Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chris Styles turns his back on XOW to work for New Blood Wrestling

As many people know XOW has been doing a take over of New Blood Wrestling in Dyersburg, Tn. A few weeks ago I decided I was going to bring the Sons of The South to show New Blood what kind of talent we have in Mississippi. It worked fine until last night. On May 17th New Blood will have a big show called “Spring breakout 2008” featuring former WWE Superstar “The Masterpiece” Chris Master. The main event will be a 6 man match to decide who will control New Blood Wrestling. Last night at the beginning XOW was in the ring talking about the 3 men that would represent XOW. Motley Cruz and Mark Justice will be representing XOW but with Max Steel having a recent back operation he would not be ring ready by May 17th so that leaves a open spot. Chris Styles decided he was the one that should have the spot because he was Chris Styles “The Future” of wrestling. Motley didn’t agree and the two argued about loyalty and trust and how Motley turned his back on NBW until Motley decided the challenge Styles to a match to were if Styles beat Motley he would take over the open position and be the 3ed man. Now, I have never had a problem with Chris Styles until last night. I have defended him a few times and have always considered him a good friend. When we arrived at New Blood he was his happy and excited to be representing XOW. While we were in the ring he snapped and became the Chris Styles I seen in Bruce, MS. Just a couple of weeks ago. He left the ring and would not talk to anyone associated with XOW. When his came out for his match he was telling everyone that he was going to kick everyone’s butt that interfered with his match and burn my house down if I interfered. Unfortunately Chris Styles lost the match and his chance to be in the 6 man main event on May 17th. After the main event Styles got in the ring with the rest of the NBW wrestlers and was told by Sarge O’Riley to get out of the ring and go back in the dressing room because he works for XOW. Styles said the only way he will go back to the dressing room is if Sarge comes in the ring and makes him. Then, my friend Chris Styles pulled me in the ring and proceeded to beat on me alone with the other NBW wrestlers. After I was thrown out of the ring styles and other members of NBW beat me with a cane and then pulled me back in the ring where styles took the briefcase of Tony Watts and busted me over the head with it hard enough to where it became a necklace. Styles said that he will never, ever be associated with XOW again and we can all go to hell. Well Chris that is fine but I’m sure you will find your way to hell before me. I paid you out of my pocket and help you everyway that I could and in one little instant you turned your back on me and XOW. So, how many more bridges do you plan on burning? Keep this up and you might not have any left and that might make it hard to support some “alleged” habits you have. You are a sick man and you need help and I hope you get it before it’s to late.

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