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Hogan Had Affair With Brooke's Best Friend?!

Heenan Recovering Slowly

Regarding the health of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, he is showing very slow improvement from reconstructive surgery on his jaw, which put him in a medically induced coma for a few weeks. Heenan is still unable to speak, but now communicates using a chalkboard.


TNA Releases Judas Mesias

Judas Mesias appears to be done with TNA. His last match with the company was during Tuesday night's iMPACT! tapings. Mesias was getting paid roughly $1,300 per match and TNA just couldn't justify spending that much on him. James Mitchell is staying around though but there is no word yet on what his role will be.


Nick's Friend Gets Slap on Wrist

The kid that was driving Hulk Hogan’s silver Dodge Viper that Nick Bollea was allegedly racing when he had his highly publicized car wreck this past summer, Daniel Jacobs, pleaded no contest to misdemeanor reckless driving charges today. Jacobs was sentenced to 90 days probation, 25 hours of community service, and had his driver’s license revoked for 90 days.


Details on Sean Waltman’s Reported Suicide Attempt/Accidental Overdose

Sad details on a rough couple of weeks…

- Juventud Guerrera was on the "In You Head" Radio show last week. He is working in AAA with Waltman and he said that Waltman had tried to commit suicide and was then placed in rehab. The story out of Mexico is that Waltman tried to hang himself in his apartment sometime over the last two-weeks. He was found by his girlfriend Alicia Webb (the former Ryan Shamrock in WWE) when she showed up to the apartment. Waltman had turned purple, with broken blood vessels in his face and eyes by the time she found him. Waltman had been telling people how much he was enjoying wrestling for AAA because the crowds made him love wrestling like when he was a kid and that he was free of the politics of the business like in WWE and TNA. Waltman also had personal issues, including major depression and not being allowed to see his children.

- Waltman told the "The Pro Wrestling Torch" that the story wasn't true and that he had a bad reaction from mixing alcohol and anti-depressants.

- In the last week Kevin Nash flew to Texas to help check Waltman into a rehab facility for both rehab and psychiatric care. Nash had contacted HHH about WWE covering the financial costs of the rehab, which is the new policy offered to all former contracted talent, and then helped Waltman physically check into the facility. Kevin Nash was also very big part of Scott Hall checking into rehab recently.

- Other issues from the attempted suicide/accidental overdose is that Alicia Webb has a child, with another man, and the father found out that Waltman had entered rehab and went onto MYSPACE and started begging people to bring his child home. This has made Webb paranoid about going on the road with AAA without Waltman around, as she now fears that someone will try to abduct the child.

- Some feel that this may be a warning sign for AAA to begin drug testing. Several of AAA's biggest stars have been sent to rehab for either drugs or alcohol over the past year. Drug usage in Mexico is wild, but unlike the US there are not the number of overdose deaths. The top stars in Mexico work insane schedules, but they have less mental stress than the top stars in the US. Also the drugs that are favorites by the wrestlers in Mexico don't appear to be as lethal as the ones being used by the wrestlers in the US. There is steroid use, but due to Lucha being more about style and movement the huge dosages that lead to long-term health issues and muscle tears tend to be limited.

Credit: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter
Larry Csonka @

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Former WWF Wrestler Now Police Chief

Here's a link to an article about a South Carolina Police Chief who used to be a wrestler in the indies and in the WWF some 20 years ago.


LAW Match Results from Rector, AR 2-22-08

Mark Sterling over Evan Galestico

"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony over Dell Tucker

“The Asylum” [Pappy/Psycho] over Rockin' Randy/Johnny Vinyl/Pierre Abernathy by Count Out.

Flash Flanagan over Gary J

Derrick King and Brandon Espinosa wrestled to a No Contest with Greg Anthony as Special Guest Referee

TGB worked on Tucker's arm the whole match and won with a tornado single armed DDT. Tucker had to be helped to the back. As TGB and O'Dell gloated over ruining Brandon Espinosa's "Be My Valentine" and costing Derrick King the 1st ever LAW Love/Hate Match, Espinosa came through the front door and threw O'Dell out of the ring while TGB kept talking when TGB asked Jeff a question and didn't get an answer TGB turned around into a flurry of right hands from Brandon. Eventually Jeff tripped Espinosa that allowed TGB to get the upper hand before DK made the save. Jeff announced that Derrick would be in a Last Man Standing Match next week against Idol Bane but tonight he would be going one on one with.... Brandon Espinosa…Randy, Vinyl and Pierre were very confident this week as they agreed to give Pappy another handicap match for the LAW Tag Titles. When the bell rung Pappy didn't come out of the corner, Randy tried to get him to start the match but Pappy just stood in the corner, then he pointed to the entrance way and The Asylum's music hit and here came Psycho! The Asylum hit their finish on Pierre but Randy and Vinyl pulled him out and took the count out…Slim Pickens, who has a severely injured knee, came to challenge Flash again but Gary J came and said he would wrestle in Slim's place because Slim is in no condition to wrestle. After the match, Flash threw Slim back into the ring and was going to use a steel chair on his leg but Mark Sterling came out and got on Flash. Mark shot Flash off but Flash grab the ropes and slid out…Right before the main event, Jeff O'Dell came and told Sherina Fowler that she wouldn't be reffereeing this match "The Golden Boy" would. TGB made it very difficult for both men taking cheap shots at both the entire match. After a double knock out, Greg started counting both men down when he reached 8 Espinosa made it way up but TGB pushed him down and turned around to a DK superkick and stumbled back into Espinosa' Mood Swing. DK told Brandon to cover TGB and DK counted the one, two , three.

40 to 50 in the crowd.

Next week at "Leap of Faith" it will be "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony vs Brandon Espinosa in Ladder Match for the LAW Title, Derrick King vs Idol Bane in a Last Man Standing Match, The Debut of Rebecca Raze, The Asylum vs The King Brothers and Flash Flanagan vs Mark Sterling.

Credit: Brian Tramel

NBW's Crazy Train Injured

NBW champion Crazy Train looks to have a fractured disc in his lower spine. He will be out anywhere from six to twelve weeks.

Credit: Brian Tramel

ASWF Match Results from Newark, AR 2-25-08

Coach Gould beat Austin Lane with Demon X with help from Casino Kid

Wild Bill beat California Dream

Tommy Wayne beat Ray Ray & Cody Murdoch in a triple threat

Seth Sabre beat Scott Fury

Tim Hanson bet X-Kalibur

Coach Gould/Casino Kid beat Austin Lane/Demon X.

Attendance was 400

This was a benefit show for Cedar Ridge Athletic Dept. hosted by Newark Gym… The Cedar Ridge Basketball team was special enforcers at ringside during Sabre vs Fury – Fury went for powder, but the team stopped him, so Sabre pinned him… Main event was made after the first match and ring was surrounded by cheerleaders with straps.

Credit: Brian Tramel

ASWF Match Results from Tuckerman, AR 2-23-08

Lucky beat Chris Stryker & Brandon Barbwire

Tommy Wayne/Seth Sabre beat Scott Fury/Ray Ray

Nikki Lane beat Lil Bit

Austin Lane/Tim Hanson/California Dream beat Chuck Fears/”American Degenerates” [X-Kalibur/Morgan Lane]

Cody Only beat Cody Murdoch in a LSD Death Match

Kid J/Casino Kid beat Sarge O’Reilly/Lil Devil.

230 in the building

Next week a Lethal Lottery Tournament for the Tag Team Titles

Credit: Brian Tramel

Official ECW On Sci Fi Preview For This Week

CM Punk made it known on the last ECW that even though he might not have gold around his waist, he is still the man to beat in the Land of the Extreme. Alongside newly named 2008 Hall of Famer Ric Flair, he disposed of the self-proclaimed “Gold Standard,” Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke. Who is next on the Straightedge Superstar’s list of victims? Has ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero fallen off the former champion's radar? Or will he seek revenge for his loss to at No Mercy?

Also on ECW, Colin Delaney suffered another tough loss at the hands of The Miz. Tommy Dreamer rushed to help him fight off attacks by the WWE Tag Team Champions, but The Miz & John Morrison proved to be too much for them to handle. Will Delaney find a way to leave his mark on the ECW roster? Could he be a mainstay?

Stevie Richards rolled to his second consecutive victory since returning to action. The ECW Original has already started to work his way up the ranks of the Land of the Extreme. With even throat surgery not able to stop him, how far will he go?

Find out the answers to all of these questions and more on the next ECW on Sci Fi, Tuesday at 10/9 CT.


News On Shane McMahon's Wife

We have just learned that Shane McMahon's wife, Marissa Mazzola-McMahon, is producing a new film called Anamorph. The film was premiered at last year's Milwaukee International Film Festival and received pretty good reviews. The thriller is based on anamorphosis, which is a painting technique that manipulates the laws of perspective to create two competing images on a single canvas. The main star of the movie is Willem Dafoe, from such movies as Spiderman 3 and Inside Man.

The movie is produced by Marissa's Kamala Films company. The movie is supposed to be released on DVD in April of this year. The entire film was shot in New York City, with a fairly small budget of $15 million. This is the first release under Marissa's Kamala Films company. She was also a co-producer of the 2005 short film, Quitters and had a brief role in 2002's The Scorpion King.


WWE Films Signs Distribution Deal With 20th Century Fox For Future Movie Releases

Variety is reporting that WWE Films has signed a multi-year deal with 20th Century Fox to distribute WWE movies in the future. WWE Films plans on releasing at least one theatrical release and up to four straight-to-DVD films per year.

WWE's completely producing the films themselves. 20th Century Fox's job is to get the movies in theaters and major retailers.

WWE Films has a new vision in mind for future film releases. They plan on making PG-13 rated movies as opposed to R-rated flicks such as "See No Evil" and "The Condemned" because they appeal to a broader audience. WWE Films' Michael Lake told Variety, "We had to refocus where we wanted to go. There's a strong audience base that is ready for movies that star our guys. A lot of our audience is in the PG-13 area."

WWE's hoping that the film releases raise the profile of their stars all the while entertaining existing fans, while attracting a new audience as well. "There's a real depth of talent we can use," Lake said. "These guys are action stars anyway. We want to fashion movies to fit their personalities. We've got to establish these guys not to our audience so much but to the other moviegoing audience, so that they cross over."

For more on the Variety story, click here.

Credit; ewrestlingnews

Rock At 'Mania

On RAW this week, it was announced that The Rock will be at WrestleMania weekend for the Hall of Fame ceremony to induct his father Rocky Johnson and his grandfather "High Chief" Peter Maivia. I honestly expect him at 'Mania in some way. I just have a feeling some sort of deal will be worked out especially if they were willing to pay Mayweather $20 million for his appearance. I guess it all depends on The Rock and if he wants to do it or not. This will be interesting.

Credit; ewrestlingnews

Flair vs. HBK

This week on RAW, Ric Flair came out and thanked Shawn Michaels for his words last week. Flair said WrestleMania weekend will be very special for him with the Hall of Fame induction. He then challenged HBK. Michaels said to Flair that he cannot be the person to retire him. Flair got offended and said all of the respect HBK gave him last week is worth nothing if he won't give Flair the chance to have the best match of his career at WrestleMania. HBK then said "It would be my honor to wrestle you at Wrestlemania". The two then shook hands and hugged. So at WrestleMania - we will see Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair with Flair's career on the line.

Credit; ewrestlingnews


On Sunday Feb.24,2008 Oscar Barlow announced at his home church that he will be a candidate for Crenshaw Mayor a position he held from 1993-2005. Barlow told the crowd that the current administration is not making sure that the police and fire departments have the tools they need to there job and protect the community. He also said that our water system needs to regulated and monitored so that it safe for our families to drink, bathe, and cook with. He also told them that a group of citizens both black and white had come to him and after he and his wife discussed it and most all through prayer he would be a candidate in 2009. he said that the election will be here before we know it. Barlow said that it will take everyone working together black, white, man, woman, old and young, but together we can do it. There has got be unity in our town, without unity nothing can be accomplished. The Mayor Oscar Barlow is a long time Wrestling announcer for All- Pro Wrestling.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Florida Championship Wrestling Tuesday

Florida Championship Wrestling
Bourbon Street Night Club
4331 US Hwy 19
New Port Richey Florida

Bell time 8:30 pm

7 dollar cover with $1 drafts

8. Afa VS. Ted DiBiase Jr.

7. Rycklon (Challenger) VS. Jake Hager (Champion)

6. “Handsome” Heath Miller & “Sterling” Steve Lewington w/WWE Superstar, Dave Taylor (Challengers) VS. “The Puerto Rican Nightmares” Eric Perez & Eddie Colon w/Miss Angela (Champions)

GUEST: Steve Lewington

4. “The Natural” Nic Nemeth & “The Campus Legend” Brad Allen VS. “The Thoroughbreds” Johnny Curtis & Kevin Kiley

3. *DIVA ACTION! The Bella Twins, Nattie, Victoria, Daisy*

2. “South City Thriller” Hade Vansen & Big Rob VS. “The Stampede Kid” TJ Wilson & Gabe Tuft

1. Sheamus VS. Mighty Mikey


FCW is the official developmental territory of World Wrestling Entertainment

Link: Florida Championship Wrestling

Credit: Alan J. Wojcik

MSCW Match Results from 2/24 in Bowling Green, KY

Match #1) "The Redneck Outlaw" Otis Bass beat "Honest" Jimmy

Match #2) The U.S. Express won the Mid-South Tag Team Championship from Randall Shane & Havoc w/ Big E when Eric Benjamin pinned Havoc. After the match Big E and Randall Shane turned on Havoc. Shane told Havoc he was still feeling froggy so, he would see him later tonight.

Match #3) "The Driller" Eddie Browning w/ Big E beat Kyle Maggard.

Match #4) "The Southern Kentucky Superstar" Randall Shane beat Havoc with the "Downward Spiral."

Match #5) "Cowboy" Bud Ellis & Kyle Maggard beat "The Driller" Eddie Browning & Big E.

Mid-South Championship Wrestling will be in Brownsville, KY on Saturday night March 8th at The Community Center. Doors open at 6 PM with bell time at 7 PM. Admission is $6.00 for all seats with kids 4 and under admitted FREE.

We will return to Bowling Green with a double shot on Saturday March 15th and Sunday March 16th. Doors for both open at 6 PM with bell time at 7 PM. Admission is $5.00 with kids 4 and under in FREE.

March 16th will be a benefit show for a storm victim who lost their trailer and other belongings.

Please visit for more upcoming event information. We'll see you at ringside!

Credit: Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

Happy Birthday....

Today is Ric Flair's 59th birthday and Maria's 27th.

Chet the Jet Released by WWE

World Wrestling Entertainment informed Neil Bzibziak, who wrestled as Chet the Jet and at one point was set to be brought up to the main roster with a gimmick playing off his Polish background, that he was being released from the company. Bzibziak was suspended for 30 days by WWE last month for a Wellness policy violation. He had just returned to the ring over the weekend for Florida Championship Wrestling.


The Rock to Induct his Father & Grandfather into Hall of Fame

The Rock will be at WrestleMania weekend for the Hall of Fame ceremony to induct his father Rocky Johnson and his grandfather "High Chief" Peter Maivia.


TLCW Match Results from Ripley, TN 2-23-08

Drew Donovan vs. Shannon Lee went to a time limit draw

Tattoo beat Cody Melton by Disqualification after Albino Rhino interfered

Brandon Espinoza beat Mark Sterling

Tattoo/Reggie B. Fine beat Albino Rhino/Cody Melton by disqualification

Dynamite Seth Knight beat Johnny Vinyl

The Posse (Simon Reed/Lil Chris) beat Beau James/Dell Tucker

Flash Flanagan beat Alex Krisis in a TLCW championship match

Derrick King/Stan Lee/Chris O’Neal/Flex beat A.J. Bradley/Bishop/The Golden Boy/Baron Malkavain in an eight man tag match.

115 to 120 in the crowd.

After the Tattoo/Fine vs. Albino Rhino/Cody Melton match Reggie B. challenged Rhino/Melton to a no disqualification match next week. The TLCW Championship match ended in controversy after Flash Flannigan placed his feet on the ropes during the pin.

Credit: Brian Tramel

NBW Match Results from Dyersburg, TN 2-23-08

Show started out with an angle to set up the main event. Jimmy Tidwell announced that Rob Justice was not there tonight and he had Sgt. Savage and Jason Matthews with him. Tidwell called out Mark Justice and offered him his hand to just forget about what happened last week. Justice just turned and went to walk away when they jumped him. Justice came off the ropes with a double closeline – got a good pop. Stips were set up for later in the night – Loser Leave NBW & No Longer Use “Riot Squad” name. Justice also had no tag team partner and Matthews didn’t either, so “acting” Commish McDonald said that if Tidwell couldn’t find anyone, then he would have to wrestle.

Tim Edwards come out with Sicilian Kid. Edwards has Kid’s contract and he went on to say that he was not happy with his performance. Edwards said that he had stole Arenz’ baby doll last week, so they would not see him tonight. Edwards said hit the music for whoever he is working tonight. Arnez hit the ring and they brawled all over the place. Crowd was super hot for this. Arnez took Edwards outside, but then right back in. Finish had Jon Roberts come out and distract Arnez with his baby doll and Arnez ran him to the back.

Richard Marx interviewed me about “Yearbook 2007”. We brought out Kilo and congratulated him on being RRO Most Underrated of the Year. I also noted that he was ranked in the top 5 of the area. As Kilo left, Jimmy Tidwell made his way to the ring. He talked about how he led the “Riot Squad” to places that I had never done and how they had kicked me to the curb. Tidwell grabbed me and Mark made the save. I did a little mic spill about how I founded the Riot Squad name and all. I also said that Mark had no one to trust here, but I trusted him and I would be in his corner tonight. Some kind of bullshit like that. LOL I even got a pop!! LOL.

Phoenix X beat Jeremy Moore in a pretty good bout. Moore came out and then X’s music didn’t even play and he jumped Moore. X was stiff – just ask Jeremy!! They brawled outside the ring and up to the announcer’s desk, which is about 10 ft above the crowd. The ref should have counted them both out, because they were up there a long time. Finish had Moore go for the Ace crusher, but X sent him into the ref. Not a complete bump just a turnaround. X then used the dreaded Ninja Mist into Moore’s eyes for the pin.

“Southern Pride” [Kilo/Tommy Redneck] beat Sicilian Kid/John Roberts to retain the NBW Tag Team Titles. Good match. I love the Roberts Rick Rude gimmick. He is hilarious. Pride was “on” here doing some real kewl double team moves and I didn’t even think that they were going to give the heels anything. They did one double team move where Redneck did a backslide and stayed on his hands/knees as Kilo grabbed the top rope and leaped over with a senton. Heat on Redneck. Kid still needs A LOT of work. Roberts started the heat on Redneck’s leg, so where did Kid go as soon as he got in the ring – to Redneck’s head. LOL I think Edwards, who was ringside with them, told him to go back to the leg. Hot tag to Kilo with some hard chops to Kid. Kilo went to superkick Roberts for the win, but Roberts moved and Kid got superkicked & pinned. Edwards and Roberts beat up Kid after match with Arnez making the save. Arnez then used his noose to hang Kid and then took off when he seen his baby doll again.

Tidwell/Slaughter/Matthews came out and said they had a partner after Tidwell teased he was going to wrestle. Big Red came out to tag with them. They did an angle next as Mark & I stood in the ring as they played Moore’s music, Rocker’s music and “Southern Pride” music with no one coming out to tag with Justice. I then got on the mic to let everyone know that I had made a call earlier tonight and I had Justice a partner. Christian Jacobs came out. Mark Justice/Christian Jacobs with Coach BT beat Big Red/Jason Matthews with Jimmy Tidwell. Good match. They did double heat and lost the crowd into the second one. Matthews has improved a little bit since the last time I seen him, but was dead weight during a couple of spots. Big Red is one of the most underrated in this area. Big boot to CJ was planted deep into his face. Finish had hot tag to Mark with Mark pinning Matthews sending Tidwell out of NBW.

Crazy Train retained the NBW Title vs Motley Cruz as both got counted out of the ring. Train got a big pop coming out. Match started slow as if it was going to be real long. It really never picked up and was not as good as I expected. Train has to win to stay strong as champ. He can take a beating before, during and after the bout, but he has to get the 1..2…3. After the match, Cruz hit Train with the title belt in front of Train fans and they were ready to kill him. Train had a big mark on his back.

100 paid with around 120 in the building.

Credit: Brian Tramel

RWA Match Results from Jonesboro, AR 2-23-08

Cameron Cage beat Deadly Dale

Gary Diamond beat San Francisco Treat

Big Al beat Ali Stevens

San Francisco/Loose Cannon beat Gary Diamond/Sgt Shakedown in a “Fans Bring Weapons” bout.

125 to 140 people in the building

I did not get the names of the first match… Cameron Cage distracted Ali for Big Al to get the roll up… Main event fans had everything from nunchucks, swords [plastic], chairs, toilet lids, and one dude event threw in his prosthetic leg. They fought all over the place with other wrestlers from the back jumping in. Diamond took three hard chair shots and was bleeding all over the place… They were building for some kind of “Wrestlemania” surprise contest for next week…Main event was real good and overall it was a good show.

Credit: John Bibbs/Brian Tramel

Memphis Wrestling Primetime Results-February 23, 2008

The show began with Corey Maclin welcoming Jerry "The King" Lawler to the studio as this week's special guest. They started talking about the big college basketball game that was going on at the FedExForum between the #1 ranked Memphis Tigers and the #2 ranked Tennessee Volunteers. The studio was decorated with Memphis and Tennessee gear. Corey announced that tonight's show was the 250th show at the CW30 studio. Jerry called Corey a "half-wit". Corey started talking about the time he brought in Terry Funk to square off against "The King".

The rerun portion of the show began with them taking a look back at the Ford family incident that occurred at Throwback Night.

Jerry Lawler and "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart came out for an interview. The crowd was chanting, "Burger King!" Jimmy Hart told Brian Teigland that he liked his tan that he's got. Lawler then answered, "Tan? You gotta be kidding. Brian Teigland, you being a weatherman, could at least go somewhere that the sun is. You look like a bottle of milk, standing there! Get some sun!" Funny stuff. Lawler and Hart talked about the Ford Family ambush, with Lawler inviting the Ford Family to come to the studio. Lawler also had a few words for Corey. Then, Lawler and Hart showed footage of Jerry arriving at the studio in his new white Cadillac with the world title riding atop it. Jerry Lawler invited everyone to come out to Pizza Hut to have pizza and to buy "The King's lunch." Corey said that he would announce who he is bringing in to take on Lawler later in the show.

During this week's Memphis Wrestling telecast, Eyewitness News had a breaking news alert, covering the basketball game, in which, #2 Tennessee defeated #1 Memphis, 66 to 62. This special breaking news coverage lasted about fourteen minutes as they featured highlights and fan reactions from the big game. There were a lot of pissed off Memphis fans on Beale Street, walking by the cameras and shooting them the bird.

They joined Memphis Wrestling, back in progress, with Tim Grind & Flex defeating Tony Gunn & Dr. Death(Note: This wasn't Steve Williams).

"The Birdman" Koko B. Ware came out for an interview. He wants to be on Throwback 2. Koko talks about putting Kevin White on the shelf. Kevin White shows up and goes after Koko. Kevin tells Koko that they have unfinished business.

Shock & Nicholas Doom with Ms. Kelly defeated The Lifeguards, Dustin and Scott Starr. After the match, Shock, Doom, and Kelly walk over to Corey for an interview. Shock said that after he defeated Brandon Groom at the first Throwback Night, that he didn't want Summer, so he sent her back home. That was a Bad Call there, Shock. Shock then asked Doom to tell him something. Doom responded, by yelling, "Memphis, you belong to me! Nicholas Doom! Rawr!"

Corey announced that at Throwback 2, his partner would be Terry Funk. Lawler went crazy and started throwing chairs, as he chased Corey into the crowd.

They go back to the studio with Corey and Jerry. Jerry said, he loved this show because he was all over it. Corey talked about Jerry cheating against Johnny Dotson. They air the Wood & Carlton, Slam of the Week featuring Jerry hitting both Johnny Dotson and Derrick King with a chair. This match was not shown, due to the breaking news story interrupting the show. Jerry asked Corey if he was going to file a lawsuit against him. Jerry made fun of Corey, by saying, that Corey sued people at the drop of a hat.

Jerry also said that he has received so much mail, in the past couple of weeks, about hosting the show and getting rid of Corey. Jerry explained that they all want him to bring in Good Ole JR to host the show. Corey replied, by saying, that he would start a petition for that and start a lawsuit about that, as well. Jerry Lawler said, he was speechless, as the show ended.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

JWS Results from Sat. Night in Booneville, MS

Fusion defeated Blade.

JR Mauler defeated Slammer with help from Kross.

Dalton Storm defeated Danny Morris & Kross by DQ due to interference by JR Mauler.

JWS Cruiserweight Champion Cassanova Kid defeated Jay Webster to retain.

PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine) & Josh Matthews w/Diamond defeated "Prime Time" Nick Grimes, Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor, & Damion Rage w/Dustin Burcham & Nathan Lee.

Bonecrusher defeated Brody Hawk by DQ due to interference by 24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler).

JWS Tag Team Champions The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) defeated Revolution (Cyrus & Chazz) w/Nathan Lee. The Asylum retains the belts.

Chris Austin defeated Buzz Harley to win the JWS Heavyweight Championship.

Crowd was approx. 65.

TFW Match Results from Friday Night in Tupelo

DC & "Holy" Josh Matthews
TFW Tag Team Champions

Prior to the show, the TFW General manager announced that Max Steele has relinquished the TFW Heavyweight Championship due to personal issues beyond his control, so the TFW Championship is now vacant. A new TFW Champion will be crowned next week.

The wrestlers were in the ring for the first match when Parental Advisory (Tony Dabbs, Scott Porteau, & Izzy Rotten) came out of the back to run their mouths. They bad mouthed everybody in the building and then demanded an immediate rematch for the tag team belts, which they felt the TFW GM had "screwed them out of" the previous week. They did not get their rematch, and Tony & Studd ended up getting suspended for one week.

The opener was a four corners match for the TFW Light Heavyweight Championship, Lil' Devil vs. Kid J (c) vs. J-Kid vs. Curly Mo. J-Kid was the winner and is new Light Heavyweight Champion.

Buzz harley defeated Dirty Sanchez.

Neil Taylor defeated Vinnie the Blade.

Chop Top the Clown defeated LSD.

Cassanova Kid defeated Izzy Rotten.

TFW Champions DC & Josh Matthews defeated The PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine) w/Diamond. "The Studd" Scott Porteau & "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs interfered in the match, and as a result their suspension was changed from one week to "until further notice."
Crowd was approx. 125.

SAW Results from 2/22/08 & Other SAW News

Results from Friday night's Southern AllStar Wrestling at the Bakery in Millersville, Tennessee for a crowd of 110.

1. Shane Eden beat J-5. J-5 worked Eden after the match until Chris Bomb made the save.

2. Chris Eckos beat Drew Haskins.

3. J-5 vs Chris Bomb went to a double countout.

4. Arrick Andrews beat Chris Cain.

5. The Tennessee Violence Authority beat T. J. Harley & Rex Sexton.

6. SAW TV TITLE MATCH: Damian Adams (champion) went to a DDQ with Rick Santel.

Next TV Taping is Friday, February 29th at the SAW Arena (1214 B, Louisville Highway in Millersville, TN). 8 PM belltime with Mason Raige, Damian Adams, Boogie Woogie Boy, Arrick Andrews, The Tennessee Violence Authority, Rick Santel, Paul Adams, TJ Harley, Rob-Roy McCoy, Tribal Nation, Big Rig Bully, Law & Order and more.

SAW will be in Columbia, TN, Saturday March 1st, at Freddie Morton's Auction House (700 Woodland St.), with Boogie Woogie Boy vs Rick Santel, Tribal Nation vs Law & Order, Chris Cain vs Chris Eckos in a 2 out of 3 Falls match, Void vs Shane Morton, and the debut of Steve O.

SAW starts on the ION Network in Middle-Tennessee, Saturdays at high noon beginning April 5th.

For more info on SAW, log on to

Credit: Larry Goodman @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

TNA is Gay Friendly?!

Here is an article about TNA being "gay friendly." Lol, here's the link:

USWO Match Results from 2/22/08 in Nashville

New York Gangster b Shane Smalls. SS orders fans to stop singing NYG's "goofy" song, contends that nobody loves NYG. Lockups, etc. until SS steps out to complain. Back in, chops traded, SS misses a splash, and NYG leg lariats SS who rolls back out to vent some more. NYG takes SS down with a headlock but SS rolls him over for 2, then NYG hiptosses SS back out. They lockup again but this time SS lowblows NYG and drops a knee on him for 2. They reverse each other's pinning combinations until NYG connects on a swinging neckbreaker for the pin in 7:00.

Damien Payne & Lee Cross (w/Fetish & The Diva Lisa Fayzon) b White Tiger & Dyronic. Gordon cracks on the valets, suggesting they came from the pig farm. (The Inn Crowd did not appear tonight D is still pissed at LC over what happened a few weeks back with LF turning on him. LF and Chicken Hat have a scuffle and Tony has to intervene. Notable that Timmy is wearing a DP shirt. WT chops away on LC and dropkicks him for 2. D in to leg lariat LC for 2 but gets his eyes raked. DP tags in and walks into an armdrag, but gets up and boots D in the face. LC in to suplex D for 2, then stretches him. DP/LC tag in and out to beat on D until LC misses a splash and we get TAGS! WT comes out snarling, then all 4 pair off and fight. DP dumps D out to the floor as LC spin kicks WT. DP grabs WT and hits the Payne-killer for the pin in 6:00.

Petey Wright b Zack Storm. PW is OUR USWO Jr. Champion and this is a title match. Some thoughtful fans brought a Canadian flag for ZS, who wears it proudly around the ring. ZS joins the trend of people making fun of PW's slight build. PW with a wristlock takedown but ZS kicks him in the head and celebrates. PW with a tiltawhirl, then off the ropes with a neckbreaker for 2. ZS bails out to collect his thoughts. Back in, ZS confers with ref JF but also reaches his leg around to kick PW in the groin. ZS kneedrops, hits a top elbow, then pounds on PW for a bit. PW comes out and hits a flying ass into a DDT. ZS reverses a whip, PW leapfrogs and tries a rollup but ZS hangs onto the ropes for the pin in 5:00 BUT WAIT! Gordon stooges off to ref JF that ZS used the ropes! JF restarts and PW schoolboys ZS to really win.

Steve O b Tim Renesto (w/Charming Charles). Number of women who flashed for SO's beads: zero. Hammerlocks traded till TR makes the ropes and dissents. TR with a hairpull takedown, then backs SO to the corner and chops/punches. SO tries to leapfrog the charging TR but ends up getting kicked in the groin. TR drops a leg for 2, which CC says should have been 3! TR stomps around the groin area then applies a figure 4, which is aided by alternately grabbing the bottom rope and CC. Ref MO finally spots this and breaks the hold, but then TR slaps around SO, who is still down on the mat. TR reapplies the hold but SO grabs him and small packages him for the pin in 7:00 CC calls this an outrage! TR says there is no way SO beat him, man. CC demands a rematch. Tony says CC is tight with Skandor Akbar, so he makes a match where each wrestler puts up $100 or something.

Portia Perez b Hailey Hatred. PP comes out and visits with the fans, though some are not touched by her presence. HH goes straight to the ring and is rarin' to go but then PP decides to pose for us. HH locks up with PP, shoving her down hard. PP complains to anyone who will listen then decides she wants to engage HH in a test of strength. HH bends her all the way backwards then knees her in the chest for 2. They trade hammerlocks until HH is able to take PP down to the mat. PP reverses that hold and rolls her backwards for 2. They break and circle, then PP complains about hairpulling as the fans begin to get restless at the lack of recent action. HH bends PP over and tries to apply what appears to be a Boston crab, but PP is able to kick her away and complain some more, this time about the fans complaining about her! HH legsweeps and chops PP then hits a suplex for 2 but misses an elbow drop. PP dropkicks HH and covers for 2 then goes to the ropes, but HH grabs her and gives her a German suplex for 2 and applies like an reverse full nelson on the mat. After a moment, PP escapes only to have HH sideslam her for 2. PP hits an eyepoke of doom then goes for a crossface. HH fights out and backdrops PP for 2. They go into the ropes and HH tries to roll up PP, but PP is able to grab a rope without ref MO looking and pin HH for the victory in 15:00.

Mark Anthony (w/Charming Charles) b Bushranger. Kelly Tony notes that MA wrestled BK in Florida last year and injured him. BK is from Australia and has a whip with him. CC don't like fans cheering for BK, and sure didn't care for the "We want Mike" chants. BK drop toeholds MA down into a headlock but MA rolls him over for 2 and clamps on a headscissors. BK escapes, MA glares at chanting fans and grabs the mic, threatening violence against fans. BK hammerlocks until MA elbows out, but still throws him around a bit. MA backs BK to corner and knees him in the head. MA lariats BK for 2 then feeds him to CC for choking. MA hits a fishermans suplex for 2 but misses a kneedrop. BK with a trio of dropkicks but MA kneelifts him for 2. MA hits a butterfly suplex for 2, then finishes this off with a frog splash for the win in 9:00.

"We want Mike" starts up again as CC hands MA a chair to Pillmanize BK's head. Tony runs in to stop that but gets attacked by MA, who snaps CC's cane in two before using it on Tony. Through a side door comes Michael Jablonski!!! The locker room empties to hold him back as the place goes nuts. MA is joined in the ring by Renesto and a trash can. Tony has recovered enough to get the mic and explain that MJ's license got suspended but Tony will see that it is reinstated by next Friday. MA barks and stuff as MJ is escorted out. CC says Tony has opened a can of worms because MA is insane and will kill MJ next week. MA beats his head on the mat then foams at the mouth and rocks back and forth.

LT Falk & Cousin Jason X & Steven Green vs Quinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix & JC Crowe: LT & CJX are OUR USWO Tag Team Champions but this is not a title match. JCC has yet to earn his own robe, but does have some feathers in his dreadlocks. Notable that JCC/QQ/JP have matching turquoise tights but QQ has "no stars upon thars". Oust would be the air freshener of choice tonight. SG dropkicks JCC back to his corner for hugs. JP tags in and gets the same, but rolls out and the threesome confer. CJX/QQ in, they mat wrestle a bit until CJX has to dropkick QQ 3 times before he goes down and rolls out. LT tags in as QQ has to be rolled back in. JP in and headbutts out of a wristlock but LT tiltawhirls him then breaks out the armdrags. LT leapfrogs but don't quite clear JP and racks himself up. JP puts an abdominal stretch on LT with help from JCC, then lariats LT out. QQ/JCC make a wish with LT then feed him to JP for choking as ref NW keeps SG/CJX from illegal entry. LT gets his leg worked by all 3 Hangin' Tough members. JP pulls his strap down, headbutts, bites and elbows LT. LT off the ropes with a DDT followed by an enziguri and...TAGS!! All 6 in, SG dumps JCC and dives out onto him while the other pair off and fight. QQ/JP whipped into each other and rolled up for stereo pins in 13:00. JP/QQ not pleased with JCC, who begs forgiveness. They group hug and probably go out for ice cream or something.

Chris Michaels b Mitch Ryder I guess CM is OUR "interim" USWO Champion but this is a title match. MR shocked to see CM with the belt but then says CM never won any titles on his own. CM says he don't always agree with KK or the fans but all agree MR is a butthole! MR attacks! CM fights out of the corner and MR begs off, then lowblows. MR beats on, drops an elbow for 2 and goes for a sleeper on the mat, putting his feet on the bottom rope. CM escapes but MR snapmares, rakes the face, then unwraps the tape on his wrist and chokes CM with it. CM comes off the ropes with a DDT, both down to 8. Slugfest followed by CM dropkicking MR for 2. MR spinebusters for 2, then CM backslides for 2. They trade small packages with CM getting a pin off his to "retain" the title in 7:00.

Credit: WWRD @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

McMahon Invited to Speak at Congressional Hearing

Vince McMahon was invited to speak at the Congressional hearing scheduled for Wednesday, February 27th, in Washington, D.C., to address the “health of athletes undermining the integrity of competition.” The hearing will include testimony from the commissioners of all major United States sports leagues as well as George Mitchell. McMahon reportedly declined the invitation because his attorney, Jerry McDevitt, would be unable to attend the hearing with him.


Big Show to Smackdown

The Big Show is now a SmackDown superstar. Following the airing of last night’s show on the CW Network, his profile was added to the SmackDown Superstars page on


Ring of Honor Results from 1-22-08

Several talents did not make last night's show due to bad weather. The card had to be shuffled around and a one night tournament for a future ROH Title shot was held instead.

Attendance was very low, only around 200.

First Round Tournament Matches:
(1) Bryan Danielson d. Rocky Romero
(2) Kevin Steen d. Delirious
(3) El Generico d. Austin Aries
(4) Go Shiozaki d. Necro Butcher

Second Round Tournament Matches:
(5) Kevin Steen d. Bryan Danielson
(6) Go Shiozaki d. El Generico

(7) Four Corner Survival: Jason Blade d. Pelle Primeau, Mitch Franklin, and The Human Tornado

(8) Ruckus and Jigsaw d. Jimmy Jacobs and Zach Gowen

Tournament Final:
(9) Kevin Steen d. Go Shiozaki to earn a future shot at the ROH title.


New WWE Diva Already Managing Champions

New diva signee Angela Fong (former CFL cheerleader) is already the manager of tag team champions. "The Puerto Rican Nightmares" Eric Perez and Eddie Colon (Carlito's younger brother) defeated Heath Miller and Steve Lewington to become the first-ever FCW Florida Tag Team champions.

Chet the Jet Returns From Suspension

Neil Bzibziak a.k.a "Chet the Jet," who was suspended for 30 days by WWE last month for a Wellness policy violation, returned to action this past week for Florida Championship Wrestling. He did job duty in a tag match last Tuesday, and again last night to Hade Vansen. The other WWE developmental wrestler suspended for a Wellness policy violation, Derrick Neikirk, has yet to return to action. He was reportedly fired, but two days later, the company announced that Neikirk was being suspended, so his status on whether he's actually employed by WWE remains unclear.


Florida Championship Wrestling Gets TV Deal

Florida Championship Wrestling has landed a television deal. Their shows will be broadcast on Sun Sports in the near future. Sun Sports is a Florida sports broadcasting network affiliated with most cable companies throughout Florida, although it is picked up by some satellite providers across the U.S. FCW plans on holding their first-ever television taping this Thursday.


Match Results from RWL Debut Show 1-22-08

Not a huge crowd to see the debut of Rebellion Wrestling League, but overall it was a fun time. I was told by one of the promoters that in reality this show was a “soft” opening similar to what casinos do. They wanted to work out all the kinks making sure the music, the lights and all worked ok. Next week with have tons more advertising, they should have a bigger crowd for their “Grand Opening,"

John “Biscuit” Roberts beat Gaylon Ray & Shannon Lee in a triple threat match. There was very little psychology, but the moves did not look bad. At one point Gaylon Ray did a standing moonsault that looked good. Roberts pinned Ray after a “Buttermilk Biscuit” bomb.

Weasel beat “The Baron” Malkavain. Not a lot of psychology here either. Weasel has a good entrance with the American flag and “Coming to America”. No reaction to him, because no one knows him in this area. Before the match, Malkavain was in the corner hanging like a bat in the tree of woe. Malkavain finished Weasel off with the “Nail in the Coffin”, but instead of pinning him, he tried to bite Weasel – Weasel rolled him up for the win.

Stan Lee beat “Southern Saint” Shawn Reed in a decent bout. This was not as good as I was expecting, but it was the first time they have ever worked each other. Reed was the first of the night to work the crowd. I didn’t think Stan was going to give Shawn anything at first. LOL Shawn put the heat on him with Lee coming out and them building for a few false finishes. Lee did a sweet flying side kick... well... the second one was good. Lee hit an Octopus slam [that is what I am calling it] for the finish after Reed missed a knee drop from the second rope.

“3G” Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels beat “The Posse” [Lil Chris/Simon Reed] in the best bout of the night. Some real fun hold for hold matwork with Wayne/Chris. They worked real tight with Wayne coming out of an armbar on the mat to moving up Chris’ legs to his head. Hard to explain, but it was fun to watch. Heat was on Chris with hot tag to Simon. Simon shitcanned Wayne and they went to finish off Nikels. Kid jump outside the ring and went towards the dressing room with Simon following. Wayne rolled up Chris for the pin.

PK Ripper beat Overkill. The least said about this bout the better. No psychology with a bunch of spots and a few really blotched spots. Crowd was sitting on their hands – no reaction for the spot monkeys. PK’s finisher looked good, but other than that, this bout was bad. [DUD].

Chris O’Neal beat Jason Reed with JD Rage. Not as good as expected. Both guys seem to be off and a little rusty. Both guys are much better than this bout. O’Neal did a dive on Rage/Reed at one point. They did a few sloppy spots that including the ref catching Reed’s foot and a screwed up tornado DDT. The second try on the DDT looked real good. O’Neal won with a roll up. Rage/Reed jumped him after the match and Weasel made the save.

30 to 40 in the crowd.

Credit: Brian Tramel

Chikara: Southern Saints vs. Team Japan

Here's the official press release from CHIKARA concerning The Southern Saints vs. TEAM JAPAN for King of Trios, Night 2:

If there's one thing we pride ourselves on with these ridiculously large, complex tournaments that we keep convincing ourselves to put on each year, its that these tournaments provide unknowns and rising stars with the opportunity to become overnight sensation through show-stealing performances. Just three years ago, an unknown duo from Japan composed of MIYAWAKI and Yoshiaki Yago were announced for TWGP 2006 to little or no fanfare. Some even wondered if we were wasting our money (Us? Waste money?) by bringing them stateside to compete.

Well, those doubts were quickly dispersed as the duo proved themselves not only as world class competitors, but also CHIKARMY favorites, and now, three years later, a tournament tradition. Being flanked this year by the returning KUDO, and the debuting SUSUMU, MIYAWAKI will captain his squad in round one against The Southern Saints, a team that is in search of just the kind of breakout performance that the Japanese contingent has enjoyed in preceding years. Captained by the returning Shawn Reed, he will be joined by the debuting Marcus O'Neil and Reno Diamond in a battle of style, culture, and ultimately, supremacy, as both teams look take their star to the next level.

Will Team CAPS LOCK be able to repeat their finals appearance of last year? Or will the South rise again and make another march on the Northern territory that is CHIKARA and KING OF TRIOS?"

Has WWE Films Made A Profit?

Partial Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter
The WWE Films division has made a grand total of $300,000 in profit with their three movie releases; See No Evil, The Marine and The Condemned. Between See No Evil and The Marine, the company made $16 million in profit. However, Steve Austin's movie The Condemned was a huge money loser as it almost put WWE Films' profitability in the red. WWE is estimating losses at $15.7 million for the release of The Condemned.
In its first week release on DVD, The Game Plan starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson sold 500,017 copies. We don't have a figure on its performance during the second week, but it is said to be almost as good. It was the top-selling DVD of any kind two weeks into its release. As of February 3rd, nearly three weeks ago, the DVD has grossed $18.67 million.

Credit Ryan Clark

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Southern Saints to Face Team Japan

Chikara has announced that popular mid-south wrestlers The Southern Saints (Shawn Reed, Marcus O'Neill, & Reno Diamond) will face Team Japan (KUDO, SUSUMU, & MIYAWAKI) in the upcoming Kings of Trios Tournament. Their match will take place on 3-1-08, which is day two of the tournament.

Florida Championship Wrestling Results from 2-19-08

Florida Championship Wrestling results from the Bourbon Street Night Club in New Port Richey, FL, on February 19: Heath Miller & Steve Lewington over Brandon Groom & Greg Jackson; Sheamus & Kafu over Tommy Taylor & Christopher Gray (w/ Dave Taylor); Brad Allen & Nic Nemeth over Chet Douglas & Mr. Yamamoto; the 7 Foot Giant (w/ Ralph Mosca) over Joshua Masters; the Puerto Rican Nightmares (Eric Perez & Eddie Colon) (w/ Angela Fong) over Johnny Curtis & Bryan Kelly; and Gabe Tuft & Rycklon over Ted DiBiase, Jr., & Afa.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

TNA Impact Going Live on 3-27-08

The live edition of iMPACT! on 3/27 is basically a one time experiment. If things go well, and the ratings see a jump because of the live aspect, then we will most likely see the show go live every other week this summer.

It's Not Eugene Any More

Nick Dinsmore returned to Ohio Valley Wrestling last week to do a TV angle where he woke up from a bad dream of being Eugene. Going by the angle, his time as Eugene was all dream. He is now back to being Nick Dinsmore doing his old "Mr. Wrestling" gimmick and wearing regular tights again. He defeated contracted WWE developmental wrestler Andrew Vain on last week's OVW TV show.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oscar de la Hoya Rejects WWE Offer

World Wrestling Entertainment officials did in fact reach out to boxing legend Oscar de La Hoya about taking part in the Floyd Mayweather angle at WrestleMania. Unfortunately, De La Hoya has rejected the offer.


Hogan Wants Match with Flair at Wrestlemania

Just days after claiming that he is on the verge of starting his own wrestling promotion with Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan now says that he wants to fight Ric Flair at WrestleMania.

Hogan told, "they need a main event real bad, brother" and said WWE still has a lot of tickets to sell. Hogan said that with Flair's career on the line, it's the perfect match to have - and he even has an idea for who could be the special guest referee. “Either he’ll put me out for good or I’ll put him out for good. One or the other. That would be the match of the new millennium. Hogan vs. Flair. Maybe get Vince McMahon as a special guest referee. Me and Flair both hate Vince.”

With the involvement of boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather at WrestleMania, it looks like Hogan has realized that WrestleMania will be a success with or without him. With minimal leverage, he's putting his cards on the table and showing that he does still want a piece of the action.


Today in Wrestling History

On this Date in 2002 Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo defeated Tazz and Spike Dudley to win the WWE Tag Team Championship.

On this day in 1989, Mildred Burke passed away at 73.

It has been fifteen years since Kerry Von Erich committed Suicide at the age of 33.

Eddie Gilbert suffered a fatal heart attack on this day in 1995 at the age of 33.


Georgis Wrestling Results

Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling results from the VFW Fairgrounds in Carrollton, GA, on February 17: Sal Rinauro over Jonathan Davis; Scotty Blaze over Chick Donovan by disqualification; Frankie Valentine & Austin Creed over K.I. Elite; the Nightmare over the Eliminator in a mask versus mask match, but as the Eliminator was following through with the stipulation to reveal himself as Josh Stone, Rinauro hit the ring, followed by Tommy Rich to stop the chaos, leading to Tommy Rich & the Nightmare over Billy Love & Sal Rinauro; and Steve Lawler & the Super Destroyer over Bull Buchanan & Bulldog Raines by disqualification. Jeff McGowan, Johnny Boone, and Spanky Emerson were credited as being referees on this card. It was reported that 225 were in attendance. Rich and Buchanan both participated in autograph sessions.

Alternative Pro Wrestling results from the Royston Gym on February 15: Billy Buck over Dustin Powers; Darkness over Vincent Chambers; Chris Mayne (w/Kevin Duncan) over Dustin Michaels; Aaron Lee over Jacob Ashworth to keep the North Georgia Title; Bo Newsome and Slim J wrestled to a draw; Azrael over Chris King; and Matt Sells & Ryan Michaels over Jeremy Vain & Don Matthews to keep the APW Tag Team Title.


Ric Flair to be Inducted into WWE Hall of Fame

During RAW last night, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair was announced as the first 2008 inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Memphis Wrestling Primetime Results-February 16, 2008

This week's encore presentation began with Corey Maclin being joined, again, by Jerry "The King" Lawler, via telephone. Corey asked Jerry, what's going on in Canada? Jerry replied, by saying, that he's in Savannah, TN, this week with "The Superstar" Bill Dundee. Lawler said that they were partners in Savannah and they won. Corey said that we have got a humdinger to look forward to. Corey said that politicians even got involved in the mix. They aired a clip from Throwback Night, showing the Ford Family jumping into the ring and ganging up on Jerry Lawler and "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart. Corey said it was the talk of the town at the time.

They join this week's rerun with Corey Maclin in Downtown Memphis. They take a look at all the media buzz that came from the Ford Family members which consisted of Shelby County Commissioner Joe Ford, State Senator John Ford, and Harold Ford Sr.'s sons, Jake and Isaac Ford, and even a six or seven year old Ford kid stepping in to defend Corey Maclin in his feud with Jerry Lawler at the Mid-South Coliseum. The drama began after Jerry Lawler grabbed the mic and called out Joe Ford, who defeated Lawler back in 1999 in the Memphis mayor's race, stating, "If it wasn't for that man, right now, I would be the mayor of this fair city!"

They show the XWF Cruiserweight title match between Kid Kash and Jamie Dundee, who subbed in for "The Superstar" Bill Dundee, who could not make it because of personal reasons. Jamie was in his convict getup. Kid Kash defeated Jamie Dundee and retained the title, by disqualification, after Jamie started hitting Kash with his handcuffs. This led to Shock, Jimmy Hart, and Kid Kash handcuffing Jamie and beating him up.

Corey is at the Mid-America Plaza in Downtown Memphis.

Up next, they aired footage from the Battle Royal for the two new automobiles, featuring a host of wrestlers including: Jerry Lawler, Brian Christopher, Derrick King, Shock, King Mabel, Mordecai, Johnny Dotson, Robert Gibson, Todd Morton, Alan Steele, Nicholas Doom, Enormous(Who looked a lot like TNA Superstar, Judas Mesias), Tim Grind, Flex, Brandon Groom, Scott Starr, and Dustin Starr. For the majority of the battle royal, Brian Christopher was hiding outside of the ring. Toward the end, he rolled in. Lawler and Christopher were the final two remaining. Lawler was celebrating until Christopher decided that, maybe, he wanted both rides, shoving him down from behind. This led to a staredown. Lawler pulled down the strap, but Christopher, quickly, put the strap back up. Now, that was funny! Brian gave Jerry a set of keys and they both celebrated their new rides, a brand new Cadillac DeVille and Lincoln Navigator.

They showed footage from the Lawler/Hart versus Kamala/Maclin match, which led to the Ford Family getting involved, after Kamala turned on Corey. Jimmy Hart bribed Kamala with some new bling and the big man just could not pass up that gold ring.

A classic interview is shown with Jerry Lawler, Jimmy Hart, and Kamala talking about the Ford Family incident. Lawler is great in this interview.

There is also an interview with Corey Maclin and The Ford Family.

Next, was a lousy marketing attempt by Corey to promote the next Throwback show. This featured Corey interviewing a fan about how great of a value Throwback Night was. Corey also added more nonsense to this segment by having two ladies walk by hollering about the Ford Family. This was like an infomercial gone terribly wrong.

Then, they take a look at the King Mabel/Mordecai match from the Mid-South Coliseum, in which, King Mabel won to retain the Southern Heavyweight Championship.

They wrap up the show with Corey Maclin talking to Jerry Lawler. Lawler talks about his buddy from Kroger getting ready to pack up and go to the show. Lawler told Corey that he needs to clarify, sometime, that these are encore presentations. Jerry also added that recruiting the Fords was a pretty smart public relations move at the time. He said that he was not impressed by the Fords' wrestling abilities, but they can really dance to the "Tennessee Waltz," referring to the scandal. The show ended with Jerry telling Corey that he will join him live in the studio for next week's show.

Monday, February 18, 2008

NBW Match Results fromDyersburg, TN 2-16-08

John Roberts beat The Sicilian Kid

Tim Edwards beat Arnez

“Southern Pride” (Kilo & Redneck) beat The Riot Squad ( Rob Justice & Jason Mathews) for the NBW tag team titles. After Rob and Mathews were beateated by Southern Pride... Mark Justice came out telling them they couldn’t hold on to the titles. Jimmy Tidwell told them we would take care of Riot Squad business in the back not in front of the crowd.

Motley Cruz beat Jeremy Moore

Crazy Train beat Mark Justice for the NBW Heavyweight Title. After Mark lost to Crazy Train, Rob and Mathews came out telling Mark that he couldn’t hold on to a title either. Jimmy Tidwell again got on the mic and tells The Riot Squad that we will take care of business in the back. Mark agrees and starts to the back only to be jumped from behind by Rob and Mathews. Crazy Train and Jeremy Moore made the save.

Credit: Brian Tramel

TLCW Match Results from Ripley, TN 2-16-08

Slim Pickens vs. Cody Melton ended in a no contest when Baron Malkavain attacked both wrestlers.

Albino Rhino beat Drew Donovan

Reggie B. Fine beat Shannon Lee

Chris Lexx/Dell Tucker beat “The Posse” [Simon Reed/Lil Chris]

Baron Malkavain beat Dynamite Seth Knight

Alex Krisis beat Flash Flannagan (Non-Title Match)

“Hot Topic” [Derrick King/Stan Lee] beat “Black Label Society” [AJ Bradley/Robbie Douglas] by Disqualification so BLS retains the Tag Titles.

Credit: Brian Tramel

ASWF Match Results from 1-16-08 in Tuckerman, AR

Tag Team Tournament
American DeGenerates [Morgan Lane/X-Kalibur] beat The Leprechauns
Lil Devil by DQ over Kid J, when Sarge O’Reilly jumped in – Casino Kid made the save to set up match later
Tim Hanson beat “Franchise Player” Mike Anthony
Malibu Matt/Chuck Fears beat by DQ Cody Murdoch/Wild Bill with Demon X
ASWF X-Division Title – “Last Man Standing” Match:
“Mr. Pyro” Ray Ray beat Tommy Wayne to retain the belt
Lil Devil/Sarge O’Reilly beat Casino Kid/Kid J
ASWF Title Match: Austin Lane beat Justin “The Juice” Smart to retain the ASWF Title
Traci Brooks beat Nikki Lane
Credit: Brian Tramel

An Anniversary Most People Have Forgotten About

Next Monday, February 25, will mark the 16th anniversary of the first show of Eastern Championship Wrestling, which later became known as ECW. ECW ran its first show on Tuesday, February 25, 1992 at the Original Sports Bar in Philadelphia, PA, in front of a crowd of about 100 people.

Booker T's PWA Results from 2-16-08 in Pasadena, TX

On February 16, 2008 Booker T's PWA Presented "Texas Tapout 2" from The Pasadena Convention Center. Here are the results:

1st Match) Jared Steele & Dawg Chettum w/Ms. Rosa Salvaje def. Kryll (AD Star & Creet) w/ Lady Poison to become the new PWA Tag Team Champions.

2nd Match) The Wrecking Crew (Tank Bishop & Mike B. Nasty) def. Surfin Surge & Gabe Hollier. Surge turned on Gabe causing his team to lose the match.

3rd Match) TNA Superstar Kaz def. Gustavo Mendoza w/Team Cuba (Juan Diaz & Rubio).

4th Match) 2 Cold Scorpio def. Chris Adams.

In-Ring Segment: The 7-Foot Giant Cyrus w/Lady Poison beat up Adrian

5th Match) VIP def. Brett Idol to become the new PWA Heavyweight Champion.

Next event will be held on March 14, 2008 entitled "March Mayhem II". With Special Guests: Roxxi Laveaux & Team 3-D. Event will take place at The Pasadena Convention Center.

Credit: Arturo Zaldana @

SAW Match Results & News

Southern All-Star Wrestling results from Columbia, TN, at Morton's Auction House on February 16. Attendance was reported as 75. Shawn Reed (with Anita Page) beat Shane Morton. Page distracted the ref, Reed's partner Void threw him a chain which he used on Morton. Drew Haskins beat Void (with Anita Page). Shane Morton prevented Void's partner Reed from interfering in that one and Haskins rolled him up for the win. Chris Cain beat Chris Eckos. Drew Haskins beat Shawn Fatal. Boogie Woogie Boy (with Miss Boogie) beat Jason James (with Paul Adams). James was subbing for Rick Santel, who missed the show due to a last minute schedule conflict. Hammerjack beat Arrick Andrews. Finish saw Andrews set for the dragon kick. Adams interfered and Miss Boogie ran to ringside and tackled him. Hammerjack grabbed his sledgehammer and used it on Andrews. The ref finally got Miss Boogie off Adams, returned to the ring, and counted the 1-2-3.

Southern All-Star Wrestling returns to Columbia, TN, on March 1, at Freddie Morton's Auction House. Advertised: Main Event is Boogie Woogie Boy versus Rick Santel; SAW Tag Title Match with Tribal Nation defending against Law & Order; Chris Cain versus Chris Eckos in 2 out of 3 falls; plus Steve O and Shane Morton.

Credit: Larry Goodman @

Wrestling Results From Around the South

NWA Anarchy results from the NWA Arena in Cornelia, GA, on February 16: Chip Day beat Frankie Valentino in 6 minutes; New Wave (Derrik Driver & Steven Walters) beat Talent & Money (J. T. Talent & Andrew Pendleton III) in 7:20; Mikal Judas pinned Dominous in 3:12; Todd Sexton pinned Wesley Grissom with the Sexecution (9:04); Devil’s Rejects (Iceberg & Azrael & Shaun Tempers with Reverend Dan Wilson) beat Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young) & Truitt Fields in 13:02; Adrian Hawkins beat Amien Rios in 6:16 with the Extreme Makeover; Regular Guys (Bobby Hill & Tyler Smith) beat Anger Alliance (Brodie Chase & Don Matthews) after Melissa Coates got involved (9:05); Billy Buck & Chris King beat Hollywood Brunettes (Andrews Alexander & Kyle Matthews) via DQ due to interference by Talent & Money (7:30); and Shatter (with Attorney Jeff G. Bailey) beat Ace Rockwell to retain the Anarchy Heavyweight Title in 12:45.

United Championship Wrestling ran Saturday night in Maryville, TN, before an estimated crowd of 150 and here are the results: Tropper T over The Rip (formerly Rip O' Kelly) by DQ; Death Row Inmates over J Mac & Scotty Atomic; Shane Williams over Menace to keep the UCW title. Post match saw UCW owner Jessie Ellis suspend Williams for 30 days for using the piledriver which is a banned moved to win the match; Edward idol over Donovan Daniels to keep the UCW TV title; and in a first blood match, Jeff Anderson and John Justice went to a no contest when the referee after recovering from being knocked out saw both men busted open.

Full Impact Pro results from the National Guard Armory in Crystal River, FL, on February 16: Austin Aries over Davey Richards, meaning Dave Prazak loses his manager’s license; Chasyn Rance over Seth Delay; Lacey & Rain over Allison Danger & Trenesha; Kenny King & Jason Blade over Robert Anthony & Sean Osborne to retain the FIP Tag Team Title; Nigel McGuinness over Necro Butcher; Sal Rinauro over Tyler Black to retain the FIP Florida Heritage Title; Shawn Murphy of Black Market over the Heartbreak Express (Sean & Phil Davis), whereas the loser can never wrestle for FIP again. Joey Machete, the other half of Black Market, was attacked prior to the match and was unable to participate; and Roderick Strong over Erick Stevens to win the FIP Heavyweight Title.

New Frontier Wrestling Association results from the National Guard Armory in Franklin, NC, on February 16: the opener featuring Sci-Fi versus the Mortician ended in a no contest; Dirty over Korrupt to retain the NFWA US Heavyweight Title; the A-Team (Jamar Acid & Dark Angel) over Stoney Hooker & the Bounty Hunter to retain the NFWA Tag Team Title; Pitt over BackDraft; the Finishers (David Raines & Drew Bannen) over Mike Margera & Danny Diesel; Carter Maine over Cornbread; and Brokishi over Simon Sermon to win the NFWA Heavyweight Title.


WWE No Way Out Results-The Big Show Returns!!!

Triple H wins Raw Elimination Chamber

John Cena def. WWE Champion Randy Orton (DQ, Orton retains)

World Heavyweight Champion Edge def. Rey Mysterio

The Big Show returned to WWE at No Way Out, and picked a fight with WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather, who bloodied the giant's nose after an in-ring confrontation.

Undertaker wins SmackDown/ECW Elimination Chamber

ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero def. CM Punk

Ric Flair def. Mr. Kennedy


Sunday, February 17, 2008

JWS Results from Saturday Night in Booneville, MS

Damion Rage w/Dustin Burcham over Slammer & Danny Morris in a 3-way dance.

Josh Matthews defeated Brandon Barbwire.

Revolution (Cyrus & Chazz)w/Nathan Lee defeated Dalton Storm & Dirty Sanchez.

JWS Champion Buzz Harley defeated "Dangerous" David Cox to retain.

PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine) w/Paul Rhodes defeated "Prime Time" Nick Grimes & Izzy Rotten by DQ.

Next was a 3-way match to crown a new #1 contender for the JWS Cruiserweight Championship, J-Kid vs. LSD vs. Jay Webster. Winner was J-Kid.

Bonecrusher & Cassanova Kid defeated Kross & Brody Hawk by DQ when Hawk used a kendo stick on Bonecrusher.

Next was a 3-way match to determine a new #1 contender for the JWS heavyweight championship, Chris Austin w/Nathan Lee vs. Neil Taylor w/Tony Watts vs. Blade. Winner was Chris Austin.

Main event was The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) vs. JWS Tag Team Champions, Testosterone (Brett Michaels & Fusion). This was a wild match which was eventually won by The Asylum. New Tag Team Champions are Psycho & Pappy.

Attendance was approx. 75. Fans were treated to nine matches.

TFW Match Results from 2/15/08 in Tupelo

Before the show started, TFW Promoter Denise Blaylock announceed that I (Axeman) have been appointed new TFW General Manager, replacing Joey Lynn. Out came Parental Advisory (Stud, Tony, & Joey Lynn) to run their mouths, saying that since Chris Styles is out recovering from his surgery, there were no #1 contenders for the TFW tag team belts, so PA did not have to defend them since Josh Matthews did not have a partner. They also had some uncomplimentary things to say about me. I told them they would be defending the belts later in the show against Josh and any partner he chose. PA not happy....

The opener was an elimination match for #1 contender for the TFW Light Heavyweight Championship: Chris Chaos vs. LSD vs. Dirty Sanchez vs. Damion Rage vs. Curly Mo.
Winner was Curly Mo.
Order of elimination:
Rage by Sanchez
LSD by Sanchez
Chaos by Curly Mo
Sanchez by Curly Mo

The Freakshow (Chop, Vinnie, & Lil' Devil) defeated Chazz, J-Kid, & Kid-J.

Neil Taylor w/Tony Watts defeated Tatt2 (Neil used a chain).

Josh Matthews came to the ring without a partner to defend the tag team belts against Parental Advisory (Stud & Tony) w/Joey Lynn. So we have a 2-on-1 handicap match (3-on-1 if you count Joey Lynn). Josh put up a good fight, but the odds were not in his favor, and it looked like PA was going to walk away with the belts. The lights went out, and when they came back on a masked man, dressed all in black, came out and entered the ring carrying one of the belts. He took off the mask and it was DC, who quickly evened the odds by hitting Stud & Tony with the belt while the referee was distracted. Winners and new TFW Tag Team Champions are DC & Josh Matthews.

"Extreme" Brett Michaels, Anton Leveigh, & Tysin Starr defeated The Pink Flamingos (Brian & Ryan SoFine & Andy2Dandy).

The main event was a non-title match, TFW Champion Max Steele vs. Devon Raynes. Steel was the winner.

Approx. 125 in attendance, and they were treated to a good show.

Interview with Dory Funk, Jr.

Dory Funk, Jr. with Rocky Johnson

Here's a link to a good interview with Dory Funk, Jr. He talks about his retirement match in Japan, the Funking Conservatory training school, the wrestling product of today, differences between him and Terry, and more. Worth the read!


Interview With Lacey Von Erich

Here's a link to an interview with Lacey Von Erich. Worth the read!

ASWN Results from 2-09-08 in Fort Valley, GA

On February 9, Mike Bullard's All-Star Wrestling Network presented Outsiders at the WrestlePlex in Fort Valley, GA. This show is where talent can showcase their skills in front of an AWN audience for the first time. The Outsiders show will be on a trial run the last Saturday of the month, starting in March. Attendance for this first show was 65 and the referees were JD Nelson and Bradley Chatham. In a Georgia Chain Gang Match, it was "Hell's Henchman" Locomotive over "The Apocolypse" Flatline. Eric Staton defeated Javier Santana. Leatherface got the victory over Terry Sims. In ladies action, Brandi Scotch-Baker beat Demenchia. The New Age Freebirds defeated "The Bulldog" TW James and "Hotshot" Jamie Holmes. Scotty Carmichael defeated Tommy Lee.


Great Championship Wrestling Results from 2-14

Great Championship Wrestling action took place at the Great Skate Plex in Phenix City, AL, on February 14, and was headlined by a battle royal to determine the #1 contender to face Johnny Swinger next week for the GCW Heavyweight title. 300 were in attendance and the referees were Jeff McGowan and Randy Ray. Scotty Beach defeats Randall Johnson. In a GCW tag team title match, the champions J-Rod and Tex Monroe defeated The Hooligans. In a GCW Interstate title match, the champion AJ Steele w/The Intern defeated Shaun Banks w/Cru Jones to retain the belt. David Young defeated Zero Tolerance w/Quentin Michaels and Johnny Swinger. Disco Inferno won a 22 man battle royal to determine who faces Swinger next week for the title.


FCW Match Results from 2-15 in Tampa, FL

Florida Championship Wrestling appeared at the Florida State Fair in Tampa on February 15: Christopher Gray over Tommy Taylor and Brandon Groom in a three-way; the Bella Twins (Nicole & Brianna) over Nattie Neidhart & Victoria Crawford; Johnny Curtis & Kevin Kiley over Hade Vansen & Sheamus; Mighty Mikey over Sinn Bowdee; Jake Hager & Ted DiBiase, Jr., were co-winners of a battle royal to be in the main event; Eric Perez & Eddie Colon over Gabe Tuft & Rycklon; Billy Kidman & T.J. Wilson over Nic Nemeth & Brad Allen; John Morrison & the Miz over Heath Miller & Steve Lewington; and Hager over DiBiase, Jr., to win the new FCW Florida Heavyweight Title, with Dusty Rhodes presenting the belt to Hager.

Credit: Mid-Southern Wrestling Message Board

TIWF Match Results from 2-16-08 in Trenton, TN

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Saturday 2-16-08 at the Trenton Peabody High School- Trenton, Tn.

The Outlaw def. Dr Doom

Dazzling Dixie/Dre Black def. X3 (Rampage and Jake Johnson). Johnson was then jumped by orders from Big Jim Business and kicked out of X-3. Big Boy Leroy was introduced as the newest member of X3.

Samoan Kingpin Raja def. Big Boy Leroy and Buckwild Bill (Triple Threat Match) via DQ after Leroy used a chair on Raja.

Wildside def. Danny B Goode.

Afterwards an impromptu TV Title match where Ravishing Randy Pinned Danny B to retain TV Title.

Bobby Butcherman Smith/Hardknocks Hooligan defeated Tank Turner/Gaylon Ray after Bobby pinned Tank.

Big Boy Bob def. Lawman Williams in a Texas Bullrope Match to become New TIWF Regional Heavyweight Champion.

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn. beginning 3-1-08!

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation TV can be seen on E+TV6 each Thursday at Midnight and each Saturday morning at 6:00 am and noon.

Visit our website at

Credit: Steven Hunter @ Mid-Southern Wrestling Message Board

Article about Steve Austin/Ric Flair

Here is a link to Mike Mooneyham's new column about Steve Austin not being happy with how WWE is doing the Ric Flair storyline. Austin gives a lot of his thoughts and opinions on the state of the wrestling business. This is a good read.

Link: Austin: Flair Not Getting Proper Sendoff

MSCW Match Results from 2/16/08 in Bowling Green, KY

1) "Honest" Jimmy & Double D beat "The Redneck Outlaw" Otis Bass & The Crazy Locksmith.

2) "The Rocket" Val Joiner beat Havoc.

3) "Gorgeous" Jimmy Funk won over The Flying Dragon

4) Kirk Patrick retained the Mid-South Junior Heavyweight title in an open challenge against Val Joiner.

5) "The Southern Kentucky Superstar" Randall Shane pinned Eric Benjamin.

6) Bluegrass Heavyweight Champion, The Night Stalker beat JW Wildfire in a title vs hair match.

7) "The Headliner" Chris Michaels beat "Cowboy" Bud Ellis to become the NEW Mid-South Heavyweight champion.

Credit: Mid-Southern Wrestling Message Board

USWO Match Results from 2/15 in Nashville

"Juicy" JC Crowe b Justin Spade. JCC has his very own pink boa as he is escorted by fellow Hangin' Tough members Quinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix. JS is glove-free tonight. Ref NW ejects QQ/JP to keep things under control. JCC applies a "juicy" headlock which JS quickly escapes and dropkicks JCC out. JS armdrags JCC some until JCC hits a lariat and goes for a "juicy" cloverleaf. JCC works the leg some more until JS ducks and kneelifts JCC for 2. JS goes for a tenpunch but only gets 2 before JCC pushes him off and covers him with feet on the ropes for the "juicy" pin in 6:00. QQ/JP return for a group hug.

Rob C b Zack Storm. ZS is from Canada and intro'd as a prodigy. Wristlocks traded until ZS kicks RC upside the head. ZS waistlocks RC but can't hold him down, so RC rolls out and kicks him in the head. RC ranas ZS, who rolls out to the floor to sit a spell. Back in, ZS wants a test of strength but instead just slaps RC, who responds with a leg lariat for 2. ZS dropkicks RC, then pounds on him and goes for like a crossface/body scissors kind of thing. RC works free and boots ZS, who connects on a spin kick to the groin. RC catches ZS' dropkicks but misses one of his own and ZS does a torture rack into a slam thing for 2. RC tries a crucifix and finally manages to pull ZS down for the pin in 8:00.

Steven Green b Damien Payne (w/Fetish)-DQ. Armwringing exchanged until SG dropkicks DP, who rolls out. SG works the arm until DP lowblows him. DP chokes, kicks, then butterflies the arms. SG gets up from this only to get kneelifted and DP continues to choke, etc., even letting F get in on the fun. They clothesline each other down to 5, then SG lariats and ranas DP for 2. SG goes for a Boston crab but F runs in and pops SG upside the head for the DQ in 7:00 Double teaming until SG ducks and clotheslines both.

Tony appreciates the crowd, calls up Anthony Cervantes and forgives him. Gordon goes all Bob Knight and appoints AC as his eventual successor(even though he says he's not going to retire).

Tim Renesto & Lee Cross (w/Charming Charles & Lisa Fayzon) b New York Gangster & Shawn Hoodrich. CC and Chicken Hat have words. NYG/LC trade punches and chops, then NYG slams LC for 2. SH in to dropkick as LC begs off. LC rakes NYG's eyes and tags in TR. Armwringing occurs until TR backs SH to the corner and chops away, then SH double teamed briefly until he hits a sunset flip and tags NYG. TR big boots NYG and wails away on him, then LC splashes him and throws him out for CC/LF to enjoy. Back in, TR/LC take turns abusing NYG with CC pitching in as needed. NYG comes off the ropes and DDTs TR, both down until 6 as NYG gets over for ...TAGS! SH on fire! NYG gets whipped into the ropes as CC pulls down the top rope so NYG goes tumbling to the floor. SH gets LC up in a firemans carry but TR dropkicks him in the knee. TR then assists LC in giving SH a spike piledriver, then covers SH for the pin in 11:00 Tony says that LF will poison LC's mind!

Mark Anthony (w/Charming Charles) b Steve O. Still no flashing for SO's beads. SO breaks out the armdrags early, though MA pulls up and backs SO to the corner. MA chops, then chokes him only to be reprimanded by ref NW. Meanwhile CC reaches in and chokes SO with a chain. MA hits an eyepoke of doom then drops a knee as the fans get irritated with MA's behavior. MA hits a legdrop for 2, then throws SO out to the floor and follows. MA chops really hard on SO, then talks smack and throws him back in. Back in, SO reverses a whip and backdrops MA, both down to 6. SO comes up swinging but runs into a kneelift. MA goes up to and hits a diving headbutt for the pin in 7:00 CC hands MA 2 chairs, which are used on SO's leg. Michael Jablonski's music plays, causing MA to throw a tantrum as SO is pulled to safety. A "we want Mike" chant breaks out, although no one appears. CC is upset because he says that MA is an emotional wreck! MA barks, stomps chairs, then takes off out the door, presumably after "Mike".

Nikki Roxx b Portia Perez. NR is OUR PGWA Champion and this is a title match. JD Fluffy is filming this for a future PGWA release, BTW. PP comes out and immediately riles up the fans, who would return the favor by heckling her the entire match. PP takes particular offense to Timmy's "who let the hoes out?" chant, lol. PP hesitates to lock up, then the two do a test of strength. PP tries to kick out but NR catches her leg and drops her with a right. NR gives PP a backbreaker for 2 but misses a splash, allowing PP to spin kick and commence choking NR with her boot and in the ropes. PP hits a running kneelift for 2 then goes for a sleeper on the mat. NR manages to rise up and break free, but she misses a crossbody. PP continues her chatter with the crowd as she kicks and chokes NR, then covers her for a 2 count. NR forearms then backdrops PP and both are down to 5. PP goes for a chinbreaker but NR kicks her away and powerbombs her for 2. NR goes up top but PP throws her off and kneelifts her for 2. NR backs PP to the corner and shoulders her but PP climbs up and comes off the top with a bulldog for 2, then complains to ref MO about his counting. NR grabs PP and hits a suplex with a bridge for 2. The two trade waistlocks until NR rolls up PP to retain the title in 9:00. PP attacks NR on the floor outside the ring. NR shoves ref MO aside and retaliates, then throws PP back in and ten punches her in the corner before slinging her across the ring and leaving.

LT Falk & Cousin Jason X b Quinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix in a 2/3 falls match to win the USWO Tag Team Championship. QQ/JP do a double Robe Removal Ritual tonight! NW spots a freshener can in "Juicy" JC Crowe's tights (in the back) and ejects him from ringside. LT gets a quick rollup on JP for 2, then dropkicks him out and dives out onto him. Back in, JP clubs away until LT unleashes a flurry of kicks. JP escapes by raking the face and tagging QQ, who runs right into a drop toehold. QQ does grab a headlock only to have LT escape and dropkick him out. JP/QQ console each other. CJX tags in and works QQ's arm until he suffers the eyepoke of doom. QQ grabs CJX by the neck and slings him into the corner. CJX hits a tiltawhirl but misses a broncobuster, and receives a lungblower from JP. Choking, then JP powerslams CJX for 2, then he and QQ grant CJX some double elbows. QQ/JP then give CJX a double slingshot and JP covers him for the first fall in 9:00. QQ/JP beat on CJX briefly, but somehow CJX manages to small package JP out of nowhere to win the second fall at about 10:00. QQ powerslams CJX for 2, then chops. JP powerbombs CJX for 2 as LT breaks it up. JP hits a top elbow for 2 but CJX gets up swinging and makes ...TAGS! LT on fire! QQ gets tangled in the ropes, eventually getting dumped out by CJX. LT tenpunches JP but JP counters with a lariat as CJX dives out onto QQ. JP motions to the door and JCC comes out with the freshener! JCC goes to hit LT but Steven Green runs out and deals with JCC! LT Germans JP for the pin and the titles in 15:00. LT/CJX are 2-time, 2-time tag champs!

Mitch Ryder b Chris Michaels. The winner here will face Kid Kash next for the USWO Championship. CM/MR nose to nose to start then MR talks tot he crowd, though there seems to be more support for CM here tonight. They lockup a few times with each doing something illegal to break it. CM shoulderblocks MR down and MR appears to have a chain hidden in his tights. MR bangs CM's head into the turnbuckles but gets hiptossed across the ring. MR drops a knee on CM and stomps, but then CM whips MR into the corner and beats on him. MR reverse whips CM into ref MO and pulls out his chain. CM blocks a punch, then grabs the chain. CM hesitates a bit then throws the chain into the crowd, but MR has pulled a second chain and pops CM with that, covering him for the pin in 11:00.

Kid Kash b Mitch Ryder. KK is OUR USWO Champion and this is a title match. KK climbs in and get jumped by MR, who chokes and rubs his face into the mat. MR hits an eyepoke of doom then liberally chokes KK with the chain. KK fights up only to be hairpulled back down for more beating. KK makes it back up and they lariat each other down to 8. KK up swinging till MR comes off the ropes with a DDT. CM wanders back out and offers a chain to MR, who ponders this just long enough for KK to schoolboy him for the pin in 6:00 Sore loser MR attacks KK briefly, then departs.

Credit: WWRD @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

LAW Match Results from Rector, AR 2-15-08

Brandon Espinosa defeated Evan Gelistico.

Tucker defeated Baron Malkavain.

In a 3-on-one handicap match, Johnny Vinyl, Rockin Randy, & Pierre Abernathy defeated Pappy to retain the LAW Tag Team belts.

Flash Flanagan defeated Slim Pickens.

Idol Bane defeated Derrick King with help from Jeff O'Dell.