Sunday, October 21, 2007

PWF Card for 10-25-07 in Kingsport, TN

The Pro Wrestling Federation returns to the Kingsport VFW on Thursday Night, October 25 in Colonial Heights with, for the first time in over a year back in Kingsport, WCW/NWA Wrestling Legend Rock N' Roll Express' Ricky Morton. That's right, PWF gets Ricky Morotn before anyone else and you can see him live in Colonial Heights at the VFW. PWF once again proves why its the PREMIER federation in East Tennessee! Also see another WCW/NWA legend, The Official Match Maker for PWF, "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton! Come see a jam packed night of wrestling action .

Tickets are only $6.00 and $8.00 front row.

The Card is as follows:
**PWF Heavyweight Championship**
Former WCW star Scotty McKeever
vs. WWE Prospect "The Last of the Dying Breed" Brad Thomas (c)

**PWF Television Championship**
"Scufflin" Daniel Mulligan vs. The Modern Day Superstar (c)

**PWF Southeastern Championship**
DL Eaton vs. "The Exception" Josh Crawford (c)

**PWF Cruiserweight Championship**
Cruiserweight Scramble to crown FIRST PWF Cruiserweight Champion
Johnny Knieval vs. "Ladies Man" Dustin Steal vs. "The Feature Presentation" Pain
vs. Zodiac

Return Match from PWF Havoc Before Halloween
Mike Blade vs. "The Siberian Superman" Oleg Romanov

Grudge Match
Matt Storm vs. Travis Dykes

"The German Genetic Freak" Hans Kitzinger
PWF Tag Team Champs The Deathriders
The Creation of Devastation
TJ Dillion
& MORE!!!


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