Wednesday, November 26, 2014

UCW Thanksbeatings results.

These two Brahma Bulls about shook the ring down to it's foundations. Due to Showtime's keen ability to distract Officer Rage used a Night Stick to gain what he thought would be a victory. The keen eye of referee, Terry Woods, changed all of that when he informed the match Referee, Eric Teas of what had transpired. Officer Rage was disqualified for his actions. Big Red was awarded the match.

The devious, Jay Moore, led the way for Xander against his nemesis, Sexy Sarge. Xander believes that Sarge has stolen his identity, namely his look. Sarge on the other hand feels he just made Xander's "look", look good. Jay did not give Sarge a moments peace in this match and when the tide was in favor of the Sexy one, Jay along with Showtime, took Sarge down with a low kick. Sarge was down, but this battle is far from over.

In what boils done to bad blood between these two, has fueled a rage in Ricky Andrews. The personal attack on Jessica, by Josh Matthews has left Ricky with only one mind set, RAGE! This match was nothing short of a brawl. Josh attempted to draw in Jessica once again, but she took matters in her own hands, hitting Josh with a low blow, before he could harm her. While writhing in pain, Josh was snatched up by Ricky and hit with a folded pile driver, just as Jessica felt two weeks prior. Ricky Andrews walked away with the win and a bit of satisfaction.

The epic struggle between these two men over the US Title continued this week as the two faced once again in a last man standing match. The punishment was poured out like water upon one another as they battled. In what was a surprise, Joseph stopped the match and left Houston laying in a crumpled heap after delivering a curb stop to Houston onto a ladder. Joseph then offered one final match for Houston. A loser leaves UCW match one winner, one loser, all of the glory.

The UCW Title on the line. Weezy defended against a former champion, Chris Rocker. Jay Moore accompanied Rocker as the two are akin to wanting the UCW Gold. Rocker gave Weezy a hard time at every step of the match, but perseverance is Weezy's wrestling style and he endured Rocker working over his left knee. Jay Moore felt the match slowly slipping from Rocker's grasp and decided to help by throwing a face full of powder into Weezy's eyes, while the referee was distracted. A quick super Kick later and Rocker got the three count. Referee Terry Woods realized powder had been used as it hung heavily in the air. With this realization Referee Woods reversed the decision and awarded the belt back to Weezy. Rocker went ballistic and began to beat on the referee with the help of Jaso Rage. Out of nowhere Referee Woods, spun Officer Rage out of the ring and both he and Rocker left.

Condolences to the family of Wrestling Fan Scott Wilbanks

I have worked several of the Memphis Wild Fire Wrestling events in the last year. I saw Scott there cheering and having a great time. He made a point to interact and enjoy what this business is about. I know people pass, as this is the way of life. Not everyone is recognized but I have seen that this man made an impression on the men he met in this sport. With that I would like to send out condolences to Mr. Wilbanks family and friends at this sad time.

The following is a message from Dustin Starr to Mr. Wilbanks family, as well as a picture from Dustin's Facebook page that inspired me to write this article.

"I am saddened to learn about the passing of a very dear wrestling fan & great guy. Scott will be missed by us all. He was such a nice guy - always taking pictures & sharing them, as well as inviting us out to tour Gibson's Guitar.

My condolences go out to his friends & family. Keep that Five in the Sky, Scott!"

Dustin Starr.

Words of wisdom from Little Bit

I thought this post on FB by Little Bit was worthy of passing on here. So here it is:

You know what would be great? If we could all realize we are ALL HUMAN! We are not brown, we are not peach okay, we are human! The color of someone's skin should not be a factor anymore! It is 2014, a time we should be united more than ever. Do you not realize that the rest of the world (the ones who want us to fall) is watching us FALL!!! United we Stand, Divided We Fall! Why don't we worry about the terrorist that want bloodshed on our soil instead of giving them what they ...want, we are doing it for them. Burning down cars and stores like a bunch of wild animals, who gets to clean up that mess financially? Our children will be! Look at the examples were setting for them. We are teaching our children that violence amongst our neighbors is okay, we are teaching our children what racism is! No one is born racist, they are brought up that way. Good job! Were allowing it to continue. With each generation it will continue to grow. I know trying to show a fool the light will leave us both in the dark, so I will continue to pray for our country, that's all I can do. I hope peaceful ones will pray with me, we need it!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Birthday To RaShard DeVon! Party Info

We here at Wrestling News Center would like to wish a Happy 40th Birthday today to RaShard DeVon.  To celebrate, RaShard is renting out the top floor of the Peabody hotel( tonight-8pm in Memphis,Tn. to have a private birthday celebration with some of his celebrity friends, such as "the Legendary rapper TooShort, (comedian) Gary Owens, (actress) Elise Neal, close friend and mentor Koko Ware just to name a few. Drinks, food, and entertainment will be provided, If you'd like to attend contact RaShard for details( via text 901 236-1069)

Monday, November 24, 2014


The beginning of the show brought the EPW Heavyweight Champion Kross Mann w/Smooth to the ring much to the disappointment of the fans. Promoter Edith Poole came out to make an announcement that she was appointing a new commish for EPW. She told Kross it was someone he would love. She then announced it was non other than Brody Hawk. Kross and Smooth went ballistic to the fact Kross said that Brody did not like him. That it was unfair to him. Brody also let him know that he had the power to fire or hire and that he had brought in a second generation wrestler to challenge him for his title later on that night. He informed Kross that this guy came in as a personal favor to him. Kross was livid because he didn't know who he would be facing but Hawk told them both to take their... well... let's say their butts to the back. While Kross and Smooth were left wondering.
The opening match was between Keylo and Spazzo. This one was weird from the get go with these two guys. Keylo ended up with the win in this match up.
Jon Wyld took on Cane in the second match of the night. These two went toe to toe through the whole match up but Wyld picked up the pin fall.
This match was betweem Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor taking on Hollywood Wes Powers w/Jade. Taylor gave Powers a few more octives early in the match but thanks to Jade's interference Powers came out the victor.
The Intercontinental Champion Dangerous David Cox went against Jon Wyld in a title match. Cox got the win in this one to keep his title.
The semi main event was a title match for the Tri-State Tag Team Title Match between the champions Colton Anderson and Samoan Raja w/Smooth going against Keylo Green and Bubba Boodrow. the challengers gave the champs all they could handle during this match up. The champions retained their titles in this one. I'm sure this one is far from over with these two teams.
The main event was between the EPW Heavyweight champion Kross Mann w/Smooth taking on TJ O'Riley. Brody Hawk announced earlier in the night that he had brought in someone to take on Kross for his belt as a favor to him. These two guys battled from start to finish until as usual Smooth interferred by tripping O'Riley. In the end it was Kross getting the 1 2 3 and retained his title. div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">