Thursday, August 21, 2008

RIP.... Roughhouse Fargo

Sonny Fargo aka Roughhouse Fargo, billed as the crazy brother of Jackie and Don Fargo in Tennessee during the 60s, passed away yesterday. Fargo worked as a referee for many years with Jim Crockett Promotions. Roughhouse Fargo packed houses out everywhere he went. I remember how Jackie used to bring Roughhouse in to help him out and when they tagged him to be in the ring he would go crazy in the ring and hit everybody including Jackie Fargo. Roughhouse was one of a kind and it's unbelievable that nobody has tried to imitate him.


Blue Ox said...

Roughhouse was a personal friend of mine. His "real" name was Jack Faggart.
When I was a kid (he was a referee) he would come by and pick me up o go to the tapings for Saturday mornings NWA show. He always had me a front row seat reserved. Needless to say he was one of my favorite people. He (and his brother, "Jackie Fargo") were also close friend with my grandparents.
A funny fact about him was when Fargo had troubles and had to go "get Roughhouse out of the nut-house to help him out", for some reason that was the week Roughhouse was on vacation from the cotton mill...
In the past few years he has been in poor health, losing his legs to diabetes. This being said, he still had that spark in his eyes and quick wit.
"Rough" was a true class act and will be missed greatly.

Timothy Kendrick said...
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Timothy Kendrick said...

Thank you Hollywood Jimmy for posting this for all of us, especially us Tn. Boys