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Tupelo TFW Show Results from Friday, 4-25-08

Chazz Stone over Dirty Sanchez
Cassanova Kid defeated LSD to become the new TFW Lightweight Champion.
KID-J pinned "The Studd" Scott Porteau.
Devon Raynes & Chris Chaos over Sons of the South (Josh Matthews & "The Chosen One" Jarvis White due to interference from DC.
Mo Foundation (G-Mo Money & Curly Mo) w/Dirty Rell Mo over "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore & Chopp the Clown. Bless made his return and helped Mo foundation win the match. He is Mo Foundation's newest member.
"The Future" Chris Styles over Cameron Valentine. Valentine is an impressive athlete.
Lil' Guys, Inc. (Lil' Devil & Kid-J), Neil Taylor, & Fusion over Parental Advisory (Studd, Tony Dabbs, & Ryan SoFine) & DC.
About 100 in the crowd.
Submitted (better late than never) by Jack Flash 4-30-08

Ric Flair for President?! has posted an animated video proposing that Ric Flair should run for president of the United States with Dusty Rhodes as his VP. A preview for the video says, "In an effort to win over swing voters before the crucial Pennsylvania Primary, the Presidential candidates made uncharacteristic appearances on WWE Raw. If the pro-wrestling vote is going to determine the future of this country, why be forced to choose from among those posers? Vote for the real deal!"

Past Racial Issues Between Hayes & Lashley in WWE?

From posts on
One of the reasons Bobby Lashley got a release from WWE on his terms, which lets him go to TNA if he chooses to, is because the feeling is that if went public on his complaints on Michael Hayes, and there was some corroboration, it would make the company look bad. So WWE agreed to release Lashley on his terms on the condition that he does not say anything negative about the company.
Back in January, Lashley talked about "evil prevailing" in WWE in his statement on his official website regarding his departure from the company. "I can't go into details of this now but like I said before sometimes people will hate you personally and try to destroy you, which has happened here. Evil has prevailed however like I said before if you continue your struggle doors will open around these people."
Additionally, one of the reasons Lashley moved from SmackDown to ECW in late 2006 was because Michael Hayes -- who was the head writer of the blue brand at the time -- wanted nothing to do with him. At the time, Lashley was saddled in a lame duck feud with Tatanka, who had just turned heel (and was fired three months later).
Michael Hayes is still being kept in the loop of creative issues in the company via e-mail during his 60-day suspension for using a racial slur towards Mark Henry during WrestleMania weekend, reports prowrestling.NET.
Multiple sources believe that the more outside pressure Vince McMahon gets to fire Hayes from his job, the more likely he is to stand by him. The betting line amongst the sources is that Hayes will return to the company at some point. Considering that Hayes is still being updated on things via email while he is serving a suspension, it seems to indicate that they're looking to bring him back at some point.
Defenders of Hayes continue to state that he is not a racist, although several others say that he uses racist language quite often. So much so, that a few people have gotten used to it because its an every day occurrence from him. On source who has worked closely to Hayes said, "You become numb to it. It goes from being 'holy s***' jaw-dropping to being an every day occurrence." Another source who has worked closely with Hayes added, "It's not if there are more stories, it's how many hundreds of times people who have been exposed to him have heard him (use racist language)."

Petey Williams Injured

PWInsider is reporting that TNA X Division Champion Petey Williams suffered a broken orbital bone at last night's TNA Impact TV tapings in Orlando. Surgery is expected as a result. TNA officials are still awaiting word on how bad the break was and how much time he will need to recover.

Here's a link to an article about the police investigation in Henry County, Georgia, trying to find out where the steroids that were found in a house rented by several wrestlers came from. The house the drugs were found in was rented at one time by current WWE wrestler Mike Knox, and former WWE developmental wrestlers Ryan O'Reilly and Derrick Neikirk.

Here's the link:

AWA World Title to be Defended 5-10 in Kingsport, TN

"High Risk" Robbie Cassidy

AWA Champion Brian Logan

Championship Wrestling presents it's 4th Annual Collision Course Event on Saturday, May 10 in Kingsport, TN. The Main event will feature Kingsport's Own National Heavyweight Champion, Robbie Cassidy challenging Brian Logan for the AWA World Heavyweight Title. This match will be the 1st AWA World Title Match in East TN in 20 years.
Brian Logan (Who is also the CW TV Champion) became the AWA World Champion by defeating "The Living Legend" Larry Zybszko in Fayetteville, WV on Friday, April 18. On Saturday, May 10, Logan defends the title for the 1st time against a man who under controversial circumstances pinned him earlier in the year. Bell Time is 8:00 PM.
This card for this event is shaping up to be the most stacked card in CW History. Here is the line up so far:
***Main Event***
AWA World Heavyweight Title Match
Champion, "The Disciple" Brian Logan w/John Hawkins
vs. National Heavyweight Champion, Kingsport's Own Robbie Cassidy
Loser Leaves Championship Wrestling
Thorn w/Kandy vs. "Mister Wrestling" Adam York
MMA Rules Cage Match
MMA Fighter and Coach of Johnson City's Team Oxendine, Casey Oxendine
vs. JHP's "Young Guns" Cody Ices
The Fury Returns
Big Steve Fury vs. "The Cold" Alyx Winters w/John Hawkins
US Tag Team Title Match
Champion, Beau James & Moe Jenkins
vs. "Sensational" Wayne Adkins & "Notorious" Nick Hammonds
Plus More featuring: The Mysterious Jin, The Krazed One, Matt Stevens & More!
*Card Subject to Change*
Ticket Information
Front Row: $10
General Admission: $8
Doors open at 7:00 PM
Venue Information
Civic Auditorium
1550 Fort Henry Dr
Kingsport, TN 37664
(423) 229-9457
Watch Championship Wrestling on TV every Saturday at 5:00 PM on Tri-Cities CW 4.
For more information on Championship Wrestling, visit us at

RWA Match Results from 4-26 in Jonesboro, AR

Ali Stevens

The beginning of the show started with Frank Martin coming out and recapping last week’s action. He then called out the San Francisco Treat to inform him that if he laid his hands on Frank again that he would be fired. Treat then grabbed Martin and said that he might as well fire him. At that point Ali Stevens came out of no where and made the save. Martin then informed Treat that the restraining order had been lifted and as of midnight that night Ali Stevens would be allowed to get involved and wrestle again. SFT told Martin that before the night was done he would put the make up on him. Ali Stevens told SFT that he had gone through the anger management course and he apologized to the fans for acting a fool.
Zane Richards beat Chris Steel
Gary Diamond beat Silas
Deadly Dale beat Sergeant Shakedown
”Leprechauns”[Lucky/Lethal] beat Loose Cannon/Rottn Randy
The Official beat Chazz Wesson…
Big Al beat San Francisco Treat
100+ in the building with a Sugarland concert in town with that drawing 15,000.
I love the “anger management” statement about Ali’s return… Silas threw Gary Diamond over the top rope all the way to the concessions stand on to three of the students from the RWA School… Rottn Randy and Cannon got into an argument before the match started. They have been playing the blame game for each other losing. Martin had heard enough and got into the ring and told them,"this is not divorce court". He was tired of hearing them fight like Jr. High kids. He put them together for the match against the Leprechauns. Randy cost them the match according to Cannon. A fight between them followed after the match and Martin broke it up. A match has been signed for this week - Cannon VS Rottn Randy [could be worse match of the year LOL]… The Official came out and asked Martin for a match against anyone but Silas. Out came Chazz and Chazz put him in the Texas Clover leaf submission. Chazz would not break the hold so the decision was reversed. Martin then informed Chazz his match against Rodney Mack next week would be an Adult only [does that mean they are getting stuff from the sex shop next door to whip them..LOL..I could not resist]. Fan lumber Jack Strap Match. Chazz took the belt off of the Official and used it on him sending a message to Rodney Mack…Treat and Big Al was a good match until Al got the upper hand and then Treat got a chair and hit Al. Martin jumped into the ring and took the chair from Treat before he could use it a second time. Treat shoved Martin into the corner and went for the chair again. Martin tackled Treat and started choking him when Cannon hit the ring and hit Martin from behind. They then picked Martin up and started to put make up on him. Ali Stevens hit the ring and gave Treat a Hugh spine buster. Ali then went outside the ring and got a can of dog food he had put under the ring before anyone had come in. Ali shoved Treats face into the dog food much to the delight of the fans. Treat then posted himself trying to back away. Ali hit him some more and sent him out of the ring. Treat got the mic and told Ali he was tired of him and wanted a Loser Leaves the RWA match next week. Martin made the match and made it a title match for Ali's Central Pro belt. Ali said if he was putting the belt up he wanted a NO DQ NO Time limit falls count anywhere match…Too much Frank Martin – it almost like he is the top babyface – involved in way too much. The crowd should be up next week though with Chazz vs Rodney and Ali vs SFT.
Credit" Brian Tramel

Recent Stories About The Sandman Being In Rough Shape

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that The Sandman passed out at the 4/12 2CW show in Syracuse, NY. He apparently was a mess, was mumbling on the mic, worked a short match, and passed out. Spike Dudley came out to help Sandman to the back. About 100 fans wanted photos with The Sandman, but the promotion announced that there would be no photos. The Blue Meanie then came out and started signing autographs and talking with the fans.

From a fan who attended the show: Hey I wanted to update you about a show I attended about a month ago in Yonkers, NY. ProWrestlingSynicate (PWS) held it's first show in NY, they have had others show outside NY. This night one of event to take place was Sabu vs Sandman. Sabu has been a mess and really injured himself a week or so before for FTW on Long Island. He missed many shows after the event and his life choices have seemed to be down hill. He called in sick and missed to show and never boarded the plane. Sandman would face a named opponent later in the night. Sandman came out for photographs during intermission, did his whole shtick the whole way to the table. After intermission he headed back to the dressing room, you could tell he was lit. PWS had one of the best matches I've seen live with Jack Evans and Teddy Hart, 5 star match, the crowd was buzzing. After this match, Necro Butcher came out and announced he would face Sandman. This was going to be a hardcore fans dream! This match was better then a broken down Sabu. But Sandman was so passed drunk, he was pissed a$$ drunk, eyes blood shot, words were mumbled. I've never seen a bad Necro match, he is the only thing that saved this from being a totally cluster bomb. He made two offense moves and got his a$$ handed to him. In fact Necro had to job himself!!!! Necro took a chair and swung at Sandman, missed and the chair bounced off the ropes and hit him in the head in a 4 min. match! NECRO JOBBED HIMSELF! Sandman couldn't even get the job done, it was sad to see. He had everything together it seemed, cleaned himself up. Let's hope he can get it together, he was in great shape for a man whoses been through so much!!

Credit: Ryan Clark @

Shooting The Shiznit....Will It Be Erased??...AGAIN!!

TNA "IMpact" and WWE "Smackdown" Taping Results... SPOILERS

Impact for May 8th

Credit: Alex Hernandez &

- Jim Cornette comes to the ring and calls out the eight participants in the Deuces Wild tournament and says he will announce two of the teams today. Sting and Cowboy James Storm are the first team picked. Storm says he doesn't want to be Sting's partner and he and Sting go to blows. They announce Sting vs. James Storm in a No DQ match later in the show.
- Jimmy Rave defeated Petey Williams, Curry Man, Johnny Devine, Shark Boy and Consequences Creed in a six-way non-title X Division match.
- Backstage, Jim Cornette announces to the Knockouts that there will be an "Immunity Pole Match" where the winner will be immune from getting her head shaved at the PPV.
- Gail Kim won the Knockouts Immunity Pole match featuring all the participants from the Sacrifice Hair match.
- Sting defeated Cowboy James Storm in a No DQ match.
- Cornette comes out to draw the next two names for the Deuces Wild tournament and picks Matt Morgan and Kip James. They start brawling with each other, so Cornette starts a match between the two.
- Matt Morgan defeated Kip James.
- Scott Steiner & Kurt Angle defeated Kevin Nash & Samoa Joe. Angle attacked Steiner after the match.
-Xplosion Match: Motor City Machine Guns & Kaz defeated Black Reign, Rellik & Lance Hoyt.

Smackdown for May 2nd

Credit: Ashley Colton and
- Teddy Long opens the show to announce the 3 titles will be defended.
- WWE Tag Team Champions: The Miz and John Morrison defeated Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang.
- Armando Estrada came out as the Guest Ring Announcer for the next match.
- Vladimir Kozlov defeated Colin Delaney.
- They show Nunzio backstage getting ready backstage. Mark Henry comes up to him. Apparently, it is Henry vs. Nunzio tonight.
- Victoria & Natalya Neidhart defeated Michelle McCool & Cherry. Neidhart pinned McCool with a rollup and a handful of tights.
- Recap of the World Heavyweight Championship match from Backlash. It's Undertaker vs. Great Khali tonight.
- Mark Henry defeated Nunzio. Nunzio stands on the ramp, waves out someone. Music hits... The Big Show... and he is in Nunzio's corner. Henry wins, stares down Show during the pin. Show enters ring... Henry backs off and leaves the ring. Show grabs the mic and says, 'why don't you try and pick on someone your own size'. Henry retreats up the aisle.
- Matt Hardy makes his first US Title defense next against MVP.
- Matt Hardy defeated MVP to retain the WWE US Title. Match went about 15 minutes, real solid match. Hardy wins with a Twist of Fate.
- In ring segment, Mick Foley interviews Batista. Reviews Batista's match from Backlash vs. Shawn Michaels. Batista says he respects Shawn, but doesn't like how he got to the top. Foley brings up the comments from Chris Jericho on RAW on the Highlight Reel and says the match has further controversy. Foley asks Batista if he thinks Michaels faked the knee injury to gain the victory at Backlash. Batista hopes for Shawn's sake he is hurt, cause if he isn't, he will be.
- Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins defeated Jesse & Festus.
- Finlay defeated Julio Dinero with the Celtic Cross.
- Undertaker vs. Great Khali. Taker in ring, Edge & Vickie Guerrero on the stage. Vickie says that Taker is reckless, does not look out for his opponents and his submission move is now banned. If he uses it, he will have hell to pay. Vickie then says that because of his actions, Undertaker has been stripped of the World Heavyweight Championship and to bring it to her... he refuses. Khali comes out for the match. Taker puts the submission move on Khali, during this, Hawkins & Ryder hit the ring, take the World Heavyweight Championship and run up the ramp and give it to Vickie. Khali is choked out as Taker goes to head up the ramp after Edge. They escape. Taker looks back and returns to the ring. He chokeslammed a bloodied Khali and left him laying.
- No dark match.

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FTW match Results from 4-26 in Cookeville, TN

Cookeville, TN April 26, 2008
Tournament for FTW Fusion Tag-Team Titles
Pre Show: FTW Commissioner announced that DC Vital had been fired and the Sweet Science Title was no longer recognized by FTW. Also, the announcement that Lord Frost refused to show until he received more money was made by Sabbath, who then promised a perfect tag partner for Promo in the tournament.
Match 1: Daddy Mac won opening Battle Royal to get BCI a bye to the finals of tournament. AC Frost hurt his ankle when he was thrown over the top rope and landed wrong on the floor.
Match 2 - First Round: Cult of Personality (Ryan Jeffries & Billy Merciless) defeated Trial By Fire (Jeremiah Plunkett & Mike Jablonski).
Match 3 - First Round: Noah Richards & Patrick Colvett surprised Rock Dogg & Adam Strange. Richards surprised Fusion Champion Rocky by pinning him in the center of the ring. Rocky then beat down on Noah causing more damage to his injured ribs.
Match 4 - First Round: Mike Promo & Xander Blaze won over Mary Kelly & Ronin. Promo was shocked by Sabbath when he reveled lost ELE member Xander Blaze. During the match Mary seemed to snap and attacked Promo with a surge of vengeance, chasing him into the crowd and ruthlessly wailed on him.
Match 5 - First Round: AC Frost & Standard Wrestling Guy beat Mad Dog & Johnny Deacon. The Dog and Deacon did not get along and it proved their downfall. They attacked each other after the match and fought to the back.
Match 6 - Semi-Final Round: Richards & Colvett beat Cult of Personality by DQ. Rock Dogg attacked Richards causing the DQ, but forced Richards & Colvett to drop out of the tournament.
Match 7 - Semi-Final Round: AC Frost & SWG got by Promo & Blaze. Frost clearly still hurting from his ankle was offered by Promo to leave and forfeit the match, but AC refused. At one point Sabbath handed Blaze a railroad spike who used it to attack Promo, who began bleeding violently. Mike then recovered and challenged his former protégé to a match to end it all.
Finals for FTW Fusion Tag Titles: AC Frost & Standard Wrestling Guy shocked BCI to become the new champs. Before the match the FTW Commish announced a special enforcing referee for the match, Tazerith. BCI controlled most of the match attacking Frost's ankle. Daddy Mac attempted to use a chain but was stopped by Tazerith allowing Frost & SWG to win the match and the titles.

Problems in FCW... No Bathrooms in "State of the Art" Facility?!

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter
WWE's developmental league Florida Championship Wrestling were supposed to start holding television tapings at the end of the February, but two months later and counting, things still have yet to get off the ground. They planned on holding the tapings at the end of March, and delayed them again until after WrestleMania, but things have not started yet. There is no word yet on when the tapings will finally get going.
The major problem preventing the television tapings from taking place is that Florida Championship Wrestling's state of the art wrestling facility does not have a single public bathroom, and only recently did they realize that they need one for spectators.
There is a bathroom for the wrestlers to use in a building adjacent to the facility, but it was left in such a mess that the wrestlers don't use it anymore. The WWE developmental wrestlers, who train at the facility for several hours a day every single week, have to go down the street to a gas station if they want to use the bathroom. Until plumbing is put in and completely installed, they won't be able to draw fans to the weekly tapings, so everything is on hold until some bathrooms get installed, whenever that may be.
FCW was also planning on touring across the state of Florida with several live shows every single week, but that has yet to get off the ground as well. Right now, WWE's wrestlers of the future work one show a week on Tuesday nights at a night club with a wrestling ring in it, and nothing else for the rest of the week. Because they have approximately 50 talents under contract (and are looking to increase that number to 70), the majority of the developmental wrestlers primarily work in tag matches to fit everyone on the card.

More on Recent WWE Developmental Firings

Regarding recent WWE developmental firings, FCW head Dusty Rhodes was told to make calls on who wasn't ready for national WWE television. After hearing from Rhodes, WWE dropped Chris Gray, Tommy Taylor and Ryan Bishop from their developmental contracts. Taylor & Gray were signed last spring when there was talk of doing a WWE developmental in the U.K., but those talks have since died down. Also, Taylor & Gray are both cruiserweights, and with no cruiserweight division, there isn't much interest in smaller wrestlers at the moment, unless one really stands out. Bishop is a former football player that was invited to a New York Giants training camp last spring. People were high on him at first due to his size and athletic ability, but he had absolutely no prior wrestling experience and things didn't work out.

Wrestling News & Notes From Georgia & Florida

NAWA Ring Champions has announced multiple dates to take place in coming weeks. Call (706) 314-9802 for more info. They return to Rome, GA, at the National Guard Armory at 7:30 PM on May 1. Doors open at 6:30. Advertised: HCP (Billy Love, Josh Arden & Josh Hate) versus the Exotic Ones (Jay Clinton, Rick Michaels & Simon Sermon); Bulldog Raines versus Murder One; and Chris Lightning versus Michael Cross. Also advertised to appear are Chris Ganzer, Torque, Josh Vaughn, and Air Paris. On May 3, NAWA will be in Cedartown, GA, at the Purks Building. Doors open at 6:30 PM, and matches start at 7:30. Advertised: Bambi versus Peggy Lee Leather for the women’s title; Terry Lawler & Air Paris versus HCP (Billy Love & Josh Hate); Rick Michaels versus Bobby Hayes; and Bulldog Raines versus Big Wood. Also advertised to appear are Chris Ganzer, Torque, Josh Vaughn, and Michael Cross. May 15 will see a return to the Armory in Rome, GA. Bell time is 7:30 PM, with doors opening at 6:30. More details to be announced. NAWA will be at the Bash on the Hill, a motorcycle rally, in Cedartown on May 25. This will be an outdoor event, and action starts at 5:00 PM. Advertised to appear are Ricky Morton, Air Paris, Bambi, Peggy Lee Leather, the Patriot, the Nightmare, Murder One, and Bulldog Raines. (Rich Tate)
Total Championship Wrestling will be in Douglasville, GA, on May 10 at the National Guard Armory, with a starting time of 8:00 PM. Doors will open at 7:00. All tickets are $5, but kids under 6 get in free. Advertised: Damon Taz defends the TCW Heavyweight Title against Pretty Boy Floyd in a first blood match; Kenny Dees & Murder One defend the TCW Tag Team Title against Bulldog Raines & the Nightmare; Lamar Phillips & Jay Clinton versus Billy Love & Mark Pain; and Josh Storm versus Kid Ego. Also advertised to appear are Frankie Valentine and Ken Timbs, Jr. Call (404) 213-4632, (770) 871-0988, or (706) 716-5701 for more info. (Rich Tate)
It is being advertised that the National Wrestling Alliance will present an event at Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA, on June 7. The event gets underway at 7:30 PM, and only Sid Vicious is being advertised at this time. Tickets will go on sale on May 3 at 10:00 AM ET, ranging from $17 to $52. More details will be forthcoming. (Rich Tate)
Georgia Wrestling Promotions results from the Hot Wheels Skate Center in Woodstock, GA, on April 27: in an impromptu tournament due to no-shows and dropouts prior to the event, Jamar Acid over Lamar Phillips, Scott Prater, and Murder One to become the Stacks on Deck Invitational 2008 champion. Each man had to qualify through a quarterfinal match to reach the four-way final, including Phillips over Frankie Valentine and Prater over Pinky. M-1 actually went over Acid, but Acid was slotted for the finals to replace J Dawg, who had gone over Jacob Hayes, but was injured in the process. (Rich Tate)
From the offices of Planet Championship WrestlingPalmetto, Florida… This Sunday’s event as part of the No Turning Back Tour has been postponed. New date and venue to be released next week on

A day at the Pool

In an attempt to turn Brooke a similar shade of burnt amber, Hulk creepily rubbed lotion with his 19-year-old eldest child -- along with his Brooke-alike girlfriend -- at an L.A. hotel pool on Monday. Keep it in the family.

Copied off of

Just In All-Pro Wrestling

All-Pro Wrestling for Friday night in Batesville has been canceled.

Heyman comments on Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, and the ratings "Impact" SHOULD have gotten for the rematch...

Paul Heyman has a new article posted at the UK Sun website about how TNA was unable to raise their ratings after the big Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle match at “Lockdown”. Heyman offers some constructive criticism.

“TNA's biggest problem can be found in the fact the company continues to fail to brand itself, and that's a function of the key word in World Wrestling Entertainment's global dominance and 90-something percent market share...MARKETING!

For all there is to say about Vince McMahon - and I've said a lot, and will say a lot more in the future, I'm sure - you can't knock his unparalleled ability to market the WWE product.”

Is Heyman just offering friendly advice to TNA, or is he fishing for a new job since "Heyman Hustle" isn't exactly setting the world on fire. Decide for yourself by reading the full article here.

THREE new TNA Knockouts... Maybe...

There are actually THREE new wrestlers in the TNA Knockout division. Shantelle Taylor, Daizee Haze and… CHEERLEADER MELISSA ???

According to PWInsider, a match taped for “Impact” that will air Thursday night saw Cheerleader Melissa defeat SHIMMER and ROH regular Daizee Haze. Melissa was the babyface. However, Melissa ALSO wrestles under the hood as Riesha, the evil spokeswoman/tag team partner for Awesome Kong.

Is this a one-time only deal or the start of a split-personality angle? Time will tell.

OPINION: If anyone can pull it off the split-personality angle it is Melissa. However, with Dustin Rhodes/Black Reign and Eric Young/Super Eric already doing the same thing, it would be overkill.

Warrior Challenges Vince:

Credit: Ashish of 411.mania

The Ultimate Warrior appeared on The BJ Shea Morning Experience on 99.9 KISW in Seattle today and said the following.

"You know what man, next year is Wrestlemania XXV. You know when it's your 25th wedding anniversary, you gotta do something that is significant. You gotta do something that stands out from all the other anniversaries. McMahon vs. Warrior--Wrestlemania XXV...that would be awesome! Instead of our weird attitudes towards one another, let's let it out!"

The full interview can be found here.

"WWE Judgement Day" Main Evenet Announced:

According to's Judgment Day website, HHH will defend the WWE Title against Randy Orton in a Steel Cage Match.

"Raw" show...What you DIDN'T see!

Before the show:

Credit: Leon Peters and

Dark Match:
Opening match was Nick The Natural vs Ron Killings. Nick did some mic work about how good his body is. Killings won with the scissors kick in about 6 minutes.

Heat Taping:
- Shad Gaspard W/JTG vs Charlie Haas. I missed the ending of this, but Shad won. Then they sold Haas' mask to a fan. It was about 3-minutes.
- Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Snitsky. Snitsky won in about 4 minutes blocking Duggan's running clothesline and hitting a big boot for the pin.
- Hardcore Holly vs Canadian Bulldog DH Smith. Holly won with the Alabama slam in about 10 minutes.

After the show:

Credit: Dan Wahlers and

After the show went to black, William Regal came to the ring and then said that since the fans disrespected him, they don't deserve to see an ending to the match. From there the match just ended. Randy Orton left and they played HHH's music. HHH was at ringside and yelled at Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, playing it up like he had been double-crossed.

TNA NEWS: Tomko punished; Knockouts punished; Angle disappointed

Unless things change Tomko will not be around until after the Sacrifice PPV. He has reportedly been suspended from the company due to working the IGF show the day of the Lockdown Fan Fest. Bill Behrens usually books the Japan dates for TNA talent, but Tomko was booking his dates on his own, since he got a deal with New Japan on his own. This is why AJ and Tomko dropped the tag team titles on Impact after the Lockdown PPV. Tomko was announced for Impact as part of the tag team tournament last week.

The angle where Cornette talked about all of the women complaining was a half shoot from management to the women. The plan is for one of the ladies to get their head shaved almost completely bald at the PPV.

Kurt Angle was disappointed with his match at Lockdown with Samoa Joe. Angle did not suffer a concussion or neck injury as was being reported, but did suffer a rib cartilage injury. He then aggravated it by wrestling three nights later against Joe in their rematch.

Internally TNA was disappointed with the Impact rating after Lockdown and Samoa Joe's title win.

The World X-Cup has been pushed back. It was to begin this month, but will now be moved to June and finish up at the July PPV.

Credit: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

OPINION: The Knockouts are the ONLY thing keeping the REST of the TNA crapfest afloat. If it weren't for the ladies, TNA's ratings would sink even LOWER than 1.0. Samoa Joe as the new champ sure didn't help!

Complete Results From "TNA Impact" Taping... SPOILERS

SPOILERS for the show to air May 1st.

Consider yourselves warned!

Credit: Alex Hernandez and

The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Shark Boy & Curry Man ended in a no-contest when Scott Steiner & Petey Williams came out and attacked all four men. Steiner then cut a promo on Kurt Angle. Angle came out and they started to brawl, with Steiner putting Angle in the Steiner Recliner until Samoa Joe made the save.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviews AJ Styles, who says he needs to find a partner for tonight since Tomko got hurt "in an MMA fight in Japan".

Mike Tenay conducts an in-ring interview with Velvet Sky & Angelina Love, who talk about their match at Sacrifice. They make fun of Gail Kim & ODB, who come out and brawl with them.

LAX defeats Eric Young & Kaz. After the match, Homicide gets on the mic and calls Hector Guerrero to the ring. He talks about their past, but also how LAX admires the Guerrero family. They make a pact for all Latinos to be united. LAX left, then came back out to add a part where they officially ask Hector to be in their corner at Sacrifice, and Hector accepts.

ODB & Gail Kim defeated Angelina Love & Velvet Sky. After the match, Angelina tries to attack Gail but Roxxi and ODB make the save.

AJ Styles & Super Eric defeated The Rock & Rave Infection.

Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle defeated Scott Steiner & Petey Williams. Afterwards, Angle attacked Joe, then Steiner attacked Angle. Steiner then attacked Joe and posed with the TNA belt.

Jim Cornette comes to the ring and brings out the singles wrestlers for the Deuces Wild tournament: Matt Morgan, Kip James, BG James, James Storm, Booker T, Robert Roode and Sting. The eighth participant is...

...wait for it...


Xplosion Match: Consequences Creed, Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal defeated Black Reign, Rellik & Johnny Devine.

Monday, April 28, 2008

TNA To Introduce Domed Cage

TNA Wrestling will be unveiling a new special type of match soon. The company responsible for Ultimate X, King of the Mountain and reverse battle royals will introduce the new stipulation at the company's Slammiversary PPV in May.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that TNA is planning to copy the domed cage used by Mexico's AAA promotion. The concept match will debut on their upcoming Slammiversary PPV.

Jamie Dundee Joins a Circus

Copied from Jamie Dundee's Official Myspace


Two New Knockouts to Debut in TNA

One of the new wrestlers is former SHIMMER wrestler and WWE developmental talent Shantelle Taylor (pictured). Taylor wrestled several dark matches and house shows against Jamie Noble under a mask and full-body ring attire. The WWE was impressed with her ring talent, but she wouldn't "augment" her "assets" to fit the Diva look.

OPINION: Here's hoping that Sara Del Rey dropping the SHIMMER title indicates she will be the other new Knockout.

The Ladies of SHIMMER! (Part 2)

1. Lexie Fyfe
2. Daizee Haze
3. Malia Hosaka
4. Jetta

After "Backlash" backlash... WWE News

The annual Spring cleaning in the WWE has begun. As you know, the company released three developmental workers last week. Today WWE has confirmed the release of Dave Taylor, Balls Mahoney and developmental talent Michael Thompson. Is this the end of the cut-backs....or are there more to follow?

Jonathan Coachman was replaced on commentary at the pay-per-view by Mick Foley as previously reported. However, PWInsider states that The Coach wasn't even backstage last night. Could he be another cut?

While The Coach was MIA backstage, Ron Killings and Chris Harris were there. According to PWInsider they are also scheduled to be at RAW tonight and the Smackdown/ECW taping tomorrow, rumored to be working dark matches.


Continue reading at your own risk...

Roddy Piper is backstage in New Jersey for tonight's "Raw".

SPWA- Pulaski, TN 4/26/08

Tojo Yamamoto Jr. defeated Jose Guerrero in a loser leaves town match

The Assassins defeated Jose Guerrero & Tojo Jr. in a tag match.
During this match Jose and Tojo got into an argument which lead to the Loser Leaves Town match.

Steve O. and Hoss Williams were both counted out of the ring during a Bullrope Match

Mikey Dunn won by DQ against SPWA champion Don Bass when Yukon Jack ran into the ring and attacked Mikey.

Steve O won by DQ over Yukon Jack when Hoss Williams ran in and attacked Steve O.

Jose Guerrero and Brawler Mark wrestled to a 15 minute draw

Eye Candy For Monday

Here's some eye candy for a Monday . Renee who's appeared on Memphis Wrestling with Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Ladies of SHIMMER! (Part 1)

1. Allison Danger
2. Daffney
3. Eden Black
4. Serena Deeb

SHIMMER Women's Wrestling Resuots from 4-26-2008

From top to bottom: Cheerleader Melissa, Sara Del Rey and Lacey
The following results were e-mailed to me be my friend "Gosamyr". She's a HUGE fan of SHIMMER.

The Eagles' Club in Berwyn, Illinois.

SPARKLE dark match: Dan Lawrence and Joey McIntyre vs. two guys whose name "Gosamyr" didn't catch.

In a match that will be a SHIMMER website exclusive, Allison Danger defeated Cat Power.

The following matches will be seen on volumes 17 and 18 of "SHIMMER: Women Athletes" on DVD.

Jetta and Rain defeated Danyah and "Girl Dynamite" Jennifer Blake, the latter two making their debut.

Shark Girl (Daffney, working as the female version of Shark Boy) defeated Nicholle Matthews.

The Experience (Lexie Fyfe and Malia Hosaka) defeated Ashley Lane and Nevaeh (in Nevaeh's debut).

Amber O' Neal defeated Lorelei Lee.

Daizee Haze defeated Cindy Rogers.

Ariel defeated Awesome Kong by DQ.

Mercedes Martinez defeated Wesna Busic.

Sarah Stock defeated Lacey.

Cheerleader Melissa (Riesha Saeed in TNA) and MsChif defeated the Dangerous Angels (SHIMMER Champion Sara Del Rey and Allison Danger).

Shark Girl beat Amber O' Neal.

Nicole Matthews defeated Lorelei Lee.

Daizee Haze defeated Jetta.

The Experience defeated Jennifer Blake and Danyah. "Gosamyr" said a couple of idiots started shouting "USA! USA!" at Malia Hosaka. Hosaka was BORN in the United States. The rest of the crowd shouted them down, even though The Experience are heels. Funny stuff!

Ariel defeated Cat Power.

Mercedes Martinez defeated Cindy Rogers.

Ashley Lane and Neveah defeated The Minnesota Homewrecking Crew (Lacey and Rain).

Awesome Kong defeated Wesna Busic.

Cheerleader Melissa defeated Sarah Stock.

MsChif defeated Sara Del Rey to become the NEW Champion of SHIMMER!
Credit: "Gosamyr", thanks babe!

More WWE News: Orton in Trouble; Maria Grabbed by Fan; Rey Mysterio's House Show Return

Randy Orton had another incident on the recent European tour. Orton was upset that the hotel staff woke him up earlier than he scheduled. Orton then put clothes on, took his food from room service, went down the hall and threw the food on the staff that woke him up. Orton reportedly laughed after the incident and went back to his room.

When the Raw crew landed in Portugal, there was an incident where a fan grabbed Maria. This apparently scared her a lot. She was about to make a formal complaint when Umaga overheard the story and demanded to know who did it. Umaga never found the guy, but Maria was physically shaken over the incident.

OPINION: Who woulda thought Umaga was such a stand-up guy. The dude who grabbed Maria better be glad You-MANG-a didn't find him!

Rey Mysterio is being advertised for Smackdown House Shows in June.

credit: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

MAJOR Details on Michael Hayes Suspension...

The situation was that Hayes was talking with MVP, joking around because they are close behind the scenes. MVP was discussing how cool Hayes was in his day and jokingly said, "You're more of a n*gger than I am."

Later in the day Hayes was talking with Mark Henry and was trying to get him to open up his character and be more out going. Like African American's used to be portrayed, and stated to Henry, "I am more of a n*gger than you are." There were witnesses to the conversation. Later in the evening, Hayes gave Henry a playful head butt (this was a Freebirds trademark to show that they liked you, dating back nearly 30-years) and Henry told him never to do that again.

It was after all of that when Henry went to Vince McMahon about the situation. Some with in the company feel that Mark Henry made too big a deal about it, and many friends and supporters of Hayes have heat with Henry. Many people thought Hayes was untouchable, but Vince McMahon suspended Hayes himself.

Until Hayes returns, Ed Korskey and Christopher DeJosephs (who plays Big Dick Johnson on WWE TV) will take over as the writers for Smackdown and ECW. DeJosephs had been writing for ECW since Dave Lagana was fired and Dusty Rhodes left for Florida Championship Wrestling.

Credit: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

New Character in WWE, Backlash Dark Match

Former IWA and WWC wrestler Al Barone (IWA's Cyber Viking and WWC's Paul Leduc) has been hired to play Santino Marella's bodyguard. The new character is expected to debut soon.

The Miz and John Morrison defeated Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang in a dark match prior to the Backlash PPV.

credit: PWInsider

Freddie Morton Taken to Hospital After SAW Show Friday Night

After the SAW TV taping in Millersville, TN Friday night Freddie Morton, who plays the role of TV commissioner for this group, was in his car getting ready to leave when he suffered some sort of a medical emergency, and was taken to a hospital in an ambulance. Haven't been able to find out any update on his condition, it's said to be either an appendix or a gall bladder issue.

Credit: Trent Van Drisse

NBW Match Results from 4-26 in Dyersburg, TN

Chris Styles

Billy Russ

Show opened w/ XOW coming to the ring. They announced that they finally got what they want, a match for the company, at spring breakout. It would be a 6 man tag match consisting of 3 of the best XOW has to offer, NBW CHAMPION Motley Cruz, XOW CHAMPION Max Steele, and Mark Justice. Chris Styles was upset because he didn't get a spot in the match, saying Motley and Mark weren't really XOW. Motley said if Styles would learn some loyalty then maybe he would have a spot, at which point Styles said Motley doesn't know the first thing about loyalty. Billy Russ said tonight we would have a match for the spot in the 6 man between Motley and Styles. Allen Walker then announced Big Red, and Jeremy Moore as part of the 6 man. Moore came out and said that since he wasn't going to be able to fight Sarge at the big show he wanted him tonight in a no holds barred match.
Biscuit held the 1st ever Biscuitlock Challenge stating he is the real Masterpiece in NBW. Biscuit's first opponent was none other than Buckwheat, whom he made short work of. Biscuit def. D.J. Stunner with the “rude awakening”.
Synn/Suicide def. Kid/Tim Edwards after Tim got DQ'd for using a chair.
Josh Matthews def. Jarvis White and Phoenix X in a 3-way dance.
Mark Justice called out Rob Justice and offered him a spot in XOW, after thinking about it, Rob declined and decided to stay NBW w/his tag team partner Jason Matthews. Mark was furious and jumped Matthews from behind. Mark and Jason went back and forth w/Rob trying to get in between his partner and his mentor until Kilo made the save and challenged Mark.
Kilo def. Mark Justice by DQ when Tommy Redneck got involved. After the match Redneck and Mark layed a heavy beating on Kilo, Redneck used a rope w/a cowbell to help make him bleed until Jeremy Moore (w/ Gimmick ) made the save.
Motley Cruz def. Chris Styles after using Tony Watts briefcase on him.
Jeremy Moore def. Sarge O'Riley w/an Ace Crusher. During the course of this match Addison Walker (who was already trying to get a hold of Sarge at the first of the show, w/the crowd chanting "let him go", got busted open by Sarge after he tried to fight him.
After the Match XOW jumped Moore w/Bigg Money Gripp and Kilo/Riot Squad made the save. During the course of that Chris Styles also came out to help saying he was now NBW and would never put on another XOW shirt.
120 + in the crowd.
Pop of the night was for the final segment w/the place being deafening…Wrestler pop of the night went to Moore…Overall awesome show and everyone worked hard…Next Week: Styles/Kilo vs. Redneck/Motley and Moore vs. Mark Justice!!!
Credit: Brian Tramel


LIVE from the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland

Announced by Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Mike Adamle, Tazz, Michael Cole and...


Matt Hardy pinned MVP to win the U.S. Title in 11:30

Kane pinned Chavo Guerrero (with Bam Neeley) to retain the ECW Title at 8:5

The Big Show chokeslammed The Great Khali at 8:10

John Cena and Jimmy Wang Yang discuss the finer points of country music and are interupted by Randy Orton.

Shawn Michaels put Batista away with the superkick at 15:00. No shenanigans by special referee Chris Jericho.

Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Cherry, Ashley, Maria and Michelle McCool were defeated by Beth Phoenix, Natalia Neidhart, Victoria, Jillian Hall, Melina and Layla in 6:00 when Phoenix pinned Ashley.

The Undertaker made Edge submit at 18:30 to hold onto the World Title

CM Punk (with Money-in-the-Bank breifcase) runs into Randy orton and wishes him luck, messing with his mind.

WWE Title elimination match:
John Cena made John Bradshaw Leyfield submit at 10:34.
Twenty seconds later Cena is gone after Randy Orton kicks him in the head.
Triple H puts Orton away with the Pedigree at 28:20 to become a 12-time champion.

JWS Match Results from Saturday Night in Booneville, MS

In a no DQ match, "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris defeated Slammer.
24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler) & Brody Hawk defeated Chris Fontaine, David Cox, & Bonecrusher.
Jay Webster defeated LSD.
Blade, Dalton Storm, & Chazz w/BJ Fuller defeated PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes, Chris Fontaine, & Chris Stevens). This was a wild match that saw David Cox come out of the back to help PHAT Foundation and Fuller get involved to help the other team. During the match Chris Stevens did not seem to be on the same page with the other two members of PHAT Foundation. Stevens tripped Chris Fontaine once, and hit him later in the match. Both incidents appeared to be accidents, but it was Stevens who was pinned for the three count, causing PHAT Foundation to lose the match. After the match, Fontaine & Rhodes turned on Stevens. Obviously he is no longer a PHAT Foundation member.
This Saturday night at JWS in Booneville, the card will include:
BJ Fuller, Dalton Storm, & Chris Stevens vs. PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes, Chris Fontaine, & their newest member, "Dangerous" David Cox).
Also a BED OF NAILS MATCH between Slammer & "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris. If Morris loses, he will have to leave JWS for 90 days. If Slammer loses, he will get his head shaved, plus he will have to leave JWS for 90 days.

Vince & Linda McMahon Receive Award

Vince and Linda McMahon and WWE were honored with the Corporate Patriot Award which will be presented to them next month at the G.I. Film Festival in Washington, DC. WWE will also be one of the sponsors for the event.

Jim Ross Comments on Matt Morgan & Jim Cornette

From Jim Ross' blog: "Jim Cornette is taking huge Matt Morgan under his wing, it seems in TNA, and if JC’s instincts are right, and they are more often than not, Morgan could be a big time player. Morgan is a classic example that when he was originally signed by the WWE, if Matt could have spent a few years in the territory system before being exposed on national TV he would have been much better off. No one in Cornette’s current organization can touch him on creatively developed story telling."


Torrie Wilson's Wrestling Career Finished

WWE Diva Torrie Wilson did an interview on Chinese television this week. She said her back is hurting, and is doing therapy every day but the doctor tells her not to wrestle again. She said WWE has been supportive like family and have told her not worry about her job, just get better. Wilson said her wrestling career is finished for now. She is negotiating a new contract to become a spokesperson for WWE, she said like Ric Flair. WWE wants to put them together for promotions and oversee trips and autograph signings.

Chris Styles turns his back on XOW to work for New Blood Wrestling

As many people know XOW has been doing a take over of New Blood Wrestling in Dyersburg, Tn. A few weeks ago I decided I was going to bring the Sons of The South to show New Blood what kind of talent we have in Mississippi. It worked fine until last night. On May 17th New Blood will have a big show called “Spring breakout 2008” featuring former WWE Superstar “The Masterpiece” Chris Master. The main event will be a 6 man match to decide who will control New Blood Wrestling. Last night at the beginning XOW was in the ring talking about the 3 men that would represent XOW. Motley Cruz and Mark Justice will be representing XOW but with Max Steel having a recent back operation he would not be ring ready by May 17th so that leaves a open spot. Chris Styles decided he was the one that should have the spot because he was Chris Styles “The Future” of wrestling. Motley didn’t agree and the two argued about loyalty and trust and how Motley turned his back on NBW until Motley decided the challenge Styles to a match to were if Styles beat Motley he would take over the open position and be the 3ed man. Now, I have never had a problem with Chris Styles until last night. I have defended him a few times and have always considered him a good friend. When we arrived at New Blood he was his happy and excited to be representing XOW. While we were in the ring he snapped and became the Chris Styles I seen in Bruce, MS. Just a couple of weeks ago. He left the ring and would not talk to anyone associated with XOW. When his came out for his match he was telling everyone that he was going to kick everyone’s butt that interfered with his match and burn my house down if I interfered. Unfortunately Chris Styles lost the match and his chance to be in the 6 man main event on May 17th. After the main event Styles got in the ring with the rest of the NBW wrestlers and was told by Sarge O’Riley to get out of the ring and go back in the dressing room because he works for XOW. Styles said the only way he will go back to the dressing room is if Sarge comes in the ring and makes him. Then, my friend Chris Styles pulled me in the ring and proceeded to beat on me alone with the other NBW wrestlers. After I was thrown out of the ring styles and other members of NBW beat me with a cane and then pulled me back in the ring where styles took the briefcase of Tony Watts and busted me over the head with it hard enough to where it became a necklace. Styles said that he will never, ever be associated with XOW again and we can all go to hell. Well Chris that is fine but I’m sure you will find your way to hell before me. I paid you out of my pocket and help you everyway that I could and in one little instant you turned your back on me and XOW. So, how many more bridges do you plan on burning? Keep this up and you might not have any left and that might make it hard to support some “alleged” habits you have. You are a sick man and you need help and I hope you get it before it’s to late.

Championship Wrestling Results from 4-26 in Kingsport, TN

Championship Wrestling Results
Saturday, April 26, 2008
Kingsport, TN @ the Civic Auditorium
1. Wayne Adkins defeated Chris Richards by DQ when Cody Ices interfered.
2. Wayne Adkins & Nick Hammonds defeated Chris Richards & Cody Ices in a inpromtu tag team match.
3. The Buggy Boy defeated The Krazed One.
Tony Givens introduced Robbie Cassidy and announced that Cassidy would be challenging Brian Logan for the AWA World Title on May 10 in Kingsport at the Civic Auditorium. Givens then introduced local MMA fighters from Team Oxendine Mixed Martial Arts in Johnson City. John Hawkins Promotions came to the ring and confronted Givens, Cassidy and Team Oxendine. This lead to a challenge being laid out between JHP's Cody Ices and Team Oxendine's Coach, Casey Oxendine for May 10 in a MMA Rules Steel Cage Match!
4. US Tag Team Champions, Beau James & Bobo Brown (subbing for Moe Jenkins) defeated Jeff Storm & Jamie Gibson.
5. Alyx Winters defeated Matt Stevens
6. Adam York defeated David Young
7. National Champion, Robbie Cassidy defeated The Jin
8. AJ Styles defeated Thorn
Championship Wrestling returns to Kingsport, TN on Saturday, May 10 at the Civic Auditorium.
Already signed:
The 1st AWA World Heavyweight Title Match in Northeast TN in over 20 years.
Champion, "The Disciple" Brian Logan vs. National Champion, Robbie Cassidy
"Mister Wrestling" Adam York vs. Thorn w/Kandy
MMA Rules Cage Match
MMA Fighter & Coach, Casey Oxendine vs. JHP's Cody Ices w/John Hawkins
The Fury Returns!
Big Steve Fury vs. "The Cold" Alyx Winters
US Tag Team Title Match
Champions, Beau James & Moe Jenkins vs. Nick Hammonds & Wayne Adkins
& Much More!

Wrestling News & Results From Around the South

RBFE Match Results from 4-21 in Memphis, TN: Soultaker beat Jason Richards. Rockin Randy beat Dell Tucker. Bishop w/Rashard Devon beat Chris Lexx. Baron Malkavain beat Tatt2, Malik, Reno Diamond, The Crime, Jason Richards in a 6 way eliminiation match for the Light Weight title. Brickhouse Brown and Reggiee B. Fine w/Rachard Devon beat Sniper and Precious. Derrick King w/Rashard Devon beat Grandmaster Sexay to win the RBFE Unified title (Brian had the pin but his shoulders were counted down]. Crowd around 40-60 people. - Brian Tramel.
UWA Match Results fro 4-24 in Seymour, TN: Brian Cassanova def. Blackjack Miller (w/ his manager Dr. Feel Good). Allen & Alex Shepard def. UWA Tag Team Champions Aaron Cross & Mike Ogle to win the titles! Jason Dalton def. Adam Armor. UWA Champion Shawn Shultz def. Matt Boyce to keep the title. The Naturals def. John Davis & Trip. -- Brian Tramel.
EPW Match Results from Alcoa, TN 4-24-08: Donovan Daniels came out and said he was taking the night off to save himself for the title tournament after "having a wild night with 4 beautiful women," but had a replacement in the form of the returning Dillinger. Shane Andrews pinned Dillinger following a frog splash. Sigmon beat The Rip in a Dog Collar match following a diving head butt with the dog collar chain wrapped around his head, which resulted in Sigmon getting black eyes and cut under his eye. The Platinum Kings w/Tony Lucassio defeated The Atomic Science Project of Dave Pillman and Scottie Atomic w/Kole Layton king when Travis Sawyer pinned Scottie following the Fall From Grace. (Inverted Natural Disaster is my best description). Rope broke during the match but did not stop the action. Shane Williams pinned Keith Knox when he reversed Keith's choke bomb into a modified small package. Afterwards Keith told Shane he didn't really beat him because he was still standing and challenged Shane to get back in the ring where Keith hit The King with a sit-out power bomb. Jeff "Wildman" Anderson beat "Handsome" Beau James in their chain match by touching all the corners consecutively. Lots of blood from both guys. They both laid in the ring after the match for a bit. James was helped out by security and the ref. Right as the main event was about to begin there was an impromptu Daly Dose where Tyson Daly w/Sgt. AWOL said that the Menace was going to be beat down tonight in his match and they would watch near ringside. Davey Richards defeated Menace after hitting him with the DR Driver (butterfly pile driver.) Afterwards Davey thanked the crowd and Menace and following that Menace thanked Davey and the crowd and started a "Please Come Back!" chant. 130+ in the building. Next week will be a 10-Man Tournament for the Title. --Brian Tramel.
Great Championship Wrestling results from Phenix City, AL, on April 24: Randall Johnson & Michael Cook beat Jay Fury & Jonathan Davis in 12:33 when Johnson pinned Fury John Bogie beat Murder One (with Wicked Nemesis) in 6:57 The Bruiser (with Princeton Charles Gainey III & The Masked Intern) beat Damien Steele in 7:02 Scotty Beach beat Orion Bishop (with Wicked Nemesis) in 10:14 and David Young Alliance (David Young & J-Rod & Tex Monroe & Sonny Siaki with GCW Owner Diane Hewes) beat Michaels Incorporated (Johnny Swinger & Zero Tolerance & Cru Jones & Shaun Banks with Quentin Michaels Esq.) in the War Games when Young made Swinger submit at 23:33. --Rich Tate.
Ultimate Christian Wrestling results from Crawford County Middle School in Roberta, GA, on April 24: Rob Adonis won the UCW Ultimate Rumble when he defeated Colt Derringer at 12:55; Jeremy Vain & J.T. Talent over Jay Clinton & Kyle Matthews at 17:20; Billy Jack over Brian Lawler at 15:18 in a bullrope match; and Sal Rinauro over Dustin Powers at 21:12 to retain the UCW Heavyweight Title, with Matthews as special referee. It was reported 400 were in attendance. --Rich Tate.
Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling results from the VFW Fairgrounds in Carrollton, GA, on April 24: The main event featuring Steve Lawler & Iceberg versus Bulldog Raines & the Nightmare ended in a double countout; Frankie Valentine won the new SECW Junior Heavyweight Title in an elimination match featuring Amien Rios, El Mexicano, Chip Day, Billy Love, Chris Lightning, Josh Stone, and Chris Ganzer; Mr. Hughes over Pretty Boy Floyd by disqualification; the Exotic Ones (Rick Michaels & Simon Sermon) over Billy Love & Chick Donovan by disqualification; Amien Rios & El Mexicano over Chip Day & the Patriot; and Frankie Valentine over Josh Stone. No attendance was reported. Shannon Dumas and Spanky Emerson were referees. --Rich Tate.
United Championship Wrestling results from Maryville, TN, on April 26: Shane Williams over Sigmon; Scotty Atomic over Moondog Chester; Chris Sullivan over Matt Mayhem; Trooper T over the Rip to retain the UCW TV Title; Jeff Anderson over Keith Knox; and Edward Idol over Shane Williams to win the UCW Heavyweight Title. --Rich Tate.


Great show last night in Ystradgynlais, Thanks to all the staff at the venue and all the fans at the almost sold out Arts centre.

Results -




In a 4 man Knock Out Tournament for the Official WELSH Lightweight Championship

Semi - SCOUSE pinned TK

Final - SCOUSE pinned HUBERT to win the title

'MR#1' JONNY ROSE won a Rumble Style Battle Royal last eliminating THE GANGSTER

Results sent in by Jonny Rose

TLCW Match Results from 4-26 in Ripley, TN

The Asylum (Pappy & Psycho)
Ike Tucker/Shannon Lee beat “The Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy] by DQ
Greg King, Jr. beat Albino Rhino by Reverse Decision after Rhino continued to attack King after the bell rang.
Reggie B. Fine beat Bishop
“Naughty By Nature” [Rude/Pokerface] beat Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels
Simon Reed beat Fire (of Fire and Flame)
3 on 2 Handicap Match
“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony/Dell Tucker/Cody Melton beat Chris O'Neal/Rockin' Randy
Baron Malkavain beat Erik Hayes/Gaylon Ray
Chris Rocker beat Flex
“Black Label Society” [A.J. Bradley/Robbie Douglas] w/Jimmy Tidwell beat Derrick King/Tatt2. In the main event, Derrick King came to the ring alone. Jimmy Tidwell said that the match would go on whether Derrick had a tag team partner or not. Derrick said Stan Lee was not able to make it, but he did have a replacement. In a big surprise angle, his choice would haunt him in the end. After several minutes, the match broke down with all four men fighting at the same time. Derrick was blindsided by a devastating superkick from his partner Tatt2. After the BLS made the pin, Tatt2 stood over Derrick's unconscious body. Then, Jimmy Tidwell walked up to Tatt2 and handed him a wad of cash.
115 in the crowd.
Credit: Brian Tramel

USWO/ATL Match Results from 4-26 in Nashville

Shawn Hoodrich b White Tiger & Bizzare-O (w/Charming Charles & Blue Amigo) when Hoodrich pinned Bizzare-O
Boy (w/Richard Lowe) b Dyronic
LT Falk b Tank (w/Charming Charles)
Richard Lowe (w/Boy) b Justin Spade
ATL Jr. Champion Steven Green b Lee Cross (w/The Diva Lisa Fayzon) by DQ when Cross hit Green with the belt
ATL Tag Team Champions New York Gangster & Tommy Capone b Damien Payne & Chris Norte when Capone pinned Norte
45 in the crowd.
Credit: Jimmie Daniel/Brian Tramel

TIWF Match Results from 4-26-08

Danny B. Goode

Oz def Spyder
Hardknocks Hooligan def. Steven Rampage
Big Boy Bob def. " The Buzzsaw" Chris Braggs
TIWF TV Title Match
Danny B. Goode def. Vic Mc Nasty (By Reverse Decision)
TIWF Heavyweight Title Match
Dre' Black def. Buckwild Bill to retain the title
TIWF Tag Team Title Match
"Locked and Loaded" [Tank Turner/Lawman Williams] def. "New Breed of Perfection" [Way Cool/Wildside] by DQ. Titles didn't change. (Commissioner Jon Seymour stated that Wildside must have a partner and that it couldn't be Ravishing Randy so the big surprise of the night was the return of Way Cool!).
207 in the crowd.
Next week's show will be on Thursday May 1st as part of the Trenton Teapot Festival. Then May 10th TIWF returns to it's Saturday Night slot.
Credit: Brian Tramel

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Match Results - LAW Spring Breakout 2008

The Asylum

Chris Rocker

Chris Rocker over Steven Kennedy
Idol Bane over Brandon Espinosa
Hot & Heavy over The Asylum to Win LAW Tag Titles
Rockin' Randy over Evan Galistico
Chris O'Neal over "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony by DQ
Steven Kennedy looked good in his LAW debut
Espinosa spun out of The Ghost of Andy Kauffman went for a clothesline and Idol caught him for the Side Effect but Espy turned that into a pin.... 1...2... Idol reveres the pin into a pin of his own and gets the 1..2..3
Announcer Tony Anderson welcomed back Dell Tucker. Tucker said that he had sustained an injury in a match with "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony but now he's back, he's 100% and next time he gets an opportunity to be in the ring with TGB, TGB just might be the one that leaves injured. TGB's music hits. TGB tells Tucker that this is Professional Wrestling not Jazzercise and that injuries happen. It’s not his fault and he has enough to worry about with Chris O'Neal. Chris' music hits. TGB tells Chris that he doesn't like him making him a liar but he promised after tonight you will never see Chris O'Neal's face in LAW again. Chris tells TGB that he hasn't forgot what happen last time when it took him, Jeff O'Dell and six others to take the LAW Championship from him. Now I'm back because as a heavyweight champion you just don't measure up! TGB tries to punch Chris but Chris blocks and bumps TGB out.
In the tag team title match, Pappy went to suplex Jade back into the ring but "Playboy" Paul Rose pulled Pappy's foot and held it down unbeknownst to the referee.
Evan Galistico said that Jeff O'Dell had gave Johnny Viynl this week off because "He feared for his Safety". So he was sent by Vinyl as a suitable replacement. Randy won with the superkick.
Right before the main event Chris announced that he had someone in his corner to keep Jeff O'Dell at bay, Dell Tucker. Chris O'Neal made TGB look like a fool on several exchanges. Eventually the match broke into a brawl with Chris getting backdropped through the gimmick stand window. As Chris made a comeback, he hit the ropes and Jeff O'Dell tripped him. Tucker then chased Jeff around the ring and out the front door. The referee had followed them out to try and restore order. Chris hit the Overexposure and pinned TGB. The ref slide back in 1..2.. TGB kicks out. Chris goes to the ref and when he turns back to TGB comes face to face with a FIREBALL!!! Referee calls for the bell and the wrestlers clear the dressing room.
80 in the crowd
Credit: Brian Tramel

USWO Match Results from 4-25 in Nashville

Juicy JC Crowe b Shawn Hoodrich
Justin Spade b Lee Cross (w/The Diva Lisa Fayzon)
Shane Smalls b Petey Wright
USWO Jr. Champion Damien Payne b LT Falk & Steven Green by DQ when ref Mark Owen spotted Falk hitting Payne with the title belt
USWO Champion Chris Michaels b Tim Renesto (w/Charming Charles)
USWO Tag Team Champions Michael Jablonski & New York Gangster b Quinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix by DQ after Quarisma splashed ref Mark Owen as he was making a count.
83 in the crowd.
Credit: Jimmie Daniel/Brian Tramel