Monday, October 22, 2007

Unfortunate Situation at MAW Anniversary Show

Some fun stuff happened at the MAW show last night with a worker by the name of “Showstopper.” Apparently this all started with him showing up to Memphis Wrestling TV and trying to get on the tapings. He made a total fool of himself, when Jerry Lawler asked him if he could dance and he square danced in the front of the boys.

He then had been promising everyone that he would sell 400 advance tickets for the MAW show on his own. And he said that if he didn’t sell those tickets, then he would pay the boys to work. He arrived to the building with no tickets sold and no money to pay the boys.

The fun then got started when he was teamed with Danny B Good, Crime and Precious vs Johnny Dotson, Derrick King, Rockin Randy and “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony. He was in the ring with TGB first and TGB tried to work with him. When it became apparent that he had no idea what he was doing, TGB took control and ended up butterfly suplexing him and slapping him for shoot. They ended up stopping the match and all the guys on TGB’s side did a shoot interview on “Showstopper” pretty much saying he did not deserve to be in the ring. At some point, EVERYONE turned on him and just beat the hell out of him. He took like 20 chair shots and bunch of really stiff shit. I think even the guys on his side then did shoot interviews on him and they even threw him in the trash.

After it was all done, “Showstopper” finally left the ring and went to the dressing room. After the match was finished he was waiting there to tell everyone he was sorry. He promised the crew that he would not get in the ring again until he was properly trained.

The show drew 6 paid.

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(6 paid... Why bother?!)

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