Wednesday, April 30, 2008

TNA "IMpact" and WWE "Smackdown" Taping Results... SPOILERS

Impact for May 8th

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- Jim Cornette comes to the ring and calls out the eight participants in the Deuces Wild tournament and says he will announce two of the teams today. Sting and Cowboy James Storm are the first team picked. Storm says he doesn't want to be Sting's partner and he and Sting go to blows. They announce Sting vs. James Storm in a No DQ match later in the show.
- Jimmy Rave defeated Petey Williams, Curry Man, Johnny Devine, Shark Boy and Consequences Creed in a six-way non-title X Division match.
- Backstage, Jim Cornette announces to the Knockouts that there will be an "Immunity Pole Match" where the winner will be immune from getting her head shaved at the PPV.
- Gail Kim won the Knockouts Immunity Pole match featuring all the participants from the Sacrifice Hair match.
- Sting defeated Cowboy James Storm in a No DQ match.
- Cornette comes out to draw the next two names for the Deuces Wild tournament and picks Matt Morgan and Kip James. They start brawling with each other, so Cornette starts a match between the two.
- Matt Morgan defeated Kip James.
- Scott Steiner & Kurt Angle defeated Kevin Nash & Samoa Joe. Angle attacked Steiner after the match.
-Xplosion Match: Motor City Machine Guns & Kaz defeated Black Reign, Rellik & Lance Hoyt.

Smackdown for May 2nd

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- Teddy Long opens the show to announce the 3 titles will be defended.
- WWE Tag Team Champions: The Miz and John Morrison defeated Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang.
- Armando Estrada came out as the Guest Ring Announcer for the next match.
- Vladimir Kozlov defeated Colin Delaney.
- They show Nunzio backstage getting ready backstage. Mark Henry comes up to him. Apparently, it is Henry vs. Nunzio tonight.
- Victoria & Natalya Neidhart defeated Michelle McCool & Cherry. Neidhart pinned McCool with a rollup and a handful of tights.
- Recap of the World Heavyweight Championship match from Backlash. It's Undertaker vs. Great Khali tonight.
- Mark Henry defeated Nunzio. Nunzio stands on the ramp, waves out someone. Music hits... The Big Show... and he is in Nunzio's corner. Henry wins, stares down Show during the pin. Show enters ring... Henry backs off and leaves the ring. Show grabs the mic and says, 'why don't you try and pick on someone your own size'. Henry retreats up the aisle.
- Matt Hardy makes his first US Title defense next against MVP.
- Matt Hardy defeated MVP to retain the WWE US Title. Match went about 15 minutes, real solid match. Hardy wins with a Twist of Fate.
- In ring segment, Mick Foley interviews Batista. Reviews Batista's match from Backlash vs. Shawn Michaels. Batista says he respects Shawn, but doesn't like how he got to the top. Foley brings up the comments from Chris Jericho on RAW on the Highlight Reel and says the match has further controversy. Foley asks Batista if he thinks Michaels faked the knee injury to gain the victory at Backlash. Batista hopes for Shawn's sake he is hurt, cause if he isn't, he will be.
- Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins defeated Jesse & Festus.
- Finlay defeated Julio Dinero with the Celtic Cross.
- Undertaker vs. Great Khali. Taker in ring, Edge & Vickie Guerrero on the stage. Vickie says that Taker is reckless, does not look out for his opponents and his submission move is now banned. If he uses it, he will have hell to pay. Vickie then says that because of his actions, Undertaker has been stripped of the World Heavyweight Championship and to bring it to her... he refuses. Khali comes out for the match. Taker puts the submission move on Khali, during this, Hawkins & Ryder hit the ring, take the World Heavyweight Championship and run up the ramp and give it to Vickie. Khali is choked out as Taker goes to head up the ramp after Edge. They escape. Taker looks back and returns to the ring. He chokeslammed a bloodied Khali and left him laying.
- No dark match.

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