Sunday, April 27, 2008

SHIMMER Women's Wrestling Resuots from 4-26-2008

From top to bottom: Cheerleader Melissa, Sara Del Rey and Lacey
The following results were e-mailed to me be my friend "Gosamyr". She's a HUGE fan of SHIMMER.

The Eagles' Club in Berwyn, Illinois.

SPARKLE dark match: Dan Lawrence and Joey McIntyre vs. two guys whose name "Gosamyr" didn't catch.

In a match that will be a SHIMMER website exclusive, Allison Danger defeated Cat Power.

The following matches will be seen on volumes 17 and 18 of "SHIMMER: Women Athletes" on DVD.

Jetta and Rain defeated Danyah and "Girl Dynamite" Jennifer Blake, the latter two making their debut.

Shark Girl (Daffney, working as the female version of Shark Boy) defeated Nicholle Matthews.

The Experience (Lexie Fyfe and Malia Hosaka) defeated Ashley Lane and Nevaeh (in Nevaeh's debut).

Amber O' Neal defeated Lorelei Lee.

Daizee Haze defeated Cindy Rogers.

Ariel defeated Awesome Kong by DQ.

Mercedes Martinez defeated Wesna Busic.

Sarah Stock defeated Lacey.

Cheerleader Melissa (Riesha Saeed in TNA) and MsChif defeated the Dangerous Angels (SHIMMER Champion Sara Del Rey and Allison Danger).

Shark Girl beat Amber O' Neal.

Nicole Matthews defeated Lorelei Lee.

Daizee Haze defeated Jetta.

The Experience defeated Jennifer Blake and Danyah. "Gosamyr" said a couple of idiots started shouting "USA! USA!" at Malia Hosaka. Hosaka was BORN in the United States. The rest of the crowd shouted them down, even though The Experience are heels. Funny stuff!

Ariel defeated Cat Power.

Mercedes Martinez defeated Cindy Rogers.

Ashley Lane and Neveah defeated The Minnesota Homewrecking Crew (Lacey and Rain).

Awesome Kong defeated Wesna Busic.

Cheerleader Melissa defeated Sarah Stock.

MsChif defeated Sara Del Rey to become the NEW Champion of SHIMMER!
Credit: "Gosamyr", thanks babe!

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