Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jeff Hardy signed autographs and Randy Orton gives the finger

At RAW in Philly, A good amount of people were waiting outside the venue to try and get the wrestlers to stop their cars in hope for autograph signings and pictures after the show concluded. After many superstars sped by without a glance, (Horn Swaggle was very funny to see speeding off in the parking lot.) Jeff Hardy pulled over, along with his girlfriend in the car, and took pictures and signed autographs with everyone who was freezing outside for over 45 minutes. He was truely a really nice guy and was the only wrestler who acknowledged the fans. He even started to pull off, and i asked him to wait and take another picture with me and he waited even when my camera was not working. On a meaner note, Randy Orton was a passanger in a vehicle, and gave a little boy who was holding a John Cena sign the finger!


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