Saturday, October 27, 2007

Blast From the Past - Diary of William Winkler, PHD

Volume XIV Entry 11
I saw them!
In my office window...
...they stared at me with furious hate! That's not possible. They are not here. He has them. But there is no mistaking those eyes nor the evil that lurks within. I have heard rumor of their exploits...the blood loss and pain.
What is he teaching them? What horror will he reign down upon the unsuspecting fools who think it all a game. It is NO game. I've looked in to the heart of madness, and seen hell waiting.
They are always watching. When I close my eyes I see those accursed doll heads. I hear the scratching of fingernails on brick. My spine shudders with every creaking board.
And now I'm seeing things, impossible things, in my windows and in my dreams. That's it, I will write no more of this tonight! I....wait...what is that...........

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