Wednesday, February 6, 2008

MVP's Prison Sentence

CORPUS CHRISTI-The first argument made by those who don't like pro wrestling is usually, "Because it's fake." While it is scripted, there are some very real lives behind the characters in the ring. One of those was on display at the American Bank Center Tuesday night. MVP has lived between the ropes and behind bars.

Just like his pre-show entrance. MVP said his life, these days, is spectacular. He's the WWE Smackdown U.S. Champion, carrying the brash persona of a self-obsessed athlete to the ring night after night.

MVP revealed, "All of the personal characteristics of MVP are me, with the volume cranked way up."

He is cherishing every decibel. After all, MVP was once known only as Alvin Burke, Jr., a young man sentenced at 16 years of age to serve 18 and one-half years in a Florida prison for armed robbery and kidnapping.

MVP added, "During my time in prison I did everything I could to make myself better and work toward my release."

He was released in 1999, after serving little more than half of his sentence. It is sobering for him to think his freedom was originally targeted for this year.

When reminded of that fact, MVP replied, "I never thought about it. I guess so. This would be the year huh? It never crossed my mind once. The day I was released, I never looked back. Wrestling, essentially, saved my life. Once I discovered professional wrestling, I set a new goal: to be the best professional wrestler on the planet. You know, the main event."


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Anonymous said...

Would you send this to MVP

Everyday Things

These are the everyday things you lose when you go to jail or prison. If you don't like school your really going to hate jail or prison.

no pizza
no ice cream
no whip cream
no mothers cookies
no mothers brownies
no trees
no flowers
no grass
no mothers hugs
no father hugs
no family picnics
no amusement parks
no baseball games
no football games
no swimming pools
no trips
no walks in the park
no family weddings
no going to your mother or fathers funeral
no play station
no computers
no girlfriend or boyfriend
no wife or husband
no children
no nice cloths
no nice shoes
no jewelry
no fast food
no home cooked food
no trusted friends
no malls
no shopping
no flat screen TV
no music
no ipod
no steak
no baked potato
no restaurants
no corn chips
no potato chips
no nice views
no family life
no name tennis shoes
no money
no grocery stores
no lemonade
no nice bed
no dresser
no individual shower
no sports jersey
no bathroom
no bathroom door
no mirrors
no soda
no trust
no camping
no fishing
no rodeo
no fairs
no festivals
no freedom to do what you want to do
no activity's
no walks on the beach
no videos
no trade schools
no vacations
no privacy
no night time activities
no travel
no respect
no appreciation
no fun
no laptops
no hot fudge sundaes
no tools
no gadgets
no privacy
no freedom from bullies
no thanksgiving dinner with your family
no christmas dinner with your family
no easter dinner with your family
no sleeping in in the morning
no quit time
no one trusts you

When your in prison you get whats called three slops and a flop and thats for days,weeks,months,and years. A homeless
person has 100 times more things than a prisoner, freedom. No matter how poor you are crime does not pay eventually you will get caught and then nothing but an existence. How do I escape such a fate? We are a society of rules just follow the rules at home,school,city,country. Its simple a no brainer as you age you will understand, what I'm saying.