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Full Card Announced For Welterweight Wrestling Live iPPV Sunday, May 7 on FITE!

We are inside of two weeks away from a first of its kind event! The best young athletes, overlooked by the system, 185 pounds or under, come together to fight one another in a war of attrition to crown the United States' first ever pro wrestling Welterweight Champion! Here's more information on WW and the event, plus the full card run-down!

Hosted by: Joe DombrowskI & "The Franchise" Shane Douglas!

Welterweight Wrestling takes place on Sunday, May 7 at 5pm EST from Turners Hall in Cleveland, OH!
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Main Event
Seven worthy athletes will meet in a Welterweight Championship Elimination Scramble to determine the first man ever to wear this prestigious championship! Six will be eliminated and only one will be left standing, but before we can discuss the main event, we have to figure out who will make it that far! The seven competitors will be determine via these qualifying matches:

WW Title Qualifier: "The Remix" Kevin Bennett vs. "Best Ever" Sammy Guevara
It's a battle of two of the loudest and boldest personalities rising up in pro wrestling. Kevin Bennett calls himself "The Remix" and backs it up in so many ways - an accomplished wrestler who holds wins over numerous wrestling stars known the world over, and an accomplished rapper/producer/audio engineer who has performed in concert opening for the likes of Three 6 Mafia and Aaron Carter! Meanwhile, Sammy Guevara has been setting the scene on fire down in his native Texas, competing against nearly every major star to come through the area, always bringing an in-your-face and unapologetic personality, the same personality that leads to him referring to himself as "Mr. Money's Worth" and "The Best Ever". Will Sammy see similar success in his first appearance in Cleveland, OH with the worldwide eyes of FITE TV watching? Or can Kevin Bennett put another impressive name on his own resume? One will advance to the main event to compete for championship glory!

WW Title Qualifier: "New Age Plague" Gory vs. "Master of Snake Style" Ophidian
two very divergent personalities collide as the "New Age Plague" Gory meets the "Master of Snake Style" Ophidian. Gory is all about spreading misery, pain and pestilence and his "Infect the World" mantra speaks of a large-scale to claim as many innocent victims as he can. If he can outlast the rest of the field of 15, he will indeed achieve his mission. Ophidian, however, is passionate about the competition of pro wrestling and brings a fun, festive unpredictability along with him wherever he goes, combined with a killer instinct and diverse hybrid of styles making him extremely difficult to prepare for. Ophidian has incredible body control and can utilize it in battle on a level few other are capable at matching, but Gory may be the best at using his own body as an offensive weapon. Who will advance to compete for the Welterweight Championship later that night in our Elimination Scramble main event?

WW Title Qualifier: "Swaggy D" Dylan Bostic vs. Ryan Kidd
It's a battle between two California residents with vastly different views on the world in this Welterweight Championship Scramble Qualifying Match! Dylan Bostic aka "Swaggy D" is all about the world of celebrity and superficiality. He'd love to walk into a club or high-end socialite party with championship at hand, the center of attention and a star on the rise! Meanwhile, Ryan Kidd is a student of the game, having trained and studied in the US, Mexico, Japan, and across Europe. The Welterweight Championship would symbolize years of sacrifice and dedication finally paying off. Only one man can advance to the field of 7 that will battle for the title at the end of the night! Will May 7 be the day that one of these athletes' careers changes forever?

WW Title Qualifier: Cam Zagami vs. Nate Wings
This Welterweight Championship Qualifier features two more diverse personalities in a battle of ego vs. work ethic. Cam Zagami is quick to brag about his appearance alongside John Cena on Fox's "American Grit" reality series, and is quick to brush off critics who speak out against his attitude, claiming he's just "2 Cam 2 Give A Damn". Meanwhile, Nate Wings, even in the land of the welterweights, is the smallest athlete on the roster. At just 5'3" and 140 lbs, Nate defies the odds every day he's in the wrestling business, and has stood up to challenges large and small, showing his merit in spite of victory or defeat. Could a man who has embodied the welterweight spirit for some time advance to the 7-Man main event to compete for the Welterweight Title or will Cam Zagami add another accolade to his resume and shut the door on Welterweight Wrestling's feel good story?

WW Title Qualifier: "Trigger" Trey Miguel vs. Rayo 
This match sees the man known as "Trigger Trey", Trey Miguel one-on-one with the one-time soccer star who has now discovered his Incan warrior roots, Rayo! Trey has been getting a lot of attention in recent weeks for show-stealing performances all across the midwest, and may wind up becoming the most promising star to come out of Dayton before it's all said and done. Rayo has impressed similarly over on the east coast, and his spiritual journey to become in-tune with his ancestors has only increased his focus and intensity. Only one man can advance to the Welterweight Championship Scramble at the end of the night and compete for ultimate glory!

WW Title Qualifier: Ace Austin vs. Ace Perry
Welterweight Wrestling will be the first place ever to host the Battle of the Aces as part of the Welterweight Wrestling iPPV on Sunday, May 7! Ace Austin has been turning heads and gaining supporters all over the northeast as he treats every match as a high-risk gamble, but almost always seems to hold the high card. Meanwhile, Ace Perry has forged a reputation as a "One Man Boy Band", soft spoken and kind outside the ring, but with a physical bad boy side in the ring, and a dynamic energetic side that likes to have fun as well! They will meet one-on-one with the winner advancing to the 7-Man Championship Elimination Scramble to crown the first-ever Welterweight Champion on May 7!

WW Title Qualifier: Gavin Glass vs. Lee Moriarty vs. Sage Philips vs. Sonny Vice
The Welterweight Championship Qualifying Round has had a bit of a curve ball inserted into it, as one of the matches to determine the main event's field of seven will NOT be one-on-one. It'll be a one-fall sudden-death four way dance! A random draw has determined which four will get the unenviable task of having their odds of advancing drop from 50% down to 25%.
Sonny Vice, the laid back party boy with a wild side to tough to tame in the amateur ranks, will be part of the field, as will Gavin Glass, the varsity sports superstar with a dangerous edge as he looks to become celebrated and heralded by peers once again. Rounding out the field are Sage Philips, who is competing in his first match back from a serious knee injury that has kept him on the shelf for six months and looking to make a huge statement upon his return, and Lee Moriarty, a young prodigy who has claimed to study the teachings of Bruce Lee, but has replaced the respect and discipline with a brash and braggadocios nature. Only one man can advance, first pinfall or submission wins, as one of these young athletes will move onto the main event and the seven-man Elimination Scramble for the Welterweight Championship!

Tag Team Attraction: Amazing Graysons w/Tony Mamaluke vs. Cornelius Crummels & Sonny Defarge vs. Shawn Phoenix & Alex Jordan
It will be non-tournament action, but still with much at stake as perhaps the fastest rising team in the northeast, Tommy & JP Grayson are joined by their adviser, former ECW World Tag Team Champion and competitor for virtually every major promotion imaginable, "T Mizzle" Tony Mamaluke as they enter into battle against two very different sets of opponents in this one-fall contest. Shawn Phoenix & Alex Jordan have slipped under the radar in their young career but are ready for a break-out performance to get the wrestling world talking! Meanwhile, Crummels & Defarge already have begun turning heads, winning tag team championship gold in CHIKARA! Who will emerge victorious in the very first bout of the Welterweight tag team division?

Hosted by: Joe DombrowskI & "The Franchise" Shane Douglas!

Welterweight Wrestling takes place on Sunday, May 7 at 5pm EST from Turners Hall in Cleveland, OH!
Purchase your tickets NOW at: or!
Watch LIVE from home via FITE! Download their app, log on to or follow this link:
More information:
Twitter: @WelterweightPW
Instagram: @WelterweightWrestling
Facebook Event Page:

SWA New Augusta, MS 4-22-2017 Match Playlist

SWA Matches Included:

Lukas Frost vs "The Aztec Warrior" Alex Cruz

Joe Kane vs Nick Wonder

Sassy Vegas vs Mack Durham

Calvin Rose, Mike Carter & Barry Wolf vs Krimsynn, Black Ranger 2 & Monty Warbucks

The only match missing is the first match James Veal vs The Dream Machine

Special Thanks to Newt Cox @ DIY Mississippi Filmworks for sending videos

Stevie Richards YouTube Channel

To visit Stevie Richards' new YouTube Channel, click on the link

Special Thanks to P.W. Starman for sending the info

WWE Superstar Titus O'Neil opens up and reveals that his mother was raped at 11 years old and that's how he was conceived

CM Punk Among Participants on MTV's New Challenge

MTV have announced the roster for the top athletes competing on the show The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros and the team includes several big names, including UFC star CM Punk, hurdler-turned-bobsledder Lolo Jones and former NFL linebacker Shawne Merriman.
The three are part of a team that will take on 10 top contestants from The Challenge in a special six-week event, starting on Tuesday, May 16, per Jordana Ossad of MTV's official website.
NFL free-agent wide receiver Victor Cruz will also take part as the show's host. He told Katie Barnes of ESPN W he's a long-time fan of The Challenge:

The Challenge is an iconic MTV series that I grew up watching. The sports world is known for producing remarkable athletes, colorful characters, and memorable heroes, but this competition will give my fellow pro-athletes a chance to test their skills against some of the absolute best Challenge Champs, and I can't wait to see how it all unfolds!


According to Ossad, the rules for the season will see the winning team captain nominate a member to take part in an elimination round, while the losing team's captain automatically partakes. The field will be whittled down until one male and one female contender remain, with the two having the chance to earn $50,000 for charity.
Each episode will focus on one strength, including agility, ingenuity, brawn and more. The MTV champions team will be announced on May 9.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

National Wrasslin League results from 4/23 in St. Louis, MO

National Wrasslin League, St. Louis, MO, 4/23 results:

Tommy Flagg defeated Jay Lutz.

Christian Adonis, Adam Ryan & Jackie Lee Bosch defeated Neon Iverson, Buddy Shepherd & Javy Torres.

Cornell Douglas & Brother Castle defeated Davey Gibson & Matthew Grundy.

Jack Foster over Emmett DuBois via DQ.

Royal Blood defeated The Party Crashers.

Blaine Meeks defeated Marcellus Gaines.

Maverick over NWL St. Louis Champion Todd Letterman via DQ. Letterman retains the belt.

Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame Ceremony May 13

Monday, April 24, 2017

Cape Championship Wrestling results from 4/21 in Cape Girardeau, MO

 Cape Championship Wrestling, Cape Girardeau, MO, 4/21 results:

Women's Tournament Round One:
Leva Bates defeated Sarah Summers.

Mickie Knuckles defeated Monica Passeri.

Amazing Maria defeated Laynie Luck.

Nikki Lane defeated Li'l Bit.

Women's Tournament Round Two:
Leva Bates defeated Amazing Maria.

Mickie Knuckles defeated Nikki Lane.

Mickie Knuckles defeated Leva Bates to win the tournament.

World League wrestling results from 4/22 in Richmond, MO

World League Wrestling, Richmond, MO, 4/22 results:

Mike Sydal defeated Air Raid.

Rex Fults defeated Roy Lewis.

Triple Threat Match: WLW Women's Champion Lucy Mendez defeated Heather Patera & Monica Passeri to retain.

Jack Gamble vs. Mark Sterling ended in a time limit draw.

Steve Anthony & Superstar Steve Fender defeated Kyle Roberts & O'Rion Creed.

Leland Race defeated Karim Brigante to win the WLW Heavyweight Championship.

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Current WWE RAW Tag Team Champions, The Hardy Boyz Coming To Bristol, TN Saturday, April 29th

Pro Wrestling Ego Saturday, April 29th Bruce, MS

World Elite Combat Wrestling Friday, April 28th Ripley, MS

MEW Presents Tag Team Heights Friday, April 28th Memphis, TN

Wrestling With Chyna-Official Documentary Trailer

(Warning: parts of this trailer are NSFW)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

                                                B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown
                                                      Saturday April 22, 2017

Match 1: El Jabroni III vs Hunter Havoc
Big Hunter took control early with a huge shoulder tackle , two huge clubs  to the back, and a couple of stomps. He slaps Jabroni's chest hard. Hunter follows with a sidewalk slam. Jabron 3 tries to punch and kick his way back in. He even lands a kick to Hunter's face. Hunter shakes it off and gives Jabroni a big scoop slam and follows with a giant leg drop for the 1,2,3!!!!

Match 2: Max Rage vs Ace ( Full Deck)
Max kicks Ace hard early and Ace goes to the floor. Back in ring Ace punches Rage . Rage lands a huge flying-clothesline. Ace goes to the floor. They fight outside and Roll back in. Ace kicks Rage hard and nails him with a quick DDT. Ace stomps and hits a reverse elbow. He follows with a Ric Rude hangmen-style neck-breaker. He finishes with a fishermen brain-buster for the 1,2,3!!! Ace prevails.

Match 3: Maverick vs Michael Robinson
This feud has been brewing since these former Tag Team Champs went their separate ways. Mike Robinson runs around and avoids Maverick the whole match. Maverick catches him with a clothesline. Mike gets Maverick in a headlock on the ropes. Maverick chops the living hell out of Mike Robinson's chest. Outside the ring, Maverick chops Mike hard twice. Maverick chases after Mike all around the arena while the ref counts. Right before the 10 count Michael Robinson slides into the ring . Your winner by count out , Michael Robinson.

Match 4: The M.O.E. vs DJ Brown
They go for a handshake but DJ punches Moe. Moe punches back but DJ counters with a huge arm drag followed by a drop-kick. DJ punches wild and clotheslines. Moe returns the favor. DJ back suplexes Moe hard and gives him a back drop. 1,2...DJ Chokes and Superkicks  Moe comes back with an elbow but DJ counters with a kick and a flipping neck-breaker off the top rope. 1,2... Moe puts his foot on the ropes. DJ tries a suplex but Moe reverses it.DJ tries a flipping bridge for the pin. 1,2....Moe lands a back kick to the face. Somehow the ref was inadvertantly hit during the action. Bishop runs out and comes in the ring. Kage holds up DJ but Moe kicks Kage when DJ ducks. Dzj wraps up Moe in a small package. 1,2,3!!!! DJ Brown prevails.

Before the next match Lexx and Marco Rose get into a heated argument. The crowd chants for Lexx to attack Marco. Marco acts like a chicken until big Hunter comes out to protect him. Lexx challenges Hunter to a match right then and there. Lexx gets in the ring and takes off his shirt. C-Lo gets in the ring. Hunter and Marco punk out and head to the back.

Main Event: Pure Power vs Steel Kage (The Mercenaries)
Pure Power dominated early. V-Man punches and clotheslines twice. Charles Ray tags in. He gives Kage a hard shoulder tackle., a giant leg drop, beats his back, slaps his chest, and clotheslines again. V. Comes back in with a reverse chin-lock. Alan tags in. V-Man stomps , backdrops, and punches. Charles comes in with two shoulder rams and a power-slam .1,2....V comes in. Alan head-butts his stomach. Kage comes in and slaps V hard. V retaliated with a scissors kick. Charles tags in. Alan punches him 4 times but Charles punches back. Alan delivers a hard back-elbow. V and Alan are in. Alan dies an oriental throat -jab. Kage comes in with a big slam and a splash. Kage chops V hard. Kage clotheslines 1,2....Alan comes in with a reverse headlock. Kage comes in to punch V but hits Steel. They attempt a double choke slam on Steel but Moe comes out and distracts. Lexx attacks Moe on the outside. Ace runs in. The ref signals for the bell. Pure Power wins by DQ. Afterwarsds Lexx is attacked and his leg is keyed in on. Is the King of Pow ok? Things are definitely heating up at #RSWF.