Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Booker T Speaks

On His suspension: "I feel that I wasn't protected by the WWE... I feel like I got suspended without just cause. I feel like it wasn't right, and that's the reason why I chose to leave WWE because in order to protect my reputation, I have to believe in something."

On Being Drafted To Raw: "My time on Smackdown, it was a great run...It was beautiful, just pushing for whoever was the champion over there. We really didn't care who was the champion. There were no politics, no hassles. Then going back over to Raw, it was like a dark cloud coming over. I just knew it wasn't the place where I wanted to be. There are a whole lot of politics. You have to deal with a lot of garbage. I just knew, for my mental state, it wasn't going to be a good place."

Wrestling Triple H At Summerslam: "That's where the business part comes in, the politics come in. I really feel like it should have been me and Jerry Lawler at Summerslam. I'm a professional, and I go out there and do my job. It wasn't what it could have been. I can honestly say I have never watched that match on tape because I felt like my body was out there but my mind wasn't."

Credit: Interview with Booker T by Brian Fritz of the Orlando Sentinel as posted on

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