Sunday, October 21, 2007

FTW Results from October 16th in Elkmont, AL

Jesse Emerson d. "Giggalo" Jay Phoenix
The debuting Giggalo did not make any friends his first night at FTW. He made some disparaging comments about the FTW faithful and the wrestlers. FTW fan fave Jesse answered the call and humbled the flamboyant newcomer. Emerson pinned "The Giggalo" with the Perfect Plex.

Chris Castle d. "Furious" Phil Wilson
Phil asked for a warm up match to get ready for his "I QUIT Match" at PMS 3. He got the FTW Champion, Chris Castle, to warm up with. Castle said he needed a warm up too since he had a rematch with Chrisjen Hayme for the FTW Championship at PMS 3 as well. The Champion pinned Phil with his patented Castle Crusher finisher.

Corey Shaddix d. Insane Lane in the Hangman's Death Match.
Referee Cowboy Troy was knocked down while Corey had Lane hung to win the match. However, Freak Show came in and blindsided Corey. While Lane got the noose around Corey's neck to hang him, Freak Show revived the ref to show that Lane had Corey hung. The ref rung the bell and gave the match to Insane Lane. Suddenly, unfamiliar music played and out came a person from both Insane Lane and Freak Show's past, Prophet! Prophet says he was contacted by FTW Comissioner Kurt Nickels to counter the mayhem Six Feet Under has caused over the summer months. Kurt came out and concurred with what Prophet said and made a match for Postmortem Showdown 3 between Six Feet Under and the team of Prophet and Corey Shaddix. The Commish also told Lane that he and senior FTW Official Hartselle watched the match and saw that Corey hung Lane first and awarded the match to Corey. Lane was not happy as both he and Freak Show promised to tear Corey and Prophet apart.

"Mad Dog" Eddie Paul d. Chrisjen Hayme.
It was a hard hitting match with great technical wrestling. It went back and forth the whole match until Phil Wilson's miscalculated meddling caused Hayme to get rolled up for the three count. Wilson then beat up Eddie and put him in an arm lock making him yell "I Quit." Phil told him there would be more where that came from at PMS 3!

Freak Show d. Josh Hendrix
Josh showed courage and heart as he faced the monstrous Freak Show. Hendrix tried to use his quickness to his advantage. Josh did have Freak Show stunned for a short period. But Freak Show's sheer power and many years of experience proved too much for the young up and comer. Freak Show used the Nelson Mandela Bomb (Full Nelson Bomb) to put away Hendrix for the three count.

Mr. Blur & The Other Guy vs. Jeremy Flynt & Shaun Peete was a no contest.
Both teams truly hate each other. Mr. Blur & The Other Guy have been toting around tag titles that don't belong to them. At least not just yet. The true holders of the tag belts have been trying to exact their vengeance and getting their belts back. However, cheating ways by the faux champs have spoiled their recent plans. Blur and Other Guy introduced a new member of their group in "The Specialist" Shane Fox. Fox came to attack Jeremy and Shaun; but was cut off by Jesse Emerson. Kurt came out and told Shane he was gonna make his debut at PMS 3 against Jesse Emerson. Kurt then took the tag titles and told the two teams will duke it out in a Texas Tornado Match for the belts at PMS 3!

Here are the matches signed so far for Postmortem Showdown 3 on November 6th in Elkmont, AL at the Country Music Barn!

Insane Lane & Freak Show vs. Prophet & Corey Shaddix face off in the Sanitarium Of Terror!

"Furious" Phil Wilson vs. "Mad Dog" Eddie Paul in an "I Quit" Match!

Chrisjen Hayme vs. (C) Chris Castle for the FTW Championship!

Mr. Blur & The Other Guy vs. Shaun Peete & Jeremy Flynt in a Texas Tornado Match for the FTW Tag Team Championship!

"The Specialist" Shane Fox vs. Jesse Emerson

A special Midget Attraction Match featuring The Enigma!

Blood and Midgets... only at FTW!


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