Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Raw" show...What you DIDN'T see!

Before the show:

Credit: Leon Peters and Wrestlingobserver.com

Dark Match:
Opening match was Nick The Natural vs Ron Killings. Nick did some mic work about how good his body is. Killings won with the scissors kick in about 6 minutes.

Heat Taping:
- Shad Gaspard W/JTG vs Charlie Haas. I missed the ending of this, but Shad won. Then they sold Haas' mask to a fan. It was about 3-minutes.
- Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Snitsky. Snitsky won in about 4 minutes blocking Duggan's running clothesline and hitting a big boot for the pin.
- Hardcore Holly vs Canadian Bulldog DH Smith. Holly won with the Alabama slam in about 10 minutes.

After the show:

Credit: Dan Wahlers and Wrestlingobserver.com

After the show went to black, William Regal came to the ring and then said that since the fans disrespected him, they don't deserve to see an ending to the match. From there the match just ended. Randy Orton left and they played HHH's music. HHH was at ringside and yelled at Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, playing it up like he had been double-crossed.

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