Friday, May 30, 2008

Kingsport,TN June 6 Commercial

Here is the TV Commercial for Southern States Wrestling's "A Night to Remember" on Friday, June 6 in Kingsport, TN. If you are in the area, it looks like a show you wouldn't want to miss.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

CWC In Memphis

Ollie on Cheap Heat Radio ... TONIGHT!!!

Thanks to Rich for posting this first... but I want to send out a personal invitation (as "personal" as the Innernet can be, I suppose) for anyone who wants to chime in and give me a piece of their mind, negative or positive. Starting at 10:00 pm and lasting an hour or so. The nuber to call is (347) 838-8101.

Call me your hero.

Call me a mark.

Just don't call me "Shirley".

(Wow... Gene's really scrapping the bottom of the barrell, ain't he?)

SEW presents "No Escape" featuring WARGAMES on Friday, June 6

Friday, June 6, part of the TNA Slammiversary
Wrestling Weekend
@ the Healing Center Gym located on 3885 Tchulahoma Rd
Belltime is 8:00PM
Tickets $10 (kids 5 and under get in free)

The main event will be the first of its kind in Memphis: WARGAMES

Reno Diamond, Tatt2, The Crime, Malik, Kingpin, and others!

Also announced:

The Crime vs. Reno Diamond
SEW Heavyweight Championship

Malik vs. Tatt2
SEW United States Championship

plus, Soultaker has challenged Capleville Maniac...will he respond?

All fans in attendance will receive a TNA Slammiversary coupon for $10 off any merchandise purchase of $20 or more, for use at Slammiversary on Sunday, June 8.

More to be announced this Saturday on SEW TV!

For more information, check out

You can also view the latest videos of SEW TV at

TFW presents COMBAT IN THE CAGE on Friday, June 13

For more information, check out

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TFW Match Results from Friday Night in Tupelo

Chop defeated David Cox.
G-Mo Money defeated Chris Chaos.
DC -vs- Josh Matthews: DC came out with a injured leg and said that he had a replacement for himself in this match and calls out Izzy. Josh wins by DQ due to DC getting caught cheating. Parental Advisory defeated Chris Styles & Jarvis White (Cameron comes out and distracts Chris, Chris leaves the ring and chases him out the front door, leaving Jarvis alone with PA).
Light Heavyweight title match: Curly Mo defeated Cassanova Kid, Kid J, Lil' Devil, LSD, & Ryan SoFine.
Chris Kilgore defeated Brett Michaels.
Neil taylor defeated Cameron Valentine (Chris Styles comes out and distacts Cameron, Neil rolls Cameron up in a schoolboy for the win).
Thanks to Denise Blaylock for sending these results in.

Happy Birthday Ashley Massaro

Ashley Massaro's birthday was yesterday. She turned 29. Massaro posted a blog on her MySpace account on Sunday praising the troops overseas. She wrote: "So to all of yall overseas that can hear me out there...WE..Ashley and my punks are with you all the way, can not thank you enough for what you've done. My bday seems insignifcant considering what these guys have put at stake to put themselves out there. WE LOVE YOU guys."

Billy Kidman's WWE - FCW Role

Billy Kidman's main role in Florida Championship Wrestling is to train WWE's female developmental talent. WWE currently has seven girls in FCW; The Bella Twins (Bri Bella & Nicole Bella), Victoria Crawford, Beverly Mullins, Milena Roucka, Taryn Terrell and Angela Fong. It's interesting to note that all seven girls are former models. Curt Hennig's daughter Amy is also under contract, but she's currently training at Harley Race's wrestling school in Eldon, Missouri.

New TNA Knockout to Debut on Impact

SPOILER - Last night at the TNA iMPACT! tapings, a new Knockout debuted and joined up with The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky.) The lady that made her debut was IWA Mid-South star Mickie Knuckles. Knuckles was trained by Ian Rotten, and has won the IWA Queen of the Death Match tournament. For more on her, visit her website at

Embarrassment for Kevin Nash & TNA

The eBay auction for dinner with Kevin Nash ended on Monday night and it didn't garner a single bid. The starting bid for the auction was $2,300.


TNA Knockout Injured

TNA Knockout Angelina Love suffered a concussion at Monday's iMPACT! taping. One observer believes that she suffered the injury when she took a high cross body block during a match with Roxxi Laveaux. Love was well enough to work last night's iMPACT! tapings, although she didn't wrestle in a match. Love also suffered a concussion in a match with Awesome Kong last February.

WLW (Harley Race's Group) News

Harley Race's World League Wrestling presents "Shut Up and Wrestle!" on June 7th at Slater High School in Slater, Missouri - and June 27th at Young Arena in Waterloo, Iowa with a Fundraiser for the International Wrestling and Museum headlined by Bret "The Hitman" Hart and Rowdy Roddy Piper! They have another Fundraiser for Eldon Firefighters on July 26 in Eldon, Missouri featuring Nick Dinsmore. For more information, go to

Who's Olly?

Our very own Ollie "By Golly" Bradford will be on Cheap Heat Radio Thursday at 10.00 pm. Ollie gets an interview and they can't even spell his name right on the poster. Had to point that out, lol. Call in if you any of you have any questions here's all the information.


Tune in for the return of Cheap Heat Radio tomorrow night at 10pm central. I will be joined by Olly Bradford columnist at for discussion of wrestling in the area and beyond. Should be a fun show as Olly is one of the few guys more opinionated than I am isn't afraid to say what's on his mind. Call ins welcome, feel free to call with questions, comments, plugs, or whatever. The number to call is (347) 838-8101. You can listen to the show live at or download it later and listen at you leisure.

Chikara News

CHIKARA brings the 6th annual Young Lions Cup to Hellertown, PA!
Every year, we gather up 24 of the circuit's most promising up-and-comers, and toss 'em into a tournament we call Young Lions Cup. The 6th annual YLC is coming to Hellertown across three days - June 13th, 14th and 15th - and we are equal parts overjoyed and saddened by the occasion. As luck would have it, the American Legion Hall in Hellertown, host to dozens of CHIKARA events these past few years, is closing, permanently, on Sunday, June 15th. We will be the last to play this very special venue, and we hope all loyal members of the CHIKARMY will get the chance to visit it during Young Lions weekend this year.
To qualify for Young Lions Cup tournament action, a wrestler must be 25 years of age, or younger. Additionally, any wrestler that has held the Young Lions Cup in the past is not eligible, regardless of age.
Today, we add one more crazy Canuck - Stupified - to the emerging tournament line-up. Thus far, all of these relative rookies have already been named for the 6th annual YLC:
Pinkie Sanchez [18], breakout star of Combat Zone Wrestling
Ethan Page [18], a relative unknown from the misty bogs of Canada (Ontario All Pro)
Chip Day [19], star of NWA Anarchy and the Georgia indies
Tim Donst [20], most recent acquisition of the Neo Solar Temple
James Ross [20], a represetative of the National Wrestling Alliance
Amasis [20], of CHIKARA and Osirian Portal fame
Ophidian [20], serpentine CHIKARAite, with just under a year pro experience
Alex Payne [20], up-and-comer from Ring of Honor
Create-A-Wrestler [20], a CHIKARA wrestler who will debut a new persona at YLCVI
Sami Callihan [20], of American Luchacore in his CHIKARA debut
Jimmy Olsen [21], the former Olsen Twin flies solo for his first YLC
Pelle Primeau [21], beloved underdog from Ring of Honor
Lince Dorado [21], one of the winners of CHIKARA's King of Trios 2008
Worker Ant [22], in his very first YLC tournament appearance
Vin Gerard [22], in his first YLC tournament since losing his mask
Marshe Rockett [23], one-third of Da Soul Touchaz from Elite Pro Wrestling
Jason Blade [24], New England area sensation and star of Full Impact Pro in Florida
Bobby Dempsey [24], best known for his misadventures in Ring of Honor
Steven "The Turtle" Weiner [24], New England's most lovable underdog
Be sure to drop by our online mothership on a daily basis, as we announce the rookies taking part in our 6th annual Young Lions Cup!
Advance tickets for our next 3 live events (Young Lions Cup VI) are on sale right now!
Visit our online store and pick up your copy of the second issue of the CHIKARA comic book (Season 7, Volume 2)!
"Young Lions Cup VI, Night 1"
6.13.2008 - Friday Evening
Live @ The American Legion Hall!
935 Main Street
in Hellertown, PA!
The action begins at 7:30 pm!
"Young Lions Cup VI, Night 2"
6.14.2008 - Saturday Evening
Live @ The American Legion Hall!
935 Main Street
in Hellertown, PA!
The action begins at 7:30 pm!
"Young Lions Cup VI, Night 3"
6.15.2008 - Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The American Legion Hall!
935 Main Street
in Hellertown, PA!
The action begins at 4:00 pm!
Our homebase: - In Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and now French!
For our free, weekly video podcast:
Join our official fan club:

RWA Match Results from 5-24 in Jonesboro, AR

Saturday's show opened with Frank Martin reminding the crowd of last weeks results and that the crowd would get the chance to pick the match that they wanted to be the weapons match. The crowd brought the weapons to the arena and they had chains, baseball bats, boards, crutches, belts etc. The crowd decided that they wanted to see “The Leprechauns” [Lethal/Lucky] and “The Natural Born Players” [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular] in the weapons match.
Rottn Randy came out and informed the crowd that he was scouting talent for his new stable of wrestlers. The crowd has taken to Randy in his new role as a face manager.
Rik Burton and “Classy” Meltin Massy came out and told the fans that in fact the contract was legit and he can wrestle even though the SFT cannot. Martin confirmed his mistake but then told Burton as long as he owned the company he can keep him from wrestling. Burton asked Martin if he had to give him a reason to let him wrestle and then attacked Rottn Randy. “The Big Indian” Quixote made the save and Martin booked the match for next week Quixote VS Rik Burton.
Big Rig Cody Murdock beat The Offical.
Silas beat J.D. Carey (the first student to graduate from Rodney Macks School) and Zac Richards.
“The Southern Gangster” Big Al beat PP3.
Quixote beat Chris Steel.
Shawn Schultz beat Allen Shephard.
Weapons Match. The Leprechauns by DQ over The Natural Born Players.
There were 100+ people in the building and for the holiday weekend that was a great crowd…Martin has promised the crowd that he would be bringing in more of the NWA stars each month. The angle with Rik Burton is that he is making a statement each week as he keeps leaving the faces laid out and piled up in the ring. They are building for Rik’s group probably versus Randy’s group and when Ali Stevens makes his way back and this should even things up a bit…Next week there will be a lumberjack match with the fans picking the match for the lumberjacks to be in…Shultz & Shephard are in from NWA Main Event. ASWF also had 3 guys from that show, so I wonder if they rode together??...They had announcers [who were they??] this week that added a great deal to the matches. They did a great job of commentary on what was going on in the ring and only what is going on in the ring… The RWA will do their first benefit in Paragould for James and Jackie Godfrey. This is Rottn Randy's Parents and they both have cancer. Anyone who would like to donate for this cause please contact the RWA at 870 243-0459.
Credit: Brian Tramel @

Flashback Memories

These flashback pictures go back to the IWF days of Gene Jackson vs. Tony Dabbs. It was taken back in 2001.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

USWO Card for 5/30 in Nashville

Advance Financial sponsors USWO's 3rd anniversary at the Stadium Inn
Main Event-USWO Championship
"Headliner" Chris Michaels (c) vs "Polish Punisher" Michael Jablonski
USWO Tag Team Championship
"Hangin' Tough"-Luscious Quinton Quarisma & Juicy JC Crowe vs LT Falk & Damien Payne
(Interestingly, LT and DP faced each other on the 5/27/05 Stadium Inn show, the only ones on this card from that original Friday show)
Tim Renesto (w/Charming Charles) vs Cowboy Bud Ellis
ATL Championship to be crowned! Seven (w/Charming Charles) vs TJ Harley
Shane Smalls vs Cousin Jason X
1/2 of the "Super Ultra Mega Stars of Wrestling" Lee Cross vs New York Gangster
Intern vs Dyronic vs Justin Spade
and other stuff
Credit: WWRD @ Mid-Southern Wrestling Message Board

USWO/ATL Card for 5/31 in Nashville

Main Event-ATL Tag Team Championship
"Super Ultra Mega Stars of Wrestling" - Chris Norte & Lee Cross (c)
vs New York Gangster & Tommy Capone vs LT Falk & Damien Payne
"The Doctor of Style" Richard Lowe vs White Tiger
Boy vs Justin Spade
Little Booger (w/Charming Charles) vs Shawn Hoodrich
Bizarre-O vs Dyronic
Intern vs Nick Travis
and other stuff
Credit: WWRD @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

SAW Card for 5/30 in Millersville, TN

Main Event-Millersville Bakery Street Fight!
Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) vs The A-Team (w/Paul Adams)
SAW Championship
Damian Adams (c) vs Sigmon
Gigolo Jay Phoenix vs Tatsu
Shane Eden & Josh Crowe vs The Cooter Cane Connection
Drew Haskins vs Frank Malone (w/Cocky Cody Bomb Malone)
and other stuff
Credit: WWRD @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

JWS Match Results from Saturday Night in Booneville, MS

Jay Webster beat Damion Rage.

24/7 beat Chris Stevens and BJ Fuller.

Chazz and Dalton Storm beat LSD and AC Styles. Dalton turned on Chazz and joined PHAT Foundation after the match.

Tysin Starr beat Cyrus.

Justin Rhodes and Chris Fontaine beat Buzz Harley and Blade.

Bonecrusher beat Chris Fontaine.

Nick Grimes beat Cassanova Kid to win the JWS Cruiserweight belt.

Note: I was on vacation and was not at the show. I will be back Saturday night. Thanks to the individual (who wishes to remain anonymous) who sent these results in.

TLCW Show Results from 5-24-08

The show started at 5:30 with a RRO Award Banquet. The wrestlers that did show up to the awards were given a WOODEN framed certificate. The awards were hosted by Ike Tucker, Dustin Hickenbottom, Mark Tipton and I. The wrestlers were treated to a meal. Not sure everything that was there, but I do know there was spaghetti. The Banquet ended with Derrick King receiving his three awards for Arena MOTY, Memphis TV MOTY and Wrestler of the Year. “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony then got in the ring after DK won Wrestler of the Year and did a great promo [photo below] challenging DK to match to prove who is the “best of the best”. The band “White Noise” played before the matches and was not very good. Dustin Starr joined them for a couple of songs, which was pretty scary. LOL.
Mark Sterling beat Mike Sydal. Not a great match, but this was Sydal’s 10th match, so what can you expect. Sterling tried, but didn’t get much out of him. Good psychology and Sydal has some great facial expressions. Sydal did a standing moonsault at one point. He also did the Tajri springboard off the ropes spot, but then fell between the top and middle rope on the other side of the ring. It looked nasty, but he was ok and Sterling started the heat. Sterling ended with a sharpshooter.
Bishop with Rashard Devon beat Reggie B Fine. A lady fan tried to get in the ring after Devon and Bishop. She got up to the apron and almost in the ring. Not sure why they had such crazy heat, but that lady hated them. Perfect psychology and Bishop looked good. Fine is Fine with nothing special, but had a solid match. Bishop beat him with a chain.
Gauntlet Match for Cruiserweight Title: Match started with “Rockin” Randy vs Gaylon Ray. Randy pinned Ray. Enter Shannon Lee – Randy pins Lee. Enter Erik Hayes – Hayes misses a moonsault [yes, his big ass did a pretty moonsault] – Randy pins Hayes. Enter Chris Rocker – Rocker twists his knee and goes to the dressing room. Enter Slim Pickens – real good exchange from these two – Randy pinned him with a superkick. Enter Greg King JR [kid throws a pretty dropkick!!] – Randy pins King after King does a flying press from the top rope and Randy rolls with it into a pin. Enter Baron Malkavain. Great pop for him and it was good while it lasted. After a ref bump [Kaleb] , Rocker entered the ring again with a chair and heel ref William Gibson. Rocker hit Malkavain HARD with a chair and ended up pinning Randy for the win. Randy was the work horse here and worked very hard. I didn’t like the finish, but overall the match was good.
Bishop with Rashard Devon beat Ike Tucker in less than a minute. Nothing wrong, but just a quick squash. [DUD]
“3G” Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels beat Pokerface in a Handicap Best 2 out of 3 Falls match. Poker came out to announce that Rude had a family emergency in Missouri and could not make it. I was wishing they found Poker a partner, but these three guys worked this bout with perfect smart psychology. First fall got Poker DQed when he used a chair on Kid Nikels. Nikels went to the back with a hurt knee when Poker slammed the chair on it. Poker vs Wayne was good. Second fall came out of nowhere with Poker beating Wayne. Poker had the Texas Cloverleaf on Wayne and Nikels returned breaking it up. It ended up with Poker putting the Cloverleaf on Nikels. Just before that Wayne entered the ring and just set a chair up and then got out of the ring. When Poker put the hold on Nikels, then Wayne ran back in and slammed Poker’s head out of the hold onto the chair for Poker to lose the third fall.
Chris O’Neal/Drew Donavon beat Cody Melton/Dell Tucker to retain the TLCW Tag Team Titles. Cody comes off as a natural heel. Melton did the old Lawler bump from over the ropes hitting his head on the ring apron after being closelined. Real good bout and could have easily been match of the night, if only O’Neal would have had a good partner. Tucker is still one of my favorite undercard guys. Tucker and Melton worked their asses off and Melton looked 10 times better than the last time I seen him. O’Neal was on also and took the heat for the team. Hot tag to Drew and it turned into a clusterfuck. It was like Donavon had no idea what to do and he got all tangled up with both Tucker/Melton and he shouldn’t have. Heels got the pin, but Bill Rush restarted the match and punched ref William Gibson. Huge POP when O’Neal/Drew won!!
“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony beat his “Mystery Opponent” Flex. Flex got a huge pop coming out. Good solid match. Some comedy spots in the start with TGB slapping Flex a couple of times and then Flex spitting water on TGB. Flex was ready to jump from the second rope and TGB pushed him causing Flex to get his knee caught in the top rope. It looked good and TGB started the heat here with working on the knee. Flex tried a Gorilla slam at one point for a hope spot and then fell selling the knee. TGB used the figure four leglock and it got reversed. TGB hit an elbow from the top rope. TGB ended it by clipping Flex and a forward roll up for the win. No pop for the finish and for some reason they lost the crowd about ¾ into the bout.
Flash Flanagan beat Albino Rhino by DQ to retain the TLCW Title. Albino was announced as TLCW champion twice during the show, but he isn’t the champion!! He stole the belt. Rhino has awesome theme music and comes out in full riot gear. Flash has good music also. Rhino comes off as a total big ass killer heel. I wrote “Bundy vs Hogan” in reference to this match in my notes. LOL Crowd was hard to get going in the bout. Flash took heat and made his “Flashamania” comeback BODYSLAMMING Albino and then hit a springboard legdrop from the end. But, then Alex Krisis jumped in with Dustin Starr making the save for Flash.
Credit: Brian Tramel @

NBW Match Results from 5/24 in Dyersburg, TN

Show opened w/ Rick Marx in the ring introducing the person who saved NBW.... Jeremy Moore! Moore came out and said the he would like to welcome everyone to NBW just like he said, XOW is gone. At this point Rick said that there were major changes coming and tonight there was a new commissioner!
Out comes Commissioner Cheetum. He stated that based on Moore's performance last week, he would get a title shot against motley cruz tonight! Kilo came out furious, he said who did the new commissioner think he was giving a title shot to someone that doesn't deserve it, he said he helped pin masters and he should be the one to get the shot. Moore said that had it not been for him, Kilo would have tapped to the masterlock. Finally after the talking was over Kilo left the ring mad. The commish said the match was set for later.
The Sicilian Kid came out and said that he wanted to issue an open challenge for the night. Out of the back came two masked men, one named Deranged, the other named Mr. XOW and they jumped him. This brought out Tim Edwards, who said he knew he wasn’t supposed to be here but he was in the back and saw what was going on and couldn't just set back and let it happen. He said that he said he would be there for the Kid no matter what. This brought out the commissioner, who recognized the fact Tim was not a member of the NBW roster anymore, but he was the new commissioner and he was doing things his way, so for tonight Tim was re-instated!
The Kid/Tim Edwards def. Deranged/Mr. XOW.
The Commissioner was in the ring which prompted Mark Justice to come out. Mark said that he was glad Cheetum was the new man in town because he was friends with Jimmy Tidwell which meant Mark's job was secure, Cheetum said, yes it's secure...... if you can win your match tonight.
Mark Justice def. Josh Matthews after Tommy Redneck as himself interfered. After the match they were beating on Matthews until Chris Styles made the save. Cheetum said that since Redneck wanted to get involved then tonight both he and Mark would be fighting for the chance to stay in NBW, in a tag match against the “Sons of the South”. If they lose, the one who is pinned must be like XOW - outta here!
Kilo comes to the ring and said that apparently management wants to hold him down, even though he knows he can beat anyone in the back, even the special opponent he has tonight. This brought out "Dynamite" Seth Knight!Kilo def. Seth Knight. Kilo won by putting his feet on the ropes post match, Seth found out that kilo did that and wanted to know why, kilo said his feet on the ropes was an "accident" then shook Seth's hand.
After intermission Rick said there was a special interview coming up. Crazy Train came to the ring and the people were going nuts. He stated he never lost his belt and said he deserves a shot. Mark Justice came out and said he doesn't deserve anything, he said that he got hurt and ran away so he shouldn't have anything handed to him. Commissioner Cheetum stated that if Mark was still here next week, then it would be Crazy Train against Mark Justice!
“Sons of the South” [Josh Matthews/Chris Styles] def. Mark Justice/Tommy Redneck after pinning Redneck.
In the main event motley Cruz def Jeremy Moore after Kilo put Cruz on top of Moore. The finish to that match was after Moore attempted the ace crusher and Motley pushed him off and then a ref bump. As the ref and Moore was down, Motley picked up the belt and was gonna blast Moore, but Kilo ran out and went to give Motley a superkick but Motley ducked and he hit Moore. At this point Crazy Train was right behind him and he blasted Motley with the belt and left the ring. As kilo was leaving he stopped and thought for a second then he put Cruz on top of Moore for the 3.
100 in the crowd.
Credit: Brian Tramel @

ASWF Match Results from 5/24 in Tuckerman, AR

Seth Sabor beat Silent Mark. Mark gave a good fight to the new edition of Seth but of course his Mexican friends came out just to put pressure on Mark where Seth gets a pin fall.
Mike Anthony beat Christopher Lee. Probably the best rookie on greener match I have seen had both crowd in it and storyline was right with Mike Anthony getting the pin from the double stomp finishers.
X-Kaliber confronts Morgan Lane--- Turns into a fight into the ring X brings in the ring steps it happens to back fire and he gets RKO on the steps and Orton’s kick into the side which was close to a shoot kick.
Scott Fury beat Rick Rage and “Hot Rod” John Ellison — about a solid match with Scott and Hot Rod doing most of it when the finish came Rick held up Scott to let Hot Rod super kick him - Scott ducked and Rage got kicked Scott pins Rick Rage. Fury still European Champ.
Johnny Hawk & Harper beat Tommy Wayne & Ray Ray –Solid Match - crowd was very hot. Ray takes the heat selling hurt shoulder and of course Seth Sabor is outside the ring Finally Tommy gets hot tag and starts to bump Hawk and Harper. Tommy sets up Hawk in middle of ring goes to top rope Seth hits the feet of Tommy making him land on the top rope and falls to the outside. As Ray goes to suplex Harper back in the ring Seth again interferes holding rays feet so Harper lands on Ray for the 123.
Adam Armor beat Alex Shepard. Very good workers they travel with Chase. Adam Armor over by pin fall.
Acid & Idol Bane beat Cody Only & TCO. Very stiff match From both sides. Idol takes the heat. Again very good heat crowd was there finally Acid gets hot tag. Clears out Cody Only with Idol Delivering a double Big Boot, TCO gets bumped and receives a splash from acid and leg drop from idol at same time. He kicks out. Acid finally puts TCO away with the f-5. After match Cody Only Hits TCO with black hole slam on concrete - beautiful bump by both men.
Austin Lane & Lil Devil Vs Sarge O’Reilly & Kid J—Very good comedy match but at the end the midgets came up a little short. Austin & Sarge turned on midgets giving double vertically challenged suplex to both midgets. Scott Fury makes save.
Main Event Demon X & Wild Bill Vs Justin “The Juice” Smart and Chase Stevens. Juice took the heat and actually made it all work for Chase to get hot tag. Chase Hits Demon X with a standing FU and pins them 123 new tag champs!! Celebration started when Juice gets side hit with brass knuckles and Chase also gets worked over by Demon and Wild Bill.
150+ in the crowd
Credit: Brian Tramel @

IWS Freedom to Fight Results from 5/24 in Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

Originally, Twiggy was scheduled to fight alongside his tag team partner (and fellow IWS Tag Team Champion) Franky the Mobster. Unfortunately, the muscle in the Rock 'N' Roid Express tore his pectoral muscle training, leaving Twiggy to fight as a singles competitor against the IWS' resident bully, the hang-man Samson. Despite the support of the crowd and a game plan that was both smart and courageous, Twiggy was unable to overcome the goliath Samson and fell victim to a front suplex off the top rope.
Unanswered Questions: Will Franky recover from his injury in time to defend the IWS Tag Team Title belts? What is Twiggy's Plan B if Franky can't defend the title with him? Will Samson ever wrestle against someone his size?
EXesS is known as one of Canada's best pure wrestlers, but over the last year and a half, he has started to build a reputation as a sadistic head-hunter. On Saturday, EXesS notched his sixth IWS star sent to the hospital when he kicked Eddy's eyebrow ring off his face, sending blood cascading down Eddy's face. The blood seemed to energize both Eddy and the IWS fans as Eddy rallied to give EXesS a reciprocal beating. Unfortunately, Eddy could not sustain his rally, losing strength as he lost blood, leading to EXesS trapping Eddy in a side triangle choke that forced more blood down Eddy's face and eventually forced Eddy to tap. After the match, the IWS fans saluted Eddy's courage, but he rejected their applause tearing into the fans for only getting excited at the sight of Eddy's blood.
IWS Trivia fans: EXesS has sent the following IWS stars to the Emergency room: Stefany Sinclair (broken rib), Max Boyer (concussion), Santino (broken nose), Jimmy K (dislocated molar), Shayne Hawke (fractured orbital bone) and finally Sexxxy Eddy (kicked eyebrow ring off face.)
In what can only be described as a match that turned the IWS upside-down, the generally loathed 2.0 found themselves cheered by the fans after a courageous and eventually victorious match against the Untouchables. Jagged found himself isolated and out-numbered by Dan Paysan and Jimmy Stone frustrating Shane Matthews and the fans, before Shane was finally able to make the save, winning the match eventually with a crushing chair shot to Jimmy Stone's head.
It is very easy to HATE the new Beef Wellington, but it would be a huge mistake to under-estimate him. Jimmy K gave a valiant effort, but was unableto overcome Beef's cunning and sadistic assault on his ribs, eventually forced to tap to Beef's body scissors submission variant.
After the match, Beef verbally attacked Jimmy K, "I know that they call you Jimmy K around here, but your real name is James Kraven and I just kicked your ass! Don't move, you piece of shit. You know what time I got here today? 3 PM. You know what time this worthless turd got here? 9:15. You have been in the IWS for about a year and you already were given a title shot and you didn't even show up to take it! I have been busting my ass in this company for 6 years, I ran this company! Do you know how many title shots that I have been given? NONE! Even when I was in charge!" At this point, I should probably mention that Beef does sort of have a point, except, well, actually Manny came out at this point and he said it better than I could. Beef's response to Manny coming out, "Isn't your ass supposed to be retired for the 15th fucking time?" Manny's reply, "You know what Beef, you're right. I'm a lousy wrestler. In fact, I have never actually trained to wrestle. I was so busy building the IWS into Canada's best wrestling promotion that I never took the time to do it. And I have been listening to you pissing and moaning for months and you know what? A lot of what you said is true! A lot of what you said is stuff that I wanted to say for years. But you know what I realized after Kevin Steen beat me at the Medley for the IWS Title? It doesn't matter if I insult these fans or I praise them, they still show up every single month. And yeah, you did run this company and put up with a bunch of shit. So did ten other guys in the back and you don't see them out here bitching. Maybe you should just grow up!" Beef challenged Manny to a wrestling match at the Medley, but Manny pointed out again that he was a lousy wrestler, and told Beef to pick a partner because at the Medley, Beef would face Manny in a *FANS BRING THE WEAPONS* match.
At this point, Sexxxy Eddy stormed the ring and attacked Manny from behind with a chair, appointing himself Beef's partner at the Medley. After Beef and Eddy left Manny beaten in the ring, Manny urged the fans to start getting creative with their weapons to give him something to get his revenge with.
I suppose that this is as good a place as to announce that the Medley show will be called Un F'N Sanctioned.
After months of ducking the Green Phantom, "Paranoid" Jake Matthews found himself forced to wrestle the IWS Hardcore Hero after the Phantom kidnapped Jake's wife and manager Lollipop, dragging her to the ring by a rope. This strategy brought the Phantom what he wanted, a match with Jake, but it nearly proved his undoing as Jake and Lollipop used the rope to ambush the Green Phantom on a number of occasions. In the end, the Phantom had to go deep into his bag of tricks, pulling out the Green Mist for the first time in years to blind Jake long enough for the Phantom to give him a Phantom Menace through a table for the win. The match also saw a sick spot where Jake hurled the Green Phantom upside-down into a pillar and dropped the Phantom on his head.
The main event was a great match that could have been won by either man. Pre-match speculation was that Max Boyer would concentrate his attack on Kevin Steen's surgically reconstructed knee (an injury that Kevin Steen originally suffered in 2001 when Max Boyer dove out of the way of an errant Steen drop-kick) but in fact Max Boyer concentrated his attack on Kevin Steen's left shoulder, keying in on the shoulder as soon as Max dodged a Kevin Steen dive that saw Steen's left shoulder collide with the ring post. Max had plenty of chances to win, and it was only a desperation super-kick to the jaw that gave Kevin Steen the victory. Max was unable to accept the moral victory of dominating the match however and snapped in an outburst of anger and poor sportsmanship that saw Kevin Steen unable to walk after Max's repeated chair shots to Kevin's vulnerable knee.
Our next show is a free show in downtown Montreal (details below). A perfect opportunity for wrestling fans of all ages to check out the IWS!
Adrenaline and City Styles present: The IWS @ the Fringe! featuring "Iron"Mike Paterson star of the hit Fringe play Macho Man vs. Predator, Friday, June 20th, 2008 near Parc des Ameriques on the corner of St-Laurent and Rachel, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA. Show is 4PM to 6PM, show is FREE and for ALL AGES, card and times subject to change. For more information go or e-mail .
**The IWS proudly presents: Un F'N Sanctioned, Main Event is FANS BRING THE WEAPONS! Saturday, September 27th, at the beautiful, downtown Medley, 1170 St-Denis, near the Berri-UQAM Metro. Montreal, Quebec, CANADA. Doors open at 7:30 PM, show starts at 9 PM. VIP tickets are $25, Regular tickets are $20. VIP ticket holders admitted first. No reserved seating. Tickets can bepurchased online at or in person at the Medley boxoffice. 18+. Card and times subject to change. For more information go or e-mail

Memphis Ladies Wrestling News

We at Memphis Ladies Wrestling are PROUD to announce our first ever Customs, and they will be held on June 7th at the MLW Arena. If you're interested, our pricing is up at and you can email us at with your scripts to memphisladieswrestl ing@comcast. net We are proud to have Hellena Heavenly, Sin D, Tasha Simone, Lil Rookie Sensation Su Yung, and the return of 80's star, Misti Dawn, not Misty Blue. We also are taping our own show that day and dvd's will be available real soon. Right now, while our new website is being built we are using Ebay to distribute our dvd's and we are offering NO shipping to the 48 continential United States. We have 19 matches on sale... Thanks for your support of MLW, we look forward to serving you in the near future.

Jim Ross Comments on Ted Dibiase's New Book

From Jim Ross' blog:
I received an advance copy of a new WWE publication entitled "Ted DiBiase, The Million Dollar Man" that is set for release to the general public soon. This soft cover, 241 page book is a quick and easy read with contributions from many familiar names within the wrestling business. I like the format, as it is Ted telling his story and other's responding to the same periods of time. Ted holds nothing back, as he is up front and honest about his life in the fast lane and how it almost ended his marriage. In the book, Ted says, when referring to his WWE tenure, "I'd conducted myself in a very immoral and unprincipled manner. Not only was I drinking and using drugs, I was unfaithful in my marriage. Although I'd been happily married to Melanie for more than a decade, my over inflated ego led me to womanizing." The former West Texas State football player also talks about his neck injury that ended his in ring wrestling career in great detail…. wrestling for Giant Baba and what Mr. Baba meant to him…. turning down a football scholarship to the University of Arizona to attend West Texas State because the Canyon, Texas school had developed so many pro wrestlers…. working for The Funks, Bill Watts, in Georgia, and for Vince McMahon. These topics just touch the surface of this up front and honest book.

BREAKING NEWS: The New Home of Memphis Wrestling

An insider source has revealed that if everything goes to plan, Memphis Wrestling may begin taping at Southland Greyhound Park in West Memphis, Arkansas.

THE END OF AN ERA-Memphis Wrestling Primetime Results-May 24, 2008

Corey Maclin and Jerry "The King" Lawler kicked off the show in the studio. Lawler said this is one of his all-time favorite shows ever of Memphis Championship Wrestling.

They advertise the Grand Slam event that's taking place at AutoZone Park on Saturday, July 26, immediately following the Redbirds game.

Encore presentation began with Kid Kash taking on Brian Christopher. Brian Christopher defeated Kid Kash, by disqualification, when Koko B. Ware attacked Christopher with his trusty stun gun. "Superstar" Bill Dundee ran in with a chair to make the save.

Interview with Kid Kash and Koko B. Ware. Koko asked Brian if he really wanted him to put his stun gun on a pole because when he found it in South Memphis, it was up in a tree. Koko said that he climbed the tree and went all the way up to the mountaintop and he seen the promise land. On his way down, Koko said that he seen a whole bunch of Brian Christophers, so he shoved it down their throats. What in the hell, Koko? That was ridiculously funny! I think Kid Kash was getting tickled, during the promo.

Bill Dundee and Brian Christopher interview. Very intense interview from Brian. He said that Koko's stun gun was a cattle prod and at Throwback 3, he was going to shove it up Koko's butt.

The Soultaker squashed Stan Lee

Jerry "The King" Lawler walked out for an interview. Corey and Jerry bicker back and forth. Jerry told Corey to think about everything that he has done, because he's going to come back out here and show the world, the kind of man that Corey Maclin really is.

Kevin White joined Corey Maclin at ringside to help commentate the next contest.

Johnny Dotson, Spider-Man, & The Lifeguards, Dustin & Scott Starr defeated Koko B. Ware, Shock, & Too Cool 2, Flex & Tim Grind.

Grand Slam at AutoZone Park-Saturday, July 26

Individual interviews by Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson, Steve Keirn, Stane Lane, and "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart hyping up their big Throwback 3 matchup. It looked like Stan Lane was doing stand-up at a comedy club, during his interview, while Jimmy Hart was at Hulk Hogan's house on the set of Hogan Knows Best.

Jerry Lawler walked back out and showed the video that his private investigator shot while following Corey Maclin. This was a great video that featured a Corey Maclin look-a-like doing random things like stealing newspapers from a newspaper machine and then selling them on the corner. Then, Corey was spotted as he was smoking and drinking a 40 in the Oak Springs Church parking lot, waving back to the preacher before leaving. Then, Corey was taped pulling up at a local gas station, pumping gas, and taking off, without paying. Finally, Corey was caught on tape in his GMC Denali picking up a "lady friend" from the hood. Funny videos! The guy looked just like Corey. I wish it was on YouTube.

After the video, Corey stormed to the back. As Lawler was saying that Maclin was not going to make it to Throwback 3, Corey brought out the look-a-like and threw him in the ring. Jerry tried to make the save, but Corey punched him and proceeded to assault the imitator. Corey called him a phony and a local joke. Corey asked him who told him to do this. The guy answered that Jerry Lawler paid him $5,000 and then told Corey, he didn't mean to do it, Man!

Corey Maclin said that he has got a surprise for Jerry Lawler, as well. He announced that "The Fabulous" Jackie Fargo is live, via telephone, and will be coming to Throwback 3. Lawler came back out and interrupted Fargo with the two sharing their thoughts on each other.

Back in the studio, Corey Maclin and Jerry Lawler plug the Grand Slam event at AutoZone Park, that's taking place on Saturday, July 26.

Corey and Jerry announced that this is the last weekly wrestling show that's going to be filmed in this studio. Corey made it clear that this is not the last ever wrestling show. Jerry announced that there will be a couple of specials airing on CW30 leading up to the big AutoZone Park show. The CW30 crew will actually be filming at AutoZone Park. Lawler mentioned that SmackDown is moving and so is Memphis Championship Wrestling. They are not going to announce what station, right now, but Lawler added, that there is a possibility that they may be back on Saturday mornings at 11 o'clock, which is the historic time slot. They say that BIG things are in the future for Memphis Wrestling as the show came to an end.

Christmas in June!

It's one thing to post eye candy.

It's a whole other level to post eye candy that MOVES!

Because I care more.

Early merry Christmas, pervs!

TNA Impact Taping Results 5-26-2008: SPOILERS!!!!!


Team 3D and Booker come to the ring and say that they, Tomko (who was in the back getting ready for his match), and Kurt Angle (who is in Hollywood) are considered the bad guys. He wonders if A.J. Styles is really the bad guy for what he did with Karen Angle. Booker complains about the conditions and how he has not been given what he was promised in TNA. Devon starts to talk about LAX and Hector and then LAX and Hector come out.

Hector says that Jim Cornette has given LAX a match against Team 3D at Slammiversary. Christian and Rhino come out and Christian tells Booker that he cannot live off what he did in the past. Cage says that he and Rhino will qualify for the King of the Mountain match tonight. Samoa Joe comes out and he goes into the crowd and tells Booker that he is not hard to find; and that he will be walking out of Slammiversary with the belt.

Joe, Christian, Rhino, and LAX go to the ring but Booker and 3D leave. A.J. appears from behind and hits Devon and Ray with a chair. A.J. attacks Ray before they get to the back.

Jeremy Borash is with Karen Angle and she is here as A.J.'s guest. Karen says that A.J. has something to tell her tonight.

Lauren is with Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal, So Cal Val, and American Idol's Ace Young. Ace says that he is honored to be involved in the wedding. Sonjay mentions how Jay might have cold feet. Ace mentions that he has a surprise for the happy couple.

Lauren leaves them but she is pulled back into the interview area by Awesome Kong. Raiessha Saeed, who cut a promo about the open challenge.

Hermie Sadler joins the announcers for the next match.

Match Number One: Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal (with So Cal Val and Ace Young) defeat The Rock and Rave Infection with a rollup after Ace Young got involved.

After the match, Lethal told Sonjay to answer his question and be a man and be his best man. Sonjay accepts. The fans chant, " Please don't sing" at Ace.

Lauren is with Angelina Love and Velvet Sky in the back and they give Lauren the 'brown bag treatment'.

Match Number Two: Angelina Love (with Velvet Sky) defeats Roxxi Laveaux with a Flatliner after Velvet sprays hair spray in Roxxi's face.

After the match, Love and Sky give Roxxi the 'brown bag treatment'. Gail Kim (on crutches) and ODB come out. ODB takes one of the crutches and goes to the ring.

Jeremy Borash is in Jim Cornette's office and Cornette yells at Jeremy about last week's deal with Kong. After saying that he would not take the blame, Jeremy shows Cornettethat it was the highest rated segment of the show. Jim tells Jeremy not to tell the bosses.

Booker and Team 3D enter the office and Booker complains about the conditions again. Booker says that he will use Cornette's office. Cornette goes to the ring and tells Team 3D and Booker they better be gone when he gets back.

Comette comes to the ring and he announces the matches for Slammiversary:
-King of Mountain: Samoa Joe versus Robert Roode versus Booker T and two more challengers. (Tonight's Christian versus Tomko and Rhino versus James Storm bouts)
-A.J. Styles versus Kurt Angle
-Team 3D versus LAX-The wedding of the year of this month
-Petey Williams versus Kaz

Cornette tells Booker and Team 3D to get out of his office.Kevin Nash comes out and wonders if TNA security can take care of Booker and Team3D. He offers his services and Cornette wants to know what is the catch. Nash wants to be the special enforcer for the King of the Mountain match. Cornette agrees to it.

Match Number Three: Awesome Kong defeats Leva Bates with the Awesome Bomb in the $25,000 challenge. The title was also on the line

Match Number Four: Rhino defeats James Storm with a GORE to advance to the King of the Mountain Match.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Tomko in the backstage weight room. Tomko says that hehas no remorse about what he did. He is sick of hearing about A.J. He vows to beat Christian tonight and wear his blood like he did to Styles last week.

Borash is in Cornette's office with Booker and Team 3D. Nash enters and asks them to leave. Devon asks what is going to happen since it is three of them and only Nash. Nash pulls out a baseball bat and they leave the office.

Match Number Five: Christian Cage defeats Tomko with the Unprettier to advance to the King of the Mountain Match.

King of the Mountain Match is now Samoa Joe versus Booker T versus Robert Roode versus Rhino versus Christian Cage with Kevin Nash as Special Enforcer.

Jeremy is in the back with A.J. and Karen and wants to know what the bigannouncement is. A.J. tells Jeremy that he will have to wait a few more minutes like everyone else.

Kurt Angle is walking in the back.

Karen Angle comes out to her entrance music and she comes to the ring. A.J. Styles comes out after Karen. . . at least his music plays but Styles does not come out. They go to the back and Kurt is beating up A.J. Kurt walks into the Impact Zone and enters the ring. Kurt says that he is not going to hurt A.J. but just bash his head in. Kurt tells Karen to leave and Karen slaps Kurt and then Kurt grabs Karen long enough to allow A.J. to come out. A.J. and Kurt fight for a bit until Team 3D, Booker, and Tomko come out and attack A.J. Christian comes out but they work over Christian and Booker hits a super kick on Christian. Ray hits Christian with the mic and then Booker hits the scissors kick.

Team 3D, Booker, Tomko, and Angle celebrate in the ring.

After the cameras stop rolling, Ray gives A.J. an elbow to the groin before leaving. Ray takes Don's water and teases spitting some water on Don but he walks away.

Before the final match of the night, they announced that there was a child named R.J. who is here tonight through Make A Wish Foundation and his wish was to come to an Impact Taping. R.J. came to the ring with Shark Boy.

Xplosion Match: Shark Boy and Curry Man defeat Robert Roode and Johnny Devine when Shark Boy pinned Devine after a Stunner.

Before the match, Johnny Devine gets on the mic and wonders why R.J. chose to come to the Impact Zone for his wish and then to come out with a couple of losers like Shark Boy and Curry Man. After the match Curry Man danced with R.J. in the ring.

Credit: Richard Trionfo &

Sabu's Health Status in Question:

Sabu did not work the main event of the XPW Reunion show this past weekend. He pulled out due to an injury but was still in attendance. Sabu has been battling many injuries for some time, but right now the major one is the current state of his back. He is in constant pain, and Sabu told friends that he needs back surgery; which would place several rods in his back. He is in such bad shape that he can't, or shouldn't be bumping around in a wrestling ring. Even if he has surgery, there are no promises that he can return to the ring.

Credit: PWInsider

World X developments in TNA

The latest on the World X-Cup, which will be held in late June and finish at the July 13th Victory Road PPV is as follows. There will be four teams, and as of now (and things can and likely will change) these are the expected lineups.

- Team TNA looks to be Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin so far, with nothing else confirmed. Either Sonjay Dutt or Black Machismo are likely to be added.

- Team Mexico should be Averno, Volador Jr, Ultimo Guerrero and Rey Bucanero. This is said to be about 90% likely.

- Team Japan will be Milano Collection AT and Taichi Ishikari, who were already announced. Their partners, who are from Dragon Gate will be Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino.

- The final team will be Team International, and there is not a lot conformed about the team. The top names being considered for the team are Tyson Dux, Doug Williams, Alex Kozlov and Shawn Daivari.

Credit: The Wrestling Observer

New Heel Stable in WWE Rumor:

There is talk of booking a heel stable of second-generation and third-generation stars, with a veteran manager to lead them. Names being discussed for this are Afa Jr, Ted Dibiase Jr, DH Smith, Cody Rhodes and if they can't get a veteran mouthpiece, Carlito to do the talking.

Credit: Wrestling Observer

3 WWE Wrestlers Have One Strike Left Before Being Fired

Dave Meltzer confirms in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that former ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero is actually one drug test failure away from an automatic termination from World wrestling Entertainment, not two. The other two wrestlers in the company in the same uneasy position are of course Jeff Hardy and William Regal.

As we all know, Guerrero, along with several other WWE wrestlers were named by Sports Illustrated to be given illegal steroids not in compliance with the company's drug testing policy. Guerrero received somatropin (Growth Hormone), nandrolone (anabolic steroid commonly known as Deca-Durabolin), and anastrozole (the drug used to prevent side effects such as "manboobs" during a steroid cycle) between April 2005 and May 2006 through Signature Pharmacy, an alleged illegal Internet drug distribution network. Because purchasing drugs through the Internet is in direct violation of WWE's Wellness policy, Guerrero was suspended.

Unlike the other WWE wrestlers busted in the Signature Pharmacy scandal last fall, they only sat out for 30 days, whereas Guerrero mysteriously sat on the sidelines for just a shade over 60 days. Guerrero was officially suspended on Thursday, August 30 and returned to action on November 3, 2007, which was a Saturday night SmackDown/ECW house show. That was the first scheduled WWE show a wrestler on a 60-day suspension from the August 30th suspensions would have been permitted to appear on. Apparently, Guerrero's first suspension quietly slipped under the radar some time ago and went unreported.

Back in July 2006, after a number of SmackDown stars went down with Wellness related issues the week before the Great American Bash pay-per-view, which caused havoc on the card, Vince McMahon made the decision to not pull future suspendees from television because he didn't want sudden suspensions to ruin his heavily-hyped pay-per-view cards. Instead, future suspensions called for wrestlers to miss a month's worth of downside pay, not to mention their pay-per-view bonus. Also, the suspendees would be pulled from all house shows for a 30-day period. The new rule allowed Randy Orton to wrestle Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam, who was suspended in August 2006 for a Wellness Policy violation (he failed for steroids). Last July, WWE reverted the policy to completely ban suspended talent from television as well in light of the aftermath following the Chris Benoit double-murder/suicide.

Credit; ewrestlingnews

WWE RAW Results (5/26) - A New Star, Draft Lottery!

Raw opens with a Memorial Day tribute to all our troops.

Raw starts now! Pyro~!

JR messed up and calls is the Pepsi Arena instead of the Pepsi Center. The Pepsi Arena used to be in Albany, NY but they sold the name rights last year so it's now called the Times Union Center. The Pepsi CENTER is where they were last night. He mentions that the show is sold out.

Vince McMahon is on the tron. Last week, Regal got what he deserved. But are we getting what we deserve? We deserve the action, the excitement and the drama. And we deserve appreciation. And he will show us appreciation. He has an idea. He wants ideas from our Superstars too. Before the show is over, he will show us appreciation even if it means he has to do something that's never been done before in the history of the WWE.

Face Off~!
John Travolta and Nicolas Cage are here. Alternatively, Triple H is out. Shortly followed by Randy Orton. We've got the whole red carpet and podiums deal going on and JR and King put over the pair's Last Man Standing match from last October. Orton's new theme is actually a really good fit and for those that are still asking, it's called Voices and it's by Rev Theory, WWE's new favourite band (they did the Mania and One Night Stand theme and Ashley has appeared in one of their videos). I don't know whether it's the new music or the lack of championship gold, but Orton's posing again and I approve. T-Grish asks Orton what makes him think he can beat The Game on Sunday. Orton says that's typical. Why is it that people always downplay he is accomplishments. Fair counterpoint, Randall. How come no one can just say "Orton has beaten everyone there is to beat"? Sunday, the joke is over and the laughing will stop. Triple H says these people laugh at him because he's a… I don't know, they blanked it out. But Trips knows how good Orton is, more than Orton does. That's knowledge. That's why Orton always looks for the cheap way out. Every time he said how great he was, he looked like he was trying to convince himself. He sees Orton as a scared little boy in a man's world. If you want to be the best, you have to thrive on competition and you have to rise on the occasion. Orton wants a break. "You do not thrive on competition, Triple H." Someone becomes a threat, you either bring him close and make him your friend or you eliminate them. He uses Shawn Michaels as an example. He says Shawn can beat Triple H so Triple H keeps him close. Orton brings up Evolution now and it still could be, but Orton became the youngest champ in history and became a threat, so he tried to take Orton out. Trips says when Orton was in Evolution, all he and Ric did was make Orton realize he's potential. But once he got in the ocean, the sharks were his to deal with. When it comes to the WWE Championship… every man for himself. Trips says he's never going to walk away and it's the law of the jungle. Orton says at One Night Stand, he will prove once again that he is better than The Game. Triple H is pathetic and it'll e hard to say he's the best when Orton beats the hell out of him. They're nose to nose now and Orton will beat him until he can't get up and until Orton is the last man standing. Orton goes to leave. Trips has the mic and asks if that's it. He says the last word will happen this Sunday. It won't be spoken but it will be loud and clear. Either the Age of Orton continues or it'll be like the last seven months were all for nothing. At Last Man Standing, he will beat Orton within an inch of his life in the ring and leave him lying and walk to the back and when he does, the Age of Orton won't just be dead, it'll be like it never even existed. The Game leaves and they stare down.

At One Night Stand it'll be Beth Phoenix vs. Melina in an I Quit Match! Really? Wow.

Jillian Hall vs. Melina

Jillian says Melina has no chance at One Night Stand. Jillian spears Melina and hits some rights. Melina gets caught with a kick and Jillian sends her into the corner and nails a handspring elbow and a neckbreaker. Melina's right niippllee and breast was completely exposed and visible on live TV. Holy shit, the entire thing just popped out. 2 EXCLUSIVE pics at the link below. We get some hair-pulling now and a slam. Jillian chokes Melina in the ropes but Melina comes back with forearms and a quick 2 count. Jillian cuts her off but Melina comes back with a dropkick and a kick in the corner. Hair mare now, but Jillian kicks her in the head. Melina elbows out of a fireman's carry and rolls into a leg grapevine submission and Jillian taps.

Winner: Melina

Beth Phoenix stares Melina down from ringside.

In the back, Vince wants to hear Chris Jericho's idea. Chris suggests a Michaels/Jericho rematch tonight on Raw. Yes please! Vince makes the match! Jericho tells Vince his theme song needs some updated and gives it a rock edge. Cryme Tyme are here now. Hilarity ensues. They take away Regal's pictures for an auction, auction, yeah, yeah…

Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs. Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly

London and Rhodes start, lock-up, take over by Rhodes into a headlock. London eats a dropkick but tags out and Rhodes gets double teamed. Kendrick gets a crucifix roll-up for 2 and Kendrick goes hard into the turnbuckles now. Holy in and it's clubbering time. Kendrick fights back with forearms but runs into a clothesline that gets a 2 count. Rhodes comes off the top across the arm and then goes for a reverse bear hug. Gotta love that psychology. Kendrick elbows out but the Sliced Bread is countered, but Kendrick avoids a crossbody. Hot tag both sides and London knocks Holly down with a pair of dropkicks and gets a standing head scissors. London gets caught but sunset flips Holly for 2. A heel kick gets 2 more. Kendrick and Rhodes get dumped, London skins the cat but gets caught with the Alabama Slam for 3!

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly

Ted DiBiase is here! He congratulates them but their days as champs are numbered. He brings out his so, Ted DiBiase. Wow, he looks more like an Orton. Ever since he was a kid, he wanted to become a champion. He says he will become a champion too because everybody's got a price, but he is simply priceless. I like it. But, doesn't he need a tag partner?

We get a video package of Cousin Sal getting some training from Rodney the Piper. Piper hits the shit out of him. "Yeah, I can see how this hurts." Jimmy Kimmel is here. Piper clubs Sal. Kimmel calls out moves that aren't really moves while Piper beats on Sal. Actually, it's quite funny stuff. Sal wants a nap, so Piper throws the sleeper on him. Sal is out, so Jimmy draws on him with marker and they go get something to eat.

Mickie James is with Vince. They talk ideas. JBL interrupts. JBL discredit's her idea of sending to Divas to schools because it's like an escort service. JBL wants to give away merchandise – specifically cuttings of the One Night Stand mat with Cena's blood on it. Apparently, Cena is not Mickie's boyfriend.

Some troops send messages to their family and stuff.

John Cena and Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga and JBL

Cena and JBL start… until JBL tags Umaga. They slug it out and Cena goes for an early FU but Umaga elbows out of it. Umaga hits some measured strikes and Cena is groggy early. Crowd is very much pro-Cena. Cena avoids a charge but gets caught with Umaga's wind-up urange, which gets 2 as we head to break. Back from the break Cena gets a hot tag and fires off on Umaga. The Twist of Fate is countered but Hardy avoids a charge but gets shoved to the floor from the top rope. JBL takes advantage on the floor. That's how he likes it. Back in and Umaga hits a big splash for 2. JBL in now and he puts a beating on Jeff with clubbing blows and knees to the gut. JBL sends Hardy into the corner with velocity and then applies an abdominal stretch, complete with random leg bending. Hardy makes it to the ropes as JBL lets go of the hold. Boot to the head now by JBL and that's followed up by an elbow drop for 2. Jeff fights back and hits the Whisper in the Wind out of nowhere! The ref starts a count up but Jeff makes a tag. Clothesline to JBL… protobomb! Umaga takes a shot. You can't see me! Five Knuckle Shuffle connects! Umaga nails Cena from behind and Jeff got a blind tag. He misses the Swanton and eats a Clothesline From Hell for 3!

Winners – Umaga and JBL

Mr. Kennedy vs. Carlito

Lock up and break. They talk trash and Carlito goes low. Carlito misses his springboard elbow but counters a Mic Check early and hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Carlito works Kennedy over by choking him in the ropes, hitting a snapmare and working a neck vice. Kennedy works his way to his feet but gets tossed down and covered for 2. Kennedy comes back with a roundhouse kick and a clothesline. Green Bay Plunge connects and gets a near fall. Facewash now by Kennedy is countered into a snap powerslam. Carlito wants the Backstabber but Kennedy avoids it, charges into a back eblow, but hits the Mic Check out of nowhere for the win!

Winner: Mr. Kennedy

Katie Lea Burchill is here. She's great. She is not amused by what happened to Regal last week, and now Kennedy has an enemy. Paul Burchill strikes from behind and hits a neckbreaker. Burchill says Regal was a great man. Alright mate, he's not dead. Burchill finishes him off with a Curb Stomp.

Trevor Murdoch sings Vince's theme song to McMahon. Vince doesn't like it, but tells Murdoch to get everyone out into the arena after the next match.

Lawler and Ross hype One Night Stand.

Stretcher Match – Shawn Michaels vs. Batista
TLC Match – Edge vs. Undertaker
First Blood – JBL vs. John Cena
Falls Count Anywhere – Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga
Last Man Standing – Triple H vs. Randy Orton

We get highlights of the Last Man Standing match between The Game and Orton from last year as well as Backlash.

We get Memorial Day shout outs.

Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels

I wait 5 years for a rematch, and then two come along at once. Go figure. Can Jericho get a win anytime soon, please? They circle and go into a collar and elbow tie-up. They work a couple of counterholds and side headlock takeovers and stand off to cheers for both men. Michaels goes to the arm but Jericho counters and gains control of Shawn's limb and wrenches it. Shawn gets a hip toss now but runs into a hard elbow from Jericho and that's going to sting. Jericho tries a springboard dropkick to the apron but Shawn avoids it and Jericho crashes and burns on the floor as we go to break. Back from the break, and Jericho has Shawn in a chinlock with a half nelson. Shawn elbows his way to separation and hits some chops, blocks a hip toss and catches Jericho with a backslide for 2. Both men up and Jericho hits a step-up enzuigiri for 2. Into the corner now and Jericho gets a couple of shoulder thrusts and the referee is all over Jericho here. Y2J chokes HBK out with a boot in the corner. Shawn counters Jericho's version of a bulldog by forcing him into the turnbuckles. Inverted atomic drop now by Shawn, followed up the flying forearm… KIP UP! Jericho catches and tires for the Walls but Shawn counters to a small package for 2. Both up and Jericho levels Shawn with a clothesline, but the Lionsault misses. Shawn up top… elbow drop misses! Jericho is poised and wants the Codebreaker I think, but Shawn blocks it by holding on to the top. The band us tuning up ever so slight, Jericho ducks the kick has there's the WALLS OF JERICHO! It's locked in and Shawn crawls towards the ropes… and he has it. Jericho eventually breaks the hold. He puts the boots to Shawn and gets pulled away by the ref… Shawn feigns a kick and Jericho dodges it, and kicks Shawn out to the floor. Jericho locks the WALLS OF JERICHO in on the floor! The ref is counts both men out and that's bull.

Double Count-Out

Jericho continues the assault on the floor and reapplies the Walls. Jericho has a chair and wants to hit Michaels with it… but doesn't. Jericho offers a hand to pull Shawn up and Shawn takes it eventually. Jericho throws the chair down and walks away.

Vince walks to the ring... Vince says earlier he had an idea.... He says he thinks they deserve 'new'. He announces a draft in FOUR WEEKS. He says that's not all. He says he's not sure about all the details yet... but he says it's all about the money. He says each week, he is going to give away cash money. He says a thousand each week... what about $10K each week. Hell, why not $100K each week. He says it's not a hoax and it's from his own account. He says each week on RAW he's giving away cash money... the sum of ONE MILLION DOLLARS EVERY WEEK ON RAW. RAW ends.

Credit; ewrestlingnews

Breaking News: WWE Star Served With Criminal Summons

WWE's Gregory Helms was served with a criminal summons ordering him to appear in court on July 8th to answer charges of assault and battery. The charges were brought against the former WWE Cruiserweight champion by Dustin Narron, who was arrested on May 6th following a fight where he punched Helms at the N&N Sports Bar during an argument over a pool table. Helms was not taken into custody at that time.

According to local media reports earlier this month, Helms was in the midst of an argument with one of Narron's friends over a pool game when Narron "balled his fist" and struck the former WWE Cruiserweight champion. A scuffle did ensue but was quickly broken up. Narron was released after posting $500 bond. Lt. Keith Powell told the Raleigh News & Observer at the time that Helms was not arrested because he "did not strike back."

Credit; ewrestlingnews

Monday, May 26, 2008

Info on Hall of Fame Night Kingsport,TN

Southern States Wrestling Friday June 6th 8:15 PM Kingsport, TN National Guard Armory 4401 W Stone Drive. Heroes. Legends and Hall of Fame Night. King of Kingsport Beau James vs. AWA World Champion Brian Logan with former World Champion Jimmy Valiant special Ref. ,Legends match Jimmy Golden vs. "Party Boy" Davey Rich , Tracy Smothers vs.

Jeff Anderson

Plus 2008 East TN Hall of Fame and Awards.This years Hall of Fame Johnny and Davey Rich, Tracy Smothers, Mike "Iron Cross" Samson. Special Awards to Angel Valiant co founder of Boogie's Wrestling Camp.And Matthew Lane of Kingsport Times news for his support of SSW and CW.

Tickets go on sale at 5 PM day of event All VIP ringside $10 (front 2 rows, soft seat, and a collector's program) Adults $8 kids 10 and under $5

A Special Night Of Wrestling In Kingsport BE THERE!!!!

Tickets on Sale 5PM Day of at The Door or by emailing to get advance tickets.

The VIP ringside tickets (front 2 rows) get you in at 6:30 to meet the Legends and Stars. You get a soft seat and a event program.

Southern States Wrestling
Friday June 6th - 8:15PM
Kingsport National Guard Armory
"A Night To Remember" Heroes,Legends and Hall of Fame Night

***Main Event- AWA WORLD TITLE- Jimmy Valiant Special Ref***
King of Kingsport Beau James vs.

Champion Brian Logan

*** Southeastern / Continental Legends Event***
Jimmy Golden vs.

"Party Boy" Davey Rich

***Loser Leave Town - 90 Days***
Misty James vs.

Rebecca Lynn

*** Special Event ***
Southern Boy Tracy Smothers vs.

"Wildman" Jeff Anderson

***Tag Titles - Losing Team Leaves The Building***
Champs Moe Jenkins & Nick Hammonds (One Night Sub)

Jeff Storm and Jamey Gibson

**TV Title**
Wayne Adkins vs.

KC Thunder

Mike Cooper vs.

Cody Ices

PLus Tony Givens has a special interview

plus Hall of Fame Parade of Legends and more

Tickets on sale 5 PM Day off - Ringside (first 2 rows) $10 Adults $8 Kids 10 and under $5


Clash Of The Champions 2008

Eye Candy For Monday

The Eye Candy For This Monday Is Lady Vixen. She was the manager of Chris Rocker and Danny B. at the IWF shows around the Tupelo area.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Congrats To D-Rock

Just wanted say Congrats to one of our writers who hit it a Big Jackpot in Tunica. D-Rock who's from that area hit a Jackpot at one of the casinos.

WWCW Debut A Flop!!


----There were only 30 people in the crowd and the talent was told that they could leave, because their would not be any money. Dingo, MsChief, Ms Natural, Davey Richards, Neal Dream and others left. The guys that stayed were "High Rollers" [Wykid/Storm] with Marcus Dice, "The Aslyum" [Psycho/Pappy/Arnez], Neveah Lyn, Moondog Rex, Ali Stevens [did autographs, but did not work], Rod Dent III [did not work], Tony Diamond, Rex Romanov and Al Snow w/ Head vs. Anthony Bravado went off without a hitch.