Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Smackdown" Taping Results... SPOILERS

WARNING: The following post contains the complete results of this week's "Smackdown". If you read this, you assume full responsibility for doing so.

Credit: Brent Kincher and

Smackdown begins with The Familia cutting a promo. CM Punk interrupts. It will be Punk vs. Edge later on tonight.

The Miz took on Shannon Moore with John Morrison on commentary. Moore won with a rollup after a missed kick by Miz.

Natalia Neidhart beat Cherry with a Sharpshooter

Matt Hardy did an interview with Michael Cole in the ring. MVP interrupts and they go back and forth about the match at Backlash. MVP tries to talk Matt out of the match and then lays Hardy out with the belt.

Edge vs. CM Punk is up next. The crowd was crazy for this match, which Punk lost via The Spear after being distracted.

Vladimir Kozlov defeated Marty Garner

The main event had a big fight feel. Undertaker beat Batista after Shawn Michaels ran in from the crowd and hit Sweet Chin Music. Shawn then ran back out of the ring and Taker then hit the Tombstone for the pin. It was a very good show.

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