Tuesday, April 22, 2008

After RAW News and Opinion

NEWS: PWInsider.com confirmed what I pretty much realized when they revealed that the wrestler who played Hilary Clinton on RAW last night is indy star Lexie Fyfe.

OPINION: Fyfe's a good worker, but the padding wasn't that completmentary. She'd be a good fit in the TNA Knockout division.

NEWS: Joey Styles has a new video up at WWE.com where he talks about his plans for the 'site. There is also an article about Styles joining the 'site.

OPINION: Good for him. Styles was the driving force of 1wrestling.com and the place went to crap when he left. Running a website is what he's best at anyway. Adamle may be a putz, but at least he has more energy than Styles ever showed in the new ECW.

NEWS: 411mania.com reports that Ron Killings defeated Trevor Murdoch with an axekick in the dark match before RAW.

OPINION: Killings shoulder injury must be on the mend pretty well to put him in a crowd warm-up match on the biggest show WWE's had on television since the anniversary show.

NEWS: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Jeff Hardy's return is set for the May 12th RAW in Detroit.

OPINION: Still no word on whether or not the hankies survived the fire.

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