Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Leticia Cline Gone From TNA

Leticia Cline appears to be done with TNA. Her name has been removed from the roster section. They also removed all of her photos from the TNA Knockouts section. Cline took a leave of absence in August/September to attend to some outside projects she's involved with. They hired another girl to fill in for her while she was away. Cline was then considered to be all but gone, but the issue of Playboy magazine featuring her on the cover came out at around the same time, and they decided to keep her a little while longer. Cline sent out a memo on her MySpace page a few weeks ago stating that TNA was trying to figure out a storyline for her. She had a brief exchange with Louthan in a backstage segment on Impact a few weeks ago, but they never followed up on it.

Credit: Ryan Clark @ www.wrestlinginc.com

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