Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Memphis Wrestling Primetime Results-April 19, 2008

Corey Maclin kicked off the show in the studio.

The encore presentation began with Corey Maclin introducing Johnny Dotson. Johnny said he was a small guy, but he's always more than willing to take on the big boys. Shock walked out and challenged Johnny to a match. Shock kept calling Johnny a small boy. Johnny said that Shock is bigger, physically, but he has more heart and agreed to the match. Before Johnny could get in the ring, Shock attacked him and beat him from pillar to post, throwing him out of the ring, and injuring his leg with a steel chair. When Lifeguard Scott Star ran in to check on his buddy, Shock beat the hell out of him, as well.

Too Cool 2 and "Birdman" Koko B. Ware came out for an interview. Flex called the fans, "skanks!" Koko referred to themselves as The Union City Connection. Koko also went on to say that Kevin White does not belong in pro wrestling and that he is going to send him back to Lexington to get back on that John Deere tractor. Then, Koko pulled out a taser and said that he is going to barbecue Kevin White.

Television Champion, Brian Christopher, came out for an interview. Nicholas Doom followed and screamed at Brian. Brian replied, by saying, that his breath was stanking and in some dire need of having forty-five tic-tacs shoved down his throat.

Brian Christopher retained the title, after defeating Nicholas Doom with the hip-hop drop. The best part about this match was each time that Christopher would kick out of a near fall, Doom would scream, "three!" and the fans would then yell, "two!" Great fan interaction. After the match, Christopher got one lucky fan in the ring to perform the worm.

Interview with "Superstar" Bill Dundee, King Mabel, and Kevin White. They air video from last week's show, when Koko interfered during Dundee & White's match with Too Cool 2.

The Union City Connection, Koko B. Ware & Too Cool 2 defeated Bill Dundee, King Mabel, & Kevin White in the the first fall of the 2 out of 3 falls match, after Koko hit Kevin with a pipe, enabling Tim Grind to roll him up for the win. After the bell, Corey asked Koko, "What did he hit him with?" Koko's answer was, "I didn't hit him with nothing!"

They air an interview from Jerry "The King" Lawler, in which, he said that this was the first time, in weeks, that he was actually able to sit in a chair. He had some words for Terry Funk, Corey Maclin, and Steve Keirn. Jerry announced that at the FedExForum show that he is going to, personally, reveal the real story behind how the Fabulous Ones were created.

Corey said he is going to buy a ticket and be at ringside for the FedExForum show.

Steve Keirn interview talking about the upcoming confrontation with Jerry Lawler at the FedExForum.

The Union City Connection, Koko B. Ware & Too Cool 2 defeated Bill Dundee, King Mabel, & Kevin White, in the second fall, following interference by Brian Christopher. During the match, Christopher appeared and knocked Flex off the apron. Then, he stood in the corner, with his head down, attacking both Tim Grind and Koko when they approached him in the corner. This was very well done because the two really look a lot alike.

Corey finished the show, by saying, they are very very close to getting everything together, for live wrestling to return. He said that, hopefully, he will have a little more information, next week, and that they are also planning on announcing another date for a special live wrestling event. Corey reminded everyone and promised all the viewers that as soon as he found out when live wrestling would be returning, we would be the first to know.

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