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Introducing Brandi Wine - MLW Star

Name: Brandi Wine

Birthday: October 28th

Weight: 140 and 3/4 lbs.

Height: 5'4"

Favorite Wrestler: Barry Windham

Favorite Female Wrestler: Debbie Combs

Favorite Color: Blue, not just blue but the shade of my eyes.

A little something about my career - where to start. I became involved with wrestling when I was just 18. I started watching it on TV when I was like 5 yrs. old and thought it was the greatest thing I'd ever seen. When I graduated high school I just new that's what I wanted to do. I started as a manager for an independent wrestler by the name of Tim Blaze. I traveled all over for no money, but I didn't care I Just LOVED IT. I met Lexie Fyfe at a company we both worked for and we decided to start training together, next thing you know we became bitter rivals and best friends. My career allowed me to travel all over the world and meet some really awesome people. Just to highlight I've wrestled all over Europe, Australia, and Japan just to name a few. My biggest match would have to be in the Sydney Dome in Australia against Little Jeannie. I had the honor of wrestling such greats as Sherri Martel, Lei Lani Kai, Malia Hosaka, Debbie Combs. and Candi Devine. I've won numerous titles over the years from promotions all over the country. My biggest thrill was meeting Bruno Samartino, Nick Bockwinkel, Ox Baker, The Rock N' Roll Express, Greg The Hammer Valentine. These are guys I grew up watching and love. I don't ever think that I can touch on everything I've accomplished in my career but I can say this if I never set foot in the ring again it was a wonderful 13 yrs and I loved every minute of it.

Note: Brandi will be in action at the Memphis Ladies Wrestling event in Tupelo, MS, on October 4, 2008. The event will be at the TFW Arena, located at 1014 North Eason Blvd. (Auburn Road). Bell time is 7:30 p.m. Don't miss it!

All Ladies Show in Tupelo on October 4!

EPW Results from Saturday night in Booneville

The Executioners (AX & Dagger) defeated The Revolution (Cyrus & Chazz).

The next match was to have been EPW Champion "Dangerous" David Cox vs. "Prime Time" Nick Grimes for the belt. Cox was not at the show. The referee called for the bell and made the 10 count. EPW Promoter Edith Poole held the belt up.

Slammer & Damion Rage defeated Izzy Rotten & Nick Grimes.

Bonecrusher & Cody Hawk defeated 24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler) by DQ.

Cassanova Kid defeated EPW Extreme Champion Chris Styles by DQ. Styles retained the belt.

The Ghost Riders (Buzz Harley & Blade) defeated PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine) by DQ due to interference by PHAT Foundation's former manager, Paul Rhodes. Robert Rhodes, manager of the Ghost Riders, got involved to even the score, but the referee had already called for the bell ending the match. PHAT Foundation retains the EPW Tag Team belts.

The main event was for the EPW Championship, which had been held up earlier in the evening by EPW Promoter Edith Poole. The match had many stipulations. It began as an eight man over the top rope battle royal. Participants were Nick Grimes, Chris Styles, Tysin Starr, Cassanova Kid, "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris, Dalton Storm, Dagger, and Izzy Rotten. After two men had been eliminated, it became a six man scramble. When two more were eliminated, it became a four way ladder match for the belt. Nick Grimes & Tysin Starr both climbed the ladder and came down with the belt at the same time. Since there was no clear cut winner, EPW Promoter Edith Poole once again held up the belt until this Saturday night, 9/6.

Crowd was about 70.

I was not able to be at the show due to having to work. My thanks to Denise Blaylock for filling in for me on the mic and for these results.

TFW Results from Friday Night in Tupelo

Psykottik defeated David Cox by submission.

DC defeated Chris Fontaine w/Diamond.

Mo Foundation (Curly Mo & G-Mo Money) w/Dirty Mo vs. Sammy Hall & Chris Kilgore w/Bad Boy Burns ended in a no contest when the referee finally threw the match out. It was a wild match that went all over the place and just about turned into a hardcore match with handcuffs, chains, and numerous other foreign objects used.

Little Guys, Inc. (Lil' Devil & Kid J) defeated "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs. Tony's partner, "The Studd" Scott Porteau, was not able to be at the show, so Tony had to face the Little Guys by himself. Once again, Tony was pinned by a midget.

The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) demolished Jay Webster & LSD.

Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor won a three way match over Tysin Starr & Josh Matthews.

Ryan SoFine defeated, or should I say robbed, Chris Styles to win the TFW Lightweight Championship. Ryan had asked (actually asked, not demanded as usual) for the match, and had said that if he could not defeat Chris for the belt, he would never challenge Chris for the Lightweight title again. Controversial finish to the match - Chris pinned Ryan for the 1-2-3 and referee Andy Camps declared Chris the winner. Ryan's foot was on the ropes, however, so head referee Crispy Fryes ordered the match re-started. Ryan quickly got Chris from behind and rolled him up for the 3-count. This is, I am sure, not over by a long shot.

Crowd was about 120.

WWE Thinking About Their Own TV Channel (?)

It appears WWE is considering moving their 24/7 programming from an on-demand pay-per-view subscription service to its own television channel. Currently the company is doing a marketing study which is probably being done to try and present the cable companies with evidence that people will switch to or from satellite, based on the ability to see the WWE channel as a free service. It's known that Vince McMahon has talked about WWE needing its own TV channel for years now. One advantage of having their own channel would be if the USA Network or MyNetworkTV changed their minds on carrying WWE programming, wasn't interested in anymore or had some sort of power shift, then WWE would have its own channel to air their programming on.


Another Former "Star" Sues WWE

Former WWE star Damian Demento is planning on taking legal action against World Wrestling Entertainment. Oh Boy. The company poked fun at his former character in the latest edition of WWE Magazine, which has greatly upset him. He feels that WWE shouldn't be able to humiliate and embarrass him as he's several years removed from the wrestling business and is now a civilian. He says it's causing stress to him, his family and friends. He posted a video on YouTube regarding the situation, which you can view at He wrote: "Once again the WWE humiliates me in their upcoming 2008 October magazine issue. I'm 16 years removed from working with them and still they post my picture in the gimmick I made and continue to insult me. I'm not sitting back any longer, so I'm taking legal action against the WWE, WWE Magazine, and Vince McMahon. No joke this time."


Editorial Comment: Give it up, idiot! You don't have a chance! LOL....

Here is a related post from

Former WWE star Damian Demento is covered in this month's wacky character from the past feature (entitled On No You Ditn't) in the latest edition of WWE Magazine, which has Batista on the cover. There's a fifteen-year-old photo of Demento in his costume and the magazine picks apart his appearance. They also call him a "curtain-jerker." Here is what they wrote: "Damien Demento Curtain-jerkers come in all forms, but none more insane than Damien Demento. Although he was in the main event during the first Raw telecast, Demento is probably best remembered for dressing like an extra from The Flintstones. Goatee Every good Superstar needs some killer facial hair, but Demento's dime-store Fu Manchu looks like it was slapped on using Krazy Glue. Tooth-Ridden Apparel Is it just us, or do Demento's shoulder pads make it look as though he's about to be swallowed by a giant Venus Flytrap? Wristbands Demento's bondage gear makes him look like one of the illiterate slaves exiled alongside Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes. And that's being nice."

PTPW Results from 8-29 in Columbus, GA

Prime Time Pro Wrestling results from August 29 in Columbus, GA, at the Event Center with a reported attendance of 150: Elix Skipper beat #1 Contender Chick Donovan by submission to earn a title shot against Colt Derringer next week. After the match, Chris Stevens came to the ring raving mad because he should be the #1 contender. Then, Deathrow came out with J.P. Money to claim rights to #1 contendership. Rob Adonis beat Frankie Valentine. They came out as tag team partners but before their opponents could enter the ring, Adonis turned on Valentine and it became a singles match with Adonis basically slaughtering Valentine. Jake Slater over Dustin Powers. Southside Trash beat Thomas Britain & David Tate. Britain got Tate as a sub for Simon Sermon, who could not make it because of five flat tires. Britain turned on Tate and bailed on the match resulting in a win for SST. Britain was still carrying the belts that he stole from the Trash last week. Bulldog Raines over PAIN. Colt Derringer & Deathrow (with J.P. Money) vs. Chris Stevens & David Young ended as a double DQ. Stevens introduced The Wrestler as his mystery partner, but he was only there to check Money. The real mystery partner was Young, so the Bad Company from Georgia Championship Wrestling of Stevens, Young and The Wrestler have been reunited.

Credit: Southeastern Wrestling News

Dragon Con Wrestling Results from 8-29 in Atlanta, GA

Results from the 7th annual Dragon*Con wrestling show Friday night in Atlanta, GA, are as follows: Ace Rockwell over Adrian Hawkins and Sal Rinauro and Chip Day to win the singles belt, Slim J beat Scotty Beach, Shadow Jackson beat Brodie Chase, Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews) beat Talent & Money (JT Talent & Drew Pendleton) in a TLC match for the tag team cup, Todd Sexton & Murder One beat the Technicians (Bob E & Tyler Smith), Gail Kim beat Christy Hemme and Traci Brooks, Simon Sermon beat ?, Truitt Fields defeated Simon Sermon, Consequences Creed beat Johnny Devine,(with Vanessa Harding) and Shatter & Kimo & Mikal Judas (with Jeff G. Bailey) beat Devil's Rejects (Azrael & Shaun Tempers & Iceberg with the Reverend & Crystal). Virgil and Vanessa Harding were there and inducted into the DC Hall of Fame. Crowd estimated at 400-500.

Credit: Southeastern Wrestling News

DSHW Results from 8-30 in Brunswick, GA

Down South Hardcore Wrestling results from Brunswick, GA, on August 30: Attendance was roughly 85; lively the entire time. J Biggs defeated E-Dawg in 6:22. Not a bad opener here. Henry defeated The Jerk in 4:12. Henry entertained the crowd with his Eugene-esque gimmick, complete with green mask and stuffed dinosaur. "The Asian Sex Symbol" Lance Alonte & Justin Taylor defeated "The Top Story" Morgan Davis & "Punk's Not Dead" Less Fortunant in 8:34. A well-executed match that kept the crowd entralled the entire time. "The Savage One" Ryan Savage defeated Taurus in 5:19. Taurus took some vicious bumps in this one. DSHW Tag Team Championship: The Strong Style Disciples (Morbid Angel & T-Money) defeated Frizza & Mr. Dumpling in 7:13. Jack Manley defeated Dagon Briggs (w/Se7en) in a tight, athletic affair in 9:29. "Shooter" Vordell Walker defeated "Marvelous" Matt Mercer in 11:34. This was a stiff match that had the most crowd heat due to Mercer's heeling. DSHW Light Heavyweight Championship: Dallas Riley defeated Ash Kristiansen and Remy Marcel in 10:12. A solid three-way that really could've gone in any direction. Plenty of high spots, near falls and intensity without being overkill. DSHW Heavyweight Championship: Cameron Larue defeated "Modern-Day Cowboy" in 7:33 to retain the title. This match was a fast-paced, technical encounter until the referee was accidentally knocked down. Morbid Angel of the SSD clocked Chris Anthony from behind with his title belt, then draped Larue's arm over him for the pin. From here all hell broke loose. Taurus attacked Larue from behind, which caused several members of the locker room to come out. Several months ago, Taurus made plenty of disparaging shoot comments towards said locker room members, and they saw it as the perfect opportunity to dish out a receipt in the form of a savage, realistic beatdown. Meanwhile, Anthony came to and immediately called out Morbid Angel. When Morbid didn't respond, Anthony dragged him from the locker room to the ring and proceeded to give him a severe beating until T-Money made the save. DSHW announced that their next show is September 27 at Sam's Memorial Multiplex in Darien, GA.

Credit: Southeastern Wrestling News

UCW "September Showdown" Card for 9-13 in Hartford, KY

Universal Championship Wrestling
Presents September Showdown
Sat. 9-13-08 in Hartford, KY
Tickets are $10 in advance $12 at the door.
Doors open at 6pm cst and Belltime is 7pm cst.

Matches signed:

"Headliner" Chris Michaels & Shaun Maddox
N-V-US "Superb" Scott Sexton & Lincoln Moseley

Shawn Shultz VS C.M. Sigmon

Brett Taylor VS "Stunning" Stuart Dunning

UCW Heavyweight Title Match
Boogie Woogie Boy Gary Valiant VS "Sexy" Sean Casey (C)

Main Event
Shayne Maddox VS Kip James AKA Bad Ass Billy Gunn


Credit: Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

GCW Card for Fred Ward Memorial Event 9-4 in Phenix City, AL

Great Championship Wrestling has released the final version of the card for the Fred Ward Memorial on September 4 in Phenix City, AL, at the Gr8 Sk8 Plex with the following additions: Sonny Siaki will issue an open challenge for David Young's replacement in the Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. A stipulation has been added to the All or Nothing Match that is guaranteed to end to the 50/50 ownership of the company. If Micah Taylor & Diane Hewes win, Hewes gets 100% ownership, but if Johnny Swinger & Quentin Michaels win, Michaels gets full ownership. Merchants of Death will defend the GCW Tag Team Championship in a Hardcore match vs. "That 80's Guy" John Bogie & Kareem-Abdul Jamar.

The remainder of the card reads as follows: Bullrope match for the GCW Heavyweight Championship – Cru Jones vs. Bull Buchanan. First Blood match for the GCW Interstate Championship – J-Rod vs. Shaun Banks. Challenge match – Scotty Beach vs. Zero Tolerance (with Princeton Gainey III). If Beach wins, he gets 5 minutes in the ring with Princeton Gainey III. Bell time is 7:30pm. For advance tickets call

Credit: Southeastern Wrestling News

USWO Results from 8-29 in Nashville

United States Wrestling Organization results from August 29 in Nashville, TN, at the Stadium Inn: Attendance was 52. Psycho Medic beat Lee Cross, Josh Crowe beat Shane Smalls and White Tiger in a 3-way when Crowe pinned Tiger, Bryan Casey beat Travis Starr, Justin Spade beat Cousin Jason X to win the USWO Jr. Championship. BUT, post-match, Spade turned face, announced that he was joining the Marines and gave the belt back to Jason, ATL Champion Andy Douglas vs Seven (with Charming Charles) went to a double countout when they brawled outside the ring. It was announced that next Friday Douglas would be facing a mystery opponent being brought in by Charming Charles. USWO Tag Team Champions Damien Payne & New York Gangster beat Quinton Quarisma & JC Crowe when Payne pinned Quarisma. Gary Valiant (with Miss Boogie) beat USWO Champion Jeremiah Plunkett by DQ when Plunkett used a chain.

Credit: Southeastern Wrestling News

APW Results from 8-29 in Royston, GA

Alternative Pro Wrestling results from August 29 at the Royston, GA, Gym. APW Owner Jerico Stone opened the show with two announcements: APW will name a #1 Contender to the Southern States Championship held by Shadow Jackson in a Mega-Rumble next week. The scheduled match between "Superstar" Aaron Lee and Chris King would not happen because Lee had a doctor's excuse. The match was made due to Lee's continuous interference in recent months while he's been out with an alleged broken arm. Royston Brawler beat Chris King with the Landslide. After the match, Lee added insult to injury by slapping King and ordering the Brawler to "Landslide" King twice more before Seth Delay made the save wielding a steel chair. APW Owner Jerico Stone made a match for next week pitting Kool Seth Delay & Chris King against The Royston Brawler & Aaron Lee. If Lee doe not compete, he will be fired. Seth Delay beat Dustin Michaels (with Kevin Duncan) to retain the North Georgia Championship. Friday Night Franchise (Matt Sells & Ryan Michaels) beat Chris Mayne & Brandon Parker (with Kevin Duncan) to retain the APW Tag Team Titles. Post-match, Mayne and Parker jumped the Franchise from behind. Michaels soon followed and all three members of Duncan's crew continued the attack. Finally, Kareem Abdul Jamar hit the ring, basketball in hand, and cleaned house, but the damage had been done, as the tag champs needed help to the back. In other results, Wild" Billy Buck defeated Darkness, Chris Damien & Bo Newsome defeated Strictnyn & Adam Mabry, Don Matthews defeated Danny Only and Kareem Abdul Jamar defeated Anthony Henry.

Credit: Southeastern Wrestling News

WWE Smackdown house show results from Jonesboro, Ark., on August 30

Big Show defeated Carlito.

R-Truth defeated The Brian Kendrick.

Michelle McCool and Maria defeated Maryse and Natalya.

Vladimir Kozlov defeated Super Crazy.

Finlay defeated Kenny Dykstra.

Hawkins and Ryder defeated Jesse and Festus.

Jeff Hardy defeated MVP.

Undertaker and Triple H defeated Great Khali and Shelton Benjamin.

Credit: Slam! Wrestling

"Dr. Death" To Retire?

Steve "Dr. Death" Williams, a former WWE and WCW Superstar, has been released from the hospital following surgery to treat a hernia. At this point, Williams is now considering retiring as an active wrestler, as he is 48 years old and feels he is too injury prone. WWE stopped using Williams as a developmental trainer a little over a year ago and he has been working a few independent dates ever since.

Credit: Nick Paglino @

Bret "The Hitman" Hart in Negotiations with Tap Out Clothing Company

The Tap Out Clothing Company is looking to release a line of clothing centered around a Hitman theme, and has been in negotiations with Bret "The Hitman" Hart for trademark purposes. Hart owns the rights to his "Hitman" character and will most likely be working out a deal to allow them to use the name as opposed to actually endorsing the product line.

Credit: Nick Paglino @

Big Daddy V Reveals The Reason He Was Released From The WWE


Long before he was Big Daddy V, Nelson Frazier was winning matches and titles as both Mabel in Men on a Mission and Viscera. Nelson goes through each phase of his career and speaks about accomplishments and moments he experienced. In his shoot, V addresses subjects like:

The Original Look Vince McMahon Wanted For The Big Daddy V Character, Why Nelson Was Against It, How Long They Negotiated It, Why He Was Given The Name "Mabel," Why Oscar Was a Men on a Mission Outcast, His Friendship With Mo, The Surprising Legend Who Came Up With "Visagra," TNA Possibilities, Singing To Lillian on Raw, Teaming With Charlie Haas, Teaming With Val Venis, Wrestling in a Trench Coat, The White Contact Lenses, and so much more.

The Million Dollar Question, of course, is his WWE release. What happened? Embarking on one of his biggest pushes in WWE, BDV's departure was a shock. James asked about this on and Big Daddy responded:

"You know what, man? I got sick. I went down with pneumonia. I got sick and it ravaged my body a little bit. I'm feeling better now. Better than I've felt in many years. Me and WWE decided together that I'd take a little time off. I'm getting into movies now. I just finished my first movie a few days ago in Utah. I'm very excited about doing something new. I just want to send a shout out to all my fans. Thanks for all the support. The well wishes and everything, but Big Vis is very healthy and I'm doing very fine."

Vis went on to talk about the movie he was in and the idea behind it. He also speaks about a possible return to wrestling, where that would be, and his feelings on TNA.

Credit: Errol Leigh Farrell @

This Week, Championship Wrestling presents 2 Huge Events in Johnson City and Kingsport, TN!


This Tuesday, September 2 at 7:30 PM, Championship Wrestling returns to Johnson City, TN at the legendary Legion Street Parks and Rec.

In the Main Event, NWA Legend, Ricky Morton challenges Brian Logan for the AWA World Heavyweight Title.

There will also be a TV and Internet Taping featuring all the stars of Championship Wrestling TV... Kids under 12 will be admitted for FREE!

*Card Subject to Change*

Ticket Information

Adults: $8
Children under 12: FREE

Doors open at 6:00 PM

Venue Information

Legion Street Recreation Center
111 Legion Street
Johnson City, TN 37601


Championship Wrestling returns home to Kingsport, TN at the Civic Auditorium on Saturday, September 6 at 8:00 PM.

AWA World Heavyweight Champion, Brian Logan has put a $10,000 Bounty on the head of Tony Givens... Anybody that can take him out before November 1 will get the money... On September 6, The 420 Hit Squad will be coming after the bounty as they take on Givens and a Mystery Partner.

Here is the complete line up:

$10,000 Bounty Match
Tony "The Dragon" Givens
& ???
The 420 Hit Squad
(Adam York & The Jin)

Tag Team Challenge
"High Risk" Robbie Cassidy
& "Young Gun" Cody Ices
National Heavyweight Champion, Alyx WIntesr
& Mr. Bolo
w/ John Hawkins

US Tag Team Title Match
Champions, The Hick Hop Express
(Beau James & Moe Jenkins) w/ Misty James
KMF Inc.
(Big Steve Fury & Chris Richards)
w/ John Hawkins

CW Television Title Match
Champion, Wayne Adkins
"The Real Deal" Chase Owens
w/ John Hawkins

*Card Subject to Change*

Ticket Information

Front Row: $10
General Admission: $8
Doors open at 7:00 PM

Front Row Tickets are on sale at:
Ink Revolution Studios
(formerly Great American Tattoo Co.)
2309 Ft. Henry Dr. (Across from McDonalds)
Kingsport, TN 37664
(423) 288-TATO

Venue Information

Civic Auditorium
1550 Fort Henry Dr
Kingsport, TN 37664
(423) 229-9457

Watch Championship Wrestling on TV every Saturday at 2:00 PM on Tri-Cities CW 4.

For more information on Championship Wrestling, visit us at

Credit: Cactusb and the Wrestling Clothesline at

Saturday, August 30, 2008

SPWA Results-- 8/29/08- Pulaski, TN

Main Event: Tag Match

First Round of the SPWA Tag Title Tournament

New Blood vs. The Texas Connection

Jay Kraft pinned Don Bass. New Blood advances to the second round of the tournament.

Semi-Main Event: SPWA Title Match

Bounty Hunter Mark vs. "Outlaw" Don Bass (champion)

Don Bass pins The Bounty Hunter to retain the SPWA title

Second Match: SPWA TV Title Match

Jay Kraft vs. Brawler Rex (champion)

Rex pins Jay Kraft to retain the TV title

Opening Match: Singles Match

Travis Locke vs. Hoss Williams

Hoss wins by DQ after Travis attcked Hoss' manager.

Championship Wrestling Tv is Now Online

Championship Wrestling TV for August 30, 2008 is Now Online and can be viewed at

On this week's episode, Cody Ices and Robbie Cassidy team to take on the former US Tag Team Champions, The 420 Hit Squad!

Plus, 1/2 of the US Tag Team Champions, "Handsome" Beau James of the Hick Hop Express takes on 1/2 of KMF Inc., Big Steve Fury in a Captains Match!

Also, we will see footage of a situation between AWA World Heavyweight Champion, Brian Logan and Ricky Morton that went down a few weeks ago in Johnson City.

You'll see all this and more on this week's edition of Championship Wrestling TV!

Killer Kowalski passes away

Another legend gone up to the Heaven above. August 30, Walter "Killer" Kowalski passed away. would like to send our thoughts and prayers to his family and friends during this time.

"Shoot for the moon - if you miss, you may hit a star." - Walter "Killer" Kowalski

Services for Walter will be held Wednesday, September 3rd at the:

Weir Funeral Home
144 Salem Street
Malden, MA 02148

Afternoon Services 2pm-4pm
Evening Services 6pm-8pm

In lieu of flowers, the family has asked that wrestling fans send donations to:

Walter "Killer" Kowalski Memorial Fund
c/o Citizens Bank
876 Main Street
Malden, MA 02148

Online donations can be made here.


Big Time Wrestling Results

Big Time Wrestling
Friday Aug. 29

Lee County Fair - Pennington Gap ,VA
*Fantastic Bobby Fulton beat Beau James
*Frat Boy beat Justice
*Rolling Thunder beat Eclipso
*Misty James beat Rebecca Lynn
*Ricky Morton beat Bobby Eaton -Jimmy Valiant Special Ref
*Buff Bagwell beat The Sheik of Arraby
Around 800 attended this free event with admission to the fair

Friday, August 29, 2008

Jake "The Snake Roberts" Blog A Must Read For Any Fan Or Performer

Injury to Cena

Let me share with you my thoughts and speculations on why, how, and what is occurring with most of those injured. When the expectations are so high and the available qualified talent pool is so low, there will be those put into positions not ready to perform at the level presented. The product demands are so high and the talent unable to get the ring time to hone their skills that many are thrust into action whom aren't ready. When I say ready, it has nothing to do with physical prowess as the athletes today are in much better shape than those of yesteryear. It has to do with ability to deliver a psychological performance that entices the fan to buy and accept those in the ring.

All the athletes today can do moves not even imagine, dreamed, or CONSIDERED by those in the past. But consider this, we did not need to risk, chance injury to our opponent, or believe that a move made a match.

Those out there today chance crippling themselves and opponent with the thought that unbelievable move will make the match. At least that was it early on. But now they are sure that it will take several career and life risking moves that will get them the gold star of approval. Stated as plain as I can say it, it doesn't take a great wrestler to jump 20 foot off of a cage onto a table. It takes a complete idiot. Nor one to get a hit a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire, jump off ladder, or from the top rope to the floor, and so on and so on...

The short cut may get you to the finish line or a position wanted, but it won't keep you there. At some point, you must DELIVER as you can only top crap with more crap, for so long. Once exposed as crap or seen through as an idiotic stuntman, the trip down the ladder will be quick and unrelentless.

Bottom line, when you can no longer top your last death defying leap to purgatory, you'll be tossed to the side. If you think you're the only one who would risk crippling themselves for a shot at the big dance, you are a fool.

Don't be foolish and think should an accident (there aren't accidents) happen, they will find a different pony to run the race. Fact is more serious injuries have occurred in the last 15 years than in the previous 100 years. I'd guarantee it. Are the wrestlers today better than those of years gone by? Hell, no. It is a shame that none of the stars today will last unless they learn how to perform and capture people's imagination emotionally, not visually. That is where you separate the cream from the crap. Learn your business before you try to take the bull by the horns. Example, would you do heart surgery on your Mother while in the first year of medical school?

I watch today and see all of the blocked shots, misses, and unsuspected moves and I cringe. Learn your art, men and women. Sad to say but those day probably won't survive long enough to learn.


EWP results Green Acres

Green Acres Flea Market Aloca TN
Thurs Aug. 28
80 back up some - Hottest matches and crowd in a few weeks
Shawn Streets pinned Jim Miller with a schoolboy roll-up following a missed charge into the corner by Miller.

Jason Maxx defeated Chase Ownes by disqualification after the Power TRIP ran in and attacked Maxx going after his already aggravated knee from the match and trying to put him out like they did Willie B Badd.

Shane Willians defeated the SoCal Kid after a piledriver. Afterwards the King got on the mic and asked where his scheduled opponent, Johnathan McMurray, was. Shane started to run down Johnathan until Shawn Streets came out to defend his partner's honor and challenged Shane to a match.

Shane Williams defeated Shawn Streets by pinfall. Streets had the go-behind position on the King but Shane ran into the ropes to stun Streets and pinned him with his feet on the ropes. Then the King started to talk about Jeff Anderson which he was informed that the Wildman is reinstated to the Fleatorium and came in through the front as Shane ran back to the locker room. Jeff said those 4 famous words and said that he'll get a hold of Shane Williams when, where and how he wants to so make sure you're there or you might miss it.

The Power TRIP retained the EWP tag Team Titles against Trooper T & Menace after a Hart Attack on Trooper. After the match they gave Trooper the Killswitch and attacked Menace as he was getting back in the ring.

Edward Idol defeated Robbie Race in a Lumberjack match. Edward went up top as Robbie was down but Robbie got up and caught Idol and shoved him off onto the lumberjacks (SoCal Kid, Shawn Streets, Chase Owens & Suito Maximo) While the Spur was checking on them Shane Williams came out and punched Robbie with a foreign object.

Wayne Adkins & Keith Knox defeated Beau James & Sigmon in the Double Jeapordy Pole Match by Wayne getting the contract for a title match. All 4 men were bloodied by the end of this match. After the match was over Knox got the strap down and laid into Sigmon and the incoming Chase Owens & Kole Layton King until Dr. X ran out with the "Good Mood" spray to Beau James with a towel as Beau soaked it up and got it around the mouth of both men to put them unconscious and was about a use his Indiana Jones whip on Keith nox's back until Jeff Anderson came in with a weapon to clear the ring.
Notes the either was real deal and James threw the towel in the crowd for everyone to smell

Memphis Wrestling Results-August 23, 2008

Corey Maclin started the program with a recorded video that was shot from Buff Bagwell's home in Atlanta, Georgia. Maclin said that he's got a special one-on-one interview with Buff coming up later in the show.

Corey Maclin and Jerry "The King" Lawler opened the show in the studio. They've added the ring bell to the table. They mentioned that for the last two weeks there has been a problem with the TV Guide and Commercial Appeal listing Memphis Wrestling as Paid Programming, but the problem has been corrected. They go over what's coming up on the show.

To advertise with Memphis Wrestling or contact them for fund raisers, live events, or personal appearances call 901-794-7771.

Video of Hacksaw Jim Duggan in action from New Jersey. Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated Executioner #2 with Big Daddy after catching him with his three-point stance clothesline. Before the match, Lawler was talking about getting the opportunity to tag with Hacksaw on Raw, recently, against Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase for the tag belts, but Mike Adamle switched the match so Michael Cole replaced Hacksaw. Lawler said that he wanted to team with Hacksaw, again, real soon. Well, he didn't have to wait too long because he got the chance on Monday as the two wrestled Rhodes and DiBiase on Raw. After the video, Lawler made note of how presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama would love to be able to show up and thousands of people start chanting, U-S-A!

They take a look at this Saturday's, August 30, BIG line-up for the Delta Fair and Music Festival located at Shelby Farms on Walnut Grove. Wrestling is FREE with admission to the fair. Bell time 8p.m. The Main Event will feature Jerry "The King" Lawler vs Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell. Tag Match featuring Derrick King & Johnny Dotson vs Los Locos. "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher vs "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters. Also the show will feature: Eugene, "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware, 2 Cool 2, "Total Protection" Mr. Hughes, Kid Kash, and "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White.

Derrick King and Johnny Dotson interview. They say they're one week away from becoming the OVW Southern Tag Team Champions. They called Los Locos, Ramen Noodle and Ravioli, again. Derrick said, Get ready, Guys, because we're serving you up one special burrito, care of Memphis, Derrick King, and Johnny Dotson. They say they will be the best tag team ever and that they are better than Obama and Hillary.

Los Locos promo that they showed two weeks ago, talking about being the next top tag team to come through Memphis whey they come to the Delta Fair on August 30th.

Special telephone interview with Kid Kash. During the interview, they were showing highlights from both of Kash's matches at AutoZone Park. He teamed with Kevin White against Koko and Pat Tanaka at this year's Redbirds show and teamed with Koko against 2 Cool 2, last year. Kash said, "I don't care if you're a kid. I don't care if you're a woman. I don't care if you're a 90-year old man. I don't care if you're one of the Redbirds. I don't care if you're Corey Maclin. And I don't care if you're one of those redneck trash trailer punk fans that are up there yelling at me. I will punch you in your face!" The K-I-D don't play no games! Corey didn't announce his opponent for the fair. Corey said, "Alright, that's enough from you, Kid!" Kid responded, by saying, "That's enough of me? Well, I tell you what. It's enough of you, Corey Maclin! How about the next time I see you, I might shove my fist down your throat! You think you're a big man, Corey Maclin? You're nothing!" Very entertaining interview.

The Wrestling Professor and Mr. Guy Coffee joined the set. Mr. Coffee said that he's been involved in Memphis Wrestling for fifty-five years. Mr. Coffee gave The Wrestling Professor October 19, 1985 as this week's date. As The Wrestling Professor was thinking, he had to turn his tassel a little bit. The Wrestling Professor answered, " October 19, 1985. That was the infamous incident to where The Superstar came on to the set. He was real jittery and he was pumped up, full of fire. He wanted The King to tag team to go against The Fabulous Ones, The Road Warriors and everybody, but The King was like, The Fabulous Ones, we're friends. We don't go against each other. So, what happened? The Superstar wanted a Southern title match and that day it wasn't a good day to be The King. Ha ha ha ha!" Lawler and Maclin asked Mr. Coffee if he was right. Mr. Coffee said he's right because he had to change the match on the show. I was able to find these classic videos on youtube. Enjoy!

After the videos, Lawler asked Mr. Coffee what happened to his hair? Lawler then, said, "Mr. Coffee used to have wavy hair, then it waved goodbye. The Wrestling Professor is coming back next week.

Corey Maclin's interview with Buff Bagwell from Buff's home in Atlanta. Buff gave "The King" his props, but said that he's going to stomp him and there's going to be a top hat left and the crown is going to be squashed. Corey said they will have another interview with Buff, next week. Jerry said that if Buff brings his kids to the fair, he will piledrive them too.

Southaven Main Event from Northeast Wrestling featured Jerry "The King" Lawler taking on the nephew of "Nature Boy" Buddy Landell, Ricky Landell. Landell used a foreign object, throughout the match. Finally, Lawler got the object, pulled the strap down and went to work, finishing Landell with a piledriver.

"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters promo about his upcoming match at the Delta Fair with Brian Christopher.

"Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher promo talking about facing Masters on August 30th and made mention of Scotty 2 Hotty.

They wrap up the show by ringing the bell and going over the card for the BIG show this Saturday, August 30, at the Delta Fair and Music Festival at Shelby Farms on Walnut Grove. Wrestling is FREE with admission to the fair. Bell time 8p.m. The Main Event will feature Jerry "The King" Lawler vs Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell. Tag Match featuring Derrick King & Johnny Dotson vs Los Locos. "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher vs "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters. Also the show will feature: Eugene, "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware, 2 Cool 2, "Total Protection" Mr. Hughes, Kid Kash, and "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White all in action.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

More on Why Gail Kim Left TNA for WWE

The primary reason Gail Kim left TNA for WWE was due to the significant discrepancy between the kind of money WWE offered her and what TNA offered her. According to multiple sources, Kim really didn't really want to leave TNA, but she felt she had no choice but to accept WWE's offer due to the massive difference in money.
Despite being the most consistent TV ratings draws for the company, it appears that no matter how successful the female performers are for TNA, they're still not going to make much money, at least in comparison to the guys. The company still saw the top babyface in the division of what has become, from a television ratings standpoint, their most successful entity, as a low-budget expenditure. TNA offered their top female babyface star well under $100,000 per year, a figure that can only be met if she appears on a target number of shows, so if she gets hurt, she's not getting all the money. TNA's offer to Kim was said to be less than one-third of what WWE was offering - a six-figure downside guaranteed contract for three years. Also, Kim can potentially earn significantly more from appearing on pay-per-views and house shows, not to mention merchandise such as action figures. Additionally, TNA's lackluster offer to Kim probably doesn't bode well for the other girls in the company when their respective contracts come up considering that the top star couldn't even get a six figure offer.

Kim's friends had to talk her into leaving for WWE due to her strong sense of loyalty and happiness with TNA. While Kim loved TNA as well as her friends in the company, she couldn't justify not taking the significantly better offer from WWE. One friend of Kim said she really had no choice but to go for the financial security that only WWE can provide. One TNA source disappointed in her decision said she chose to be unhappy for more money rather than stay happy with the smaller company that made her a star.

There was said to be a huge void backstage at this week's iMPACT! tapings as a number of her friends couldn't believe she was gone, especially without saying goodbye before she left.

One friend of Kim's with knowledge of TNA's apparent lowball offer deemed it to be "insulting" and "possibly sexist." Also, Kim couldn't risk getting hurt or being jobbed out once her decision to leave TNA was made.


BancorpSouth Arena Manager Says Dealing With WWE is the Worst

The operations manager at the BancorpSouth Arena in Tupelo, Mississippi said dealing with WWE was the worst. "The wrestlers, themselves, had somehow decided to have a food fight in the dressing room," said Craig Russell. "We had mashed potatoes on the light fixtures."


FPWA 8-30 in Pinellas Park, FL

FPWA Pro Wrestling

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Matchtime: 8:00 pm, Doors Open: 7PM

Pinellas Park Boys & Girls Club
7790 61st Street N, Pinellas Park, FL 33781

All tickets are $10

For ticket info call 813-960-8412

Main Event: First Blood Match - FPWA Heavyweight Title Match:

Flex (Champion) vs. Nick Fame (Challenger)

Grudge Match:

"Punk Superstar" Pretty Fly & Brandon Groom take on "Superhero" Mark Zout & Torcher

Special Tag Team Attraction:

The English Lions vs. The Psychedelics


Woman's Tag Team Match

Also appearing will be:


East Street Elite w/Fetish

The "Hollywood Horror" Jude Mackenzie

TS Styles

Joey Cujo

Carlton Xero

The Cowboys

Pat McGroin

And more...

Ring Announcer: Shannon Rose

More info go to

Credit: Shannon Rose @

Foley Agrees to TNA Deal (?)

Reports by The Pro Wrestling Torch and are stating that Mick Foley has agreed to contractual terms with TNA Wrestling and will debut with the company once he is able to do so. Foley's current WWE contract expires after September 1.

It remains to be seen if his WWE deal would include a non-compete clause, creating speculation on when he would debut for TNA and whether it would go down at the company's upcoming No Surrender PPV, TV tapings following that event (the company already taped three weeks worth of TV this week in Orlando) or even as late as the Bound For Glory PPV in October.


WWE Lawyer Comments on Raven's Suit

The Sun in the UK has an interview up with WWE lawyer Jerry McDevitt where he addresses the current lawsuit being brought against World Wrestling Entertainment by former wrestlers Scott "Raven" Levy, Chris "Kanyon" Klucsarits and Mike Sanders. Here is some of what McDevitt had to say regarding the lawsuit:

On the lawsuit brought against WWE by the wrestlers:
"I think the key point to be made here is that every one of these people signed contracts acknowledging they were independent contractors. They contractually agreed that they would take care of their own health benefits and all the rest of that stuff. The IRS has never challenged the treatment of our wrestlers and they have audited the company several times."

On the timing of the lawsuit against WWE:
"This lawsuit kind of came out of the blue in one sense, but Levy threatened us years ago and I think I know who is really behind the whole thing."

On the "independent contractors" basis in the lawsuit:
"None of these things make them an employee. Wrestlers are not like normal office workers. They don’t go to the corporate headquarters and they don’t have any corporate duties. Their basic duty is to show up and perform as a highly skilled professional. That’s what they’re paid to do. As far as I know, in the entire history of the wrestling business, wrestlers have always been treated as independent contractors. They’re free to sign a contract like everybody is and free not to sign a contract like everybody is. When those contracts are over they are free to go wherever they want to and they do. They go to TNA and they went WCW."


Kevin Nash Explains Why he Walked Out on TNA Taping

"I have a clause in my contract that states that when it comes to physicality, that I have the right to veto with creative anything that I don't feel is safe, that is warranted or anything else. We had 10 guys and a battle royal is a cluster anyway. To give everyone a weapon and give me a pipe and then the only way I can be eliminated is to go over the top rope. As I was sitting and thinking about it, well the first thing I have to do is go over the top rope and make sure the pipe doesn't leave my hand and hit a fan. Then I have to make sure that I don't impale myself on it. And thirdly, I have to make sure I don't land on it.

And then I found out I was being eliminated during a commercial break. So I said how about this. Since I have been around the business a long time the only time you eliminated someone during a commercial break is because of time problems or time constraints. I said if you take two of us out and make it an eight man, everybody can be eliminated on TV and I can eliminate myself before the match and we won't have any problems because it wasn't in the storyline. To me the storyline would be that Joe and I would go back and back, clean house, I would step over and shake his hand and Joe would win. That would have furthered the storyline in my estimation...if I was booking.

But it didn't end that way and I talked to Jeff. Jeff said we wanted to have as many names as we could, we were trying to get you out early to protect you because we were bringing in guys with weapons. I understood this point and said, there was a pre-tape I was supposed to do later on that day so I said Jeff, do you want me to do the pre-tape? Jeff said no man that was cool and I said do you mind if I go home? He said no man, we shook hands and I left. Halfway on the way home my phone blew up with all these texts that said "get back here" and I said, no (smiling), I am on the other side of Orlando and I am not going all the way back. I am not swimming back up stream. My boots were in the trunk and I am done.

When Jeff and I talked and I said, was this really a bigger deal than I thought it was? Jeff said apparently everyone else...(Kevin Eck interjects and notes it was made a bigger deal on the Internet). You know I haven't done anything remotely anti-social in so long. (Goes into joking voice) It was just like "the old Nash is back and soon he will have a heart ailment if he has to a job!" Are you kidding me? How many guys just go gray on TV and just say f*ck it. Come on, really? At this point in my life guys. I look at something, I'm looking at getting worried about getting impaled on a pipe, do I really need to go, gee, I really need this money that bad. No, I'm gonna go home. The Devine kid can't get in the match and fall on the pole? I don't need to do that."

- Kevin Nash, in a recent interview with Kevin Eck of The Baltimore Sun


According to a report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, some of the five key contracts that are running up over the next few months within TNA include Team 3D, Christian Cage, Kevin Nash and Awesome Kong.

None of the individuals listed appear to be confirmed to re-sign with the company, although many expect Team 3D and Awesome Kong to do so. Christian Cage had been critical of booking within TNA for some time now, although whether or not that was enough to get him to leave remains to be seen as he has expressed how much more he enjoys the TNA schedule compared to the full-time schedule with WWE. In regards to Kevin Nash, he is no doubt financially set and many feel it is really up to him if he wants to remain with the company has an on-air character. There is some questioning as to if WWE would ever be interested in bringing him in again as a way to send a message that they could get him if they really wanted to.


MLW All Ladies Show 10-4-08 in Tupelo

Reality TV Meets Pro Wrestling - "Reality Rumble II"

PENN LAIRD, VA - Reality TV meets Pro Wrestling at "REALITY RUMBLE II" - SURVIVOR versus VH1 STUD in the RING, ---- Charity Fundraiser for Special Needs Students at Spotswood High in Penn Laird, Virginia.

Get ready! On October 5th, 2008, Reality TV meets Professional Wrestling at "REALITY RUMBLE II" in Penn Laird, Virginia. This unique event fuses two of television's most colorful genres - Reality and Pro Wrestling - into one spectacular evening to benefit the Special Needs Students at Spotswood High School.

The main event of the night will be a 10 man tag-team match-up pitting VH1 Hunk Dave "12 Pack" Amerman alongside Spotswood High's own Coach Dodson, Former WWE Superstar Shannon Moore, Wrestling Legend "The Raging Bull" Manny Fernandez and "The Platinum Icon" Phil Brown against SURVIVOR: Cook Island's' Billy Garcia alongside Reality Rumble HardCore Champion "Mr Terrific", WCW Legends Scotty Riggs & Sick Boy and "High Flyin'" Lance Lude. "12 Pack's" team will be Managed by Pro Wrestling Journalist Bill Apter and Garcia's team will be Managed by the beautiful Alex Del Monacco.

"12 Pack" is infamous for his challenge winning no quit attitude on VH1's I Love Money! Billy Garcia is an avid student of karate and judo, and a silver medal winner at the Amateur Athletic Union Wrestling National Championships, 1997. Garcia was trained by Wrestling Legend Johnny Rodz. Their collision in the ring will make history --- as this will mark the FIRST time that these two Reality Stars have competed against each other in a Professional Wrestling match! In this match ANYTHING GOES so expect the unexpected! To make this match even more unpredictable everybody's favorite Survivor Rupert Boneham will be the Special Guest Referee!

Reality Rumble II will also feature the first ever Open Invitational Reality Rumble Royal Match!! This wrestling match will feature MALE and FEMALE Reality TV Stars and Pro Wrestlers all battling to be the last one standing in the ring. Young WIPEOUT sensation Ariel Tweo, Amazing Racer David Conley, Survivor Lea "Sarge" Masters along with Pro Wrestlers Malik, Chucky Wynn and Hannibal are just a few of the Stars that will be participating in this match.

Your favorite Stars from the world of Reality TV will be appearing at this event. The Amazing Race's "Team Kentucky" David & Mary Conley, Lyn Turk and Ray & Deana Housteau. Representing Survivor will be Tracy Hughes Wolf, Christina Coria, Ami Cusack, Steve "Chicken" Morris, Sherea Lloyd, Stephannie Favor. Other Reality Stars appearing include Shameika Rhymes, Aaron Altscher, Monica Bailey, Kim Fore and June Blalock. The Stars of South Atlantic Wrestling will part of this huge event also.

Live music will be provided by Survivor: China Heartthrob Eric Huffman and his band Florez. Also ANA Recording Artist Nathan Neff & Brace For Impact will be performing. All of the superstars involved will be available for Autograph / Meet-and-Greet sessions throughout the afternoon!

ALL PROCEEDS from this event will be donated to the Special Needs Classroom at Spotswood High School. These funds will be used to purchase Adapted Tricycles for physical therapy and other learning devices to help the students in the classroom and Field-Trips for the Students.

"REALITY RUMBLE II" will take place on Sunday, October 5th at Spotswood High School Sports Center/Gymnasium, 368 Blazer Drive, Penn Laird, Virginia 22846. Doors open at 2:00 pm. Ticket Prices are Ringside: $20.00 General Admission: $10.00. This is a Family Event. ALL AGES ARE WELCOME.

Don't miss this spectacle of Reality TV, Live Music and Pro Wrestling to support a charitable cause!

Other Reality Events scheduled during REALITY RUMBLE II week:

Thursday October 2nd, 8:00 P.M. Survivor: Gabon viewing with the Stars at Massanutten Waterpark 1822 Resort Drive McGaheysville, VA 22840

Saturday October 4th, 2:00 - 5:00 P.M. Meet & Greet with the Stars and Celebrity FlowRider Competition at Massanutten WaterPark 1822 Resort Drive McGaheysville, VA 22840

Saturday October 4th, 8:00 P.M. Nathan Neff & Brace For Impact live in concert at Encounters Lounge located at Massanutten Resort 1822 Resort Drive
McGaheysville, VA 22840


[Press Contacts]

For tickets, press information, or to request interviews with the Reality Stars or Pro Wrestlers, please contact:

"Mr Terrific" Tim Lawler Email:


To make a donation to the Special Needs Classroom at Spotswood High School, please contact:

Coach Dodson Email:


Classroom Homepage:

Sent in by: "Mr. Terrific"

Kevin Lawler Arrested News Clip From WREG-TV

Here's the latest news clip about Kevin Lawler being arrested. Click on the headline to go to the video.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mick Foley to TNA!?

TNA and Mick Foley have come to an agreement. He will able to debut in TNA as soon he is contractually permitted to. His current contract with WWE expires by
September 1. is also reporting that Spike TV helped TNA in landing the deal with Foley, and he may have a subsidized contract. Foley could end up being involved in other projects with Spike TV.


NWA Main Event Coming to Murfreesboro, TN 9-20

Official NWA Press Release

Official August 27th, Pro Wrestling will return to Murfreesboro, TN under the NWA Banner. The main event has been signed and features two Boro locals. In tag team action, you will have Coach Kenneth Hammonds and Major Bill Kennedy taking on Jason James and a partner of his choosing.

The date is scheduled for Saturday, September 20th, 2008 with an 8 PM belltime. A percentage of the proceeds will go to sponsor the Blackman High School wrestling team.

When asked about the upcoming match, Jason James, who has been wrestling since 2004, had this to say: " It's a pure shame that these two grown men are trying to live out childhood dreams at such an age. [Kenneth] Hammonds and [Major] Kennedy have no clue what they have coming. Pro Wrestling is no joke. It's a serious business. It's a business that people strive on to make a living. It's a business of respect, and these two are already trying to turn it into a comedy act. In June, I got sidelined with a left distal tibia fracture. To speak in terms that all the Blackman bums will understand, that's a fracture of the ankle. September 20th will be my first match back. I'm not gonna say that my ankle will be 100%. But it will be good enough to get the job done against those two goofs.

Coach Hammonds and Major Kennedy of the Blackman wrestling team feel that this will be a good way to raise funds for the team. It will be the first time they lace up a pair of boots and try their luck in the squared circle.

The show will also feature a ladies bout as Scarlett Rose of Evansville, Indiana squares off against local legend Penelope.

You can get advance tickets for this show from any member of the Blackman wrestling team or from the Booster club. Tickets will also be available on the day of the show.

Its all going down

NWA Main Event
Murfreesboro, TN
Blackman High School Gym
Sat. Sep.
20th, 2008
8 PM belltime

Credit: Plasma Snake @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

Raven Coming to SAW

Raven has been booked to appear for SAW in Millersville on September 19th & 20th. Yep, they're doing a back to back two day TV tapings featuring Raven on a Friday and Saturday night.

Credit: Trent Van Drisse @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

Kevin Lawler Arrested!

Jerry Lawler's Son Arrested

Jerry Lawler's son Kevin Lawler was arrested Monday when he's was accused of cleaning carpet for a customer and made duplicated keys to their house and entered the house a few weeks later without the homeowners permission. Kevin Lawler was arrested and charged with burglary and trespassing according to WMC TV. I also talked to Hollywood and he said; "I just can't believe it because Kevin is one of the nicest guys you would ever meet and one heck of an artist, I hope it's not true". More on the story as soon as we get it here at the Wrestling News Center.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bobby Heenan's Daughter Speaks Out About his Condition

The following was posted by Bobby "The Brain" Heenan's daughter, Jessica, on

I am writing to the editor(s) of this site to set a few things straight for the fans of my dad Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. I was pulled aside at work last week and asked how long my dad had? (WHAT????) I just wanted everyone to know that the story that my dad only had a month to go and he doesn't know the people around him is completely false. He is in fact making a slow and steady recovery since his jaw replacement in December 2007. He has lost nothing of his sense of humor that makes him "The Brain" and certainly remembers everyone around him. I would like to point out that he still has trouble talking and has started speech therapy to reteach his muscles how to work properly. He is otherwise in great health and spirits as I am about to give him his first grandchild, a boy due in October. The whole family is happy and excited.

I am certainly not mad at you guys, for you usually have pretty good information. This time however you were misinformed. I not only write to you on behalf of my dad, who is the greatest person (and manager!) I have ever known, but for his fans who deserve to know the truth. I just want to let everyone know that "The Brain" is still here. You can't get rid of him that easily!

John Cena's Surgery Successful

John Cena underwent successful surgery earlier today in Pittsburgh with Dr. Joseph Maroon, renowned Neurosurgeon, Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Team Neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers.
According to WWE, Dr. Maroon was very positive about Cena's condition and he was sent to recovery. Cena is expected to miss around two to four months and is expected to start working out as early as next week.

Dr. Maroon had the following to say about the surgery procedure: "We performed a micro surgical removal of a large disk fragment compression on the spinal cord which was weakening the nerve leading to the right arm. We created a small incision in the front of the neck using an operating microscope to remove the fragment from the spinal cord and nerve. The operation took approximately an hour and a half. We performed this same procedure on three all pro NFL players; and all three resumed their football career."


Two TNA Stars Return

Jeff Jarrett officially returned to TNA at the Impact TV tapings tonight in Orlando, FL.

Tomko returned to TNA at Monday night's tapings facing Samoa Joe. Whether or not he is back for good remains to be seen.


SECW Results & News

SECW August 22 results from Bremen Rec Center in Bremen, GA: In the SECW Heavyweight title match, champion, Rob Adonis vs. Bull Buchanan ended in a double countout. The Nightmare & Kyle Matthews defeats Frankie Valentine & Josh Storm. Brian Alexander defeats Bulldog Raines due to outside interference. Adrian Hawkins defeats Sal Rinauro. Lamar Philips & Jamie Hall defeats Chris Lightning & The Patriot. Chip Day defeats Billy Knights. The referees for the evening were Ricky Spears, Mr. Peanut & Jeremy Black. The attendance was 130.

SECW’s upcoming event for August 30 at the Bremen Rec Center in Bremen, GA. Advertised: Rob Adonis defends the SECW championship against Bull Buchanan. Bulldog Raines vs. Masked Mystery Man. Tag Tournament match, The Nightmare & Kyle Matthews vs. Adrian Hawkins & Chip Day. "The Golden Boy" Chick Donavan vs. Brian Alexander. Frankie Valentine vs. J.T. Talent. Doors open at 6:30 and bell time is 7:30. Admission is $7. For more information, call (678)651-0144.

Credit: Southeastern Wrestling News

Southern Extreme Results from 8-23 in Villa Rica, GA

Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling August 23 results from the Villa Rica Sports Complex and Civic Center in Villa Rica, GA: Colt Derringer defeats Billy Knight. Josh Stone vs. Bulldog Raines ends in a double DQ. Frankie Valentine & Consequences Creed defeats Kyle Matthews & The Nightmare. Rob Adonis defeats Dustin Powers. Ricky Spears was the referee. This event was part of the 3rd annual rodeo that Villa Rica held. Attendance was over 200.

Credit: Southeastern Wrestling News

Tiwf Results from 8-23 in Trenton, TN

"Buzzsaw" Criss Braggs defeated The Mayne Event (in his debut) after a devastating suicide head butt from the top rope

Hardknox Hooligan/Chico Mendoza def PK Ripper and Outlaw

Byron Wilcott w/Ravishing Randy defeated Waycool, after Ravishing Randy threw his croquette mallet in the ring. Byron used it on Waycool to get the win.(Match of the NIGHT)

Bobby "Butcherman" Smith and Tank Turner fought to a double count out, after the match Butcherman was suspended for 2 weeks.

Dre Black retained the TV Title after using the ropes for leverage over Oz the XTEME

Lawman Williams and Simon Reed won by Disqualification over "Big and Nasty" [Big Boy Bob/Dazzlin Dixie] after a Masked man entered the ring and laid a beat down on Simon with a chain and the championship belt.

115 attendance

Where’s Wildside? He has been gone for 3 weeks now, is The Franchise coming back?

Rumors are Sarge O'rReilly is coming in a few weeks.

Georgia Promotion has contacted TIWF about a talent swap.

TIWF joins the AIWF as the Midsouth affiliate.

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation TV can be seen on E+TV6 each
Every Sat. at noon and Prime time at 6 p.m.

website at

Credit: Steve Hunter @

Good Call/ Bad Call All New!!

Be sure to check out the latest Good Call/ Bad Call by D-Rock Exclusively at I think this one might be the best one yet!!

Breaking News: Mick Foley To TNA Nearly Confirmed?

Mick Foley not appearing at Summerslam was purely a Vince McMahon call. There were plans to have Foley involved in the match, partly to play off of his angle with Edge and partly to play off of the 10th anniversary of his 1998 King of the Ring Hell in a Cell match with Undertaker. Vince simply told the creative team that they were moving in a new direction without Foley. is reporting that a source of theirs within TNA told them today that TNA is already working on Mick Foley t-shirts and other ideas. This would seem to indicate that Foley is headed to TNA.

Mick Foley's management agency, The Gillespie Agency, is expected to make an announcement about Foley's future on 9/1 (which is after his WWE deal expires). Most seem to think that Foley will jump to TNA.

Credit Ryan Clark

Shameless Plug For Highspots

I'm usually not one to shill for any company. Although I must confess Every product I have recieved from HighSpots has been Delivered on time and more Entertaining than I expected (mostly the DVDs). I want to thank Hollywood Jimmy, Piper, MJ and many of my brothers in the Industry for telling me about this company directly or inadvertantly. I hope not to generate any heat. Just keep them in mind They have always done right by me. Give em a visit

P.S. Looking Forward to travelling again soon. Word is I'm Speaking in Vegas In February. I'll keep you posted.

One other thing. I love the Indy shows and I hit as many as I can. The beauty of the shows I've attended recently have been the attendance. Defintely up!

This industry is on a diffrent swing. Folks are a bit tired at times of the WWE. I love em (wwe) BUT (beware the underlying truth) I admit it does get old. My point here is Independant shows attendance is on the rise. Man if you want to really feel it, you absolutley MUST go to an Indy show.

It is worth the trip. I'll drive 6 or 7 hours to see an Indy Show. I am never dissapointed.

Eye Candy For The Week

Stacy Keibler is this weeks Eye Candy