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Prime Time Pro Wrestling Columbus Georgia 08-08-08

The Sportatorium, that was the first thing that went through my mind when I pulled up to the arena at 5000 Burnham Rd. in Columbus, Georgia. It was almost like I'd gone back in time to, if I may say "the good ol days".

If you have ever been to The Old Sportatorium in Dallas where WCCW with the Von Erich’s, Freebirds and anybody who was anyone in the business performed. You'll understand?

I show up early, get in the arena and look around. I check the ring. Just a habit of mine. This thing did not give an inch. My next thought was pain for any of the boys working the show at PTPW tonight.

I drove 400 miles to see the Jannetty vs. Deathrow match. It was the one that peaked my interest the most.
On another note I'd heard about what The Promoters Billy Roper and Eddy Phillips were doing, That grabbed my interest also.

On this night 08-08-08 I was treated to possibly the best Indy show I'd seen in too many years to count.

Great crowd of about 200 on hand. Once you entered from the outside into the arena that is when the magic began. Public address System, Perfect, Seating, Perfect, Lighting, perfect Opening match, 10 man Battle Royal, absolutely Perfect. Guys came from all over the country; the winner got a spot on the PTPW roster. Chip Day earned his spot.

It takes quite a bit for me to "markout" for any show.
I thought, “my God they are really wrestling".
Could it get better? The fans next to me were known as "Cheat 2 Win". a.k.a. Chad Sloan and Matt Tew.
The greatest hecklers I have had the honor to sit next to.

There were also hecklers in the front row all around the ring. I could tell if you were a heel. You were gonna get the business from your opponent and the crowd.

Quick rundown of the show.
Ron Stalker vs. Jena. Good match crowd liked it and high spots and some spuds. Stalker pinned Jena for the win.

"Golden Boy" Chic Donovan vs. Rod Simmons.

Simmons received a nice "pop" from the crowd on his entrance.

Chic struts out to Sharped Dressed Man by ZZ-Top drawing immediate heat from the fans, strutting, taunting and stripping in the ring before his match. Chic dominated the match for the most part. Donovan win by pinfall.

Bulldog Raines vs. Dustin Powers. Bulldog kept the crowd in this one. Match had a good flow to it. Raines wins by Pinfall

The Southside Trash vs. Jake Slater and Mr. Columbus.

Southside Trash comes out to a hail of abuse from the fans and they give it right back. Earlier in the night they already beat down David Tate from Texas when PTPW promoter Billy Roper presented Tate (who lost his home in the last hurricane in Texas) with an Envelope full of Cash. Long short of it. Southside Trash came out, Kicked Tates butt and took the money.

I won't tell you the swerve in this match with Southside Trash, Jake Slater, and Mr. Columbus. (Show up this Friday night the 15th and find out)

I will tell you Southside Trash is one well oiled Tag Team machine.
I believe without a doubt these guys choose to be on the Indy Circuit. Yes, They are that good!

They took it to Slater from the beginning. Trash works snug, tight and fast, great heels. Should be called "The Awesome Tag Team Cheats" Jake Slater got the upper hand once or twice but in the end when he tagged Mr. Columbus it got interesting. Let's just say the masked Mr. Columbus wasn't who he said he was. Winner, Southside Trash.

During intermission while Jannetty is doing Photos in the ring with the kids and signing autographs, D'row comes out of nowhere and Lays MJ out Choking him with a rope until he turned blue. I was in the front row. His face was blue! Everyone was stunned, not sure this was planned. The Promoter Billy Roper went berserk at this time telling security to break it up. A couple minutes later D'Row is subdued and Jannetty comes too looking like a truck just hit . D'row is cuffed by security and being led back to the dressing room when Jannetty gets some hellacious shots on D'Row. Security breaks it up and Billy Roper announces the next match.

"The Durham Bull" Chris Stevens vs. "Total Protection" Mr. Hughes

Mr. Hughes of (WCW,ECW, Fame) comes out from the curtain. The fans hate this guy immediately. Big (almost 7 ft) talking smack to the fans. Not sure who the fans despised more Hughes or Southside Trash.

Stevens’s music plays

He came through the curtain with the absolute biggest "POP" from the fans all night. They love this guy. He has that Hollywood "it" factor. Charisma, good looks, Fans reaching out just to slap his hand as he goes by. I was impressed, a solid 3 minutes of the fans going nuts for this guy. (Remember folks this ain't my first rodeo, this guy got a pop like Lawler, Dundee, or a "entertainer from up north".)

Pretty good match once the bell rang. Stevens wanted redemption for Hughes costing him the belt last week against Colt Derringer.

It was back and forth. The rhythm was different because Hughes is more of a brawler and Stevens is a Technician. The Fans loved it , in the end the crowd counts 1-2-3 Stevens wins with pinfall and gets the 2nd biggest POP of the night from the crowd.

Former WWE Superstar, Midnight Rocker, Marty Jannetty VS "The Master of Insanity" Deathrow

D'Row comes from behind the curtain, he's introduced and the fans are afraid of this guy. He is out of it.

Now I'm a combat veteran held together with bailing wire and I have seen death.
I don't like what I see in this guys eyes. After that intermission Debacle I'm thinking "this ain't no work"
This is the match I drove 400 miles to see. Some fans came from as far away as Wisconsin. (Folks that is the power of the internet)

I do have concerns for Jannetty (who I would find out shortly definitely knows how to brawl)

Jannetty's music is played all the fans are looking at the curtain. Then it occurs to me something is not right. Jannetty comes from the back of the arena into the ring D'Row is still looking at the curtain he turns around and it is game on Jannetty starts wailing on D'Row.

The only way to win this match was to have your opponent be counted out of the ring.

In 40 plus years of being a wrestling fan (yes from even when I was in diapers) I have never witnessed carnage like I saw Friday night. Mj and D'row were all over the building. The first blood came when Deathrow Laid MJ out with an unopened can of Coca-Cola at ringside. Blood and coke went everywhere. This was an out an out brawl blood bath. I don't know if the fans knew that MJ could fight like he did. I love wrestling but this was nothing resembling a match. At one time He had D'row tied up in the chains that pull up the doors. D'row broke the chain. Earlier in the match D'Row had Jannetty Hanging from the same chain so much to tell, it was scary for alot of the fans who have never witnessed anything like this. I'm not marking out but the only thing I ever saw that could come remotely close to this was in 1973 at Cobo Hall in Detroit with Sheik and BoBo Brazil. Just Brutal.

Jannetty had lost alot of blood, D'Row had a small cut on his forehead. Jannnetty was a bloody mess.

Never in my life have I seen this many video cameras at an Indy show. Keep checking YouTube.

The fans followed the match everywhere (even into the parking lot) Chanting Marty! Marty! Marty!. Deathrow took some hellacious shots. It was like David and Goliath
Here is a quick link

Potato's everywhere on this one and chairs and tables and chains, nothing was sacred or held back as Jannetty won the match. (Although I don't think he remembers it) The ten count was awesome! Everyone in attendance counted and when the bell rang and MJ was the victor the fans went completely wild!! Deathrow was out cold on the floor. From the way his body flopped like a bag of sand before the count. I thought he was dead. Jannetty proved he can wrestle or brawl. Why this guy is not in Stamford with "the entertainers" is beyond me.

After security, and Billy Roper calmed the crowd it was time for the Main Event. I would not have wanted to follow that match with Jannetty and Deathrow. It was the Showstopper.

PTPW Championship Match
The winner gets to face Robert Gibson (R&R express) on Friday the 15th

Rob Adonis vs. "The Texas Outlaw" and PTPW Champion Colt Derringer.

Adonis comes out to a nice "pop". Then Colt Derringer hits the Ring. He's got the Championship belt and I'm thinking "Who the heck is Colt Derringer" He's getting good heat from the crowd, remember this is my first time to this territory.

Let me tell you something. I will never forget Colt Derringer!! 351 lbs, moves like a cruiserweight. Incredible speed and high spots from the top rope like I have never seen from a man his size. Rob Adonis is an easy 300 lbs. and the pressure was on. The speed and agility of these two not to mention the moves. Fast, precise, perfect rhythm made this one of the best old school Championship matches I have witnessed in a long time. Colt and Adonis both used the ropes like a cat climbing a curtain. Colt wins by pinfall. Did a bit of research and found out Colt was trained by the late Chris Adams. This would explain a man of this size having this kind of agility. Colt is no muscle head either. Looks like a biker with a beer gut. As the old saying goes you can't read a book by its cover. The fans loved it. Colt is a great Heel and one tough son of a gun. Adonis gave him everything he had. It was a perfect match up.

The only thing as an Armchair Booker I would have done differently would have been to put this match on before the MJ D'Row Match. The fans were still in shock from that.
But I must admit they were into this match. When you see a guy like Colt Derringer perform it is hard to ignore. I thought they were gonna bust the ring. They worked snug. I cannot believe the speed and agility of these guys.

This show was worth every mile I traveled to see it.

So on This Friday coming up 08-15-08 it's Robert Gibson and Colt Derringer for the belt......maybe I will make another 400 mile trek again. This time I think I'll fly. Maybe Colt can give me a few pointers.

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