Rd.) in Tupelo. Don't miss it, it will be a great show!

The "NEW" Lady Vixen

This was emailed to me today. The person who sent it says it's the NEW Lady Vixen.
All I can say is... WOW!

WWE Press Release

The following was issued by WWE today:

WWE: 9.4% Yield
September 29, 2008

Stamford, Conn., September 29, 2008 – The 9.4 % dividend yield on WWE stock is 300% higher than the S&P average. Given its strong balance sheet and cash generative businesses, WWE feels confident it can fund the dividend for the long term. The WWE considers itself a safe harbor in the current volatile marketplace. The popularity of WWE brands continue to accelerate while consistently providing the best value in entertainment.

Additional information on World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: WWE) can be found at wwe.com and corporate.wwe.com. For information on our global activities, go to http://www.wwe.com/worldwide/.

Flair's Retirement Robe Now in Smithsonian

PWInsider reports that the retirement robe Ric Flair wore to the ring at WrestleMania 24 in his last match against Shawn Michaels has been donated to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC and will be displayed soon in the "Pop Culture" exhibit. This same exhibit features items such as the original Muppets Jim Henson worked with, Fonzie's jacket from "Happy Days" and others. This is believed to be the first pro wrestling releated piece of memorabilia ever displayed at the museum.

Credit: WrestleView.com

Championship Wrestling 10-11-08 in Kingsport, TN

Championship Wrestling presents the Steel Cage Showdown on October 11 in Kingsport, TN at the Civic Auditorium. Bell Time is 8:00 PM!

In the Main Event, Alyx Winters defends his National Heavyweight Title against "High Risk" Robbie Cassidy inside of a 15 Foot High Steel Cage!

Here is the complete card:

***Main Event***
Steel Cage Match for the
National Heavyweight Title
Champion, "The Cold" Alyx Winters
"High Risk" Robbie Cassidy

AWA Alcatraz Escape Match
Tony Givens puts his AWA World Title Shot on November 1st on the line in a Steel Cage Battle Royal where the 1st person to escape is the winner!
Other participants in this match include: Cody Ices, The 420 Hit Squad, Scotty Roberts & More!

Model City Street Fight for the
United States Tag Team Titles
Champions, KMF Inc. (Steve Fury & Chris Richards)
w/ John Hawkins
The Hick Hop Express (Beau James & Moe Jenkins)
w/ Misty James
---- CW Comissioner, Clarence Clippeback has suspended Chris Richards... Clippenback says this match will still take place, but a ruling will be made on the night of the event.

2 out of 3 Falls Match for the
CW Television Title
Champion, "The Real Deal" Chase Owens
w/ Ashlee Hope
SSW Champion, "Sensational" Wayne Adkins

Non-Title Challenge Match
AWA World Champion, Brian Logan
"Notorious" Nick Hammonds

*Card Subject to Change*

Ticket Information

Front Row: $10
General Admission: $8
Doors open at 7:00 PM

Venue Information

Civic Auditorium
1550 Fort Henry Dr
Kingsport, TN 37664
(423) 229-9457

Watch Championship Wrestling on TV on Friday Nights at 2:00 AM on Tri-Cities CW 4.

For more information on Championship Wrestling, visit us at www.championshipwrestlingtv.com.

Chikara News

CHIKARA welcomes the legendary Johnny Saint to the TWGP 2008!

There's only a handful of men in the history of our great sport to be called "The Master of a Thousand Holds" - and CHIKARA fans know that among them is our own "Lightning" Mike Quackenbush. But there are others - the late, great George Kidd, for example, the recently unmasked Blue Panther of Mexico, retired mat wonder Dean Malenko, trainer extraordinaire Jorge "Skayde" Rivera, and of course, the man most associated with the Lancashire style of wrestling made famous by the World of Sport television program, Johnny Saint.

On Saturday, November 8th, CHIKARA and wXw will team up to present the Tag World Grand Prix 2008 in Oberhausen, Germany - and the living legend Johnny Saint will be there in non-tournament action! Back in March, 2008, Saint and Quackenbush wrestled to a 5-round draw in a dream match many thought would never happen. At match's end, the two men agreed to meet again - over 6 rounds, governed by the World of Sport system of rules. That rematch will take place Saturday, November 8th at the T-Hall in Germany!

Also appearing at the Tag World Grand Prix 2008:

~Representing CHIKARA in the Tag World Grand Prix 2008!~
-The Colony (Fire Ant & Soldier Ant)
-The Osirian Portal (Ophidian & Amasis)
-F.I.S.T. (Chuck Taylor & Icarus)

~Representing 1PW in the Tag World Grand Prix 2008!~
-The Fight Club (Jimmie James & Kid Fight)

~Representing wXw in the Tag World Grand Prix 2008!~
-wXw Tag Team Champions Doug Williams & Martin Stone
-The Revolution Purple (Lazio Fe & Adam Polak)
-Crimson City Saga (Tommy End & Zack Sabre, Jr.)
-Thumbtack Jack & Bernd Fohr

Right now, our first two September events, including "Style & Substance" are up for sale on the Smart Mark Video site! They are complete with all the matches from the events, as well as backstage interviews, and additional bonus materials! All that, and new, original covers! Support CHIKARA by buying our official releases, available only at Smart Mark Video!

Advance tickets for upcoming live events (including our Global Gauntlet shows) are on sale right now! Visit our online store and pick up your copy of the third issue of the CHIKARA comic book (Season 7, Volume 3)!

"Global Gauntlet - Night 1"
10.18.2008 - Saturday Evening
Live @ The Palmer Community Center!
4100 Green Pond Road
in Easton, PA!
The action begins at 7:00 pm!

"Global Gauntlet - Night 2"
10.19.2008 - Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The ECW Arena/New Alhambra!
7 W. Ritner Street
in South Philly, PA!
The action begins at 4:00 pm!

"Tag World Grand Prix 2008"
8 & 9 November, 2008 - Saturday & Sunday!
Live @ The Turbinenhalle (T-Club)!
Im Lepperfeld 23
in Oberhausen, GERMANY!
The action begins (both days) at 5:00 pm!

Our homebase: www.chikarapro.com - In Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese & French!

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TNA House Show Results from 9-27 & 9-28 in Florida

TNA House Show Results from 9/27/08 in Miami, Florida

Consequences Creed over Petey Williams.

Knockouts Champion Taylor Wilde over Awesome Kong.

AJ Styles over X-Division Champion Sheik Abdul Bashir.

Christian Cage over Kip James.

Beer Money, Inc. over The Motor City Machineguns.

Samoa Joe over Booker T.

TNA House Show Results from 9/28/08 in Lakeland, Florida

Petey Williams over Sonjay Dutt & Consequences Creed.

AJ Styles over X Division Champ Sheik Abdul Bashir.

Knockouts Champion Taylor Wilde over Awesome Kong (Traci Brooks was referee).

Beer Money, Inc. over The Motor City Machineguns.

Christian Cage over Kip James.

Samoa Joe over Booker T.

Another Big Name Added To The Batesville Ark. Show

Rocktober Fest in Batesville Ark. Just added another big name to the card for that night, Rick Steiner. Should be a great night of wrestling action so make sure you have plans to be there.

Tickets are available at Hastings, Premiere Tans and Batesville Cold Storage in Batesville; George's Liquor in Newport; Tommy's Famous in Mountain View; Horton's Music in Hardy; Quattlebaum's Music in Searcy; and the Valiant Arena in Tuckerman. Tickets are also available to order online at www.batesvillepromotions.com or charge by phone by calling (870) 698-2288

USWO card for 10/3 in Nashville, TN

Main Event-4-way for vacant USWO Championship
Snake Jones (w/Charming Charles)
Jeremiah Plunkett
LT Falk
fans' choice

USWO Tag Team Championship
"New York Rockers" Damien Payne & New York Gangster (C)
"Double Trouble"-Shane Smalls & Bryan Casey

Seven (w/Charming Charles) vs TJ Harley

Saint & Blue Amigo vs Steven Green & Psycho Medic

Tim Renesto vs Cousin Jason X

Kevin Dunn vs Michael Jablonski

Convict vs Travis Starr

and other stuff

Credit: WWRD @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

SAW card for 10/3 in Millersville, TN

Main Event-Chain Match!
Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie) vs Mark Anthony

SAW International Championship
Jerry Lynn (c) vs Kid Kash

Arrick Andrews vs Chris Michaels

Chase Stevens vs Sigmon

Slacker J (w/Rocksan!) vs Drew Haskins

and other stuff

Credit: WWRD @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

USWO/ATL card for 10/4 in Nashville, TN

Main Event
Otis Bass & Stevie King & Dominator
Michael Jablonski & Psycho Medic & White Tiger

Only their finisher can win!
Kid Dynamite (TKO) vs Anthony Wayne (cobra mutilation)

Fan Lumberjack Match!
Chris Norte vs Travis Starr

Kevin Dunn vs LT Falk

Blue Amigo vs Steven Green

Violent T vs Shawn Hoodrich

and other stuff

Credit: WWRD @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

CWF Results from 9-27 in Burlington, NC

CWF Mid-Atlantic results from “CWF-MAX!” on September 27 at the Carolina Sports Arena in Burlington, NC: Aftermath's "the 1st" Ric Converse w/William L. Cross defeated Sean McCulley. Las Chivas defeated the Osirian Portal's Ophidian & Stigma. "High Definition" Steve Greene defeated Chase Dakota. Fatback Enterprises ("Dangerous E" Corey Edsel, Donnie Dollars & "Jersey" Nick Richards w/Brad Stutts) defeated "Handsome" Mitch Connor, Brass Munkey & Roy "Rage" Wilkins by pinfall. VIP "King of Heat" Gemini Kid w/Jesse "El Fuego" Ortega defeated Destiny's "Leelicious" Lee Valiant.

CWF returns to action next Saturday at Burlington, NC’s Carolina Sports Arena at 7:30pm for "The Road To The Rumble!"

Credit: Southeastern Wrestling News

PTPW Results from 9-26 in Columbus, GA

Prime Time Pro Wrestling results from September 26 at the Event Center in Columbus, GA: Prime Time Elix Skipper defeated Dustin Powers. Frankie Valentine defeated Adrian Hawkins. In a 3-way open (anybody could tag anybody in, including their partner) tag team title match, Southside Trash (Rowdy & Raunchy) beat The Brits (Simon Sermon & Thomas Britain). With The Technicians & The Brits battling each other on the floor and only Southside Trash left in the ring, Raunchy laid down and let Rowdy pin him. Jake Slater (with J.P. Money) beat David Young after Money bashed Young with his briefcase. Bulldog Raines and Rob Adonis was declared a no contest after they battled on the floor until referee Steve Miller counted both men out. In a non-title match, Chris Stevens pinned Champion Colt Derringer with his signature top rope elbow to earn a title shot on October 3.

PTPW returns to the Event Center in Columbus on October 3 with the following advertised card: Frankie Valentine vs. Dustin Powers in a return challenge match. Adrian Hawkins vs. Ace Rockwell. Bulldog Raines vs. Rob Adonis as a follow up on last week's no contest finish. The Southside Trash puts their tag team titles on the line against The Brits (Simon Sermon & Thomas Britain). David Young vs. Jake Slater (with J.P. Money) in an Anything Goes Street Fight. In a PTPW Heavyweight Title Match, Chris Stevens vs. Champion Colt Derringer. Bell time is 7:30pm.

Credit: Southeastern Wrestling News

Pictures of Abdullah the Butcher vs. Mad Man Pondo 9-27-08

You will find them here: http://bngaddis.com/fliesabby.html

Rocktober Fest in Batesville Ark.

38 Special, wrestling lined up for Rocktober Fest in Batesville

Band members of 38 Special, from left, Don Barnes, Larry Junstrom, Donnie VanZant, and Danny Chauncey, perform during a recent concert. The band will perform in Batesville on Oct. 3. Photo by Carl Dunn

Rocktober Fest will take place, Friday, Oct. 3, at Riverside Park in Batesville. Headlining the music portion of Rocktober Fest will be Southern rockers 38 Special from Jacksonville, Fla.
38 Special was co-founded by Donnie VanZant, one of the three famous VanZant brothers of Lynyrd Skynyrd fame. 38 Special's catalog of hits include "Hold on Loosely," "Caught Up in You," "Rockin' Into the Night," "Wild-Eyed Southern Boys" and "Fantasy Girl." The opening show will feature contemporary Southern rockers Further Down from Jonesboro. As an added bonus, ticket holders will be able to watch Allstar Wrestling Federation (ASWF) professional wrestling in the park. The ring, chairs and bleachers will be set up near the basketball court in Riverside Park.

The wrestling matches will include Jerry "The King" Lawler, former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) heavyweight champ "Psycho" Sid Vicious, Marcus "Buff" Bagwell from World Championship Wrestling (WCW), Grandmaster "Sexy" Brian Christopher, Kamala "The Ugandan Giant," Jimmy Hart, Batesville's Casino Kid, Newport's Austin Lane, Hollywood Jimmy and more regional wrestlers.

The gates will open at 5 p.m. Wrestling begins at 6:30 and ends at 8:30. Further Down goes on at approximately 8:35 and 38 Special at 9:30.
General admission (advance) tickets are $15, pit pass tickets are $20, VIP tickets are $40, and VIP Extreme tickets are $50. The VIP and VIP Extreme tickets include ringside seats at the wrestling event and up-close seats and after-show at Josie's for the concert. The VIP Extreme tickets get ticket holders backstage at the concert plus a meal in the VIP area. All tickets include admission to the wrestling and concert.

Tickets are available at Hastings, Premiere Tans and Batesville Cold Storage in Batesville; George's Liquor in Newport; Tommy's Famous in Mountain View; Horton's Music in Hardy; Quattlebaum's Music in Searcy; and the Valiant Arena in Tuckerman. Tickets are also available to order online at www.batesvillepromotions.com or charge by phone by calling (870) 698-2288

Southern States Wrestling Sept 27 results

Southern States Wrestling
Sat. Sept 27 2008
Kingsport, TN @ National Guard Armory

Ring Announcer Matt Rhodes opened the night with National Anthem and a 10 bell for Mr. Bobby Givens (Tony Givens Father and a great friend and supporter of Pro Wrestling) who passed away last week.

Big Al Bass had prayer

* Wayne Adkins outlast Mike Cooper, BoBo Brown, Scar, Donovan Daniels, Kole Layton King, Clippenback, in a Battle Royal to get the last spot in the Southern States Title Tournament

*Wayne Adkins beat EWP Champion Sigmon with a cross body off the top rope

*TV Champion Chase Ownes w/ Ashlee Beat Nick Hammonds with is feet on the ropes. Hammonds was last minute replacement for injured Moe Jenkins.

* Cody Ices beat Iron Cross. great "wrestling" match both guys are fan favorites and wrestled by the rules

* KAPOW Champion Ryan Dookie beat King of Kingsport Handsome Beau James by count out. James had Dookie in the cobra when Chris Richards came out. James let go and went after Richards and did not get back in before the 10 count

* Misty James beat Ashlee Hope with a bulldog

2nd Round

*Wayne Adkins beat Chase Owens with the Gibson leg lock.

* Ryan Dookie beat Cody Ices by DQ. Dookie came to ring with Kole Layton King. As the ref was giving the rules Kole went after Ices the ref stepped in front of King and Dookie kicked Ices low. Ices was down for almost 2 minutes as Dookie made fun of him and slapped him in. When Ices got to his feet after pulling himself up with the ropes he kicked Dookie low in front of the ref for the DQ.

* The National Title Match with Alyx Winters and Tony Givens just got started when Chris Richards and AWA Champion Brian Logan ran in and jumped Givens. Logan has had a bounty on Givens for almost two months. Hammonds and Robbie Cassidy made the save and the match was turned in to a six man.

Logan ,Winters , and Richards were DQ when they handcuffed Hammonds to the ropes, can Cassidy and went after Tony Givens leg. Beau James and his baby (Bullwhip) ran the heels off.

* Wayne Adkins beat Ryan Dookie to win The Southern States Titles. Ref Rob Knight was knocked down Kole Layton King came in to help Dookie. Ices came in and evened things up and Adkins got a pin on Dookie.

88 paid about 100 in the building. Crown was hot all night. Matches started on time (as Always) and we got al these matches in 2 hours 20 minutes.This was SSW first card since the June Legends card.

Championship Wrestling returns to Kingsport Civic Aud. Oct 11 - 2 Cage Matches
SSW returns to Kingsport Armory Oct 25 "Celebrating Beau James' 20 Years involved in Pro Wrestling"

Memphis Wrestling Results-September 27, 2008

Corey Maclin and Jerry "The King" Lawler kicked off the program. Corey said he, recently, took a trip to Phoenix, Arizona to see his St. Louis Cardinals take on the Arizona Diamondbacks. Coming up, the show will feature a six-man tag match including Sgt. Slaughter and Romeo Roselli. There will also be an interesting bout between two of the top TNA stars, as Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles will hook it up. Lawler admitted that, at first, he was not that impressed with Samoa Joe, but after meeting him and seeing him wrestle on a couple shows, Jerry said, "There is not anything this guy can't do. He is very impressive."

They plugged www.KingLawler.com. Jerry said if you would like to contact him, his e-mail address is located on the website. Corey asked Jerry if he would e-mail them back. Jerry responded, "Oh, Man! Are you kidding? I just love to sit there and type away at the old computer." Lawler went on to mention that, as of that morning, he had 918 e-mails, so contact "The King" on www.KingLawler.com. You can also find all kinds of terrific merchandise and great videos.

Corey Maclin mentioned that he was featured in the latest edition of Memphis Sport Magazine in their special Five Questions section. Jerry said the magazines are absolutely free and you can find them all over town. Corey said that he seen a guy picking up a big stack of them, the other day. He said, "Where is he going with all those?" Jerry told Corey, "That was you! Come on! That was you!"

Six-Man Tag Action, Courtesy of Northeast Wrestling with Sgt. Slaughter teaming with The Pioneers, Dave Dean and Todd Bargella, taking on Romeo Roselli, Ricky Landell, and Brian Anthony. Fun match with a hot crowd. Finish came when Sgt. Slaughter caught Anthony with the Cobra Clutch while his partners each had Roselli and Landell in separate sleeper holds. After the match, Lawler said he loved Sgt. Slaughter, saying he is still under contract with the WWE as an agent, helping the young guys with their matches. Lawler said, "You will never find a nicer guy and it's great fun to just sit around and talk with Sarge."

Corey thanked everyone for joining them today and every Saturday morning at eleven o'clock on My50. Jerry said that the ratings are getting better, each week. Corey compared Samoa Joe to King Mabel. Jerry said, "He's not that big." Corey said, "He's not that big, but just seeing a big guy that can get around the ring and maneuvering sorta like that.

Northeast Wrestling featuring Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles. This was back when A.J. was heel, one half of the tag champs with Tomko, and a member of the Christian Coalition. Samoa Joe defeated A.J. Styles with the Muscle Buster.

To contact Memphis Wrestling about personal appearances, live events, and fund raisers, Call: 901-794-7771

This week's date for The Wrestling Professor was October 17, 1987. This was the date that Jerry "The King" Lawler and "Superstar" Bill Dundee brought to Memphis the AWA World Tag Team Championship. Jerry said they went out and rented a couple of tuxedos to show up on tv, but they forgot to give them the shirts, so they had The Fabulous Ones look going on. They showed a music video with highlights from Lawler and Dundee's match with Soldat Ustinov and "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers, when Lawler and Dundee won the belts. Following that footage, they showed the interview with the shirtless duo of Lawler and Dundee with their tuxes and bow ties. I found this classic match on YouTube. It's from one of the recent AWA shows that's been airing on ESPN Classic.

After the videos, Jerry and Corey poked fun at Randy Hales, not gaining a pound. Jerry said, "You would think after eating all those Sonic Burgers, he would be bigger." Corey added, "Maybe he needs to get a milkshake." The Wrestling Professor will return, next week.

Wood & Carlton Slam of the Week was "Superstar" Bill Dundee catching "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers with the flying body press to win the belts. Lawler said he has had to hear about Dundee getting the pin for years and years. Lawler, jokingly, imitated Dundee, by saying, "Hey, Mate! I'm the one that really won the World Titles for us, you know!" Corey announced that they've got something very exciting for next week. He went on to say there will be a big surprise for us, next week, so tune in. They will be telling us about it.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Focus on: Josie

You may know her as Sojourner Blot, TNA’s newest knockout, but most know her as Josie. A Midwest breakout, Josie is a 4 time Ohio Valley Wrestling Women’s champion and heads the women’s division of their sister company Derby City Wrestling. Having faced the likes of Amazing Kong, Sara Del Ray, and MsChif, she delivers hard hitting action while captivating audiences with her beauty and charisma. This 5’4” 130 lb. competitor is definitely a star on the rise. MLW is happy to add Josie to our already talented roster.

From Josie's G.L.O.R.Y. profile:

Height: 5' 3"

Weight: 140

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA)

Years In Wrestling: 5 ½

Gimmick: I don't need one.

Wrestling Style: Old school for sure. I have no problem with technical wrestling and I love to brawl.

Gear/Outfit/Costume: I wear mostly vinyl and sparkly outfits.

Titles Held: MIW Women's Champion; CTCWA Women's Champion; WLW Women's Champion; XBW Women's Champion; 3XW Women's Champion.

Finisher: I use a spinning spinebuster called the pop/lock/n drop, and I do a slingshot into a single-leg boston crab called The Dreadlock.

TNA's newest knockout will be on the card at the Memphis Ladies Wrestling event on Saturday night, October 4, 2008, at the TFW Arena, 1014 No. Eason Blvd., in Tupelo. Admission is $10.00 at the door. Bell time is 7:30 p.m.

How often does a TNA knockout come to Tupelo? How often does an all ladies wrestling event happen in this part of the country? Don't miss this show!

Check out the rest of Josie's G.L.O.R.Y. profile at http://www.glorywrestling.com/gg/Josie/J.asp

EPW Pictures From This Past Saturday Night

Check out ALL The Pictures from EPW exclusively at hollywoodjimmy.com
Credit Tia Blaylock