Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Heyman comments on Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, and the ratings "Impact" SHOULD have gotten for the rematch...

Paul Heyman has a new article posted at the UK Sun website about how TNA was unable to raise their ratings after the big Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle match at “Lockdown”. Heyman offers some constructive criticism.

“TNA's biggest problem can be found in the fact the company continues to fail to brand itself, and that's a function of the key word in World Wrestling Entertainment's global dominance and 90-something percent market share...MARKETING!

For all there is to say about Vince McMahon - and I've said a lot, and will say a lot more in the future, I'm sure - you can't knock his unparalleled ability to market the WWE product.”

Is Heyman just offering friendly advice to TNA, or is he fishing for a new job since "Heyman Hustle" isn't exactly setting the world on fire. Decide for yourself by reading the full article here.

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