Sunday, October 28, 2007

FTW Match Results from 10-27-07 in Spencer, TN

Match: 1: Patrick Colvett defeated Rick Mulligan.

Match 2: Billy Merciless w/"The Ace" Nick White and Dexter York defeated Ronin and Noah Richards. Noah tapped out and had his arm severely injured. Billy Merciless was also injured.

Match 3: Justin Sane and Justin Kase went to a double count out.

Match 4: Sweet Science Title.
DC Vital and Ryan Jeffries went to a 20 Minute Time Limit Draw.

Match 5: FTW Tag Team Titles.
Josh Frozt and Brian Mudoch defeated AC Frost and Standard Wrestling Guy.

Match 6: Justin O'Day and Mary Kelly defeated Josh Vincent and QC 8.

Main Event: Sabbath's ELE (Mike Promo and Lord Frost) vs. Rock Dogg and Dark Deacon went to a No Contest.

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