Sunday, April 27, 2008

More WWE News: Orton in Trouble; Maria Grabbed by Fan; Rey Mysterio's House Show Return

Randy Orton had another incident on the recent European tour. Orton was upset that the hotel staff woke him up earlier than he scheduled. Orton then put clothes on, took his food from room service, went down the hall and threw the food on the staff that woke him up. Orton reportedly laughed after the incident and went back to his room.

When the Raw crew landed in Portugal, there was an incident where a fan grabbed Maria. This apparently scared her a lot. She was about to make a formal complaint when Umaga overheard the story and demanded to know who did it. Umaga never found the guy, but Maria was physically shaken over the incident.

OPINION: Who woulda thought Umaga was such a stand-up guy. The dude who grabbed Maria better be glad You-MANG-a didn't find him!

Rey Mysterio is being advertised for Smackdown House Shows in June.

credit: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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