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Championship Wrestling News

Championship Wrestling returns to Greeneville, TN, on August 11, 2007, at the Eastview Recreation Center. Big Steve Fury vs. "Handsome" Beau James in a grudge match for the National Heavyweight Title; Tony Givens, Robbie Cassidy & Moe Jenkins vs. Nick Hammonds and two partners Hammonds must find by August 1; and the main event is TV Champion Thorn vs. Menace in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

LAW Show Results from Rector, AR 7/27/07

Lil' Tim Alfonso defeated Gryffon X.

Arnez defeated Rockin' Randy.

In a match called a "10 minute challenge," Slim Pickens went ten minutes with "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony, and by doing so earned a title shot at next week's show.

Idol Bane & Scott Graham defeated Simon Reed & Stan Lee to retain the LAW Tag Team straps.

Tommy Redneck defeated Jon Michael. Since Jon Miochael lost he has to wear a DRESS when he wrestles.

I am told there were less than 30 fans at the show. That is sad. LAW, at one time, drew some good crowds in Dyersburg.

Thanks to Danny George for submitting these results.

Test Going to TNA?

Reports on the net say that Andrew "Test" Martin has signed a deal with TNA. My source in TNA refused to confirm or deny this news, so take it with a grain of salt. When he refuses to talk, there is usually some truth to it. It makes more sense than TNA signing PacMan!

- Axeman

Pac Man Going to TNA?! You Gotta be Kidding!!!!

This is unbelievable. What would any wrestling organization want with Adam "Pac Man" Jones? There are reports on the net that say he will be in a "non-wrestling" role. Give me a break! Big mistake, Dixie, not a good move for TNA.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Adam "Pacman" Jones won't be wrestling for TNA Entertainment during his season-long suspension from the NFL.But the Tennessee Titans cornerback may participate with TNA Wrestling in other ways, according to his agent.The contract hasn't been signed yet, and TNA declined to comment Tuesday except to say an announcement is expected by the end of the week.Agent Michael Huyghue said he is mindful that Jones' NFL contract prohibits non-football activities that could cause injury. He said they have talked with the Titans about Jones' plans with TNA."I think the club wants to see him do something, obviously, while we've got this time off before we report back," Huyghue said. "His intent is only to make appearances and do things and not get into any kind of physical activity that's going to jeopardize his health."He's looking for a number of things obviously to occupy his time."Jones' attorney Worrick Robinson said TNA first approached Jones weeks ago and talks resumed in the past few days."Anyone who has seen wrestling knows there are other opportunities to be involved," Robinson said.Huyghue said Jones' first appearance with TNA could come the weekend his teammates start their preseason schedule. The Titans' first exhibition game is against Washington on Aug. 11.Jones was suspended for the 2007 season in April for conduct detrimental to the NFL, and he can have his case reviewed after the Titans' 10th game, which is Nov. 19 at Denver.He has been arrested six times since being drafted by the Titans in April 2005, including June 22 when he turned himself in on two felony counts of coercion in a Las Vegas strip club fight that left a man paralyzed.Last week, the league denied Jones' bid to attend training camp.When he was suspended, Jones was given several requirements to meet, including devising a community service program that must be approved by the NFL. The league declined to comment Tuesday on whether Jones has come up with such a plan or if it had been approved.His agent is checking with the registrar at West Virginia University to see if Jones can take courses toward his degree online because he plans to stay in the Jacksonville, Fla., area and work out during his suspension.Jones won't start losing his $1.3 million salary until the first game checks are issued in September. "The fine was a significant penalty, unprecedented in the league," Huyghue said. "I'm sure he's mindful of the fact that's a significant amount of money."

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(Source: RasslinRiotonline)

NWA Main Event News

NWA Main Event has signed a lease on the Old National Guard Armory in Pulaski, TN. It is a completely air conditioned building, and the organization plans to rent it out from time to time for parties and other events. The Armory is located at 634 E. College St. NWA Main Event tentatively plans on July 27 as the date for the Grand Opening for the Building. It will be an all day event with a kids fair and free food and drinks, and wrestling will be that night. Congrats to NWA M.E.

Jimmy Valiant's 65th Birthday Bash!

Hi, WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Valiant's 65th Birthday Bash will be held at "Boogie's Wrestling Camp," 2916 Alleghany Springs Road, Shawsville, VA 24162, this Sunday August 5th from 12 noon till 4 p.m. The event will be sponsored by NY promoter Howard Rogofsky. There will be free pizza and birthday cake served. Also from NY Boogie's booking agent, Evan Ginzburg will be in attendance. Film crew, Franco and Sandro from NY, will be shooting a live documentary of this special day. And radio personality, from Morgan City, LA Nathan Starling will be doing a live remote for his Ringside Radio Show. Special guest appearance by wrestling legends, Super Mario, Beau James and one-half of the Midnight Express, Beautiful Bobby Eaton will be in the house.
Don't you dare miss this one! Let's all celebrate 65 years of having Handsome Jimmy "The Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant with us.
Thank you! See you here at BWC.

Angel Valiant

The King's Court

WWE Hall of Famer and Mid-South Lengend, Jerry "The King" Lawler, is set to report to court in Tunica, Mississippi tomorrow, August 1st. This court appearance is in response to assault charges brought against Lawler by former Memphis Wrestling manager Sal Corrente. Corrente claims that he was assaulted by Lawler at the Sam's Town Casino during a Memphis Wrestling Show on June 15th, 2007.

We will do our best to have updated news on this situation tomorrow, as it happens. It is expected that Lawler will enter either a guilty or not-guilty plea, then another court date will be set for later in the month. Check back for more on this developing story.

Triple H in WWE Magazine

The new issue of WWE Magazine features an interview with Triple H under the guise of a "job interview" as he's the "guest editor" for the issue. When asked to explain a work-related issue he thinks causes trouble, HHH commented, "I see a million guys who think, "I'm the best of the new guys." Well, that's not saying much. Do you want to the best of the news guys or the best guy here? They sit back and they're waiting for somebody to make them a star. Nobody makes you a star. You make yourself a star. When the fans are going crazy for you whether positively or negatively then you have something to promote. No one made Triple H. I did. The problem is a lack of patience. Early on in my career, I was very impatient and wanted to be more than I was ready to be. But as time went on, I was glad I didn't get it so early, because I wasn't ready. Now guys come in the door and half of them don' have a clue. I see guys on TV, against the likes of Ric Flair and they simply can't capitalize in that. It you can't capitalize on working with one of the biggest stars ever in the history of this business, you're not doing something right. You need to evaluate what you're doing and stop blaming everyone else."

Monday, July 30, 2007

CWA Benefit Show This Saturday

CWA Championship Wrestling proudly presents "Summer Bash Blowout" at the Jaycees Building at the fairgrounds in Selmer,TN, this Saturday, August 4th. This is a benefit show for the victims and families of the drag racing accident on June 16 in Selmer. Many wrestlers are going to be on the card, including The Posse, “The Outlaw” Don Bass, Fire & Flame, K-9 Kolh, Just Gordon, The Bounty Hunters, "Nightmare" Ken Wayne, and many more. Bell time is 7:00.

GTW Match results from 7/28/07 in West Point, MS

LSD defeated Jake Prentiss & El Bruho.

"Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore w/Lady Reb defeated Chazz Stone.

Chris Chaos defeated Tony Dabbs by DQ to retain the GTW Championship.

The Southern Saints (Shawn Reed & Chris Styles) defeated Justin Reed & Josh Matthews
w/Anita Page to win the GTW Tag Team Championship.

The main event was a Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender fot the GTW Title. LSD was the winner.

SAW Show Results 7/29/07 from Millersville, TN

(TV taping, 2 shows)

Nore Havoc defeated Sigmon.

Arrick Andrews defeated Hammerjack.

Homicidal Tendencies defeated Michael Jablonski & Shane Eden.

Spellbinder defeated New York Gangster by count out.

TJ Harley defeated Shawn Shultz to retain the TV belt.

Michael jablonski defeated Kevin White.

Chris Michaels (w/Paul Adams) defeated Shane Eden.

Kodiak Steve Hall & Sumie Sakai defeated Kylie Pierce & Shooting Star.

TJ Harley defeated Nore Havoc (w/Paul Adams) to retain the TV belt.

The Naturals defeated Homicidal Tendencies to retain the Tag Team belts.

Sumie Sakai defeated Kylie Pierce.

FTW Show Results from 7/24/07 in Elkmont, AL

JL defeated Mr. Blur & Kurt Nickels in a 3 way match.

Chrisjen Hayme & Freak Show defeated Tony V & Whiplash.

Eddie Paul defeated Jeremy Flynt.

Shaun Peete defeated Phil Wilson.

Charlie Swinger & Josh Hendrix defeated Insane Lane & Cabana Man Dan.

Memphis Wrestling Autozone Park Show Results

Derrick King & Shawn Shultz defeated Tatt2 & Johnny Dotson.

Mr. Hughes defeated Dustin Starr.

Kevin White defeated Spellbinder.

Koko B. Ware & Kid Kash defeated Too Cool 2 by DQ.

Jerry Lawler defeated Johnny Rotten.

I was told that this was a good show, even though it was a water logged show with all the rain.

- Axeman

TFW Match Results from 7/27/07 in Tupelo

The show started with all wrestlers and referees being called to the ring. The results of the drug tests which were given to all TFW wrestlers and referees were announced. Everybody passed. Well, almost everybody passed. Denise announced that Fusion had tested positive for mange, and that Brett Michaels tests showed that he is pregnant. "Spectacular" Shawn Reed was actually angry that he passed his drug test.

In the opening match Chazz Stone defeated Devon Raynes.

"Prime Time Nick Grymes defeated Dirty Sanchez to retain the TFW Light-Heavyweight Championship.

"Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs w/T-Byrd & Chris Styles defeated LSD.

"The Future" Chris Styles w/T-Byrd & Tony Dabbs defeated Chris Chaos.

"The Perfectionist" Josh Matthews w/Anita Page defeated "Spectacular" Shawn Reed by DQ. After the referee had called for the bell, Shawn handcuffed Josh Matthews to the turnbuckle and started giving him a beating. He then attacked Anita Page. He gave her a fireman's carry gutbuster and also hit her with a baseball bat. Then ring announcer Hunter Montgomery Jackson went into the ring to help her, and Reed injured him with a kick to the head. Promoter Denise Blaylock suspended Reed indefinitely from TFW. Denise later said that Anita Page was taken to the hospital for medical attention.

Max Steel w/T-Byrd, Tony Dabbs, Chris Styles, & Bless defeated Chop Top the Clown to retain the TFW Heavyweight belt.

The main event was a cage match. The New Age Cowboys (Chris Kilgore & Josh Holly) defeated Testosterone (Fushion & Brett Michaels) to become the new TFW Tag Team Champions.

This was a very good show, and the crowd was the largest TFW has had in several weeks. I estimate it to be 140.

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Tension High After Memphis Show

We'll start this new blog off right with a hollywoodjimmy.com exclusive!

According to my source in the Memphis Wrestling organization, tension in the dressing room after Saturday night's show at Autozone Park was extremely high, because the regular Memphis Wrestling workers did not get paid. According to my source, Corey Maclin said it was because the show was a TV taping and MW workers do not get paid for TV tapings. If that is the case, why was Kid Kash paid for the show? Sounds to me like MW workers got the shaft.

Remember you read it HERE on hollywoodjimmy.com FIRST!

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"God of Wrestling" Karl Gotch Passes Away

The following story was posted by Legends Championship Wrestling earlier today:

Karl Charles Istaz, known internationally as Karl Gotch, passed away at 9:45 p.m. Eastern time tonight. He was a few days shy of 83 years old.

A former place-winner in the 1948 Olympics in London, Istaz went to the famed Wigan school where he learned submission wrestling. He migrated to the U.S. where he had a reputation in some circles as the toughest man alive.

He ended up becoming a legend in Japan, where he was eventually nicknamed "The God of Professional Wrestling." He was the trainer for New Japan Pro Wrestling and later the original UWF, and his influence in students like Akira Maeda and Nobuhiko Takada led to the rise of shootfighting and eventually MMA in that country.

Karl Gotch excelled in amateur wrestling, competing (as Charles Istaz) for Belgium in the 1948 Olympics in both freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. Gotch also trained in the Indian martial art of Pehlwani. This training led to Gotch's regime of calisthenic bodyweight exercise, which were used by Indian wrestlers and other athletes to build leg endurance and strength. He also adopted other Indian exercises, such as the bridge, Hindu squats, and Hindu press ups in his wrestling. Gotch's philosophy was later passed on to several of his students.

Istaz's professional wrestling career began after training in the "Snake Pit", run by the renowned catch wrestler, Billy Riley. Istaz debuted as a professional wrestler in 1955 under the ring name Karl Krauser, beginning his career in Europe. After establishing himself as arguably the best wrestler in Europe, Gotch ventured to the United States in 1959.

In 1961, he adopted the ring name of Karl Gotch (after Frank Gotch). He captured his first major championship, the AWA (Ohio) Heavyweight Title in 1962 by defeating Don Leo Jonathon. Gotch held the belt for two years before dropping the title to Lou Thesz, one of the few American wrestlers he respected because of the similarities of their styles (the two also share a common German/Hungarian heritage).

Gotch had a notorious behind-the-scenes feud with "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers, starting when Gotch asked for a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Rogers wanted to avoid getting into the ring with a wrestler he feared would shoot on him and legitimately "steal" his championship. This led to a locker room fist fight between the two, ending when Gotch broke Rogers' hand; incapacitating Rogers for several weeks. These events only served to alienate Gotch from the American promoters, who already felt there was no place for his style in the flashier world of American pro wrestling.

During the early 1970s, Gotch had a brief run in the World Wide Wrestling Federation. He won the WWWF Tag Team Championship with Rene Goulet on December 6, 1971.

Gotch then left the United States for Japan, where he became very popular. He wrestled in the main event of the very first show held by New Japan Pro Wrestling, defeating Antonio Inoki. His more athletic, less entertainment-based wrestling style was passed on to Inoki, who further developed it into the strong style that has been the norm in New Japan Pro Wrestling ever since.

After retiring, Gotch went on to train other wrestlers, including Tatsumi Fujinami, Hiro Matsuda, Osamu Kido, Satoru Sayama, and Yoshiaki Fujiwara. Some of these students, including Satoru Sayama and Yoshiaki Fujiwara, formed the original Japanese UWF, where the matches were entirely shoot wrestling.

Hello Axeman Fans!

I hope you enjoy the new blog. Check us out often for all your wrestling news and results!

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