Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tennessee Xtreme Wrestling results

Tennessee Xtreme Wrestling
Ritta Back To School Carnival and Festival - Knoxville,TN
8-23-08 150 + (Free with ticket to Festival) outside also
***Due to injury, the Blassie Twins surrendered the Tag Titles at the top of the show to TXW staff b/c they could not defend the belts 2nite. What will happen with the TXW Tag Team Titles is still undecided.

1) Demetria defeated Violet Adams after hitting her with something pulled from her bra.

Earlier on TV this week, Bobby Rayne of the The Forsaken Angels Guild demanded that their three way tag team match be turned into a #1 Contenders match for the TXW Tag Team Championships... His wish was granted.

2) The new Forsaken Angels Guild with "Ravishing" Ryan Luther pinned the Reaper as they defeated Urban Militia and disfigured Juggalo Drake and Bob O Mac. Bob O Mac abandoned Drake as he chased Funkmaster V when Funk put his hands on the Lovely Beth at ringside. The Guild are now the #1 contenders to the vacated Tag Belts

3) THE KAPOW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP was captured by Ryan Dookie by pinfall over the defending champ Shane "The Prodigy" Andrews! Dookie's manager pushed Andrews off of the top rope and Dookie rolled him up for the 1...2...3!

4) THE EWP HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP was successfully defended as Sigmon took out "Sensational" Wayne Adkins with a pinfall in a great match. Sigmon should be greatful for his EWP pals Beau James and Kole Layton King for their help in the match.

***An Elvis impersonator shooks his hips for the ladies at intermission. The divorce rate in Knoxville jumped 3%

5) Donovan Daniels needed help from his EWP Tag Team Partner "the Rip" to take out Shawn Streets. Streets dominated the match, but when the ref was knocked out, Daniels was able to get some revenge on Shawn Streets for his invlovement with last show's "Fans Bring the Weapons" Title fight.

***On the Mothership, Funkmaster V raised an envelope to the crowd and claimed that inside were pictures of he and the Lovely Beth that would prove to everyone that they were an item during Bob O Mac's engagment to her. He claimed that he would post the pics online Monday unless Bob O Mac could defeat him in a rematch.

6) Funkmaster V defeated Bob O Mac via DQ as Jon Diamond, Monroe Fayte and TXW color commentator "The Reverend" Jay Perkey appealed to the ref that Bob O Mac used a chain to defeat Funkmaster, when in actuality Bob O Mac dominated the match and pinned him clean without the use of foreign objects. Details about the pics will be announced on the TXW hotline Monday.

7) In what was suppossed to be a Tag Team Championship match, TXW management was able to sign this match last minute. Former Tag Champion Bobbie Blassie and his new partner Allen Sheppard took on Justin O'day and Nick Taylor. When Blassie's team got the pin, Justin O'Day and manager Tony Lucassio turned on Nick Taylor and beat him down for being the partner that was pinned. Allen Sheppard arrived to the crowd's delight to make the save, but then shocked them all by teaming up with Oday and Lucassio to further punish Taylor.

8) The TXW Heavyweight Championship was defended successfully yet again by Jerry Lee as he defeated Travis Sawyer by pinfall after the Powerslam. Jerry Lee would then endure something much worse than someone stealing his title. Justin O'day and Allen Sheppard arrived, and along with Travis Sawyer and Tony Lucassio then beat the holy poop out of the TXW Champion. After they were done with Lee, they then announced that are forming an outlaw alliance called "THE BLACK LIST."
This show featured wrestlers from almost every promotion in Knoxville area.

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